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A feminist noir comedy set against a bucolic backdrop with a rising body count.
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Deadloch Season 2 is yet to be announced by Amazon Prime

Current Show Status
Deadloch Season 2 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 7/7/2023 Episode 8 Season 1: Episode 8
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Deadloch. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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SYDNEY - February 21, 2022 - Prime Video, Guesswork Television and OK Great Productions today announced the start of production on the new Australian Amazon Original comedy series, Deadloch. From the creative minds of comedy duo Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, the series will film exclusively in Southern Tasmania, and star Kate Box, Madeleine Sami, Alicia Gardiner and Nina Oyama. The eight-part Tasmanian noir crime comedy will film from February to May 2022 with acclaimed Australian directors Ben Chessell (The Great, Giri/Haji), Gracie Otto (The Moth Effect, Seriously Red) and Beck Cole (Black Comedy, Wentworth) with Andy Walker (Rosehaven, The Kettering Incident) producing. (Source:


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Episode 1 Jun 2, 2023
2Episode 2 Jun 2, 2023
3Episode 3 Jun 2, 2023
4Episode 4 Jun 9, 2023
5Episode 5 Jun 16, 2023
6Episode 6 Jun 23, 2023
7Episode 7 Jun 30, 2023
8Episode 8 Jul 7, 2023

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0 0 Linda  November 10, 2023
This show was so good, the cast was brilliant the chemistry was definitely there, the writing was brilliant. We have to have have another season of this show. I give this a 5 star!
0 1 Nawach crown  July 24, 2023
Mixing two opposite genres with success is quite difficult. (The last 2 episodes even flirt with the absurd and still manage to remain totally believable.)
However, here is a perfect example that it can be done with indisputable style and flourish, as long as you reaaaaally work on your script. The cast is wonderful.
Must see! ... and I hope/can't wait for a season 2 (or more)!
0 5 Jan  July 11, 2023
Loved the show—hoping for season 2!,,,
0 8 Megan  July 9, 2023
What a brilliant series, whoever did the casting hit pay dirt, main characters bounce off each other with the right blend of serious crime talk and down to earth reactions that are often hilarious. Please do another series. It would be a shame to waste the on screen chemistry between the actors and the plot was great too.
0 6 Lee  July 9, 2023
We just finished the series tonight. What a great show! I laughed so much. I hope there is a season 2 coming soon!
0 5 KR  July 8, 2023
I would love more Deadloch asap, please.
0 8 Jan B  July 8, 2023
Loved Deadloch! Please bring us more seasons! Definitely best new summer streaming series out there
0 6 Jen  July 7, 2023
Big thumbs up from the US! Can't wait for the next season!
0 5 Kay  July 7, 2023
Bloody hysterical show. Couldn't wait for Fridays to come. Right til the end we couldn't work out who the killer was.
Amazing acting and writing. Absolutely love it. Please, Please make another series.
0 6 Kelly  July 7, 2023
Love Deadloch! We need a season2!
0 2 Kate  July 7, 2023
[kiss] please Rene this GEAT show
0 8 Kate  July 7, 2023
Please please renew Deadloch! It is fabulous
0 10 Linda  July 6, 2023
Please, please renew! This is a gem, from the story to the cast & production. Love it!💜
0 7 Dolores  July 6, 2023
My husband and I came across this show not really knowing what to expect but now are so hooked we absolutely need a Season 2. Love all the characters and the story line is great; please give us a second season.
0 7 Carmon shaw  July 5, 2023
[smile] big smile. My husband asked me to watch this with him and I did for first episode. Wasn’t sure I would stick with it but we watched second and third episodes and were hooked and we want to be sure Season 2 gets blessings…
0 7 Gayle  July 5, 2023
What an amazing show, has me on the edge of my seat with laughter and suspense. So hoping for a season 2. This is my type of humour and A BIG thanks to the Kates of comedy.
0 8 Joe  July 4, 2023
Great show funny and suspenseful watched each episode 3 times cant wait for more seasons
0 3 Jamie Joe  July 9, 2023
[bigsmile] This is a GREAT series!!! Season 2!! Season 2!!!
0 7 Coulie  July 3, 2023
Hilarious! Hope there is a season 2
0 8 Christine O  July 2, 2023
❤ I love love love this show. There definitely has to be a season 2.
0 12 Savannah Banks  June 27, 2023
Love this show!

Kate Box is just such a brilliant actor! She 's wonderful!

Well done, Kates ! I loved your work before but this writing is beyond and above! Xxx
0 9 Karen Pellegrino Savannah Banks  June 29, 2023
Bravo to the entire cast!

This was so well written and directed. I was a solid fan from the first episode.
Kate Box, you are fresh and perfect in every scene. Madeline Sami, I love your character! I hope you take this as the great compliment that I mean it to be: You remind me of the late great Robin Williams. I hope you can appreciate that, I meant it as high praise. You truly know your craft so well. The combination of Kate Box and Madeline Sami, I am predicting will be as famous as any of the Hollywood Superstar Duos! Even better, because now the gloves come off as do the bras!

Please give us MORE... When will Season 2 start?
This is too good, to just stop. That is cruel and unusual behavior...

Karen Pellegrino
Myrtle Beach, SC
0 19 Laurie Greiman  June 27, 2023
Please make season 2
Love this show … brilliant
0 19 Willie Jay  June 26, 2023
Please renew! I am not a big TV watcher, but I binged this in 24hrs. Love it!
0 15 Becki  June 26, 2023
This surprised me! So funny and quirky as well as a great story line. Awesome cast!!!! Bring back more please. ☺
0 25 Mayr  June 25, 2023
I loved this series. I hope that there will be a season 2 at some point. The ending of season 1 certainly needs a resolution!
I admit that the Eddie character annoyed me at first. She did grow on me.
Please bring on season 2!
0 6 V Mayr  June 26, 2023
Not done yet … it’s 8 episodes
0 20 Trish  June 25, 2023
Remarkable. Funny, engaging thriller. Only seen 6 episodes and already in love with the characters. Writing and acting is off the charts. Incredibly innovative and ultimately human. Please renew!

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