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18 Episodes
Minx is set in 1970s Los Angeles, in which an earnest young feminist joins forces with a low-rent publisher to create the first erotic magazine for women.
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Minx Will Not Get Season 3, Starz Confirmed

Current Show Status
Minx Season 3 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Fri 9/8/2023 Woman of the Hour Season 2: Episode 8
Next Episode Show ended 18 episodes total
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Season 2 Trailer

Starz has rescued Minx, starring Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson, following its HBO Max . The Lionsgate-owned premium network has stepped in to pick up both Season 1 and the unaired Season 2 of the period erotic comedy, produced by Lionsgate Television.

Season 1 premiered on HBO Max in March 2022 and was renewed for a second season two months later. The streamer reversed a Season 2 renewal in December while the comedy series was in its final week of production. The cancellation was part of a larger programming purge at Warner Media Discovery following the company’s merger last April as part of cost-cutting tax write-offs.

With Starz’s pickup of both seasons of the Lionsgate TV series, Season 1 will be part of the network’s library and Season 2 will be a Starz exclusive. According to sources, Starz pursued Minx when it became available and stepped up to pick it up.

“We have always felt this show would be a perfect fit for our brand with our dedication to narratives by, about, and for women,” said Jeffrey Hirsch, President and CEO for Starz. “Starz is proud to be the new home for this incredible show that has drawn in well-deserved critical acclaim. We’re excited to welcome Ellen and the talented ‘Minx’ team to the network and can’t wait to bring its passionate fans the second season.” (Source: deadline.com)


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1The Perils of Being a Wealthy Widow Jul 21, 2023
2I Thought the Bed Was Gonna Fly Jul 28, 2023
3It's Okay to Like It Aug 4, 2023
4Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexiness Aug 11, 2023
5A Stately Pleasure Dome Decree Aug 18, 2023
6This Is Our Zig Aug 25, 2023
7God Closes a Door, Opens a Glory Hole Sep 1, 2023
8Woman of the Hour Sep 8, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Not like a shvantz right in the face Mar 17, 2022
2Au revoir, le double dong Mar 17, 2022
3Norman Mailer, Samantha Shortcake Mar 24, 2022
4An exciting new chapter in the annals of erotica Mar 24, 2022
5Relaying news of a wayward snake Mar 31, 2022
6Mary had a little hysterectomy Mar 31, 2022
7God save the Queen of Dicks Apr 7, 2022
8Oh, you're the sun now? Giver of life? Apr 7, 2022
9A scintillating conversation about a lethal pesticide Apr 14, 2022
10You happened to me Apr 14, 2022

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0 1 Chris  April 17, 2023
After being canceled by HBO, Minx was picked up by Starz Network for Season 2.
0 0 Dianne McNeill  January 23, 2023
We just found this show and we were thrilled with the characters, the actors, the storyline, the message … We are so very disappointed that S2 is cancelled …. Why????? I think it would have gathered steam as it went and people heard about it :(
0 0 Chris Dianne McNeill  April 17, 2023
Season 2 is continuing on the Starz network after it was cancelled by HBO
0 0 Di McPay Chris  April 17, 2023
0 0 Cheryl Lore  December 15, 2022
Heartbroken that this show was canceled. [confused]
0 0 Nawach crown  December 15, 2022
That reversal is a bloody shame!
This show was very refreshing and spot on at depicting the 70's era (with a bit of romanticism, of course...) [angry] [angry] [angry]
0 1 Big help  July 21, 2022
The show would be better if they would show prosthetic vulvas in scenes like Shelly’s lesbian and the female masturbation scenes
0 3 Saxi  April 18, 2022
Loved this - hope there is a second season.
0 3 Nawach crown  April 14, 2022
A little gem worth watching

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