A Town Called Malice
Sky Max
1 Season
8 Episodes
A Town Called Malice follows the Lords, a crime family of petty thieves from South London who have fallen to the bottom of the criminal food chain.
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A Town Called Malice Cancelled — Sky Max Series Not Returning for Season 2

Current Show Status
A Town Called Malice Season 2 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Thu 3/16/2023 Living on a Prayer Season 1: Episode 8
Next Episode Show ended 8 episodes total
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Sky has decided to cancel the Spanish crime drama A Town Called Malice after only one season, much to the surprise of producers Vertigo Films and Rogue State, who were already preparing for a second season. Created by Nick Love, co-creator of Bulletproof and director of The Football Factory, the show is set in the 1980s during the crime wave in Costa del Sol. The storyline revolves around Albert Lord, played by Jason Flemyng, who heads a family of small-time thieves from South London that move to Spain to take advantage of a sudden fortune. (Source: deadline.com)


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1I Want to Know What Love Is Mar 16, 2023
2Daddy Cool Mar 16, 2023
3Two Tribes Mar 16, 2023
4Let's Go All The Way Mar 16, 2023
5Cruel Summer Mar 16, 2023
6I'm Still Standing Mar 16, 2023
7Ghost Town Mar 16, 2023
8Living on a Prayer Mar 16, 2023

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0 1 Anthony  August 5, 2023
What a great show, loads of fun, stylish, and cool. Very disappointed to see they have cancelled season 2 they could have gone in so many directions and it would have been interesting to see where they went with The Lords
0 2 Kazzzaa  May 30, 2023
[angry] This program is the best thing I have seen in many years!! I love it, watching it for the 3rd time. The music is so good, love the characters, I am so upset it’s not getting a second series, Netflix should take it over, Sky can get stuffed, makes me dislike them rather a lot
0 1 Paul  May 30, 2023
So all you fools paying Sky should open your eyes and dump them.
0 2 Rosalba Zurini  May 22, 2023
[angry] [sad2] :(((: We are so upset that this is cancelled ! We are left with an appetite for more! Couldn’t wait anticipating each week ! So unjust!
0 1 Poppy  May 11, 2023
Very disappointed it’s not on tonight 11th may I was looking forward to be watching it tonight. Just found out on ere that sky max have cancelled the series come on do a re think. Best series I’ve watched in a life time
0 0 Lynn Poppy  May 14, 2023
Totally agree! [smile]
0 0 Anthony Poppy  August 5, 2023
With all the Rubbish on TV nowadays it doesn’t surprise me something different like this would get cancelled. Huge bummer 👎
0 4 Cam  May 5, 2023
Absolutely devastated..... Best show I've seen on ages, totally over the top, best music ever, great underworld story. Just great. Can't believe SKY have gone and cancelled series 2.
0 5 Jacqueline  May 2, 2023
I’ve just binged this show and I’m absolutely gutted season 2 has been cancelled. Loved the show, loved the story, loved the characters, loved the outfits and loved the music. Hopefully Sky will have a re-think. 🤞🏻
0 3 Tre Lin  May 1, 2023
Brilliant show, great soundtrack. Only bad thing was the clueess people at sky who have cancelled it
0 2 Sverige är mitt hjärta crown Tre Lin  May 1, 2023
Well stated! I mean it was a bit over the top of course, but I really enjoyed it! I was hoping it would of gotten 2nd season. I mean the situation the show is about was a limited amount of time so the show did have a shelf life, but it certainly would of been nice to have a 2nd season at least maybe even a third!
0 4 Sverige är mitt hjärta crown  March 24, 2023
I just finished all eps and I really liked it also! Really hope for a season 2! I mean the season ended with all things tied up so that was good. But would be nice start for more. Really hope it is given a chance to develop and a 2nd season at least!
0 5 Gary  March 20, 2023
Just finished episode 8 and a brilliant watch but need more 😞

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