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Riches follows the exploits of the brash, super-successful, and wealthy Richards family.
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Riches Season 2 is yet to be announced by Amazon Prime

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Riches Season 2 β€” not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 12/2/2022 Forgive, Maybe. Forget, Never. Season 1: Episode 6
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Riches. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1See Trouble Coming Dec 2, 2022
2Wrong and Strong Dec 2, 2022
3Black on Both Sides Dec 2, 2022
4The Master's Tools Dec 2, 2022
5What Needs to be Done Dec 2, 2022
6Forgive, Maybe. Forget, Never. Dec 2, 2022
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0 0 Ben Mitchell  February 4, 2023
Please renew the show Riches, we really enjoyed watching the it.
0 0 KBLadd  February 4, 2023
[love] This is one to renew!! Plenty of storyline to unfold. Can't wait to see new season. Renew, renew, renew!!
0 1 Precious  January 30, 2023
Oh I cant wait for season 2. This was a good watch
0 2 Terry E  January 27, 2023
I watched Riches with two other friends, we watched every episode in one evening. The cast and show is just Awesome and this Show Deserves to have another Season and MORE...The viewers, Want more and it would be nice to continue this show. It's Addictive and We Love This Show, Please give More. 😊😊😊❀️😊😊😊
0 3 Cynthia Scott  January 25, 2023
Can’t wait for Season 2.
0 3 Angela Smith  January 24, 2023
When when are you making season 2 the first season was the bomb .The boss lady I can't get enough of your strong head on no bull[censored] love it love it . We are waiting for another season please hurry.
0 4 Jillian Jenkins  January 22, 2023
Omfg!!! Y'all better come with Season 2,3,&4!!! Riches is sssooo good!! [hands] ❀ [hands] [hands] [hands]
0 5 Sandra  January 21, 2023
Please please please show Season 2.
0 8 Dorothy Broomfield  January 16, 2023
Enjoyed the 1st season and looking forward to seeing season 2. Hopefully, it will continue soon....!!! Please don't cut this show.
0 7 Adriane  January 16, 2023
I have to say Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! Abby Ajayi is "Brilliant" please continue with a season 2 we Love this show!!!!!
0 5 Sharon  January 15, 2023
Whyyyyyyyy, why hasn’t this show been renewed.
0 5 Ron Anderson  January 15, 2023
I enjoyed every episode and that is rare for me. I don't follow through with shows, but Riches had the perfect formula, intensity and drama to have me watch every episode. I was totally into every twist & turn.

I hope that there is a season 2 and I hope they hurry up because I think you have a huge hit with this show. Award nomination,...even winner. πŸ† -Ron Anderson

Conclusion,... The father even has a kid by the secretary. Wow!!! Mixed actor. Great plot. [wink]
0 3 Cassandra Moore-Hawkins  January 15, 2023
[kissed] ! We need season 2.I just binged this and oh 🀩
0 5 T Summey  January 12, 2023
Listen!!!! Season 2 is a must. I just binge watched it and I am feening for more.
0 8 Nikki Moore  January 9, 2023
0 6 Latonya Brathwaite  January 9, 2023
The show is actually really good. It certainly kept my attention. Love seeing a storyline where the Black family (although problematic) are affluent, own tangible things and have a staus .
0 3 Celee  January 9, 2023
We need a Season 2 please there are a lot more secrets to unfold! Thanks ❀
0 9 Toni  December 30, 2022
I never do this... Write my thoughts on w show. It was just that good, I think it would be foolish to not continue with the 2nd season.
0 1 Angela Smith Toni  January 24, 2023
You say that ,make another season
0 1 Angela Smith Angela Smith  January 24, 2023
Missing words
0 12 Jo jenkins  December 29, 2022
Please,PLEASE Continue with Season 2 of Riches. I really love the show. Can't wait to see what happens Next. Binge watched in 1 Night. Please Approve season 2 and more.

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