The Madame Blanc Mysteries
Channel 5
2 Seasons
13 Episodes
An antiques dealer investigates the mysterious death of her husband in the South of France
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The Madame Blanc Mysteries Series 3 Got the Green Light from Channel 5

Current Show Status
The Madame Blanc Mysteries Series 3 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Thu 2/9/2023 Episode 7 Season 2: Episode 7
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 3: Episode 1
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Acorn TV and Channel 5 have officially commissioned the third installment of the captivating crime drama, The Madame Blanc Mysteries. In this new series, consisting of seven thrilling episodes, the talented antiques dealer Jean White makes a triumphant return, utilizing her expertise to unravel a web of murders and enigmas in the picturesque French village of Sainte Victoire.

Presently, filming is in progress, and viewers can look forward to a special Christmas episode airing on Acorn TV and Channel 5 in 2023. The remainder of the season will be released in 2024, promising further intrigue and suspense.


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Christmas Special Dec 22, 2022
2Episode 2 Jan 5, 2023
3Episode 3 Jan 12, 2023
4Episode 4 Jan 19, 2023
5Episode 5 Jan 26, 2023
6Episode 6 Feb 2, 2023
7Episode 7 Feb 9, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Episode 1 Oct 16, 2021
2Episode 2 Oct 23, 2021
3Episode 3 Oct 30, 2021
4Episode 4 Nov 6, 2021
5Episode 5 Nov 13, 2021
6Episode 6 Nov 20, 2021

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0 0 Sylvia  May 24, 2023
Great look forward to a new series a great show
0 0 Nimue 21  May 24, 2023
LOVE this show too! I am SOOOO happy there will be a season 3 and hope many more after that. It is such a brilliant change from other shows. I love that Madame Blanc have a great knowledge of antiques and seems to be very good at being a detective too! There are antiques, mystery, and murder with so many wonderful characters. Every one of them makes this show worth watching. They all have their own qualities and quirks to make a show a must see. Many more seasons to come I hope.
0 1 K j h  March 28, 2023
Love the show, the cast and the antique theme! I hope there will be more seasons! Also love the music! Well done!
0 6 S ke  February 25, 2023
I'M HOOKED!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 3 TO COME ON ACORN!!! PLEASE GET IT ON SOON......very refreshing show, I love the setting, the actors, its funny, like that each one is a different mystery.....DONT let us down ok?
0 2 Sue S ke  March 6, 2023
I can’t wait for season 3 either. This is a great series!!!
0 3 Susan Smith  February 17, 2023
Please let there be a season3. It’s so refreshing to watch a program and not dislike one thing about it. The storylines are wonderful to watch and all the different characters in this light hearted mystery work extremely well and no bad language. So disappointed that my Thursday night viewing only lasts 7 weeks!
0 3 grumbles crown  February 9, 2023
This new series passed SO quickly! I adore all the characters-and how they are always there for each other. Can we please have more episodes in the forthcoming series 3? There will be a series 3-surely?😁
I can’t get enough of it. 😘
0 6 Janet Brown  January 28, 2023
Love this show!! Please make series 3 ASAP!
0 13 Misty  December 10, 2022
When your on to a sure thing, keep the series running as long as you possibly can. It is such a refreshing change to watch something really good, light-hearted and it's so sad when you come to end of your lollipop. Chanel 5, don't let that happen !!
🍭🍭 England
0 8 S Budworth  December 3, 2022
Great show hopefully we will get more episodes in another series good escapism
0 7 Vivien Scottow  October 18, 2022
So pleased that there’s going to be another series , it’s pure escapism. The characters are great and the storylines are engaging, not to mention the fabulous scenery. The best TV viewing that there has been for a while as get so fed up with game shows etc. I even love the theme tune and have downloaded it !
Good luck with the filming.
0 4 Gozo Direct  September 24, 2022
[smile] Hi guys. we are based in Gozo and worked with the team during the Summer. We worked as extras, security Gozo direct will be running tours to the various film locations in Gozo. Watch this space :-)
0 6 Melanie Rivett  August 20, 2022
I absolutely love this can’t wait for the Christmas special and the new series
0 4 Anne McLaren  August 20, 2022
Great show. I'm really looking forward to Season 2.
1 4 Arlene L  August 19, 2022
☺ We are very pleased to hear this great news!
Loved the series, and can’t wait to see S2 👍🏻
0 3 grumbles crown  August 11, 2022
[tasty] [tasty] Series 2 announced by Sally herself on Twitter! 7 episodes- I think one will be a Christmas special.
Really looking forward to it [tasty]
0 2 Admin crown grumbles  August 19, 2022
Yes thank you!
0 12 mike aston  July 9, 2022
This series had a lot going for it and it would be great to have another series
0 16 Mary Parrott  July 3, 2022
Seriously? You end with the badly wounded villainess saying, "This isn't over"? Please, please bring Madame Blanc back asap.
American fan
0 13 Rita Cameron  June 12, 2022
Absolutely love Madan Blanc series l. Hope there will be many more
0 16 Keith Parks  June 11, 2022
Loved the first series and can’t wait for the next.
[smile] [smile]
Come on Channel 5, get your finger out and order more and longer series's of this entertaining and very enjoyable drama.

This is what we want to watch, not another dating, quiz, cookery, antiques or reality show!
1 18 D  April 27, 2022
Lov the series..but so tired of network tv series including this one that have a few great episodes and the we have to wait and wait and wait for more ..whatever happed weekly shows for a few months for awhile then start work again for the rest of the commoners.
Hope there is another season…and sure hope I don’t have to wait until end of 2022
0 16 Elsa  April 16, 2022
Loved this programme. Excellent bit of release from a dismal post Covid UK. Look forward to another series with a great cast x
0 16 K  April 13, 2022
Great show, I hope they make season 2 and more. Very creative with treasures/antiques involved and mystery and murder. Acting was great and intense at time with family relationships but everyone did a great job! Hope to see more.
0 15 MandyC  April 1, 2022
I loved the fact that it didn't fry my brain trying to figure out who was who. Nice gentle viewing and just uncomplicated plots and characters. Looking forward to another series. ☺
0 14 Mary Presley  March 30, 2022
Wonderful premise for a show- great locale, quirky characters, compelling leads--really hope for a 2nd season--Jean deserves that!! & so do avid fans, who appreciate smart, well-written stories & characters that we come to care about
0 24 Pat English  March 6, 2022
I am 80! Don’t make me wait too long, for season 2, great show, all characters are so wonderful!
0 15 mike pateman Pat English  March 25, 2022
I am 88 and getting worried that I will not be alive to find out what happened to the ruby and diamond ring.

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