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Gender fluid millennial Sabi Mehboob straddles various identities, from sexy bartender at an LGBTQ bar, to the youngest child in a large Pakistani family, to the de facto parent of a downtown hipster family.
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Season 3 of Sort of is Slated for Fall 2023 on CBC Gem

Current Show Status
Sort of Season 3 officially renewed for Fall 2023
Latest Episode Aired Tue 12/6/2022 Sort of Janazah Season 2: Episode 8
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 3: Episode 1

Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo’s comedy series Sort Of has been renewed for a third season at HBO Max.

“Baig and Filippo, alongside our partners at CBC and Sienna Films, continue to deliver a heartfelt, empathetic and engaging story and we’re thrilled we get to continue following Sabi, their family, 7ven and the Kaneko-Bauers on their journeys in the new season,” Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content, HBO Max said in a statement. (Source:


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Sort of Future Nov 15, 2022
2Sort of 2gethr Nov 15, 2022
3Sort of Broke Nov 22, 2022
4Sort of Who She Is Nov 22, 2022
5Sort of Amsterdam Nov 29, 2022
6Sort of I Love You Nov 29, 2022
7Sort of Opening Dec 6, 2022
8Sort of Janazah Dec 6, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Sort of Gone Oct 5, 2021
2Sort of Back Oct 5, 2021
3Sort of Mary Poppins Oct 5, 2021
4Sort of Stable Oct 5, 2021
5Sort of a Party Oct 5, 2021
6Sort of Ellen Oct 5, 2021
7Sort of a Miracle Oct 5, 2021
8Sort of Back Again Oct 5, 2021
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0 0 Toygirl1122  December 7, 2022
[kissed] ❤ ❤ ❤ [love] [love]
This was awesome! So many different variations going on in this movie or episodes very brilliant shine I watched every one of them I could not stop it was awesome I can't wait for season 3 to come out and four and then five and six come on give us good ones and let us keep them don't take them back let us Act let us enjoy the moments very very brilliant
0 0 Sheila Watson  December 7, 2022
this series is so so well put together, the acting is excellent and I have to say as a Canadian production it is brilliant. I want a Season 3 PLEASE!!!
0 0 Maud  August 3, 2022
So happy to have Sort Of season 2 to look forward to!
Love every single character, and I hope they will be around for many seasons to come. [kiss]
0 0 Sal  May 11, 2022
❤ Omg I loved this show I started to watch on my nephews tablet cause he had HBO max and when he left that day I got HBO max and had to finish the show ! This show is funny and has learning values … it’s everything !!! I Turely love it !!! Please bring it back soon !!! I can’t wait
0 0 Ishkibibble Sal  May 14, 2022
I know! Just signed up for HBOMax a few weeks ago and discovered this series, one I can only describe as perfection.
Love all the characters and Bilal's deadpan delivery is a thing of beauty. I binged the entire season.

More please.
0 0 AngelaCali  March 2, 2022
Fantastic show! I couldn't stop watching it...and watched all episodes in one sitting.
Humorous, touching, brilliant and intelligent, and just what the world needs now.
0 1 Jane Duval  February 23, 2022
Thank you so much to whoever is responsible for the wonderful show, "Sort Of".

Will there be another season ? I do hope so. For me, it's up there with one of the best-written, most well performed shows in the history of CBC television.

I do hope there will be more. Love the characters, the writing, the plot.


Jane Duval
Long-time CBC fan (~radio but no so much television until this show. Never missed an episode!)

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