Leverage: Redemption
Amazon Freevee
2 Seasons
29 Episodes
Reformed criminals put their unique skills to good use by helping regular citizens fight back against corporate and governmental injustices.
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Leverage: Redemption Season 3 is yet to be announced by Amazon Freevee

Current Show Status
Leverage: Redemption Season 3 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Wed 1/25/2023 The Crowning Achievement Job Season 2: Episode 13
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Leverage: Redemption. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1The Debutante Job Nov 16, 2022
2The One Man's Trash Job Nov 16, 2022
3The Tournament Job Nov 16, 2022
4The Date Night Job Nov 23, 2022
5The Walk in the Woods Job Nov 30, 2022
6The Fractured Job Dec 7, 2022
7The Big Rig Job Dec 14, 2022
8The Turkish Prisoner Job Dec 21, 2022
9The Pyramid Job Dec 28, 2022
10The Work Study Job Jan 4, 2023
11The Belly of the Beast Job Jan 11, 2023
12The Museum Makeover Job Jan 18, 2023
13The Crowning Achievement Job Jan 25, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1The Too Many Rembrandts Job Jul 9, 2021
2The Panamanian Monkeys Job Jul 9, 2021
3The Rollin' on the River Job Jul 9, 2021
4The Tower Job Jul 9, 2021
5The Paranormal Hacktivity Job Jul 9, 2021
6The Card Game Job Jul 9, 2021
7The Double-Edged Sword Job Jul 9, 2021
8The Mastermind Job Jul 9, 2021
9The Bucket Job Oct 8, 2021
10The Unwellness Job Oct 8, 2021
11The Jackal Job Oct 8, 2021
12The Golf Job Oct 8, 2021
13The Hurricane Job Oct 8, 2021
14The Great Train Job Oct 8, 2021
15The Muddy Waters Job Oct 8, 2021
16The Harry Wilson Job Oct 8, 2021
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Comments 23

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0 0 E s  February 23, 2023
Give us season 3 chumps!! *elliot fist to the face*
0 0 Crystal  February 23, 2023
Love the show! We were so happy when they did the reboot and we've loved both seasons. Can't wait for it to come back! 🙏🙏🙏
0 1 S I  February 20, 2023
Please bring back Leverage Redemption for Season 3 and more. We love it!! ❤
0 2 Elaine Malipat  February 3, 2023
I really love leverage …I’ve been watching the reruns since the last episode of season 2 redemption ….please bring it back … with more and more seasons to come …
1 3 Arlene  February 1, 2023
I didn't think it possible, but Leverage: Redemption is even better than Leverage! The stories are so original, the writing is superb, the dialogue is just excellent. All of the actors are so skilled; really enjoyable to see each character grow. The new kids on the show fit into the storyline in the most natural way, with a special shoutout to Breanna. Please, please, please bring them back!
0 4 Scott  January 30, 2023
I loved the original end I love this one too. I wish Hardison was appearing more than once in awhile, but still good stuff. Season 3 needs to happen!!!
0 1 Jayme  January 27, 2023
Sorry, I don't like it at all! I'm glad everybody does and I hope it gets renewed for them! My opinion shouldn't matter cuz there's so many people that love it! Good luck to you!
0 4 Ron  January 25, 2023
Really enjoyed the whole Leverage: Redemption idea! Keep it coming for Season 3 and Beyond 💯
0 6 Mike D  January 21, 2023
Such a great show! Can't wait for season three!
0 3 james gosselin Mike D  January 21, 2023
great show why stop a good thing
0 5 Jenna taylor james gosselin  January 25, 2023
Just watched the last episode. Harry having the venties was hilarious. More fun for Parker though. Can’t live without seeing Eliot every week. Need to have my Kaniac fix. Can’t wait for season 3!!!!!
0 7 Misti Hembree  January 20, 2023
[smile] live this show really want a season 3
1 6 Sharon Rogers  January 20, 2023
I loved the original Leverage and endlessly watched the reruns. Leverage Redemption is even tons better.
I truly hope Leverage Redemption is renewed for a third season and many more. Love this show! [love] [love]
0 6 Sonj  January 19, 2023
This is a fabulous show. I look forward to the episodes qnd rewatch them. Leverage Redemption should DEFINITELY be renewed for season 3
0 9 Tammy T  January 17, 2023
I love Leverage Redemption & hope that it is renewed for a third season.
0 4 Margaret  January 17, 2023
I love love this show, please renew for third season!! [smile]
0 7 RiverdaleRob  January 14, 2023
Yesssss! Yes, renew! It's fun, clever, with great chemistry! We need more. Please stamp it RENEWED ... and bring back Jenna (Janna?) and Keith from epi. 11 for more!
0 2 C RiverdaleRob  January 18, 2023
Ditto! I would love to have them work with Harry on like a legal leverage! Would be a fun spinoff
0 8 Rhonda Oestmann  January 11, 2023
A must to bring back!!! Love this show!
1 7 Andy  January 8, 2023
Yes! I love this show and look forward to new episodes. If it isn't renewed my premium membership won't be renewed.
0 9 Petra Hackler  January 4, 2023
Hands down a resounding yes, yes, yes! Please renew this show. Great cast. I look forward to seeing more shows with these characters. I keep track of corruption by looking at Transpareny international’s data. According to the research this group has done , corruption in the world has risen everywhere.

Love this show.
0 13 Joseph Barrett  December 12, 2022
Amazon and Freevee have a few great shows that keep me paying my premium membership. If your foolish enough to cancel Leverage Redemption season 3 then rest assured You will have one less member.
0 1 Elaine Malipat Joseph Barrett  February 3, 2023
I’m a prime member too…leverage is one of the reasons why I have it [smile]

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