Supermarket Sweep
2 Seasons
23 Episodes
This fast-paced and energetic series follows three teams of two as they battle it out using their grocery shopping skills and knowledge of merchandise to win big cash prizes.
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There Won’t Be Supermarket Sweep Season 3 on ABC

Current Show Status
Supermarket Sweep Season 3 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Sun 1/30/2022 280 Pounds of Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal Season 2: Episode 13
Next Episode Show ended 23 episodes total
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America’s Funniest Home Videos, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and Shark Tank are all returning as ABC stocks up its unscripted lineup.

The trio of shows join another season of American Idol and The Bachelor on the nonscripted slate.

Missing from the list is Supermarket Sweep, which Deadline understands hasn’t been canceled but it’s not clear whether it will come back for a third season. (Source:


Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1You Shoud've Grabbed a Lot More Triscuits! Sep 26, 2021
2I Need to Know Her Surgeon Oct 3, 2021
3We've Got Golden Cans! Oct 10, 2021
4Bring That Meat Back, Girl! Oct 17, 2021
5You Only Got Half the Scarecrow! Oct 31, 2021
6I Love Bacon! Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! Nov 7, 2021
7Don't Be Twerking on My Show! Nov 14, 2021
8Is He Lost in the Supermarket That's Not a Real Supermarket?! Dec 5, 2021
9Gingerbread Is Not Money For Redheads, Neil! Dec 12, 2021
10That's How You Say It In Compton! Jan 2, 2022
11Tough Like Leather But Well Put Together! Jan 9, 2022
12Another Man's Trash Is Another Woman's Treasure! Jan 23, 2022
13280 Pounds of Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal Jan 30, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Give Me The Roses, Richard! Oct 18, 2020
2Trick-or-Treat! Oct 25, 2020
3Why You Ain't Get More Than One Turkey? Nov 1, 2020
4Where's Your Basket At? Nov 8, 2020
5Poppin' Collars and Counting Dollars Nov 15, 2020
6Ring 'Em Up and Check 'Em Out Nov 29, 2020
7Collision on Aisle Seven! Dec 6, 2020
8The Dog Food Isn't Worth Anything! Dec 13, 2020
9Serious Steaks on the Line Dec 22, 2020
10Scannin' Carts and Stealin' Hearts Jan 3, 2021

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2 6 Diana  May 23, 2022
I enjoy the show, & the host. I HOPE it gets renewed to come back. There are a lot of shows that should have been canceled yrs ago & are still on the air. This show is "FUN" for every one to watch. Please don't cancel this show... !!!!
20 6 Sheilaroxanne  December 27, 2021
This host is awful. She is very biased and it is very blatant that she is for only black contestants. She is not funny at all. If that was a white host they would have been put in jail by now because they would have been called racist. I love the concept of the show and always did but they need to get a different host.
3 8 Louise Sheilaroxanne  May 31, 2022
I dont understand what you're seeing. She is very funny, friendly and attentive to ALL the guest and treats them all equally. Leslie Jones makes/made the show, we were thrilled to see she was hosting. They should Cancel stupid Bachelor and American Idol. Disney sucks canceling the great shows.
24 4 Alano  September 27, 2021
The host appeared to be more friendlier with the black contestants. She used the word, “homie”. I thought the network does not allow racial language in their shows.
The host needs to use correct English and not throw “slang” words around. I enjoyed the original game show and was excited about it coming on again.
Unless the network changes or tames the host down, I will not continue to watch the new game show.
I give the new show ???
3 15 MarieR Alano  October 3, 2021
How is the word “homie” a racial slur? We use it as a short way of saying “homegirl” or “homeboy” which is another way of referring to someone as a friend. Trust me, I speak fluent slang as well as “proper English” you speak about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the word homie. Plus, the slang is more relatable to today’s times. ??‍♀️
3 11 Usa Alano  November 22, 2021
Wow Karen, I think you're late for your KKK meeting [bigsmile] [bigsmile]

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