Doubling Down with the Derricos
2 Seasons
18 Episodes
Karen and Deon Derrico are parents to four sets of multiples -- 14 kids, including a set of quintuplets -- conceived NATURALLY!
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Doubling Down with the Derricos Season 3 is yet to be announced by TLC

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Doubling Down with the Derricos Season 3 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 8/10/2021 Regret and Motivation Season 2: Episode 11
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Doubling Down with the Derricos. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Derrico Inferno Jun 1, 2021
2A What In The Oven? Jun 8, 2021
3Oh Baby Jun 15, 2021
4California Bound Jun 22, 2021
5Unexpected Ultimatum Jun 29, 2021
6Lit Christmas Jul 6, 2021
7Hearts and Heads Jul 13, 2021
8Diez's Homecoming Jul 20, 2021
9Food for the Soul Jul 27, 2021
10Snowy Surprise Aug 3, 2021
11Regret and Motivation Aug 10, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Multiples Multiplied! Aug 11, 2020
2Multiple Aftershocks Aug 18, 2020
3Triple Jeopardy Aug 25, 2020
4Home for the Holidays? Sep 1, 2020
5Divide and Conquer Sep 8, 2020
6For the Love of Dawsyn Sep 15, 2020
7Quarantine With Eighteen Sep 22, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Double Back With The Derricos May 25, 2021
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1 1 Dinah Dempsey  August 24, 2021
I am for seeing another season. God Bless this family and so happy to see this show. Viewers are going to have there opinions, that's life!
1 0 Gatoronline Dinah Dempsey  August 26, 2021
I love this show but they don't show some things like arguments, where they sleep and laundry. Laundry would be 24 hours a day and does anyone watch tv? There has to be fights between the kids some time.
2 3 Karahn  August 18, 2021
The Derricos are a beautiful family, yes there is so much to manage and they do it very well. More families can learn how to parent better with 1, 4 or 14 children. I love the attention they give their children and each other. I look forward to more seasons of inspiration and love. Blessings ❤
2 4 Nini  August 12, 2021
I love this show. I look forward to seeing it every week. Deon and Karen are great parents. I like how they’re teaching their children to love and help each other. Their children are respectful and well behaved. I hope this show gets renewed for the third season. It is the most positive family show on tv. Deon, Karen, G-G and Eric keep up the good work. ❤
1 4 Rita Houston  August 12, 2021
I love this show!!! The children are amazing and so loving.. GG is the best Gansta Grandma she is beautiful inside and out. Karen And Deon are fabulous parents!!! TLC thank you for bringing the Derricos to the Network its been a pleasure watching them every Tuesday night... I HOPE they return for many seasons to come in the near future.. Folks will always have an opinion it maybe positive or negative and that's OK.. Derricos keep up the great work and continue to spread the LOVE its contagious and I love it!!! Thank You
2 3 Ann wing  August 9, 2021
I love this program but it’s not for everyone I think the kids always look lean and tidy a bit like the house I know they are looking for a nanny to help with the little ones and there will be more babies and Karen doesn’t look like she’s given birth to 14 kids let alone multiples I take my hat off to them
1 11 Ericav  August 4, 2021
If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. How is it your decision to decide what shows are on a network. Having multiple sets of multiples naturally without IVF is a miracle in and of itself. What gives you the right to bash this or any family. What if the shoe was on the other foot would you want people bashing you for your decisions in life? Doubtful! I truly enjoy watching the Derrico’s, they give me hope in the world right now that has a little hope. It’s really nice to see a positive light shining from somewhere. How dare you compare one family to another. Get a life if you can’t say anything nice. As for the show, I truly hope that it does get renewed for a third season. I look forward to every Tuesday when a new episode comes on. This family is nothing but encouraging in a world that is going through so much with so much negativity. I am absolutely disgusted to read the comments that I have read tonight. Treat others as you want to be treat!!!
1 2 Ann2021 Ericav  August 26, 2021
Agree! I always look forward to Tuesday nights! The Derricos are great! Love to watch the happiness and love of a large family.
1 13 Holly Witt  August 4, 2021
I admire this family very smart kids well behaved .How can you not watch this show and not feel loved and make you be a better parents. It’s a pleasure to watch you every Tuesday night.
1 10 Ericav Holly Witt  August 4, 2021
I absolutely agree with you! In this family brings love, hope and joy to my living room every Tuesday that I watch the show. It makes me want to strive to be a better person myself, although I do not have children of my own at this time.
1 5 lorether mahon Ericav  August 13, 2021
[hands] it's a great family show and you can see that they treat all there children equal and there respectful and I love the show let them come back
10 2 Sandra  July 28, 2021
Well then what is there left for us who want to give our honest opinion and your threatening to encroach on our First amendment right to speech ?? Who the heck are you to decide what is “rude” why don’t you let people speak
So you can learn! You don’t try and stop or redirect BLM or the rioting behavior and comments so why implement anything here with this GOD AWEFUL
SHOW That TLC is airing to try and “fit in” with the current movement? TLC KNOWS [censored] WELL the ratings are awful but won’t Dare cancel them in fear of being Racist! Lol
TLC is a joke, all the commercials now, every single one of them, with only blacks and Asians has made things more apparent and divisive than anyone ever noticed before!
9 4 L. Burton  July 26, 2021
I can't believe KAREN IS 41YEARS OLD!!! ISN'T THE VUT IFF DATE FIR PREGNANCY @ 35??? I DUNNO! 14 KIDS ARE WAY, WAY TO MANY! I come from a family with 13 children and both parents also, so I know what its like! They don't have time for each if their children! And the patents think it's cute to continue having more children? NO....ITS NOT CUTE! And why us it anyone else's fault that they wern't aware if their 4 year olds head shape??? Yoh are the patents..not anyone else is the blame! TLC....STOP BEATING THAT DEAD HORSE! AMERICA HAS HAD ITS LIMIT WITH A THOUSAND KIDS....AND PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO AGREE AND THINK THAT'S SPECIAL OR CUTE??? NOPE....NO WAY! POOR KIDS! THAT'S INSANITY! THERE'S NOTHING CUTE ABOUT HAVING ALL THISE CHILDREN! THEY WILL BE RHS ONES THAT SUFFER...NOT THE PARENTS OR T.L.C. !!! AMERICA IS SICK....SUCJ IF THESE IGNORANT SHOWS WHERE THE PARENTS ARE USING THEIR POOR KIDS FOR THEIR PAYCHECK!!!!!#
14 4 Heather Brown  July 19, 2021
Not a fan of the show.....they remind me of the Duggars...almost too perfect. It looks too good to be true. Like come on now, all those kids and still having more.....give me a break. NO, don't care if they get renewed or not.
9 0 L. Burton Heather Brown  July 26, 2021
We didn't know KAREN was 41 years old!!! And what are the patents thinking when they say their little boys head shape should gave been noticed? By who? Isn't that Deon & Karen's responsibility? My kids are our responsibility!!! Its NOT UP TO ANYONE ELSE to realize that! The parents should have known. They've been looking at him for over 4 years! Thank GID for the show...this horrible think with him could HAVE REALLY GONE UN-NOTICED UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE!!# AND...the show should be CANCELLED! I think its a repeat if the DUGGARS...AND THAT "HORSE" GAS ALREADY BEEN BEATEN! WE'RE SICK OF THE SAME SHOW REPEATS! YOU'VE GOT BILLIONS OF $$$$...CAN'T (TLC) FIND ANYTHING ELSE TO COME UP WITH! AMERUCA ALREADY KNOWS RHE STORY PLOT...INSIDE & OUT! GIVE US A BREAK!!!! NO MORE TLC FOR ME...OR FOR AMERICA! 😢
11 2 Ivy Heather Brown  July 28, 2021
I agree. Who wants to watch a show with a TON of sreaming kids. 14 and counting? Do not like this show so I change the channel but never remember when it's on so just waiting for it to be cancelled already.
12 3 Wendy Hyman  July 17, 2021
I wonder how do they have time to show each child affection. Karen thinks it cute haven all them kids ,what other person wants to babysits 14 kids ,that's a lot off work, who play for insurance to see the Drs.They getting foodstamps and is Derricos bisexuality and Eric they seem gayish too me and the wife looks like a drunk.
3 4 Holly Witt Wendy Hyman  August 4, 2021
Why would you say that

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