Expedition X
Discovery Channel
5 Seasons
27 Episodes
Josh Gates investigates the supernatural phenomena and make spine-chilling discoveries by visiting the locations of bizarre occurrences
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Discovery Channel Confirmed Expedition X Season 5 Premiere for May 25, 2022

Current Show Status
The release date for Expedition X Season 5 — May 25, 2022
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Latest Episode Aired Wed 10/6/2021 Civil War Ghosts in the Bay Season 4: Episode 6
Next Episode Airs Wed 5/25/2022 Episode 1 Season 5: Episode 1

The night of adventure continues with EXPEDITION X, as Josh's team of investigators - scientist Phil Torres and paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot - explore the stranger side of the unknown. The all-new season kicks off in the world's notorious Ring of Fire, where Phil and Jess investigate videos and eyewitness reports of mysterious objects flying around Mexico's tallest active volcano. Then, Jess and Phil test a bold scientific theory at the site of America's deadliest avalanche and train wreck, where witnesses report bizarre apparitions, and rumors swirl of a shocking cover up. This season, Phil and Jess journey from icy whitewater rapids in Alaska to the impenetrable jungles of Peru to uncover the truth behind the world's most unusual mysteries, on EXPEDITION X. (Source: thefutoncritic.com)


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Episode 1 May 25, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Terror In Appalachia Sep 1, 2021
2The Van Meter Monster Sep 8, 2021
3Thailand's UFO Cult Sep 15, 2021
4Graveyard of the Great Lakes Sep 22, 2021
5Ghost Fort of the Civil War Sep 29, 2021
6Civil War Ghosts in the Bay Oct 6, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1An American Werewolf Apr 14, 2021
2The Beast of Bray Road Apr 21, 2021
3UFOs Over New Mexico Apr 28, 2021
4Ghosts in the Canal May 5, 2021
5Canyon of the Apes May 12, 2021
6Aliens of the Deep May 19, 2021
7Into the Alien Ocean May 26, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Curse of the Old West Outlaw Nov 11, 2020
2Round-Up at Death Ranch Nov 18, 2020
3Terror of the Bell Witch Nov 25, 2020
4Ghosts in the Swamp Dec 2, 2020
5Devil in the Forest Dec 9, 2020
6America's Lake Monster Dec 16, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Mothman Phenomenon Feb 12, 2020
2Cambodia's Jungle Monster Feb 19, 2020
3Terror on Doll Island Feb 26, 2020
4Mystery in Mammoth Cave Mar 4, 2020
5Mt. Adams' UFO Encounter Mar 11, 2020
6The Amazon's Cursed Ruins Mar 18, 2020
7Lake of the Dead Mar 25, 2020
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0 0 Om  May 11, 2022
Very excellent program.. Very important and helpful for me...
I like Josh Sir as a archeologist and his character...
My favourite show in Expedition X is
'Mt. Adams UFO encounter'..
Thank you you three for taking so much efforts for us..
0 1 Nathan winfield  May 9, 2022
Brilliant, can't wait. Watched every episode so far. Excellent programme...
0 3 Meg  February 23, 2022
I just started binge watching Expedition X, but very disappointed as Josh isn't in the feild with his team and it doesn't have the same feel as with Expedition Unknown or Truth. WHY isn't Josh investigating with his team????????
0 1 HUH Meg  April 6, 2022
they are not investigating with Josh because this is a show that is meant for them to have fun. Also, Josh himself has a bunch of shows and seasons he has to upload most of the time so that is why he is not with them.

I hope this is useful
1 1 BSM  October 14, 2021
Go search for Giant Ground Sloths aka Megatheriums.
Go search for Terror birds.
Go search for Megalanias in Australia.
0 9 BSM  October 14, 2021
Expedition X needs more episodes per season. 10 at least.
Also, go searching for more exotic stuff.
Alaskan Gnomes ?
Alaskan Giants ?
Alaskan Mer-people ?
Alaskan Tailed Apes ?
Wendigos ?
Sahara Bigfoot ?
The Red Haired Giants with Double Rows of Teeth of North America ?
Skin walkers ?
Mokole'mebe of the Congo Rivers/lakes ?
Sea Serpents ?
Mega-Ananaconda ? Aka Titanboa ?
Alaskan Demon wolf ?
Alaskan Bear God ?
0 3 BMT BSM  January 12, 2022
Live in Alaska? ???
0 3 CHRISTIE crown  August 26, 2021
Followers of Expedition X - you need to check out Ben Hansen's new show on Discovery + : It's called Alien Invasion : Hudson Valley. A bit of an amalgamation between UFO and paranormal in one show. It really is fascinating listening to these folks experiences. I think Ben has a winning show on his hands. Can't wait for the next episode! [kiss] ❤ [bigsmile]
0 0 DL CHRISTIE  May 13, 2022
[smile] Thanks for the tip about Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley. I love Ben Hanson! Sometimes, he gets so serious, I want to tell him to lighten up. But his methods & conclusions are beyond...
In my book, he's a close runner up to Josh Gates...not that my opinion matters. 😆
1 6 Craig  June 30, 2021
When is the new expedition x? It’s a great show I heard it might be cancelled and that would be a bad decision. If josh had fewer shows from his bathroom they could afford to keep a great show like ex x on the air!
0 4 CHRISTIE crown Craig  August 26, 2021
According to the internet, Expedition X Season 4 is due to air Wednesday 1st September 2021. [smile] [bigsmile]
0 2 Derek CHRISTIE  September 8, 2021
Any idea when it will be on discovery plus, it’s only showing the first three seasons
0 5 CHRISTIE crown Derek  September 15, 2021
Apparently because it's a History Channel show, not a Discovery Channel one, there's a delay in when you can view it on Discovery+. A lot of folk like yourself are somewhat peeved, given that you've paid good money for this streaming service.
2 6 Jamey  June 4, 2021
Please show more of the Alien/UFO related research as it's now a Very Hot Subject.
All cast members are awesome!
0 7 CHRISTIE crown  May 31, 2021
Expedition X can't be over already - surely there's gotta be a couple more episodes yet to go?
0 1 M Shannon CHRISTIE  August 26, 2021
I know right? I’ve been checking for a new episode every week as most tv series have of at least 8-10 episodes. What happened? :(((:
0 0 CHRISTIE crown M Shannon  August 26, 2021
Even Josh's show Expedition Unknown has shown only 5 shows and it's seemingly on hiatus - what gives?
0 6 Rhonda Custer  May 22, 2021
More big foot! I agree with Christie, ghosts, cults are [censored]. Aliens, big foot & lost civilizations, that's what we want to see. I wish Josh would go out more with Jess & Phil. More big foot, please
0 3 CHRISTIE crown  May 20, 2021
Thoroughly enjoyed 'Aliens In The Deep' , but why don't they make these 2 hour specials, instead of splitting it over 2 separate episodes. It's a bummer having to wait for the conclusion.
0 2 CHRISTIE crown  May 14, 2021
Canyon Of The Apes - sadly this episode was not nearly long enough. Nice to see Matt joining the team. Just when things were starting to get tantalizingly interesting - the program was finished - they needed to make this at least a 2 hour episode.
The program producers need to make more programs around finding Bigfoots ; Ghost programs just don't have the same clout any longer.
2 2 Jeff balderston CHRISTIE  June 4, 2021
Canyon of the apes was a lame show.
Either find the Sasquatch or forget producing any
more shows about this fantasy.
Checking over the [censored] was hilarious.
0 4 CHRISTIE crown Jeff balderston  June 11, 2021
Disagree completely! It was far from lame - in the same breath, the show wasn't near long enough to investigate these elusive creatures. They would need to devote a complete season to finding out more about Bigfoot, as we're now starting to realize - there is much more to this cryptid than just flesh and bone.
0 1 Squrrill CHRISTIE  December 14, 2021
Glad to see Moneymaker what a joke. That's the only Bigfoot hunter I know that he has says everywhere he goes there's a Bigfoot. If one of his team mate from his old series would fart he would swear it was a bigfoot. He is a joke for being even said to be a Bigfoot hunter. As many times and all the places he's been that he said there was Bigfoot he should of had a selfie with one by now. He does those calls and anyone who is a known Bigfoot hunter knows that a call from a bigfoot has what a lion has in its roar. A human can't do the type sound it has in its call. So when he does it the Bigfoot knows it's not one of their own. Josh should not even have Moneymaker around his team unless he wants a little comedy in the show. Hope not to see Matt (the joke) Moneymaker on his program [thinking] .
1 1 CHRISTIE crown  May 6, 2021
Ghosts In The C[censored] - not exactly the most exciting, edge of the seat Expedition X - infact it was quite boring. Sad to say, the only high point was the shadow in the tunnel, and even that had to be pointed out. ❤ ☺
5 1 Chrid  May 2, 2021
The UFOS over New Mexico the first thing they that they recorded look alot like a plastic bag floating in air like a walmart bag the objects that the lady said she recorded looked like 4th of july lanterns you light and they float up.
2 1 CHRISTIE crown  April 23, 2021
Part 2 - An American Werewolf ; What an anti-climax: I was really looking forward to this episode, hoping the guys (including Josh) would get some answers as to what the creature of Bray Road is. The sequel to the amazing first episode was a damp squib - sorry to say!
0 4 CHRISTIE crown  April 15, 2021
Great start to the new series of Expedition X - An American Werewolf. Very glad to see Josh joining the team - makes it so much more enjoyable. Can't wait for the next episode!

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