The Owl House
Disney Channel
1 Season
3 Episodes
A teenager finds herself stuck in the Demon Realm and battles the forces of evil alongside a rebellious witch and a pint-sized warrior.
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Disney Channel’s The Owl House Greenlit for Season 2

Current Show Status
The Owl House Season 2 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Fri 1/24/2020 I Was a Teenage Abomination Season 1: Episode 3
Next Episode Airs Fri 1/31/2020 The Intruder Season 1: Episode 4

Latest news

Disney Channel has given a second-season order to its new animated fantasy-comedy The Owl House ahead of its series premiere. (Source:


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1A Lying Witch and a Warden Jan 10, 2020
2Witches Before Wizards Jan 17, 2020
3I Was a Teenage Abomination Jan 24, 2020
4The Intruder Jan 31, 2020
5Covention Feb 7, 2020
6Hooty's Moving Hassle Feb 21, 2020
7Lost in Language Feb 28, 2020
8Once Upon a Swap Mar 6, 2020
9Something Ventured, Someone Framed Mar 13, 2020
10Escape of the Palisman Mar 20, 2020
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