Expedition Bigfoot
Travel Channel
2 Seasons
20 Episodes
An elite team of Sasquatch specialists journey into the unforgiving Oregon wilderness in search of Bigfoot.
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Expedition Bigfoot Season 3 to Premiere in 2022 on Travel Channel

Current Show Status
Expedition Bigfoot Season 3 officially renewed for 2022
Latest Episode Aired Sat 3/20/2021 Close Than Ever Season 2: Episode 12
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 3: Episode 1


Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1The Search Continues Jan 3, 2021
2Call and Response Jan 10, 2021
3Creepy Hollows Jan 17, 2021
4Hand of the Beast Jan 24, 2021
5Time's Running Out Jan 31, 2021
6Bigfoot's Lair? Feb 7, 2021
7The Quest Out West Feb 14, 2021
8Dark Memories Feb 21, 2021
9Paranormal Anomaly Feb 28, 2021
10The Government Knows Mar 7, 2021
11Lake Fear Mar 13, 2021
12Close Than Ever Mar 20, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Search Begins Dec 8, 2019
2Did You Hear That? Dec 15, 2019
3The Nest Dec 22, 2019
4Red Eyes at Night Dec 29, 2019
5Human Bait Jan 5, 2020
6Bigfoot Moon Rising Jan 12, 2020
7It Knows We're Here Jan 19, 2020
8The Final Hours Jan 26, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Back to the Woods: Race Against Time Jun 17, 2020
2New Evidence Jan 3, 2021
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1 2 Joe D  January 9, 2022
What ever happened to Ryan Golembeske ("RPG") from the first show of the first season? They said he got "sick" and couldn't continue. Searching his name doesn't give definitive results that I could find. Seems like he is fine now. Just asking because I can't stand Ronnie. I don't know that I'd like "RPG" any better...in fact the nickname annoys me...but would like to see someone less Matt Moneymaker / Cliff Barackman that believes every noise, every "sign" is a bigfoot. Overall I enjoy this show far more than FB or any of Josh Gates' ridiculously overacted shows.
0 3 Tiny Joe D  January 17, 2022
When you get out in the woods and spend weeks at a time and you’re a big foot researcher then you have the right to judge and tell them stop being an armchair commander
0 2 Tracy N Tenpenny Joe D  January 17, 2022
I would love to see them consider bigfoot as a far more intelligent creature than we give them credit for. Having hunted deer for years I learned that deer are able to easily detect humans due to scent and movement. Once I learned to prevent my human scent I was able to easily locate them. Perhaps a bigfoot is more intelligent than a deer and maybe just as sensitive to scent and movement. What if EB went out fully camouflaged and did things to mitigate their scent? I would love to see them like this in a tree stand for a few days with thermal imaging looking for bigfoot. I have to believe that if they treated bigfoot as a more capable prey than a deer, perhaps they could find one.
1 4 NICHOLAS M PIAZZA  January 5, 2022
Wait,I thought season 3 was already done and I e been lkn for it .it's Jan 2022,,isn't there a premere sched this week
1 0 Janis Rowland  November 29, 2021
I had to give up FB after a couple of episodes. [censored]oo was a jerk and much as I am interested in looking for and hopefully finding a big foot some day….my time is too important to waste watching [censored]oo.

Come on season 3 Expedition Bigfoot,
1 3 Tam  November 26, 2021
Hey there. So in season 2 episode 3 of EB when Ronny and Mireya are in the cattails looking at a print. Ronny scans with the camera and I saw something hairy almost stand up behind them. Anyone else see that?
0 1 DEREK Tam  January 15, 2022
Nice to know I wasn’t the only one that noticed that!!!!!!!
0 0 Tammy Perkins DEREK  January 15, 2022
Yeah but did they see it? [thinking]
0 0 Tracy N Tenpenny Tam  January 17, 2022
Could you possible give a time of the video?
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0 4 Noma  October 2, 2021
I can't wait to watch it soon enough
1 6 Mwonder24  September 6, 2021
Matt is annoying with “this is what a bigfoot would do” after watching EB all other shows are not good.
1 9 CHRISTIE Mwonder24  September 7, 2021
After 11 seasons of the same routine FB got very predictable - we all called it (Not) Finding Bigfoot: [smile] EB, on the other hand is exciting, and apart from using state of the art technology, they keep their minds open to what the creature might be capable of. [smile]
2 1 Patriot  September 5, 2021
All. Get off the the social networks and into the real world. I rarely if ever engage in this [censored]. Get in the woods yourself and look for BF or send him a tweet or email. Lol
1 0 Patriot  September 5, 2021
Lots of opions. Some are great and inspiring.Try and find Survivalist Led Stroud's 2-episodes on BF. Led looks into every aspect of the mystery. I also look forward to Season 3 of EB. I've spent many years hunting throughout the Appalachian mountains and have heard really strange sounds and animal calls. Some unlike any bear, lion or other predetors. I was always in the woods my before dawn and just after dark. Some of these calls
really have me the crepes, but they never deterred me hunting. I was in the woods alone. No dogs, no partners. Just me. Trust me, there are far scarier places in the world than an encounter with the beast. At least he doesn't shoot back at you.
Personality I believe BY moves from another dimension into ours. Most legitimate sightings note
that they see lights and orbs. Just my opinions.
1 0 CHRISTIE Patriot  September 7, 2021
I believe that they can cloak and are multi dimensional. That's what annoys me about FB - they can't seem to wrap their minds around that idea, except for BoBo. Was looking forward to the so called 'new' episode on Labor day - what a let down though, this episode aired back in January, and has been available on Discovery+ since.
3 1 CHRISTIE  August 14, 2021
EB followers - check out SASQUATCH CHRONICLES on YouTube or Twitter - especially the podcast 'SC EP:11 - THE 'SIEGE' AT HO[censored]IA'
3 0 CHRISTIE  August 14, 2021
Expedition Bigfoot fans need to check out YouTube - namely a podcast uploaded by TAAPS called LANDOWNER KILLS SASQUATCH - THE GOVERNMENT STEPS IN. Yet again, proof that the government and military are keeping the public out of the loop about the existence of this of this hominid. Whilst I don't agree with the killing of these creatures, you still have to ask yourself - what would you do if you were in this this guy's shoes? He comes across as a pretty honest down to earth guy who's trying to protect himself, and probably his livestock.
0 1 CHRISTIE  August 12, 2021
Getting withdrawal symptoms with the lack of EB? Then check out YouTube - a podcast called 'THE GIANTS OF AFGHANISTAN' - a story from one of our brave guys in the Special Forces. It truly is worth a listen, and lends credence to Season 2 Episode 6 of EB where the guy told Bryce Johnson that the military and perhaps the government already know about these creatures. [wink] ❤
1 20 Rusty Robbins  July 18, 2021
This BY FAR is the best bigfoot show ever! The cast is great! They don't come off like idiots, like finding bigfoot did. This show in its current format has the staying power for many more seasons....You get a sense that this group could actually find BF. Great show!
0 3 Linda A Eastside Rusty Robbins  September 12, 2021
Finding bigfoot became boring
0 4 Loretta Stanford Rusty Robbins  November 16, 2021
I totally agree. EB is, by far, the best Bigfoot expedition ever to air. They quickly discovered there is something more to this creature than simply a huge, elusive ape-like monster. In fact, I do not believe Bigfoots are monsters, at all. The shows portraying this being as dangerous and in need of killing sicken me - especially those old hillbilly idiots.
0 1 BetoO’Dork  July 17, 2021
Sorry my reply was for Howie (Moneymaker).
0 10 CHRISTIE  July 10, 2021
Tracking the EB team on Twitter - it appears from Dr.Mireya Mayor, and Ronny LeBlanc that it's only a matter of a short time before we find out that Season 3 is coming at some stage. Hip Hip Hooray!!!
0 5 Admin CHRISTIE  July 12, 2021
Thank you!
0 11 Toni Marie Butler CHRISTIE  July 14, 2021
Russ just threw out a post like 15 minutes ago that they have been renewed for season 3 and are back out filming it. So hopefully soon they will announce a air date. Can't wait.
0 2 CHRISTIE Toni Marie Butler  July 15, 2021
1 1 RobertMorris  July 8, 2021
What happened to the foot track Russell found right at the end why are they not back in that area in Kentucky when the fire run them out
2 3 CHRISTIE RobertMorris  July 10, 2021
They were in the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State when they had to make an impromptu exit.
0 13 Bob Fado  July 5, 2021
With all the Garbage, Violent, shows on TV. Expedition Bigfoot is a Refreshing change in expedition research for what really could be a Great Biological Find. Please Get off your Duffs and Renew the show. People are WAITING.
0 13 Patrick H Bob Fado  July 8, 2021
This is the best Bigfoot show ever they don’t just knock on a tree for the entire time . Can’t believe they have not set up a release date. Come on it’s the best show y’all have
0 0 Dannielle west Bob Fado  July 30, 2021
Hey bobo ur right I agree with u 💯 Andy know I do miss talkin to u cliff and moneymaker
1 14 Robin believes  June 21, 2021
I have believed for many years of a primate species in North America. Expedition Bigfoot has the right team and the best equipment to do[censored]ent this animal. They have gotten very close and it is just a matter of time before someone produces irrefutable proof. So far, EB has impressed me with the fact based research they are compiling With all the talk of orbs and cloaking, it makes me question my simplistic idea of Bigfoot. I can’t wait for season three. Please put it on travel channel. We live in a rural area with no access to WiFi I have lost at least eight of my fav programs because we can’t stream. Fingers crossed that we will have answers at last. Season three hurry
0 16 CHRISTIE  May 29, 2021
What are the Travel Channel playing at, keeping us waiting? They've got to release Season 3 - too many folk are waiting on tender hooks to see what happens next!
What about a mammoth Expedition Bigfoot covering all 50 states, maybe even Canada as well, with all bigfoot and paranormal investigators getting involved, for a longer period of time than just a few weeks. I'd say, there would be millions of people glued to their TV screens around the world. It would be awesome to watch!
2 4 Samantha Henry CHRISTIE  May 31, 2021
The thing is, some of those people think it best to kill Bigfoot to prove their existence. Getting them all together to find him may not the best idea.
0 2 CHRISTIE Samantha Henry  May 31, 2021
A clause has to be written into the program that no investigators can harm the creature. Anyway, Bigfoot is a lot more stealthy than we mere humans give them credit for, they are much more than flesh and blood creatures. ❤ ☺
0 0 Prepper CHRISTIE  June 28, 2021
0 15 Bruce Hosea  May 24, 2021
I just watched the last three episodes of Expedition Bigfoot season 2 for a second time and I have to say that these guys really have their [censored] together. I'm so tired of watching other bigfoot series that go into a area for a day or two, drum on a few trees and expect to get hard data. There is no substitute for beating the brush for a couple weeks to really get to know your prey. It also doesnt hurt that they have access to and know how to use the latest high tech equipment, For the first time I actually have hope that they have a pretty good chance of proving the existance of bigfoot. Especially if they return to the pacific northwest. Keep up the good work and I'll see you in season 3.
0 3 CHRISTIE Bruce Hosea  May 25, 2021
You hit the nail on the head. I think that's why they've only made 1 episode of the the return of Finding Bigfoot (apart from the fact they've all got older and fatter - not so BoBo, who's looking very emaciated); After seeing EB - the FB producers have come to the realization their format is old and staid. Plus Renae's constant denying that the creature exists is boring. Let's hope they go back to the drawing board and rethink their format - otherwise Not Finding Bigfoot will be a better title for the show.
0 1 Christopher.S Bruce Hosea  June 2, 2021
I have the travel channel app called travel go. Is that how you seen the last 3 episodes ?
For some reason on Google, it shows that there are atleast 12 or 13 episodes but the app only shows 9.
1 1 CHRISTIE Christopher.S  June 23, 2021
There are definitely 12 episodes in Season 2.
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0 11 Daniel Jepson  May 13, 2021
I use to watch finding bigfoot and thought that was good but when I came across expedition bigfoot I was blown away have to say it very interesting and couldn't take my eyes away from the screen what a set of investigators I really hope they do renew for season 3 I was very sad when it came to a end specially with what they found on the last epsidoe with the foot prints and then the stupid wild fire i hope they kept the trail cams up tho to see if anything did walk past fingers crossed they renew I'm really hoping
2 6 Kathy Rockovich Daniel Jepson  June 21, 2021
I love everything bigfoot. It's the most real thing on tv. I always watched finding bigfoot and was sad when it went off. Expedition bigfoot is so much better I would love to see Matt cliff Bobo and Renee to join the cast for a few shows. Would be awesome
0 0 IloveExpeditionBF Kathy Rockovich  January 7, 2022
I agree with you. That would be interesting to see the guys and gal from Finding Bigfoot on Expedition Bigfoot. I would love to see them pool their ideas together. Maybe make a competition between the two parties. But their are a whole lot of people in this chat log that do not like some of the guys on Finding Bigfoot.
4 2 rich young  April 26, 2021
woooooo bobo is an idiot this show is great!!! wooooooo
0 11 Jim M.  April 24, 2021
❤ I love this show. It keeps you on the edge of your chair. I can't wait for season 3. ☺
0 6 Kimmie2005  April 23, 2021
I hope and pray that you bring episode 3 because I am so intrigued and need to know what they find...and look every single day to see if it's coming back on pleeeeeaaaase don't cancel the show, it's great!!!!!
0 9 Ray  April 18, 2021
This show is really intense at times. I really enjoy all the drama leading up to the team attempting to prove that Bigfoot is a real creature in our world.
This show seems it’s closer than any other prior shows (Finding BigFoot, BigFoot is Real) to prove the life of BigFoot. Even though “Finding BigFoot” was my all time favorite but I evolved to this Expedition BigFoot, now that they took Finding BigFoot off TV.

I’m looking forward to Season 3, so please don’t cancel this show!!!
0 3 Hopefullyithelps Ray  July 20, 2021
I just hate the cliffhangers man it's tuff waiting a week that new skin Walker ranch on history is also pretty good 2 seasons to binge while waiting everything is proper unlike most e.t or u.a.p type shows
0 7 CHRISTIE  April 11, 2021
Anybody out there rewatching season 1 again of Expedition Bigfoot? - namely episode 8 where they fly the drone into the disused mineshaft. At one point you can hear the lady controller say it is almost like something has control of the drone, then it appears to swivel around in the mineshaft and go down. Just before the this happened I thought I saw something, so I decided to watch this piece of footage frame by frame. First you can see the long straggly hair of the creature as it manhandles the drone looking at it, then twice you can see the face of the creature as it takes a selfie of itself. You can see it's eyes, nose and it's mouth - once with it's mouth closed, the other it's mouth is slightly open and you can see it's lower front teeth. You can then see it's arm fur before it appears to discard the drone.
Check it out , but you need to watch it carefully frame by frame. I wonder do the guys on the show realize what they've caught on the drone camera???
0 1 Texgeekboy CHRISTIE  April 13, 2021
So I'm watching it on Discovery+ on my PC (higher resolution than my High Def TV). The GUI for Discovery+ doesn't make doing something like this easy. Do you have a time stamp for this?
0 2 CHRISTIE Texgeekboy  April 13, 2021
Yeah! Approximately 40 minutes in - the drone enters the mineshaft for the first time, then you'll hear the lady controlling the drone say "it's like something is shaking it" - that's when the creature seems to have the drone. Take the footage frame by frame . ☺
2 2 CHRISTIE CHRISTIE  April 13, 2021
Update - if watching thru DISCOVERY+ take it frame by frame from 30.30 onwards. ☺
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