Expedition Bigfoot
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An elite team of Sasquatch specialists journey into the unforgiving Oregon wilderness in search of Bigfoot.
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Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 to Premiere in 2023

Current Show Status
Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 officially renewed for 2023
Latest Episode Aired Sun 6/19/2022 New Discoveries Season 3: Episode 15
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 4: Episode 1

Finally, discovery+ and Travel Channel will not take a calming breath, because the thrills will continue throughout 2022-2023 with more returning fan favorites. Former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan are back on the paranormal case in a new season of THE DEAD FILES. Real-life hauntings get retold by the master of horror in the second season of ELI ROTH PRESENTS: A GHOST RUINED MY LIFE. Eli Roth and Zak Bagans join forces again in the second season of The HAUNTED MUSEUM. And our intrepid team is currently back in the field searching for everyone's favorite cryptid in season four of EXPEDITION BIGFOOT. (Source: press.discoveryplus.com)

It’s more wild, it’s more raw, it’s the next season of Expedition Bigfoot! Alaska


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Strange Returns Mar 20, 2022
2Shadow Stalker Mar 27, 2022
3Stalked in Terror Apr 3, 2022
4Creatures in the Trees Apr 10, 2022
5Fresh Kills Apr 17, 2022
6Return to Lake Fear Apr 24, 2022
7Where the Legend Began May 1, 2022
8Sounds of Terror May 8, 2022
9Tracks to Hell May 15, 2022
10Divide and Conquer May 22, 2022
11The Chase is On May 29, 2022
12Man Down Jun 5, 2022
13A Massive Discovery Jun 12, 2022
14Into Bigfoot's Den Jun 19, 2022
15New Discoveries Jun 19, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The Search Continues Jan 3, 2021
2Call and Response Jan 10, 2021
3Creepy Hollows Jan 17, 2021
4Hand of the Beast Jan 24, 2021
5Time's Running Out Jan 31, 2021
6Bigfoot's Lair? Feb 7, 2021
7The Quest Out West Feb 14, 2021
8Dark Memories Feb 21, 2021
9Paranormal Anomaly Feb 28, 2021
10The Government Knows Mar 7, 2021
11Lake Fear Mar 13, 2021
12Close Than Ever Mar 20, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Search Begins Dec 8, 2019
2Did You Hear That? Dec 15, 2019
3The Nest Dec 22, 2019
4Red Eyes at Night Dec 29, 2019
5Human Bait Jan 5, 2020
6Bigfoot Moon Rising Jan 12, 2020
7It Knows We're Here Jan 19, 2020
8The Final Hours Jan 26, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Back to the Woods: Race Against Time Jun 17, 2020
2New Evidence Jan 3, 2021
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1 0 cav  June 22, 2022
The truth is out there, they need to get Les Stroud & Todd Standing, both have what it takes to get the champion of Hide & Seek on camera. Standing has (2) on tape, send those to the Scottish professor to reconstruct the head from that. Get ATN thermal & night vision manufacture to update there equipment and how to use it correctly. Russ and Les would be a hell of tracking team. and Todd with Mya with his expertise he would change her mind on alot of subjects. They do get the toys, and les & todd could possibly use them for better results.
0 1 Jake cav  June 24, 2022
Lol! Todd Standing is a hoaxer. I think even Les figured that out!
0 0 Holliday cav  June 29, 2022
Fraud Standing 😆 😆 😆 Dude is a puppet Bigfoot maker , You better educate yourself on Fraud Standing
2 6 dan hawk  June 22, 2022
does anyone else believe as i do that Mariya has had botox treatments in her upper lip in order to imitate a primate ??? just an observation.
0 0 Ed Clark dan hawk  June 28, 2022
Yes! I’ve thought she’s the missing link between man and Planet of the Apes since the first season! Not sure if it’s Botox tho! [bigsmile]
9 0 Tom S  June 19, 2022
I think this is a remake of the pitiful show Finding Bigfoot, even with a cynical unlikable female. The toys are better
0 2 TBone Tom S  June 22, 2022
Wrong. She’s not just a female, she’s a well known Dr. (Primatologist) who comes on in the beginning very skeptical. This show is very professional, and nothing at all even similar to Finding Bigfoot. Also take a look at the cast and producers and some of their credentials.
0 1 Jake Tom S  June 24, 2022
I think it's better than Finding Bigfoot but they
are straying into wacky fringe theories and they leave a lot of things they set up as "a find" unanswered/unresolved which makes one wonder how staged things are in the show. Examples: What were the results of the bones Russell found? Did they find any Edna on them? Never heard about the test results! And now they are going off the deep end talking about Bigfoot being able to cloak himself! Geez!!!!
1 4 Shirley Carstens  June 19, 2022
I love the show. I have an observation. I think Ronnie needs to be believed more when he makes an observation about what he believes is Bigfoot behavior. After all he is the expert. I think too much emphasis is put on Dr. Mireya Mayor's expert opinion. Don't keep me wrong she is a plus to the show. Her expertise is with another animal isn't it. Dr Mireya made a commet when Russell found the tree branch nests. She stated that an intellegient would use their hands to make nests, something along that line. I feel an intelligent animal would take advantage of something already made by nature.
3 1 Jackie hughes Shirley Carstens  June 21, 2022
I completely agree..everytime ronnie finds something he thinks is a clue dr. mireya always shoots him down...drives me crazy..but anytime russ finds something he thinks is a clue she always backs him..she definitely drives me [censored] and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they found a new replacement..all she ever talks about is gorillas..
0 9 Mark P.  June 13, 2022
I really like this show and think that the team might actually find proff of BF. There seems to be alot of "unusual evidence" to support this. The only concern I have is that some idiot will kill one of these wonderful creatures (if in fact they do exist,) or putting one in a cage at some zoo which would be really sad. Somehow mankind has a way of ruining everything he touches.
0 6 Shayndel Shofar Yoseif Leevy  June 7, 2022
Hope to see you all when you come to Alaska in season 4 or 5, to seek out Sasquatch aka (Bigfoot).
0 14 Cathy Malterer  June 3, 2022
I love EB. At last a group that actually takes bigfoots existence seriously. And they are not going out into the night wigh guns blazing to maybe shoot something or scare it into the next state. Or as in FB yo to an area, spend a couple of days then move on cause you found nothing. Wonder why? I believe Mireya, Ronnie, Russ and Bryce have the right idea of going into an area and spending a summer there carefully exploring everything and using all the technology they can to get answers. I think their persistence is going to pay off. Good job guys! Don't think I would have the nerve to do what you guys do. Hats off to you guys. Looking forward to next episode and congrats on next season. Best show ever.
0 0 Gman  June 1, 2022
They should get a trained Bloodhound if the really want to find Bigfoot
1 0 Jr Gman  June 2, 2022
They did that already
0 10 Michael  May 25, 2022
I think it's the best show on TV let's go Russell
0 0 Jerry S Michael  May 27, 2022
Last season was great! What happened? Unless Russell gets in a fight with Big Foot in that creepy train tunnel I'm gonna be [censored]ed...lol
0 3 Renee Hartman Michael  May 31, 2022
Love RUSSELL and Miyera!
0 5 Philip  May 20, 2022
I would like to know what happen to the dirt that Ronny got from that BF print and the out come of that when they do a ENA on it
1 8 Brian Harris  May 19, 2022
I think season 3 is by far the best. I can’t believe the amount of evidence caught on both audio and camera. Not to mention the technology they have incorporated.
I have even seen how the tracker and the female are les skeptic. People fail to remember that these guys are only given a certain time frame to collect data. Any trail cam pics of videos didn’t just happen over night.
I have literally be on the edge of my seat being [censored]ed at the end of an episode to waiting a week to see what happens on the next episode.
And the cold hard facts are whatever evidence they find, they will be the first to debunk it just show integrity. And let’s not forget, there are some shows out there that spend season after season building traps and never catching anything or running through corn fields pretending that are getting chase by a Smoke Wolf.
Keep up the good work guys
1 7 C.Smith Brian Harris  May 19, 2022
I'm with you, but Mountain Monsters is what I affectionately call "crypid comedy". I mean where else can can you see a bunch of old fat men, running around the woods at night with guns?
1 7 Karen Barnes  May 18, 2022
These postings are from 2020 and 2021. I am writing this post May 18, 2022. The current season we watch is Season 3, and Episode 9 was on his past Sunday. My only concern is that Mireya looks “bored” on this show. I hope not. I really enjoy this show. All the technology and skills these folks have is amazing. So glad Expedition Bigfoot is on. Please don’t put this show on streaming, computer etc.because I do not have internet. I have to use a jet pack to send comments.
0 20 Neal  May 18, 2022
I am SO glad the show has been renewed! Thank you Travel Channel! There are dozens of these types of shows out there but there is only ONE Expedition Bigfoot. I think what separates it from others is the high level of credibility that Mireya, Russ, Ronny, and Bryce bring to the program., especially Mireya who is highly educated and renowned in her field.

These people are serious about their quest and display a level of professionalism and sincerity that no other show of this genre can match. This is do[censored]entary level in all respects and should be considered much more than just entertainment for Bigfoot fans.

Thanks again to Travel Channel and a special heartfelt shout out to Mireya, Russ, Ronny and Bryce in recognition of all their hard work and dedication!
0 2 Daniel Coffey Neal  June 12, 2022
Awesome show i cant wait to see bigfoot on tv. Going to change everything. Go find bigfoot guys.
0 6 JR  May 18, 2022
I wait until the next episode is added Sunday early morning on Discovery +. Then I wake up in the middle of the night to watch the episode!! Love it!! You are all so knowledgeable & you have come SO far!
2 2 Timothy Bashaw  April 25, 2022
I'm a white tail hunter in Vermont and have seen many bone yards from winter deer yards. Not to say the coy dogs have a kill site. No bigfoot sorry.
0 3 Time traveler  April 9, 2022
Couple Question , Why didn't Dr. Mireya Mayor ,Ronnie take soil sample from the Clip / Rig that all the rocks were falling from .Made the long trip to get up there , saw the area was all pressed down . Seem like a Prefect time to try get soil sample maybe confirm what they found in Kentucky ? Plus know one thought or Mention they saw they shadow Reflex in the water . It was just like if you were standing on the rivers edge , and looking at it yourself . A Reverse Mirror imagine Reflection. Maybe it reflected off the cliff wall , but it was awfully clear if you stop the video and look .
0 21 Sandy K  March 21, 2022
I love this show! Keep searching cause I don't want this to come to an end. Can't wait from episode too episode!!!!!
0 10 Auntsharon Sandy K  May 6, 2022
I am OBSESSED with this show !
0 20 Benjamin Hill  February 14, 2022
I live in Northern Michigan and contrary to what others say I am a believer of the Hairyman.
I am 63 years old and was a avivid [censored] hunter for many years. As well as hunted every animal that has or had a season. I have spent more time under the stars than I have with a roof over my head.
Those of you that believe the orbs and lights are Bigfoot beaming back up to Cpt Kirk and the Enterprise need to stay away from the Crack dealers downtown.
When you are standing in the woods with lights off waiting for your dog's to come in and you here your dog running through the leave's coming back and you cut your light on, and 20 yards away running by you is a Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Hairyman whatever you want to call it. It screams so loud at you that you fall down then scramble to your feet and run full out for 1/4 of a mile to your truck, you may stop [censored] hunting too.
18 years ago and remember it like yesterday.
0 9 Benjamin Hill Benjamin Hill  February 14, 2022
The censored part of my post is ra[censored], I used the shortened version.
0 3 Bill R. Benjamin Hill  May 8, 2022
45 Year old, Grew up in Northern Michigan. When I was about 10-12 years old, we were out looking for Morels. There was a loud scream (Exactly like the one in the opening of the show each episode). It happened only once and I will never forget that sound. My Mom said "it's just a dog!", but we all left right after that. That is my most vivid memory and I am a firm believer in The big guy. Heck, my business cards have Bigfoot on them.
0 1 Karena Benjamin Hill  June 17, 2022
Yes, they do exist. Went out with a group and we did see two. It's kind of life changing. First night they hit my tent and broke the rods. Loving the program, but one of the loud screams sounds more like spirits and not so much a Bigfoot, but this is my opinion. But this is one of my favorite programs and so reminds me of when I went out and I was terrified.
2 21 Christy Valley  February 5, 2022
I’m so [bigsmile] happy to finally get the new season premiere info! Best show ever. Can’t wait [hands]
1 19 CHRISTIE crown  February 5, 2022
Expedition Bigfoot returns March 20, on Trvl Channel and Discovery +.
2 5 Admin crown CHRISTIE  February 5, 2022
5 11 Joe D  January 9, 2022
What ever happened to Ryan Golembeske ("RPG") from the first show of the first season? They said he got "sick" and couldn't continue. Searching his name doesn't give definitive results that I could find. Seems like he is fine now. Just asking because I can't stand Ronnie. I don't know that I'd like "RPG" any better...in fact the nickname annoys me...but would like to see someone less Matt Moneymaker / Cliff Barackman that believes every noise, every "sign" is a bigfoot. Overall I enjoy this show far more than FB or any of Josh Gates' ridiculously overacted shows.
3 25 Tiny Joe D  January 17, 2022
When you get out in the woods and spend weeks at a time and you’re a big foot researcher then you have the right to judge and tell them stop being an armchair commander
2 17 Tracy N Tenpenny Joe D  January 17, 2022
I would love to see them consider bigfoot as a far more intelligent creature than we give them credit for. Having hunted deer for years I learned that deer are able to easily detect humans due to scent and movement. Once I learned to prevent my human scent I was able to easily locate them. Perhaps a bigfoot is more intelligent than a deer and maybe just as sensitive to scent and movement. What if EB went out fully camouflaged and did things to mitigate their scent? I would love to see them like this in a tree stand for a few days with thermal imaging looking for bigfoot. I have to believe that if they treated bigfoot as a more capable prey than a deer, perhaps they could find one.
1 5 K Summers Joe D  April 3, 2022
I totally agree!!
1 6 NICHOLAS M PIAZZA  January 5, 2022
Wait,I thought season 3 was already done and I e been lkn for it .it's Jan 2022,,isn't there a premere sched this week
6 1 Janis Rowland  November 29, 2021
I had to give up FB after a couple of episodes. [censored]oo was a jerk and much as I am interested in looking for and hopefully finding a big foot some day….my time is too important to waste watching [censored]oo.

Come on season 3 Expedition Bigfoot,
1 10 Tam  November 26, 2021
Hey there. So in season 2 episode 3 of EB when Ronny and Mireya are in the cattails looking at a print. Ronny scans with the camera and I saw something hairy almost stand up behind them. Anyone else see that?
0 4 DEREK Tam  January 15, 2022
Nice to know I wasn’t the only one that noticed that!!!!!!!
1 2 Tammy Perkins DEREK  January 15, 2022
Yeah but did they see it? [thinking]
1 3 Tracy N Tenpenny Tam  January 17, 2022
Could you possible give a time of the video?
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1 7 Noma  October 2, 2021
I can't wait to watch it soon enough

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