7 Seasons
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Sistas follows single Black women as they navigate love lives, careers, and friendships in a world shaped by social media and unrealistic relationship expectations.
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BET Renews Sistas for Season 8

Current Show Status
Sistas Season 8 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Wed 6/12/2024 All For The D Season 7: Episode 14
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 8: Episode 1
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Navigating Love and Life with the "Sistas"

Tyler Perry's "Sistas" follows the lives of four Black women, Andi, Karen, Danni, and Sabrina, as they navigate the complexities of love, career, and friendship in Atlanta. Andi, a successful divorce attorney, finds herself entangled in a forbidden relationship with a married man. Karen, a driven salon owner, juggles her business with a complicated relationship and the responsibility of raising her teenage daughter. Danni, a sassy and independent airline supervisor, seeks love while staying true to herself. Sabrina, a cautious banker, cautiously opens her heart to a mysterious man, questioning his sexuality. Their individual journeys intertwine, creating a powerful tapestry of sisterhood, support, and growth. Through laughter, tears, and unwavering loyalty, the "Sistas" face life's challenges head-on, reminding us that even when we stumble, true friends are always there to pick us up.

More than just romance, "Sistas" tackles relevant social issues and explores themes of self-worth, second chances, and breaking free from toxic relationships. While the show doesn't shy away from humor and lighthearted moments, it delves deeper into important conversations about mental health, financial independence, and navigating single motherhood. Finding "Sistas" on Your Screen

Craving a dose of sisterhood and heartwarming drama? You can catch "Sistas" in several ways

  • BET Network: Tune in to BET Wednesdays at 9:00 PM ET for the current season. Make sure you have a cable or satellite TV subscription to access BET.
  • BET+ Streaming Service: Enjoy on-demand access to all seasons of "Sistas" with a BET+ subscription. This option allows you to watch at your own pace and revisit your favorite episodes.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Purchase individual episodes or entire seasons of "Sistas" on Amazon Prime Video. This is a convenient option if you prefer a one-time purchase rather than a subscription.
  • iTunes: Similar to Amazon Prime Video, you can buy individual episodes or seasons of "Sistas" on iTunes. This option integrates seamlessly with Apple devices.

Remember to check for local availability and pricing options before choosing your viewing method.

The Faces of "Sistas": Cast and Their Renowned Roles

The talented cast of "Sistas" breathes life into their characters, each with their own unique backstory and memorable moments:

  • KJ Smith(Instagram, X) (Andi Barnes): Known for her role as Moriah Banks in "Queen Sugar," Smith brings depth and vulnerability to Andi's complex journey.
  • Ebony Obsidian(Instagram, Facebook, X) (Karen Mott): Obsidian shines as the fierce and independent Karen, leaving a lasting impression with her starring role in "If Loving You Is Wrong."
  • Mignon Von(Instagram, Facebook, X) (Danni King): Von's comedic timing and sass make Danni a fan favorite. She is also recognized for her work in "Mann and Wife."
  • Novi Brown(Instagram, Facebook, X) (Sabrina Hollins): Brown delivers a captivating performance as the cautious and reserved Sabrina. She previously starred in Tyler Perry's "The Oval."
  • Chido Nwokocha(Instagram, Facebook, X) (Gary Marshall Borders): Nwokocha adds complexity to the tangled love triangle with his portrayal of Gary. He gained recognition for his role in "The Chi."
These are just a few of the talented actors who bring "Sistas" to life. Each episode features a dynamic ensemble cast with recurring characters and guest stars, keeping the story fresh and engaging.

Season 8: Renewal Whispers and Future Speculations

As of today, February 23, 2024, there is no official announcement about a season 8 renewal for "Sistas." However, the show remains popular and consistently brings in strong ratings. Typically, BET announces renewals closer to the conclusion of the current season, following a similar pattern they used for season 7.

Considering the ongoing success of "Sistas" and its loyal fanbase, a season 8 renewal seems likely. Fans can stay updated by following the show's official social media channels and BET's announcements. While the wait for confirmation continues, the cliffhangers and unresolved storylines in season 7 certainly leave room for an exciting continuation of the "Sistas" journey.

Remember, while a season 8 announcement is not yet official, the show's popularity and ongoing storyline suggest a strong possibility for its return. So, keep your eyes peeled for updates and get ready to dive back into the lives of the "Sistas" whenever their next chapter unfolds.

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1Sistas 100th Episode Celebration Dec 7, 2022

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17 1 Linda  July 30, 2023
Mr Perry please put zac and Karen back together there story is not over Karen has forgiven zac for a lot they should come together and raise there child and Zac's son together in one house cause you can see how much zac still loves Karen I think it's just lust with Fatima and she is to controling and there is more to her past than she is telling
0 9 Roslyn Linda  August 8, 2023
I am not sure why anyone is still on the Zac and Karen boat, that ship has sailed and sunk. Zac never had the type of love for Karen as he does for Fatima. The proof was little Michael, born from Zac cheating with Heather, a pregnancy scare with the co-worker and plenty of diseases. Karen put him down, belittled him, never encouraged him. Zac and Fatima's relationship is so much more healthier. Fatima has always encouraged him and because of that Zac is madly in love with Fatima. Since they have committed to one another, (they may have had some issues) but never once, did he cheat on Fatima, he asked her to be his wife, he got a house and begged her to move in with him. He told her and Karen he was going to marry Fatima. Compared to his and Karen's relationship, his and Fatima's is like a breath of fresh air. I can't wait until the season when they get married. That is going to be the Zatima fans dream come true.😍❤️
0 1 O Roslyn  August 10, 2023
I agree
0 3 Chelle Linda  August 11, 2023
Nope team Fatima
28 1 IndiaRae  June 23, 2023
I love Karen, Zac, & Fatima. But I miss seeing Zac & Karen together. I hope that they will end up back together as well as Dani & Preston.
0 2 Love this show  May 18, 2023
0 0 Commenter  April 23, 2023
I dont see "Too Little Too Late" The only last episode I see on demand is 21, A Vicious Cycle. SMH BET.
0 9 Faith  March 16, 2023
I hope there's a new season..
0 3 Lisa  December 29, 2022
Follow Drama Verified on YouTube for fantastic content on Sistas and Zatima
0 23 Anita  October 21, 2022
Tyler Perry should of kept Dani a d Preston together
3 4 Tanya Anita  December 14, 2022
I believe that Zack and Fatima gonna get married to protect hi assets from stripper and I think Karen maly not be pregnant I think pam is and she did it to help her get Zack bk and Hayden, omg,l heim andl Gary both trying to get robins money I think andi might marry him to make thel shot nlowl up in hisl facel Gary trying to get robin, Hayden got to go ohhh what if Hayden diesel andl Zack and Fatima get married so they can't testify...p
1 15 Gloria Brown Tanya  December 15, 2022
I Just Wish Hayden Would Get Fired Or Get What He Deserves...He's A Jealous Snake!
Let Zac & Fatima Be Happy!🤗
3 4 Gloria Brown Anita  December 15, 2022
I Think They Will!🤞🏽
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1 10 Eric sanders  August 27, 2022
If bet renew the fifth season of sistas for new episodes and then season six in 2023 plus the oval fifth season and season six let everybody know it coming [smile]
1 13 Ni Neuxus  August 17, 2022
hurry and bring even season 5
0 0 Ni Neuxus  August 17, 2022
[tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty] [tasty]
66 7 Ni Neuxus  August 17, 2022
I don't like fatima and zac l really need zac and karen because karen loves zac and l think zac also loves karen but l would like to see the next season of the three women on zac
1 85 J Ni Neuxus  August 21, 2022
What!!! Zac and fatima alllllll the way. Karen wasn't right for him and now she's being too moooove on already!!! She has a man ready and waiting,oh gosh!!. Leave Zac alone!!!
3 48 BJ Critt Ni Neuxus  August 27, 2022
I want them to give Zach a break finally. He’s been through too much already. Fatima and Zach all the way!!! Karen broke Zach down like a car and made him feel worthless. She does not get a second chance with him. I hate her with him because regardless of the choices he made to cheat on her, it’s never a reason to try and break a person spirit and that’s what she did to him. The fact that he did cheat is reason two they don’t need to be together.
1 18 Francisco Ni Neuxus  November 18, 2022
Zac and Fatima make a good couple and Karen just want him back because he doing good for his self she needs to focus on the one she have now because he loves her so much and zac in love with Fatima check out Zatima
Show 2 more replies
4 54 Yvonne  August 10, 2022
1 14 Tonya Yvonne  November 27, 2022
Karen needs to get over herself. Zac has told her numerous times it is over!
61 5 madie  July 29, 2022
ilove karen and zac together i dont like the way that story is going i stop watching sistas no more
3 51 Nia madie  August 2, 2022
Their Toxic....and Karen only want him now since FATIMA built and encouraged him. I hope Aaron enjoy fatherhood. 😉
Says alot!!
2 10 Jerr madie  October 4, 2022
Karen is like a loose cow you know what it does,confuse and keeps running..
16 4 Kimberly madie  February 20, 2023
I love Zac and Karen together ,a real love is when u have nothing and someone is always there with you. Karen was always by his side when he was broke ,she deserve him
Show 2 more replies
4 4 Barbara Woodlon  July 24, 2022
I love the sistas, Tyler time for new faces, please consider my granddaughter Precious for a part. You have her portfolio and IMDb
1 18 Reeshemah  April 20, 2022
We love Sistas in our household and look forward to Wednesdays at 9pm! It has definitely become a family affair! Can’t wait for the show to return! ❤
2 12 Beverly Malveaux Reeshemah  April 27, 2022
[love] looking forward to the next season! My Husband an I truly enjoyed Sista ❤ ❤
2 12 Vanessa D Bibbs  April 9, 2022
Mr. Tyler Perry , I am a 66 year old woman who loves your shows from day one. Sistas and Ruthless at this day and time are my favorite. I love you selections of characters, actors... I love your artistic deliveries of twists and turns in each scene and most of all I love the positive messages that are often encrypted in your scenes. Please my brother continue more episodes in these two series. Wishing you continued success and thank s for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world. Love you.
1 18 Nia  April 7, 2022

1 22 DeonJenee  March 22, 2022
[smile] I love Sistas, I have became very addicted to this show, can’t wait to see what happens next; keep it coming Tyler Perry, you’re doing great!!
1 24 Karlie  March 10, 2022
SIstas is an excellent series, one I am addicted to as are most of Tyler Perry works. This show attracts all women regardless of race, age, ect. We all have gone through some of the same issues because we are women. Tyler keep.up the great work. I am a huge fan.
1 50 Keshia43  March 9, 2022
I love Fatima and Zac together and so ma y things are trying to break them apart, but it’s not going to work! I know [love] [love] that Karen is pregnant with Aaron’s baby and I hope that Tyler does not flip on me, because I would like Fatima to be the mother of his first child. Karen is jealous for no reason she can have the same thing with Aaron! He did ask her to marry him. Zac is happy and I really like the new Zac he is making big moves, and people are hating on him because he has come up. They trying to steal his money lock him up! It’s just a sad situation. I hope Sabrina starts to date the Bayo. I hope to see Danni and Cowboy back together and get serious. The show is wonderful and I love it!! [love]
0 21 Mymah Keshia43  March 18, 2022
U talked my mind you juss forgot this one..."I hate Hayden"....he is full of [censored] and the fact that he's trying to ruin Zac to get Fatima [censored]es me off even more....I mean damn boy take a rest she doesn't want you...duuuuuhhhh?
2 0 Linda Keshia43  July 30, 2023
No it's zac baby as should be cause zac still loves Karen and if you watch zac and Fatima show you will see how bad they are for each other cause if you have to keep on and on fighting to prove you love someone then it's just not worth it Fatima has no trust in zac she wants to control him
0 2 Roslyn Linda  August 8, 2023
You are saying that Zac and Fatima show (Zatima) shows how bad they are; yes the relationship did get a little toxic in season 2a, but I believe Tyler Perry wanted to show that even a great relationship such as Zac and Fatima's, will have some issues because no relationship is without problems. Because of their immediate attraction to each other in the beginning and then they soon fell deeply in love with each other, got engaged and moved in with one another, they are still learning each other. But in there learning, Zac has not cheated, therefore he has not brought home any diseases to Fatima. Fatima may seem controlling at times, but she doesn't belittled him like Karen did. She doesn't try to break his spirit. Karen and Zac had the worse toxic relationship for the entire 3 years (Michael is proof of that), he cheated and Karen beat him down. So if you compare relationships, Zac and Fatima have a much stronger, committed and loving relationship than Karen and Zac ever had.
1 17  March 6, 2022
I Love the show. I love Zac and Fatima, she's a real woman who ain't up for no games. She knows her worth. Karen is jealous of the relationship Zac and Fatima have, that's why she trying to tear them apart. I think she pregnant by Aaron. But for more episodes and suspense the baby probably will be Zacs. Andi I wish she stop acting like a blond.. Take everything Gary giving her and play his ass.. She needs to be single but dating. Danni I wish she would just give herself a chance at love with Preston. Sabrina need to decide who and what she wants. She need to be single and dating to.. Maurice will probably fall prey to the good sex he got from Q. But he does need a partner to so I'm for him and Q if he can get him on the straight and narrow from crime. I
1 7 Connie Hatch  December 30, 2021
I really enjoy this show. I am VERY proud of Tyler Perry because he from the same state Louisiana as I. Coming from Louisiana being successful is a Gift from God. I am a senior citizen but I Love watching this show. I hope Karen is not pregnant for Zac. I hope Zac is not charge for beating that crazy lawyer. AndiI needs to leave her new Boos alone because he does not love her. He is using Andi…
1 17 Deonne  December 29, 2021
I like Fatima for Zac they are better together , she is a woman any man would love to have, she is mature and understand life ,she is also a positive person. Danni need to stop confusing Preston and tell him how she really feels about him and stop playing around , also she need to speak to him with more respect, open herself to experience love . Andy need to leave Gary alone he is not for her and I don't trust her new boss, he is too good to be true. I think Karen should leave Zac alone and give Aaron a chance. Sabrina is cool and afraid of trusting any man ,however, I think she should really make up her mind about Calvin ,is either she in or out.
1 9 Angela Crawford Deonne  December 29, 2021
Deonne says it all for me. What she says is true. Danni needs to stop treating Preston like a little boy. Andi needs to leave her new boss alone. I do not trust him at all. Karen needs to leave Zac alone. Zac and Fatima looks so good together. Any man would love Fatima. Gary is crazy and he is a freak. Pam needs to mind her business. She always interfering. Sabrina is the best of all. Maurice is cool but he needs to be careful who he goes with. I LOVE SISTAS SO MUCH, I CANNOT WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY.
11 4 Marilyn Deonne  December 30, 2021
Love Dani and Maurice he’s hilarious! Fatima may be a nice person, (NOT). Something about her I don’t trust. She’s no good for Zach, she seems sneaky. Karen loves Zach and he still loves Karen. Dani and Rodeo could get interesting yet there’s something up with Preston, he’s kind of odd, got a feeling Dani might really fall for him. Love Tyler Perry, he’s such a genius and always creates an unexpected edge that’s exciting. Love Sistas.
3 1 SpaceSigns Marilyn  November 21, 2022
I want Zac to be with Karen. I think Fatima busted her was in and messed up the vibe between the original sistas. She can stay on the show, but find her a different man. Put Zac with Karen. I can’t stand the Aaron character. He can go. And where did his kids with his dead wife go anyway? I like Robin with Andi. Gary is a creep. And please, please, find a way for Preston and Dani. They are awesome together! And Sabrina? Find someone for her. A real man.
Show 1 more replies
2 0 Chandra H Bryant  December 15, 2021
I love the show and considers my Wednesday night soap opera. My view is very different from Tp with he and both throwing curve [censored]. TP Email me so we can discuss privately. Just in case you want to use my ideas. Can't wait to watch tonight. Enjoy your day Tp and fans, we're meet up at 8:00pm on BET.
1 4 Joanne Hunter  December 9, 2021
I really love this show! Keep it going.

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