The Family Chantel
5 Seasons
50 Episodes
As their divorce proceedings near the end, accusations and lingering resentments make reaching any agreement extremely challenging. Decisions like selling the house and dividing possessions become nearly impossible for the two parties involved.
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The Family Chantel Season 6 is yet to be announced by TLC

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The Family Chantel Season 6 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Mon 12/11/2023 Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow Season 5: Episode 6
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for The Family Chantel. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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The last season concluded with Pedro reaching a breaking point and taking the difficult step of filing for divorce. In her desperation for support, Chantel had her sister Winter and mother Karen move into the house she once shared with Pedro. This decision exacerbated the divide between the two families, leading to jaw-dropping revelations and emotionally charged moments between Pedro and Chantel. Now, as the final season of "THE FAMILY CHANTEL" unfolds, we witness the culmination of this couple's tumultuous journey.

Nine months later, both Pedro and Chantel are eager to move on from each other. As their divorce proceedings near their conclusion, accusations and long-standing resentments make reaching any agreement a formidable challenge. Matters such as selling the house and dividing possessions become nearly impossible to resolve. Each party firmly believes they are in the right, intensifying the feud between their families.

As viewers bid farewell to the couple's shared journey, this season is marked by twists, turns, cultural clashes, language barriers, and shocking secrets revealed. This final chapter promises to deliver highly charged moments until the very end, when the families come face to face for one last meeting.



Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Two Households, Both Alike Nov 6, 2023
2A Madness Most Discrete Nov 13, 2023
3A Rose By Any Other Name Nov 20, 2023
4Fortune's Fool Nov 27, 2023
5A Plague on Both Your Houses Dec 4, 2023
6Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow Dec 11, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Home Is Where The Tension Is Jun 6, 2022
2No Turning Back Now Jun 13, 2022
3On the Chin Jun 20, 2022
4No Ninos or Ninas Jun 27, 2022
5Unusual and Highly Suspect Jul 4, 2022
6You Should Be Thanking Me Jul 11, 2022
7Dirty Laundry Jul 18, 2022
8Recipe for Disaster Jul 25, 2022
9Can I Come In? Aug 1, 2022
10What Are You Doing Here Aug 8, 2022
11Like a Lawyer Aug 15, 2022
12Not So Separate Separation Aug 22, 2022
13Hot Pursuit Aug 29, 2022
14The End of Forever Sep 5, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Unannounced and Uninvited Oct 11, 2021
2The Blame Game Oct 18, 2021
3Looking for Trouble Oct 25, 2021
4Finding Your Roots Nov 1, 2021
5Risks and Rewards Nov 8, 2021
6Home for the Holidays Nov 15, 2021
7Breaking Bread Nov 22, 2021
8Truth Be Told Nov 29, 2021
9Burning Bridges Dec 6, 2021
10On My Best Behavior Dec 13, 2021
11My Other Family Dec 20, 2021
12Mad at the World Dec 27, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Like Sister, Like Brother Oct 12, 2020
2A New Family Feud Oct 19, 2020
3Ugly Sweaters and Painted Beards Oct 26, 2020
4Sister Act Nov 2, 2020
5A Thrilla in Manila Nov 9, 2020
6Loose Lips Sink Ships Nov 16, 2020
7A Royal Mess Nov 23, 2020
8Crazy Stupid Love Nov 30, 2020
9Sometimes People Are Snakes Dec 7, 2020
10Wedding Crashers Dec 14, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1All's Fair in Love and War Jul 22, 2019
2How to Come to America Jul 29, 2019
3The Truth Comes Out Aug 5, 2019
4It's All Crashing Down Aug 12, 2019
5Pack Your Bags Aug 19, 2019
6The Fight to Get Along Aug 26, 2019
7The Last Supper Sep 2, 2019
8What Are Your Intentions? Sep 9, 2019

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0 0 Blaze  September 27, 2023
OMG I saw this pop up on my phone my jaw dropped thought we was done seeing this Family I can't wait to see how everyone is doing [smile]
0 1 Carole  September 27, 2023
YES I watch EVERY 90 day fiance & the spinoffs. I wish they made more ❤
0 2 Dorothy cancino  April 4, 2023
Hoping for a season 5 showing where all of them are in life right now. I love this show and would watch a season 5 for sure
0 0 Dorothy cancino  April 4, 2023
Hoping for a season 5 showing where all of them are in life right now. I love this show and would watch a season 5 for sure
0 2 Dadrena Mullins-Whigham  February 6, 2023
Why is the show not coming on! The show was really good both the family needs to come back on NOW! NOW,
1 2 Monkey Hernandez  October 1, 2022
Please don’t include that disgusting family in season 5. I know you guys like drama, however, there is such a thing as respect for another family that has gone through enough disrespect and abuse. Everyone has their faults, however, there’s no reason to treat your significant other like that. That mental family has tried to corrupt Chantel for her money and feel no consequence. Shame on you and shame on company if that family is brought back.
0 3 Terri Castonzo  September 22, 2022
Chantel you think about yourself now if he’s such a jerk he’s not worth your time!!! You can’t go wrong with that great family you have!!!! I have two grown daughters & grown son!!!! If someone hurt any of them look out this Italian mother would not like it at all!!! Chantel get rid of him for good!! Love to you & your Famiglia♥️
1 3 Shirley C.  September 19, 2022
Both families have been way too involved. And I used to actually feel for Pedro until I saw how rotten he was treating his wife. He needs to grow up, be a man, and stop being influenced by a mother and sister who hate his wife anyway. And, it was smart of Chantel to finally tell her mom that she was “gonna learn boundaries.”

In the beginning I was disgusted by how Chantel would not keep any problems within the relationship. But later, when she really needed her family, she kept it to herself… smh…

Pedro deserves to struggle without his wife. When someone isn’t willing to go to counseling or try anything to make it better, then they don’t want to make it better (regardless of what they say), actions speak louder than words. Chantel can do better. Pedro is not even a man yet.
0 2 Terri Castonzo Shirley C.  September 19, 2022
Good luck Chantel he is not worth crying for!!! Your family is great they love you so much I would be the same if one of my daughters were hurt of son!!! Your beautiful inside & out!!! His family is nuts!!!His idiot sister telling him she wants a new sister in law that makes no sense!!! She is on & off in her own relationship so she is no better than him Pedro!!! Can’t wait to see the next season!!!!!!!!!
9 9 Jessie  September 13, 2022
Read many comments and cant believe people dont see what a narcisstic person Chantel is. Its all about her; after using him to make money in the show and now that he has a career and friends, she feels that she is not the center of his life. She is terried she cant control him. “I brought you here. You owe me.” Her eords show disdain for him and ownership. She thinks that stealing the half of the money he helped earned together is not going to bite her in the end, she is delusionsl. Any other man sge encounters will be treated as property by Chantel. She behaves like her mom Karen, in total vontrol of her husbabd.
9 7 Momo Jessie  September 13, 2022
I completely agree with you. Pedro left his country, family, friends, he was happy in the D.R. Chantel convinced him to come to America. He does and supports her and the household so she can finish school. Once she’s done he tries to do for himself in a career that makes him independent of her he’s everything in the book. She wants him to be dependent on her so that he can stay stuck at home taking care of her needs. And I’d he doesn’t then accuse him of fraud and send him back to his country. How entitled and disgusting. Horrible woman. He can do better.
1 12 Kitty Momo  September 15, 2022
If Pedro was so happy in the DR he should go back and stay happy. His goal was to come here and bring his mother and his sister. He stayed with Chantel long enough to be able to do that. User/Loser
2 6 Isabella Momo  September 17, 2022
Neither one of them earned that money. He worked in a warehouse and she was a nurse none of which make 100 grand a year even with payment from the show

Her mother Karen has trust funds for them all I believe when they hit 30 that was actually HER money given to her by her mother. He has 0 right to it and he LEFT HER then went back all [censored]y and stole her stuff to give to his mom? Trash human
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4 14 Aggie  September 11, 2022
Chantel u definitely deserve better girl ❤
4 12 Evon  September 6, 2022
I feel bad that Chantel had to figure out the hard way that she was the golden ticket to the US. From the very beginning Pedro's family was hostel and rude to Chantel. Pedro's mother and sister only hated Chantel once they learned Chantel wasn't going to be there meal ticket. Chantel, I'm really proud of you for standing up for yourself and not letting his family take advantage of you. I absolutely.adore your family.. I wish you the very best of what life holds. You will find an amazing man that will change your world.
8 21 Terri Castonzo  September 5, 2022
I think Chantel did everything she could to stay together but Pedro seems to like his new life he doesn’t have to answer to anyone Chantel or her family!!! Pedro wants to be free & see what it’s like so let him when he finds that the grass isn’t greener on the other side & wants to go back with Chantel I hope she already has someone who will love her forever like she thought Pedro would!!! I love the closeness of her family!!! Good luck Chantel ❤️
25 16 Mikayla  September 5, 2022
I feel so bad for Pedro like he stayed home and cleaned and did everything while chantel went to nursing school and now that he’s working and doing good she don’t like it and Karen should have an input of their marriage and what they need to do, what chantel did to Pedro is a [censored] move and she gets what is coming to her!
11 7 Owen barrett Mikayla  September 8, 2022
Exactly! I do not understand how the viewers easily overlook how he was there for her, while she was in school. But she refused to return the favor. Seriously, she gets upset when he ask her clean? Wth lol!!!!
3 4 Neil59272859 Owen barrett  September 12, 2022
You guys are kidding right ?
1 4 Sonya Owen barrett  September 22, 2022
They both work they should both clean equally not heard a while the cleaning I think that Pedro came here to get his green card because from the start he let his mom and his sister was rude and did not like entail and I thought it was absolutely rude when her family went over there to meet his family and his mom and sister cook them chicken feet when they did not eat themselves. That tells you what kind of people they are. The mother and the grandmother used people for money so what makes him any different.
Show 1 more replies
8 22 Terri Castonzo  August 30, 2022
This show is getting better every week not that I don’t feel bad for Chantel I do but she deserves better!!!! She is beautiful inside & out she is young she doesn’t need him!!! Just who does he think he is? Good riddance I say he turned out to be just what her family thought he was!!! Chantel enjoy your life & family!!!!!!!
5 23 Gma  August 30, 2022
I hate to see the pain chantel is going through . I hope with Pedro out of the picture we won’t be subjected to his mother or sister anymore.
4 21 Angelene  August 29, 2022
My guess is that he cheated with Coraima (Nicole's friend from the DR). He stayed back in the DR alone looking for his father for a week. Maybe he rekindled old flames with Coraima. This would explain why he was so cold to Chantel after coming back from the DR. When Nicole threw the glass at the family she did say "Pedro had sex with Coraima".
1 14 Bahahi Angelene  September 7, 2022
I think it was his boss he definitely had consistent sex from somewhere cuz he wasn't looking for it from Chantel. He moved up in the reality company pretty fast and turns out the boss is shady like his mother and we know that with his father missing and the possibility of neurosis from a trouble childhood he could've developed and odiepus complex and is attracted to shady people like his mom... though I also think its highly possible he slept with ex in the DR too but Chantel said they didn't sleep together for over a year so one encounter in the DR isnt enough for a year.
6 15 Jeannette cross  August 29, 2022
Love the family Chantel ❤ chantel really doesn't deserve what Pedro is doing to her Pedro got on his feet now . he's acting like the biggest jackass!!! chentel can do so much better she's beautiful.
6 18 Charmaine Kavanagh  August 24, 2022
Pedro is an A$$H0L3. Chantel is really trying and suddenly he needs space to find himself. Keeps saying she doesn't support him! OMFG! LOL! I bet he cheated with Antoinella or one of the other female coworkers and is feeling extremely guilty. How the hell did he think it was right to spend so much time after work with his coworkers leaving Chantel at home not wanting her to join them! Like father, like son! Red flag, green card! Then again, maybe it's all scripted for ratings and entertainment.
6 16 Gaul  August 24, 2022
Chantel you are a beautiful strong woman. Your future will look great!
Karen you need to use your wisdom and confront Pedro. You were right. Mothers are always right!!!!!!!
4 12 Terri Castonzo  August 18, 2022
[smile] I love the Family Chantel I hope it’s on for a long long time!!!! Each episode is getting better & better!!!! Chantel is so beautiful and brought up good she doesn’t need him!!!!! He is acting like his stupid family blood is thicker than water!!!!! I love Karen because she doesn’t take any [censored] from anyone I’m the same way I’m 100% Italian!!!!! Love the show ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
3 28 lisa rivas  August 17, 2022
I want to see Pedro's mom and sister fall on their ass!!!!!!
0 0 E Rey lisa rivas  September 16, 2022
What [bigsmile]
1 3 Desiree Dailey  April 18, 2022
Cant wait for season 4 [love] [love] [love] [love]
3 16 Carolyn Harding  April 11, 2022
I love this Chantel family. Don’t like Pedro’s mother or sister.
Really don’t need to see them . Would love to see the older brother and his wife and new baby. Like to see Winter new life and how she is doing and River what he is up to.
2 9 J Carolyn Harding  August 31, 2022
I also don't like Pedro's mother and sister! I record the show so that I can fast forward past them. Their voices irks me to no end. It's amazing how after the 5 years, all of a sudden she's not supportive. She supported him and spent all that money to bring his no account !&* over hear. I think it was a scam from the beginning, just like his former friend told her. She should have listened. You can never know what a person's objective is when you're bring them from another country. People say what they need to say and act the way they need to act, until they get what they want. That GREEN CARD.

I am hoping that now that Pedro is getting his papers to become a citizen and can now bring his disgusting family to the US, that they will be cut from the show.
10 7 Deirdre Finch Carolyn Harding  September 6, 2022
I don’t like Chantel’s family! Her mother controls the entire family with the father acting more like the wife! Her sister was in a disfunctional relationship for years and her eldest brother wants nothing to do with their entire family. Chantel is lazy, doesn’t do any house work! So what she works 12 hour days… other women work more than that and f he ave to raise children!
1 2 Sonya Deirdre Finch  September 22, 2022
Why should she go through the house and pick up his dirty clothes when he's capable of putting them in a close basket for laundry to be done and washing his own dishes she works too. Just because she's a wife doesn't mean that she has to do everything for him he's not helpless. She kept him up while he was waiting to get a worker's permit or his green card from the immigration which can take up to 16 months so he has nothing to complain about.
1 10 Taze Sarvis  April 10, 2022
I love the family Chantels, they are such an interesting family to follow. I don’t usually watch reality shows but this family peaked my interest. The mother Karen is a little to much in her kids business and she could hang back a little and let figure things out for themselves. I have three sons but I don’t get that deep unless I’m asked! Karen take care of your husband and leave those kid alone!
2 3 Terri Castonzo  January 25, 2022
I love the show!!!! I like all of the family!!! I hope it comes back soon!!! It’s different not like the same house decorators too many of those!! The only other reality show is New Housewives of New Jersey!!! Love love that have never missed a year of it!!! You need to get back The Family Chantel I have pretty good taste when it comes to reality shows!!!! I like the fact that Karen is a fighter when it comes to her children!! Reminds me of my mother!!!

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