My Life Is Murder
Paramount+, Network Ten, Acorn TV
4 Seasons
36 Episodes
My Life is Murder is an Australian murder mystery, crime comedy-drama television series, which will screen on Network Ten.
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My Life Is Murder Season 4 is to Premiere on Paramount+ on June 17, 2024

Current Show Status
The release date for My Life Is Murder Season 4 — June 17, 2024
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Sun 5/19/2024 En Pointe Season 4: Episode 5
Next Episode Airs Sun 5/26/2024 The Good Oil Season 4: Episode 6
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As the writers' strike continues to interrupt production on the fourth season of Paramount+'s Evil, fans might need to exercise a little more patience before discovering the mind-boggling aftermath of the gripping season-three finale. Fortunately, a recent interview with the show's creators provides intriguing clues and teases about what lies ahead. So, while the wait may be prolonged, there's still some tantalizing information to keep viewers intrigued.

Season 4 Preview: EW


Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1To Dye For Apr 21, 2024
2Tough Love Apr 28, 2024
3Location, Location, Location May 5, 2024
4One Man's Poison May 12, 2024
5En Pointe May 19, 2024
6The Good Oil May 26, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1It Takes Two Aug 29, 2022
2Nothing Concrete Sep 5, 2022
3Bloodlines Sep 12, 2022
4The Village Sep 26, 2022
5Silent Lights Oct 3, 2022
6Bride to Bee Oct 10, 2022
7Breaking Bread Oct 17, 2022
8Gaslight Sonata Oct 24, 2022
9Staying Mum Oct 31, 2022
10Rising Angel Nov 1, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Call of the Wild Aug 9, 2021
2Oceans Apart Aug 16, 2021
3All That Glitters Aug 23, 2021
4Look Don't Touch Aug 30, 2021
5Crushed Dreams Sep 6, 2021
6Sleep No More Sep 20, 2021
7All the Better to See You Sep 27, 2021
8Hidden Gems Oct 4, 2021
9Wild Life Oct 11, 2021
10Pleasure and Pain Oct 18, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1The Boyfriend Experience Jul 17, 2019
2The Locked Room Jul 24, 2019
3Lividity in Lycra Jul 31, 2019
4Can't Stand the Heat Aug 7, 2019
5Feet of Clay Aug 14, 2019
6Another Bloody Podcast Aug 21, 2019
7Old School Aug 28, 2019
8Remains to Be Seen Sep 4, 2019
9Fake Empire Sep 11, 2019
10Mirror Mirror Sep 18, 2019

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738 fans have subscribed

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0 0  April 17, 2024
8 5 Connie  July 11, 2023
I prefer season 1. Ozzie team is better. Alexa getting silly. I didn't like it. It is not charismatic.
0 9  May 25, 2023
Maybe I am too thick to know what is going on with this post. Why are they talking about Evil and Paramount+ when the rest of this is all about MLiM? All of the seasons have been on Acorn here in the states, has that changed?
0 0 Denise  April 7, 2024
I agree. There is definitely something wrong here. Per AMC Networks website (they own ACORN TV), they confirm in an article dated December 5, 2023 that MLiM is being renewed (Season 4).

Says the same in Wikipedia. Someone at PremiereDate should make a correction.
0 14 Judy2qty  April 17, 2023
I love it show so much. I love the characters...the plots... it's a win win for me.
Please give me another season. This show is so well written. It's smart and creative.
Give me another ten seasons. I'm here for it.
0 9  April 3, 2023
Finally an answer as to the possibility of another season of this excellent show. Some may think it's like a lot of others, but I find that not having the power of a real detective, and yet being a real detective, and a woman coming out of grieving for her life partner killed in the line of duty shows that women are much more resilient and intelligent than often given credit for, and I like this character. I like the people she has working for her, women who have brains, who doesn't love that? Can't wait for more episodes and hope they are as colorful and puzzling as the last few. Good show, good actors, good writers, excellent scenery and a wonderful content. Can't ask for much more in a show. Thanks to all who work on it. ❤
1 10 Cadkins  October 28, 2022
I love this show! It’s clever and saucy and fun to watch. I’m sad about the relocation to Auckland, though, but I hope to learn to love that city. I must say the makeup and costume people there are totally missing the mark, however. Alexa is a beautiful woman who looks fabulous with light blond messy hair and solid tees. This new darker, striped highlighted hair is all wrong, and either the lighting or makeup is very unflattering. The Pollyanna hairstyle is also wrong - flat and aging. And the fluttery sleeves and ugly prints - Yuck! That said, I still love the show, and while I miss Kieran and diva cat, I like the new cast.
2 3 Regina Cadkins  November 15, 2022
I couldn’t agree more with everything you mentioned!!! Love Lucy Lawless in the show!!!
2 1 Connie Cadkins  July 11, 2023
I agry miss lawless pls change your make-up team.
0 5 Bonnie Bates  October 23, 2022
Really enjoy this show! Not so much the overly bright wardrobe of Alexa, as it is actually distracting and, at times, unflattering to Lucy. Like the new character introduced in season 3. Would be fun to see the three of them together solving the murders.
0 12 Nonee Bonnie Bates  November 13, 2022
I love her outfits. I love the color! They're rich and beautiful. Makes me feel good.
0 6 Barbara  October 15, 2022
I loved season one and two. So fun and witty. Found myself wanting to emulate Alexa's clothing style. Then season three came out and I find Alexa's total wardrobe makeover totally distracting and non-flattering. Everyone suddenly looks like a pop sickle or a box of Fruit Loops. Madison's quirky and colorful outfits were enough. Now everyone looks like they fell into a can of paint. The storylines are still entertaining though.
0 4 Nonee Barbara  November 13, 2022
What's it with everyone and the color in her outfits. I wish I could find those outfits. It matches her personality. It's fun and light and she needs that. She's coming alive after losing her husband. Time to change a bit. [wink]
0 0 Jennifer Sanfacon Nonee  August 13, 2023
Me also!
0 2 Carrie Watson  October 9, 2022
I’ve been waiting for this! I know where I’ll be on 10/10@8:30P. This show is quite entertaining!
0 1 Cm  September 27, 2022
Season 3 is out has 4 episodes it even shows it above,so why saying waiting for season3 🤣🤣
1 3 JSP  August 30, 2022
i'm confused, this is an announcement that the 3rd season will premiere 10Oct but right below it says Ep1 already aired on 29Aug with 2nd ep following a week which is it?
4 0 Ed JSP  September 20, 2022
The October date is for Acorn TV and the August date is for Network 10 Down Under.
0 1 Delores Johnson  August 21, 2022
0 6 Hazel J Costello  August 16, 2022
Congratulations channel 10 for FINALLY showing this program I have been a fan of Lucy since Xena and this is a good show .👌👍😊🤗
Happy it is being shown
1 5 Richard Chandler  August 16, 2022
Oh, finally! We've waited so long for Season 3--our world needs Lucy! :D
0 4 Dyane  February 11, 2022
This awesome show has the best taste in music: Split Enz's & "I Got You" rocked!
(Go check out Tim Finn & Eddie Rayner's brand-new album: FORENZICS!)

Auckland is spectacular, and I hope you get a chance to visit there someday. "My Life Is Murder" is a delight, and while Melbourne is also a magnificent city, NZ is home to Lucy Lawless, and she's the star, baby! ❤ [hands]
0 5 Chuck  November 16, 2021
My wife and I really like this show, we really hope they renew the show.
1 11 Mgate  October 21, 2021
[smile] [love] ❤
This series is awesome. I like the plain dress of British and Australian shows instead of the stupid tight and low-cut stuff all the women in US shows wear. Makes the characters more real and fun.
Hope there’s more of this show.
0 12 CG  October 12, 2021
I just happened to find this show on Acorn TV. A lot of great shows.. anyway, I absolutely loved season 1. I’ve watched it a few times. Currently on episode 8 of season 2. While I am enjoying season 2 I do wish it were back in Melbourne but I love seeing the beauty of New Zealand. I love the cast but do miss Bernard Curry and Captain Thunderbolt. Hoping they renew for Season 3. It’s a fantastic show!
13 9 WGU  September 24, 2021
Unfortunately series 2 is not as good as series 1. Lucy's clothes do not work-- badly fitted and boring, while on 1 really worked.The makeup and iighting also make her look like yet another pretty face, instead of having character as in 1. The writing is also nastier and the relation between Lucy and her Ebony grates as if Lucy is tired of acting with her. Why should we care if the lead does not care? Still sort of worth watching but not nearly as much fun as the first season (too many of the top people left behind in Melbourne I guess.)
Speaking of Melbourne, series one clearly loved that city and made it one of the characters. Aukland is not treated in the same way-- it is just another boring big city (despite stunning scenery).
2 7 AZWatcher WGU  February 11, 2022
I agree with you. Lucy (character) is just a little too snarky with Ebony character. She was quite mean in the air conditioning episode. I’ll still watch but I liked the relationship in season 1 better. Ease up, Lucy!
0 14 Sidney  September 22, 2021
Hoping for a third season
0 6 Marcus  September 16, 2021
I love the show and Lucy playing in how there is a third season coming
0 0 Rick Bird  August 2, 2021
❤ [bigsmile]
4 2 Adam Brock Rick Bird  August 7, 2021
This is an Australian show not a new Zealand show
0 13 Cheryl Duke Merchant  August 1, 2021
Oh my gosh I watched the 1st season and fell in love with Lucy Lawless is of course awesome in this. I love her character on the show she is bright, witty and at times a smart ass!! I love it!!! After watching all of Season 1 I was really astonished to see it was from 2019 and I couldn’t believe this show would get cancelled as good as it is. This is another show that’s been along time in coming back on and damn I’m so glad it did!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!????
0 4 Irina Shevyrtalova  July 2, 2021
Love this show! Impatiently waiting for Season 2!
0 3 Gene  June 18, 2021
I hope the real Capt. Thunderbolt is moving to NZ as well! Wouldn't be the same with out them!

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