4 Seasons
49 Episodes
Titans premiered on October 12, 2018, and its first season comprised eleven episodes.
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HBO Max’s Titans Won’t Get Renewed for Season 5

Current Show Status
Titans Season 5 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Thu 5/11/2023 Titans Forever Season 4: Episode 12
Next Episode Show ended 49 episodes total
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Two of the DC series on HBO Max, Titans and Doom Patrol, will be coming to an end. Both recently wrapped their six-episode Season 4A runs on the streamer, and the upcoming second halves of their fourth seasons will be the shows’ final chapters.

Titans and Doom Patrol, both from Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, are the last live-action series from the slate of the now-defunct DC Universe. They made the transition to HBO Max after the first two seasons when DC Universe folded. Titans and Doom Patrol then ran for two more seasons, with the creatives behind both mapping those seasons to complete their story arcs. (Source: deadline.com)


Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Lex Luthor Nov 3, 2022
2Mother Mayhem Nov 3, 2022
3Jinx Nov 10, 2022
4Super Super Mart Nov 17, 2022
5Inside Man Nov 24, 2022
6Brother Blood Dec 1, 2022
7Caul's Folly Apr 13, 2023
8Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory Apr 13, 2023
9Dude, Where's My Gar Apr 20, 2023
10Game Over Apr 27, 2023
11Project Starfire May 4, 2023
12Titans Forever May 11, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Barbara Gordon Aug 12, 2021
2Red Hood Aug 12, 2021
3Hank & Dove Aug 12, 2021
4Blackfire Aug 19, 2021
5Lazarus Aug 26, 2021
6Lady Vic Sep 2, 2021
751% Sep 9, 2021
8Home Sep 16, 2021
9Souls Sep 23, 2021
10Troubled Water Sep 30, 2021
11The Call is Coming from Inside the House Oct 7, 2021
12Prodigal Oct 14, 2021
13Purple Rain Oct 21, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Trigon Sep 6, 2019
2Rose Sep 13, 2019
3Ghosts Sep 20, 2019
4Aqualad Sep 27, 2019
5Deathstroke Oct 4, 2019
6Conner Oct 11, 2019
7Bruce Wayne Oct 18, 2019
8Jericho Oct 25, 2019
9Atonement Nov 1, 2019
10Fallen Nov 8, 2019
11E.L._.O. Nov 15, 2019
12Faux Hawk Nov 22, 2019
13Nightwing Nov 29, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Titans Oct 12, 2018
2Hawk and Dove Oct 19, 2018
3Origins Oct 26, 2018
4Doom Patrol Nov 2, 2018
5Together Nov 9, 2018
6Jason Todd Nov 16, 2018
7Asylum Nov 23, 2018
8Donna Troy Nov 30, 2018
9Hank and Dawn Dec 7, 2018
10Koriand'r Dec 14, 2018
11Dick Grayson Dec 21, 2018

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0 0 MikeyMike_va  February 18, 2023
Does anyone know when Season 4 episodes 7-12 will be aired? Thanks.
0 0 faxeholm1234 crown  November 13, 2022
No, season 5 did not premiere in 2022, as your list of recent episodes say, it is season 4 that's ongoing now.
1 1 Vizireanu Cosmin  September 23, 2021
This show is not about the "Teen" Titans how I expected: ⚫
They put a black women to play a white cartoon character: ⚫
They didnt made the Titans in a different city, to protect, they chosed again Gotham: ⚫
Three seasons passed and we still dont have Raven and Cyborg: ⚫

And im pretty sure that until the end of season 3, there will appear more black dots if ill care enough to look for. Season 3 was pretty boring for me, and is sad cuz only 3 seasons passed.

In the beginning I thought that this series will be only about the titans, you know ... like the cartoons. Now they made chaos combining lots of other superheroes and villains... I hope that they wont renew for season 4.
0 1 faxeholm1234 crown Vizireanu Cosmin  November 18, 2022
Koriand'r is not a white character, she is of an alien race, Tamarean. So a non-white character is played by a non-white actress.
0 0 BobEspam Vizireanu Cosmin  January 11, 2023
Wow! I am so glad the Titans production team looked far beyond the limited expectations of one viewer. Some points to consider:
A. Show is not called “Titans”, not “Teen Titans”. Having an all adult cast avoids a lot of legal and logistical issues with having a cast of predominantly minors. Get over it.
B. Fortunately, today’s casting practice has left race and gender constraints to appease the racist/misogynist audience segment in the dust. Veiled racism is an ugly thing.
C. The show expanded the world beyond Gotham to include San Francisco and Metropolis, among others. Is that really an issue?
D. Navigating acquisition of rights to specific characters is a challenging tangled mess, especially in the DC world.
2 0 Nawach crown  March 16, 2019
Along with 'Doom Patrol', at last some decent superheroes series for grown-ups ! Great shows !

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