The Rookie
6 Seasons
108 Episodes
The Rookie is an American crime drama television series created for ABC by Alexi Hawley.
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The Rookie Season 7 Coming to ABC

Current Show Status
The Rookie Season 7 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Tue 4/9/2024 Secrets and Lies Season 6: Episode 6
Next Episode Airs Tue 4/30/2024 Crushed Season 6: Episode 7
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”The Rookie” Season 6 Gets February 20, 2024 Release Date on ABC

ABC’s “The Rookie” to Premiere on February 20, 2024

Officially announced on ABC’s Instagram, “The Rookie” will premiere on February 20, 2024 at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 CST. Following the exciting conclusion of Season 5, Season 6 will feature the return of Nathan Fillion as John Nolan. John Nolan is the oldest rookie at the Los Angeles Police Department at 45 years old, being displaced from his construction business in Foxburg, Pennsylvania.

Joining Fillion in the ensemble cast are Alyssia Diaz portraying Alyssa Lopez, Richard T. Jones as the experienced Wade Grey, and Melissa O’Neil reprising her role as the determined Lucy Chen. As the stakes intensify, Season 6 promises to delve deeper into the lives of these characters, unraveling intricate plotlines and testing the limits of their resolve.

The suspense heightens with the unresolved fate of a police officer's mother left hanging in the balance. In the aftermath of Season 5, the LAPD faces a new threat from a group of masked assailants, leaving officers in peril and viewers on the edge of their seats. The upcoming season is poised to pick up the pieces and weave a thrilling narrative around this gripping cliffhanger, promising an adrenaline-pumping continuation of “The Rookie” saga.

“The Rookie” Season 6 Trailer from ABC - YouTube

How to Watch ABC’s “The Rookie” Season 6 and Previous Seasons

”The Rookie” Season 6 will premiere on February 20, 2024 and pick up with episode 2 on February 28, 2024. The show will be broadcast on ABC, which is available to most homes with a simple antenna that can be purchased at your local hardware or computer retailer. “The Rookie” Season 6 will be available on streaming services once the entire season has finished airing.

”The Rookie” is available for viewing on-demand from Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV and Hulu. Individual episodes and entire seasons may be purchased from Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu and Amazon Prime. Other cable or internet service providers may offer “The Rookie” Season 6 and previous seasons for viewing on-demand, and individual episodes or seasons may rotate in and out for availability.

Updates on the Cast from “The Rookie” Season 6

Nathan Fillion, a Canadian-American actor, hails from Edmonton, Alberta and has a long-tenured career appearing across television, video games, audio books and movies. His credits range from 2021’s “The Suicide Squad” to “Guardians of the Galaxy” to “Monsters University,” also including Bungie’s Halo games. His Instagram has more than 1.5 million followers and is also slated to appear in James Gunn’s upcoming “Superman: Legacy.”

”The Rookie” also has an official Instagram account run by ABC where they will post updates of production, behind-the-scenes looks and episode notifications.


Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Strike Back Feb 20, 2024
2The Hammer Feb 27, 2024
3Trouble in Paradise Mar 5, 2024
4Training Day Mar 26, 2024
5The Vow Apr 2, 2024
6Secrets and Lies Apr 9, 2024
7Crushed Apr 30, 2024
8TBA May 7, 2024
9TBA May 14, 2024
10TBA May 21, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Double Down Sep 25, 2022
2Labor Day Oct 2, 2022
3Dye Hard Oct 9, 2022
4The Choice Oct 16, 2022
5The Fugitive Oct 23, 2022
6The Reckoning Oct 30, 2022
7Crossfire Nov 6, 2022
8The Collar Dec 4, 2022
9Take Back Dec 4, 2022
10The List Jan 3, 2023
11The Naked and the Dead Jan 10, 2023
12Death Notice Jan 17, 2023
13Daddy Cop Jan 24, 2023
14Death Sentence Jan 31, 2023
15The Con Feb 14, 2023
16Exposed Feb 21, 2023
17The Enemy Within Feb 28, 2023
18Double Trouble Mar 21, 2023
19A Hole in the World Mar 28, 2023
20S.T.R. Apr 18, 2023
21Going Under Apr 25, 2023
22Under Siege May 2, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Life and Death Sep 26, 2021
2Five Minutes Oct 3, 2021
3In the Line of Fire Oct 10, 2021
4Red Hot Oct 17, 2021
5A.C.H. Oct 31, 2021
6Poetic Justice Nov 7, 2021
7Fire Fight Nov 14, 2021
8Hit and Run Dec 5, 2021
9Breakdown Dec 12, 2021
10Heart Beat Jan 2, 2022
11End Game Jan 9, 2022
12The Knock Jan 23, 2022
13Fight or Flight Jan 30, 2022
14Long Shot Feb 27, 2022
15Hit List Mar 6, 2022
16Real Crime Mar 13, 2022
17Coding Apr 3, 2022
18Backstabbers Apr 10, 2022
19Simone Apr 24, 2022
20Enervo May 1, 2022
21Mother's Day May 8, 2022
22Day in the Hole May 15, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Consequences Jan 3, 2021
2In Justice Jan 10, 2021
3La Fiera Jan 17, 2021
4Sabotage Jan 24, 2021
5Lockdown Feb 14, 2021
6Revelations Feb 21, 2021
7True Crime Feb 28, 2021
8Bad Blood Mar 28, 2021
9Amber Apr 4, 2021
10Man of Honor Apr 11, 2021
11New Blood Apr 18, 2021
12Brave Heart May 2, 2021
13Triple Duty May 9, 2021
14Threshold May 16, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Impact Sep 29, 2019
2The Night General Oct 6, 2019
3The Bet Oct 13, 2019
4Warriors and Guardians Oct 20, 2019
5Tough Love Oct 27, 2019
6Fallout Nov 3, 2019
7Safety Nov 10, 2019
8Clean Cut Nov 17, 2019
9Breaking Point Dec 1, 2019
10The Dark Side Dec 8, 2019
11Day of Death Feb 23, 2020
12Now and Then Mar 1, 2020
13Follow-Up Day Mar 8, 2020
14Casualties Mar 15, 2020
15Hand-Off Mar 22, 2020
16The Overnight Apr 5, 2020
17Control Apr 12, 2020
18Under the Gun Apr 26, 2020
19The Q Word May 3, 2020
20The Hunt May 10, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Oct 16, 2018
2Crash Course Oct 23, 2018
3The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Oct 30, 2018
4The Switch Nov 13, 2018
5The Roundup Nov 20, 2018
6The Hawke Nov 27, 2018
7The Ride Along Dec 4, 2018
8Time of Death Dec 11, 2018
9Standoff Jan 8, 2019
10Flesh and Blood Jan 15, 2019
11Redwood Jan 22, 2019
12Heartbreak Feb 12, 2019
13Caught Stealing Feb 19, 2019
14Plain Clothes Day Feb 26, 2019
15Manhunt Mar 5, 2019
16Greenlight Mar 19, 2019
17The Shake Up Mar 26, 2019
18Homefront Apr 2, 2019
19The Checklist Apr 9, 2019
20Free Fall Apr 16, 2019

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0 0 Larry  March 23, 2023
Just watched the Rookie Season 5 Episode 18. It was sad, disappointing and downright dumb. The whole plot was unbelievable and kind of ridiculous.
0 0 Ian Lumgair crown  February 20, 2023
this show started of as a very good very strong procedure show with interesting character development. Now this one precinct is at war with a major drug cartel. Yeah just stupid. The LAPD has about 10 billion great story lines they could pull from this is the best you can do? Get back to procedure. Correct gear, wearing vests, all the time. EXT EXT. Pull some story arcs right from the department. This can still be a great show.
0 1 Shirley  January 11, 2023
I love [love] this show. It blends ❤ cultures and characters with differing opinions in a way that lends to healthy conversations. It has action, romance, family, and friendship in a way I've ❤ only seen in Bluebloods so far.
0 1 hey123 hey123  January 1, 2023
Love this show will be gutted if it's not renewed as watch all season in a week
0 1 Jenny Hemsley  November 2, 2022
I love The Rookie! I have to say I tried to watch The Feds Rookie and just can't. So I really hope that if that show doesn't make it won't effect the OG - The Rookie.
0 7 Sas  March 26, 2022
Please bring the Rookie back. As a family we watch the program and enjoy so PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK FOR A 5 SEASON
0 3 Ksweet  March 23, 2022
We ?LOVE? The Rookie! Please put us out of our misery and RENEW for Season 5! It's even difficult when there's just a pause in the show and we have to wait weeks for the next episode (like now)... PLEASE RENEW!
0 3 Jocelyn Calma Aniag  March 9, 2022
I love so much the show. Please dont be dissapoint to continue to the next season The Rookie.
1 4 Lilyrose2  February 15, 2022
This show is amazing I hope they do another season it’s a good season one of the best I’ve ever watched x
0 9 Dan F.  February 1, 2022
Love this show. It is a good mix of humor while covering the issues that are current. Actors do a great job. Hope that this series continues indefinitely.
0 9 RH1  October 13, 2021
I love the show. To not bring it back for season 5 would be disappointing. My favorite scenes include Bradford giving Chim a hard time. Was thinking that was over with until the end of the latest episode.
0 1 FredFan  September 27, 2021
Season 4, Episode 1 - IF the thought of Jackson gone can be forgotten, then the saving of Lopez and husband sequences are great, but the loss of Jackson could not be forgotten.
Why wasn't there a funeral for Jackson?
Where are Jackson's parents?
Why was there a tombstone for Jackson when there was no time to NO time to grieve.
Why jump 3 months?
Why isn't Luna at the homecoming of Lopez and baby?
0 3 Anthony T Harrison FredFan  November 13, 2021
He did have a tombstone at the end of the episode when Lopez was at the grave site with the baby
0 11 Norma Hawk  July 13, 2021
I love The Rookie. It is the only show I watch on regular TV. I love the actors and actresses and love the relationship they have with each other. I patiently wait for each episode. I hope it will be renewed. Please, Please.
0 8 Dcan  June 4, 2021
Love the show , acting is top notch , even my Dogs are fans , which reminds me : the cliffhanger upset a dog ,who is in inconsolable , (secretly in love with Lopez) , I am going to ban them from watching T.V.
Thank you and keep the show strong
3 3 Gennifer  May 17, 2021
Great characters and actors, but I was disappointed at the end of the finale. Poor choice. Why not just give us a happy ending to hold us until 2022? I'm supposed to feel suspense until then? I don't think so. I'd like to see more real policing. Remember Southland, anyone?
0 9 Jyasick12  May 15, 2021
I love the show it is great season I hope there is more seasons
0 11 Best show on tv.  May 5, 2021
Best show on TV. Needs to be renewed.
1 7 Heix Best show on tv.  May 7, 2021
Hi... totally agree... not a big TV fan but won't miss a chapter... Great Show...
0 11 Best show on tv.  May 5, 2021
The rookie is the best show on TV I don’t take my eyes off for a minute or even pause during the whole show. Think twice before canceling you would be making a terrible mistake.
The rookie has everything you can ask for good acting good cast great storylines please don’t cancel the show.
7 6 Cats  April 28, 2021
Season 1&2 were excellent. Season 3 just threw away all that great work and character development for a season long cringeworthy leftist woke lecture. Not surprised if it is not renewed for a fourth season.
2 4 dogs Cats  May 10, 2021
Well, following the situation in the states, they needed to go this way (play it save), or they would be butchered. I agree the forced racial statements feel really forced and on the nose, but I still enjoyed the characters....
2 7 Francine V  April 25, 2021
The Rookie is a incredible TV series that combines action, drama, comedy and romance in one amazing cast! These is the best show on TV! Great writing! Love the relationships between all the different characters! This is a must see, must renew!
0 17 Debbie Schnackenbeck  July 6, 2019
I love watching Nathan Fillian in any series, even "The Rookie" he did a very good job, in "Castle."
and "Firefly." Plus the movies he was in..
2 1 Lissa Reinhardt Debbie Schnackenbeck  December 10, 2019
There is an old Outer Limits (latest series, though) episode that you should try to catch, Starcrossed. He is so young! It was even before Two Guys and a Girl.
1 23 Robbie Sammons  May 14, 2019
I love the The Rookie and it is Awesome show!! I am so happy it is renewed!! Yay!! I watched Nathan Fallon in Castle, he was awesome in it!! I definitely want The Rookie keep being shown for future seasons!! Give it a chance!! We r the ones that watch these shows, the viewers!! Yay it is renewed!!
12 6 MD50  May 8, 2019
Good show, but not great....there are so many inaccuracies from a real-world perspective as it relates to the job though. These Rookies experienced more in a season on the job than some real world officers do in a 30 year career of policing, so while the premise is sound and it's entertaining TV, it's just that.....entertaining. Don't watch expecting things to reflect reality.
1 1 RH MD50  October 13, 2021
Love the show too. Yes, it pertains very little to policing but let's be honest high stakes calls are rare in real life, thank God, but would not want to watch a show about a cop writing 5 tickets a day and given millions of verbal warnings lol.
3 15 sharon whitmore  May 7, 2019
We love this show! One of the few my husband and I agree on. I hate that it’s in jeopardy.
1 13 C Carpenter  May 1, 2019
I watched the First Season of the Rookie personally and then my wife who wasn't interested seemed to catch onto the show, story lines and plot along. It became must see TV on Tuesday in our home and if we couldn't it was recorded and watched immediately. It is really a good show and there is lots of plot from a street cop mentality not like Chicago PD which I also watch ..... I agree with the person above Nathan Fillion is great and plays the part/age well on this show. The supporting cast of 2 other rookies and there T.O. is just a great blend and interesting characters and isn't boring either well done, shoot with body camera angles and believable scripts/situations I believe it is must see TV and does remind me of T.J. Hooker in some respects and I hope it has a run like T.J. did .... I wonder if William Shatner watches it ???????

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