4 Seasons
62 Episodes
Manifest is an American drama television series, created by Jeff Rake, that premiered on September 24, 2018, on NBC
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Manifest Season 5 Dropped by Netflix

Current Show Status
Manifest Season 5 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Fri 6/2/2023 Final Boarding Season 4: Episode 20
Next Episode Show ended 62 episodes total
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Attention all passengers: Mark your calendars for Friday, June 2, as the final 10 episodes of Manifest are ready for boarding. Experience the excitement by watching the trailer now!

As avid Manifesters are aware, this date holds great significance within the show's captivating narrative. June 2, 2024, is the predicted Death Date for the 828ers. Initially, the assumption was that this date only affected the 191 passengers from the flight, determining their collective fate. However, the group, led by siblings Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), has since discovered that unless they can successfully outmaneuver their predestined demise, the same tragic destiny awaits all of humanity.


Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Touch-and-Go Nov 4, 2022
2All Call Nov 4, 2022
3High Flight Nov 4, 2022
4Go-Around Nov 4, 2022
5Squawk Nov 4, 2022
6Relative Bearing Nov 4, 2022
7Romeo Nov 4, 2022
8Full Upright & Locked Position Nov 4, 2022
9Rendezvous Nov 4, 2022
10Inversion Illusion Nov 4, 2022
11Final Descent Jun 2, 2023
12Bug Out Jun 2, 2023
13Ghost Plane Jun 2, 2023
14Fata Morgana Jun 2, 2023
15Throttle Jun 2, 2023
16Furball Jun 2, 2023
17Threshold Jun 2, 2023
18Lift / Drag Jun 2, 2023
19Formation Jun 2, 2023
20Final Boarding Jun 2, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Tailfin Apr 1, 2021
2Deadhead Apr 8, 2021
3Wingman Apr 15, 2021
4Tailspin Apr 22, 2021
5Water Landing Apr 29, 2021
6Graveyard Spiral Apr 29, 2021
7Precious Cargo May 6, 2021
8Destination Unknown May 6, 2021
9Bogey May 13, 2021
10Compass Calibration May 20, 2021
11Duty Free Jun 3, 2021
12Mayday (1) Jun 10, 2021
13Mayday (2) Jun 10, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Fasten Your Seatbelts Jan 6, 2020
2Grounded Jan 13, 2020
3False Horizon Jan 20, 2020
4Black Box Jan 27, 2020
5Coordinated Flight Feb 3, 2020
6Return Trip Feb 10, 2020
7Emergency Exit Feb 17, 2020
8Carry On Mar 2, 2020
9Airplane Bottles Mar 9, 2020
10Course Deviation Mar 16, 2020
11Unaccompanied Minors Mar 23, 2020
12Call Sign Mar 30, 2020
13Icing Conditions Apr 6, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Sep 24, 2018
2Reentry Oct 1, 2018
3Turbulence Oct 8, 2018
4Unclaimed Baggage Oct 15, 2018
5Connecting Flights Oct 22, 2018
6Off Radar Nov 5, 2018
7S.N.A.F.U. Nov 12, 2018
8Point of No Return Nov 19, 2018
9Dead Reckoning Nov 26, 2018
10Crosswinds Jan 7, 2019
11Contrails Jan 14, 2019
12Vanishing Point Jan 21, 2019
13Cleared for Approach Jan 28, 2019
14Upgrade Feb 4, 2019
15Hard Landing Feb 11, 2019
16Estimated Time of Departure Feb 18, 2019

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806 fans have subscribed

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0 0 Jamie Christina Crossan  April 13, 2023
Part 2 season 4 will be out on Netflix June 2nd.
0 0 Donna Dowdy  September 4, 2022
I wish Manifest would still continue on NBC for 2022. I do not have Netflix, and it was my favorite show. It seems it will only be on Netflix.
0 0 Pattye Jones Donna Dowdy  November 3, 2022
[angry] I agree. I don’t know what possessed NBC to drop this show. Very disappointed!
0 0 Ladydark  October 12, 2021
Once again 'powers that be' cancelling an awesome show...makes me sad! [angry] [sad]
0 2 dstepe  August 29, 2021
As of 8-28-21 Manifest to air season 4 on Netflix. Check out article at
0 3 MPD  August 23, 2021
My husband and I LOVE Manifest. It was different, had an interesting plot and the characters all brought something very different to the story. I hope if the show can't be continued (which will b e more than disappointing) that at least a few more episodes can air to bring closure to the show. It seems that for the last several years Networks ha e no qualms about leaving their viewers hanging instead of bringing a show to conclusion which really stinks. Hope to see more of Manifest!!!
1 2 wendy pierce  August 18, 2021
LOVED Manifest and I am so disappointed to hear Season 4 has been cancelled! There is so little programming of quality on TV and Manifest had good plots and exceptional delivery by the actors. So many other programs that could be discontinued due to poor content or acting. I don't have Netflix so would certainly want to see the program continue on NBC!
0 5 Toni McKenna  July 24, 2021
Love this show & would very much like to see it continue! At the very least, please DO NOT leave us all hanging! if not able to continue the series, please consider 1-2 more shows to give us a proper ending! This is one of the very best shows ever!
0 9 Yvonne Lott Snyder  July 23, 2021
i loved this show! the least the network could do is allow a 2 hour finale so we aren't left wondering what the heck happened.
0 6 Manifest Fan  July 23, 2021
Do not tell me this is true! Best show ever! Just cause viewing dropped a bit , doesn’t mean we sent all still watching and need to know what happened! I live this show !!! You brought us this far and leave us wondering ??? Bad NBC! Shame on you !
0 5 Holly86  July 23, 2021
I’m so disappointed that this series is ending! I’ve loved this show since the first episode! I really hope that they change their minds on this decision!!!
0 2 Marie John  July 19, 2021
Such a shame I want to know what happens to them. Surely they could do say a two parter to let us know ? Not leave us hanging. I love the series and I’m really upset they’ve just cut it like this. ????
2 5 Chris G  July 13, 2021
Please bring it back then in order just to end it. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VIEWERS STRANDED!!
1 3 Colleen Pike  July 9, 2021
I am so litterly disappointed in NBC. Why did they cancel another great show. I seriously loved this show. Seriously you cancelled Midnight Texas, Heroes, Dracula, and now Manifest. I will be praying that Netflix will pick up this show and continue airing it. NBC is so wrong to cancel this show.
0 3 Debra L Colton  July 9, 2021
My husband started having me watch Manifest with him (we recently retired) and we binged all 3 seasons. It would be exceptionally wonderful if you could a least air season 4 with an ending, but beyond exceptionally wonderful, if you had all 6 seasons ready to go for your fascinated viewers.

Thank You
0 6 bigshots  July 3, 2021
I can NOT believe you’d bring us this far and drop it. Seriously????? I know there were at least 6 seasons planned/written. We WANT the ending.
0 4 Elizabeth Jacques  July 3, 2021
0 2 Tessie  June 28, 2021
Manifest was great! It was a show I truly could not wait for the next episode! How can they leave hanging like this! It is a complete 150% left with NO CLUE how it could theoretically end. It moved so fast this year. I hope some one picks it up, it’s not right to be left so strung out...
0 5 Jean-Philippe  June 23, 2021
I so hope that somehow Manifest will be renewed.
0 7 Augie  June 23, 2021
I love this show. The least they could do is a special ending episode that solves the mystery.
0 12 Natalia C  June 22, 2021
Manifest cannot be cancelled. My family and I have watched this show since it came out and after watching all of it we're left ion a cliffhanger and it's not coming back. NOT EXCEPTABLE! This is a really good show that deserves to continue. I will never watch a show on NBC again if it gets cancelled. MARK MY WORDS! MAKE A SEASON 4!
0 1 Eugenia Natalia C  November 2, 2021
I am very desappoitated with NBC so many STUPID shows keep running this ONE THAT WAS A GOOD FAMILY show NBC drops it. So not righty.
0 14 Lynne Lantin  June 22, 2021
Cancelled?? Are you serious? What a rip-off! There was no ending. We will never know why they returned. What was the point? 3 seasons of faithful watching I can never get back! Thanks NBC! ?
0 8 Shug  June 12, 2021
I love manifest it's my favourite show I need to know what happened why did cal become so grown why did his mother die I cannot believe they let grace die but I need to know what happens with Makayla n her husband I love this show they need to put it on 3 times a week this is the best show on television.
0 21 Jovanna  May 22, 2021
I reallly hope that they continue with season 4. Every episode gets better. Give us another season!
0 20 Dinah L  May 16, 2021
I Love Manifest!! It's a Great Series NBC PLEASE RENEW MANIFEST for Season #4!!!
0 17 Barb K  May 14, 2021
I Love Manifest!! It's a Great Series NBC PLEASE RENEW MANIFEST for Season #4!!!

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