Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators
3 Seasons
30 Episodes
Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators is a comedy-drama mystery television series set in Stratford-upon-Avon.
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Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators Series 4 is yet to be announced by BBC One

Current Show Status
Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators Series 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 2/14/2020 Teach Me, Dear Creature Season 3: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1How the Rogue Roar'd Feb 3, 2020
2See Thyself, Devil! Feb 4, 2020
3The Sticking Place Feb 5, 2020
4A Serpent's Tooth Feb 6, 2020
5Thy Fury Spent Feb 7, 2020
6Reputation, Reputation, Reputation! Feb 10, 2020
7Best Beware My Sting Feb 11, 2020
8All That Glisters Feb 12, 2020
9O Thou Invisible Spirit of Wine Feb 13, 2020
10Teach Me, Dear Creature Feb 14, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Outrageous Fortune Feb 25, 2019
2The Play's the Thing Feb 26, 2019
3This Cursed Hand Feb 27, 2019
4Beware the Ides of March Feb 28, 2019
5No More Cakes and Ale Mar 1, 2019
6The Offered Fallacy Mar 4, 2019
7Nothing Will Come of Nothing Mar 5, 2019
8In My Memory Lock'd Mar 6, 2019
9The Envious Court Mar 7, 2019
10Too Cold for Hell Mar 8, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1O Brave New World Feb 26, 2018
2The Chimes at Midnight Feb 27, 2018
3This Promised End Feb 28, 2018
4This Rough Magic Mar 1, 2018
5Toil and Trouble Mar 2, 2018
6Exit, Pursued by a Bear Mar 5, 2018
7The Fairest Show Means Most Deceit Mar 6, 2018
8The Chameleon's Dish Mar 7, 2018
9The Rascal Cook Mar 8, 2018
10Ill Met by Moonlight Mar 9, 2018
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1 1 Cynthia Fogt  September 13, 2018
Is there anyway or anywhere to watch this in the US. It looks great

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