Gold Rush: White Water
Discovery Channel
8 Seasons
92 Episodes
Gold miners Dakota Fred and his son Dustin are back – returning to McKinley Creek Alaska, determined to make a fortune no matter the risk.
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Gold Rush: White Water Season 8 is yet to be announced by Discovery Channel

Current Show Status
Gold Rush: White Water Season 8 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 5/17/2024 Dancing With Death Season 8: Episode 12
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Gold Rush: White Water. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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Gold Rush: White Water

The spinoff reality show from the hit series Gold Rush became popular since its 2018 debut. Gold Rush: White Water follows the Dakota Boys Fred Hurt and his son Dustin as they search for golden fortune beneath the trechearous Alaskan rivers. Dredging the white water, father and son put their skills to the test, hoping for a big payout as they dive deep within the chilling waters that hold their golden treasures.
Gold Rush: White Water steadily got renewed for its first five seasons when a sudden hiatus came, leading to its final nine episodes airing until June 2023. Though Discovery has yet to explain its abrupt pause on the sixth season's episodes, audience speculated that it has something in relation to the primary focus of the storyline pertaining to Fred Hurt's health complications. Both Fred and Dustin were the central figures in the series, leading the way in navigating their crew in search for gold in the rushing rapids. Their dynamic as a father and son duo became integral in becoming the core of the Alaskan reality show.
Though Fred's health issues were a factor in the sudden hiatus, Warner Bros Discovery executives pointed out to the cost point of the series and its viability. Discovery had put on hold the series for three months following additional episodes deeming it a New Season after the passing of the Hurt patriarch.
When it first aired on. Wrapping up its sixth season, Gold Rush: White Water ended its episode on June 2023,
As of 2024,

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Dakota Fred Hurt Update

With the passing of Dakota Fred Hurt, a prominent figure in the Gold Rush: White Water series who had recently died after battling brain cancer, The series had a momentary pause given the situation of the episodical series. After its brief departure, Discovery released the continuing episodes as well as new ones in conjunction to its run. Though fans are heartbroken with the passing of Fred, many are still anticipating the next season and its narrative without the legendary 80 year-old prospector.

Season 7 Confirmation

Discovery has yet to announce the new season for 2024 of Gold Rush: White Water
There have been rumors of a preview for the new season 7 of Gold Rush: White Water during the viewing of Gold rush on February 16. 2024 as pertained by Dakota Fred Hurt's Facebook account. Not much is known about the current status of the new season but fans are eagerly awaiting the friday release of the promo in anticipation to its new season debut.

Gold Rush:White Water Popularity


Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1A Tragic Beginning Mar 8, 2024
2Gold Out of the Gate Mar 8, 2024
3Trench Warfare Mar 15, 2024
4A Dying Wish Mar 22, 2024
5Fred Hurt Forever Mar 29, 2024
6Fred's Golden Gift Apr 5, 2024
7Unfinished Business Apr 12, 2024
8"Welcome to My Nightmare" Apr 19, 2024
9$70,000 Nugget Apr 26, 2024
10Dustin's White Whale May 3, 2024
11Get Rich or Die Trying May 10, 2024
12Dancing With Death May 17, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Missing In Action Apr 14, 2023
2Total Annihilation Apr 21, 2023
34-Ounce Nugget Apr 28, 2023
4Blood Red White Water May 5, 2023
5Risky Business May 12, 2023
6Mouth of the Dragon May 19, 2023
7In Death's Shadow May 26, 2023
8Hell From the Heavens Jun 2, 2023
9Judgment Day Jun 9, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Fortune Favors the Bold Nov 11, 2022
2Into the Unknown Nov 18, 2022
3Airboat Accident Nov 25, 2022
4Dakota Fred Takes Charge Dec 2, 2022
5Homemade Highway to Hell Dec 9, 2022
6Fuelling the Pressure Dec 16, 2022
7At War with a Widowmaker Dec 23, 2022
8Explosion at Nugget Creek Dec 30, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Roll of the Ice Nov 5, 2021
2Fresh Blood Nov 12, 2021
3Shake Up Nov 19, 2021
4Who's the Boss Nov 26, 2021
5Groundbreaking Gold Dec 3, 2021
6Boiling Point Dec 10, 2021
7Gamblin' Man Dec 17, 2021
8Hard Times at House Rock Jan 14, 2022
9Cut and Run Jan 21, 2022
10Robbery at House Rock Jan 28, 2022
11Curse of the Gold Gods Feb 11, 2022
12Blackout Feb 18, 2022
13The Motherload Feb 25, 2022
14Risk vs. Reward Mar 4, 2022
15A Golden Opportunity Mar 11, 2022
16The Last Stand Mar 18, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Come Hell or High Water Nov 13, 2020
2Good as Gold Nov 20, 2020
3Swallowed Up Nov 27, 2020
4Enter the Mammoth Claw Dec 4, 2020
5Fistful of Nuggets Dec 11, 2020
6Rookie Mistakes Dec 18, 2020
7Happy Endings Jan 8, 2021
8Dustin to the Rescue Jan 22, 2021
9Depths of Despair Jan 29, 2021
10Ride or Die Feb 5, 2021
11A Special Kind of Crazy Feb 12, 2021
12In Too Deep Feb 19, 2021
13Under Pressure Feb 26, 2021
14Buried Alive Mar 5, 2021
15To the Edge Mar 12, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Two Teams, One Dream Nov 8, 2019
2The Pound Zone Nov 15, 2019
3No Guts, No Glory Holes Nov 22, 2019
4Enter the Superclaw Nov 29, 2019
5Birthday Gold Dec 6, 2019
6The Gold Cave Dec 13, 2019
7Nugget Heaven Dec 20, 2019
8Thunder Falls Jan 10, 2020
9End of the Rainbow Jan 17, 2020
10Cliffhanger Jan 24, 2020
11Rockfall Ravine Jan 31, 2020
12Hands Full of Gold Feb 7, 2020
13Royal Flush Feb 14, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1The Dakotas Strike Back Jan 4, 2019
2Burned Alive Jan 11, 2019
3When Bears Attack Jan 18, 2019
4Too Close for Comfort Jan 25, 2019
5The Nugget Trap Feb 1, 2019
6Mckinley, We Have a Problem Feb 8, 2019
7Sacrifice & Sabotage Feb 15, 2019
8Landslide Feb 22, 2019
9The Widow Maker Mar 1, 2019
10Gold Strike Mar 8, 2019
11Diving Deeper Mar 22, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Between Craziness & Insanity Jan 19, 2018
2First Gold Jan 26, 2018
3Dredge Down Feb 2, 2018
4Boulder Battles Feb 16, 2018
5InLand Tsunami Feb 16, 2018
6Hypothermia Feb 23, 2018
7The Graboid Mar 2, 2018
8End of Days Mar 9, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Hidden Depths Mar 23, 2018
2The Dakotas vs Alaska Dec 28, 2018
3Golden Guys Nov 1, 2019
4On the Brink Jun 12, 2020
5White Water Roulette Nov 6, 2020
6Walk the Line Feb 12, 2021
7Blood Runs Thicker Than Water Feb 4, 2022
8Fist Full of Nuggets Nov 4, 2022
9Golden Goose Chase Jun 9, 2023
10Remembering Fred Hurt Jul 14, 2023
11The Final Interview: The Legend of Dakota Fred Mar 1, 2024
12In Gold We Trust Mar 8, 2024

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Comments 25

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0 3 Linda Haydon  July 13, 2023
So sad to learn this, he was a lovely man, albeit he could be somewhat abrasive, a real inspiration to us older generation, he will be sadly missed. I really hope that Discovery will continue to follow Dustin’s and his Fathers dream in the future, it is still a great show.
1 1 Tweeky  June 10, 2023
To all of you asking and stating about "missing" episodes on discovery plus... They air a few minutes after the "live" episodes Friday night at 10pm on discovery just like all the other Gold Rush shows. I have been watching it like this for the last 10 years on Discovery+
1 1 Tweeky Tweeky  June 10, 2023
Additional note I have plus but White Water is NOT the only thing I watch there as I do not have live tv but through an antenna.
1 2 Burth  March 10, 2023
Een van de weinige goede series , ook de reden waarom ik lid ben van Discovery+ . Slechte zaak een onderbreking midden in het seizoen, toont weinig respect voor klanten .
1 1 Beanie  January 28, 2023
Easily watchable free if you don't care about not paying 👀 Google unblockit , proxy server,go to best series on the list, every episode of every program you could imagine there the day it's released free.

Up to you if you want to be mugged off by discovery and pay for it
1 8 Sharon Hoer  January 21, 2023
To much greed in the world now,and Discovery Channel or whoever is in charge of gold rush white water should be ashamed. Stopping the show for no other reason and in the middle of the season.It was one of my favorite shows to watch. And there arren't that many. You all suck. And God doesn't like greed. Put it back on.
0 6 Mo  January 15, 2023
Discovery has done the same with Bering see Gold. Not even available on Discovery +. Like so many others. White Water is the only reason I have Discovery +.
0 0 Harold Clarke Mo  April 13, 2023
[bigsmile] I love that show but I think alot is Staged,Reason I say this is a Former Diver on the Coast of Maine and I've dove in rough water in 0 Conditions sometimes hard currents blowing 25 to 30 MPH.I WAS DIVING ON SEA URCHINS AND Scollops ,I guess it's for ratings but I still love the show and crew.
0 12 Eugene  January 6, 2023
When will season 7 start. Really did’nt like the way season 6 ended. I was wanting them to blow the rock up and hoping they
Would find big gold for the season finale. Discovery needs to let
White water super fans, give us a head up on when the 2023 Season 7 will start. Airing could it be in late summer or early fall?
Or will discovery even run season 7. Dustin said he pour all his money into this season. Does this mean no more Gold Rush
White water? If us a heads up! Hate to see Fred, Dustin and the gang disappear. Great Show don’t let die?
0 4 Dan Eugene  January 14, 2023
[sad] Season 6 will continue is April 2023.
Discovery shelved it so it didn't have to pay taxes on it in this fiscal year.
April 2023 start new fiscal year and rest of season is supposed to be aired.
Bunch of bs if you ask me. The discovery mangers was not thrilled about discovery doing this. You can web search his blog on White Water season 6 going on Hiatus.
0 5 SueDub Dan  January 15, 2023
Thanks for the info
0 4 George C. George  December 24, 2022
I like the show and have watched every episode. The entire cast are great miners and risk their asses on every episode, so why does Discovery have to contaminate the true story with their stupid scripting. As I said, I like the show and will continue to watch it, but it is a real shame that Discovery has to insult the intelligence of the viewers by blowing smoke up our ass with their made up crises? There are times when I tell my wife to "gag me with a spoon".
0 4 Gary  October 7, 2022
Better get their show up and going is one of the only shows that I watch and that’s the only reason I have that subscription it used to be gold fever on the Sportsmans channel and I got rid of that when they didn’t show that anymore they either need to get it going or I’m done
0 1 Shax A  October 4, 2022
I use moviebox Pro. It gets uploaded 1 day after its aired. No matter what channel its on. I pay $25 for the whole year.
3 1 Nuggets  March 1, 2022
Why all off you waiting and paying ? Y can see on YouTube for free quality sometimes suck but better them paying! [bigsmile] [wink]
1 6 Ronnie Gray  February 20, 2022
Greedy TV station/These guys are extremely technical diving. I am a diver & understand good viewing when I see it. Scripted or not. This river diving can be extremely dangerous. I find this very worth while Television, I don’t like Dustin bad mouthing his father but he has surprised me w/his obvious learned squired diving skills. Good entertainment ! Hope it’ll last !
0 1 Eddie moore  January 13, 2022
I agree with the other comments I'm constantly checking for on-demand because it doesn't even show up on directv.
Something else I don't understand, last years gold count...everybody was happy with it? For the months they spent in the wilderness a regular paying job would have made them practically break even living at home.
0 0 Dan I Eddie moore  January 21, 2022
I have Direct TV and found episodes 8 & 9. It says 8 is on ch. 1278 and airs tomorrow but I just used my dvr and recorded it and just started watching. Of course 10 seconds in I'm being sent out for dinner
1 3 CBJ  January 12, 2022
Fed up when they do this let us hang like this! Im not paying for Discovery+ to wait for the episodes for months! Put them all out at once! No ads!
Ore i will stop paying for it and wait for them. Thats just facts! When 8 comes i will pirate downloade it many days before i can see it here in Norway! Not ok! And dont lie since why can i get it for free before then. No ads! I pay for Discovery + but im starting to woonder why! I use over 600usd on streaming sites alone! But i cud get them all for free! And i dont wait if i dont have to.
1 0 Eddie Moore CBJ  January 13, 2022
Think the 14th and 21st are episodes
1 3 irin  January 9, 2022
What happened to Gold Rush White Water Season 5 Episode 8???
I Hate when they leave you up in the air.
0 3 Stephanie Warner  January 8, 2022
Ugh so annoying, why a month of waiting . Every year they do this !!?!
0 3 Sherie Stephanie Warner  January 9, 2022
I agree!!! Discovery channel get it together. Do it or don’t. Quit with the half assed behavior. Is this your first day here. Unreliable unprofessional.
1 1 Nicole Batten  January 3, 2022
Will there be a episode 8 on the 5th season

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