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This won’t be an easy ride and it is already clear right from the start, that tempers will flare, and drama will happen and tears will flow in abundance
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Season 6 of Unexpected Gets Premiere Date from TLC – June 3, 2024

Current Show Status
The release date for Unexpected Season 6 β€” June 3, 2024
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Mon 6/17/2024 And the Old Folks Wished Them Well Season 6: Episode 3
Next Episode Airs Mon 6/24/2024 Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright Season 6: Episode 4
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Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1We're the Kids in America Jun 3, 2024
2Edge of Seventeen Jun 10, 2024
3And the Old Folks Wished Them Well Jun 17, 2024
4Mommy's Alright, Daddy's Alright Jun 24, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Got Another Girl Pregnant Mar 6, 2022
2Pregnant, Again Mar 13, 2022
3Breast Milk Pancakes Mar 20, 2022
4Can Men Lactate? Apr 3, 2022
5The Move From Hell Mar 27, 2022
6Take That, Mom Apr 10, 2022
7Nursery Nonsense Apr 17, 2022
8Damn, We Got Two Kids Now Apr 24, 2022
9What You Do is Not Hard May 1, 2022
10Kicked Out May 8, 2022
11It's Time To Grow Up May 15, 2022
12Giving Birth Was Supposed To Be a Happy Thing May 22, 2022
13He Thinks He's a Man May 29, 2022
14Tell All Part 1 Jun 5, 2022
15Tell All Part 2 Jun 12, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Kids Having Kids Dec 20, 2020
2Worst. Birthday. Ever. Dec 27, 2020
3Gender Reveal Invitation Jan 3, 2021
4Catching Up with Hailey 1 Jan 10, 2021
5Fighting with Your Mom on Social Media Jan 17, 2021
6C-section in Jeopardy Jan 24, 2021
7The Circumcision Conversation Jan 31, 2021
8Bitchy Teenage Girl Mar 15, 2021
9First Birthday Failure Mar 22, 2021
1038-year-old Grandmother Mar 29, 2021
11The Foley Bulb Apr 5, 2021
12Not Ready for Another Baby Apr 12, 2021
13This Damn Car Seat Apr 19, 2021
14Grandma Fail Apr 26, 2021
15He Wasn't Breathing May 3, 2021
16Tell All Part 1 May 9, 2021
17Tell All Part 2 May 16, 2021
18Baby Bumps May 23, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1We're Back Baby Aug 4, 2019
2Five Generations of Teen Parents Aug 11, 2019
3Two Haileys and a Baptism Aug 18, 2019
4Can You Get Undilated? Aug 25, 2019
5Say Bye-Bye Daddy Sep 1, 2019
6Does She Have My Ears? Sep 8, 2019
7Your Irresponsible Low Life Mom Sep 15, 2019
8The Sperm is the Baby Sep 22, 2019
9Don't Give Your Baby Steak Sep 29, 2019
10How I Broke My Water Oct 6, 2019
11Missing Child Oct 13, 2019
12Were Talking About Crazy People Oct 20, 2019
13She Don't Know How to Love Oct 27, 2019
14Tell All Part 1 Nov 3, 2019
15Tell All Part 2 Nov 10, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Unsafe and Unplanned Aug 5, 2018
2My Mom Doesn't Like You Aug 12, 2018
3Love Will Keep Us Together Aug 19, 2018
4It's All About Laura Now Aug 26, 2018
5Step Up and Be a Dad Sep 2, 2018
6When the Water Breaks Sep 9, 2018
7Baby Shower Fallout Sep 16, 2018
8Once a Cheater... Sep 23, 2018
10Parents' Prom Night Out Oct 7, 2018
9Sister Face-off Oct 7, 2018
11The Condoms Mom Gave Us Oct 14, 2018
SBaby Bumps Oct 14, 2018
12The Mom Trying Out for Cheer Oct 21, 2018
13Papa Was a Rolling Stone Oct 28, 2018
14Tell All Nov 4, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1A Family Affair Nov 12, 2017
2Mother's Nightmare Nov 19, 2017
3Labor and Delivery Nov 26, 2017
4Home Alone Dec 3, 2017
5Ticking Clocks Dec 10, 2017
6What's in a Name Dec 17, 2017
7Tell All Dec 24, 2017
8Baby Bumps Dec 31, 2017

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0 1 Donna Sears  July 22, 2022
I love the show please πŸ™ don't take it away. Because of some bad apples 🍎. 🍎 [kiss]
0 1 Indi  July 14, 2022
I love love love this show please keep it up
11 3 SueAnn  December 11, 2018
This show is ridiculous. If I had a daughter that was pregnant, there's no way I would allow her to even apply to be on the show.
Educational? Where? Because Lexus is Bi-sexual and McKayla doesn't want to be a mom to her son and now she's preggers with another kid for her grandparents to raise? Emiley is an idot as a teen mom. Chloe is deceitful and has no clue how Max's life is going to be affected because he has two felonies on his record.
Sorry.....we can live without this show.
10 2 Holiday SueAnn  January 7, 2019
I agree...but the only way to get rid of this show is to START complaining to the TLC network. TLC needs to DROP McKayla & Chloe like a heartbeat. Then maybe McKayla will have to figure out how to raise a kid and go to work like most teenagers do. I would love to see the rules changed by YT for these teen moms making $$ for spreading their legs as teen agers. There's another 14 yr old on YouTube that has a kid and she sits in front of the camera with her baby on her lap, mouth full of braces and thinks it's okay that her BF told her he couldn't see her or the baby because his "mommy" said he couldn't.
1 7 Hailey Holiday  March 19, 2021
Do you think its cool to talk down on others especially teenage mothers who are doing their best? Your ridiculous and unless you know what it's like to raise a child when your still a child then don't start popping off at the mouth about teen parents. Your immature and disgusting.
1 6 Hailey SueAnn  March 19, 2021
Same with you. It's definitely not cool nor funny to be disrespecting the way one person parents especially since they are all young mothers who are finding out how to correctly parent. Do not come on here talking down on young mothers because that is so disrespectful on SO many levels and you ARE A CHILD for doing so.
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2 12 Kimmy  October 30, 2018
This is an excellent show!! There had better be a season 3!! You can't leave everyone hanging. S lot of people don't even know about the show yet. I just found out and I've watched every episode and I'm 39 years old so it's not just for teenagers!! Plus once more people find out about this show it's really going to blow up. Trust me. I don't watch TV because of everything I like or that's really good gets cancelled or they just don't finish the show. This is by far a better show then teen Mom n look how far they have gone!! Teen Mom sucks!! This is way better n educational!! Please don't take this off the air trust me at least do one more season and then see what happens!!
10 1 Holiday Kimmy  April 20, 2019
Excellent show? How? So your a teen that probably wants to know how to [censored] around with your BF and get pregnant and lie to your parents? I see no reason to watch this show. McKayla is disgusting. She wants Caelan home with her(so he can take care of the kids) but in her next breath, she wants him working to support her.
Now she's got another BF....and I am sure that this guy is going to be a dad pretty soon even though McKayla was talking about getting a UID...which is all talk and no action now that she believes that baby no# 3's labor and delivery will be easy like her 2nd birth.
The best thing is to CANCEL this show.
0 4 Hailey Holiday  March 30, 2021
Then don't watch it. If you don't like it, you literally don't have to watch it. Simple.

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