The Orville
3 Seasons
36 Episodes
Created by Seth MacFarlane, the brand new American comedy The Orville premiered on the network FOX on September 10th, 2017
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The Orville Season 4 is yet to be announced by Hulu

Current Show Status
The Orville Season 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Thu 6/23/2022 Gently Falling Rain Season 3: Episode 4
Next Episode Airs Thu 6/30/2022 A Tale of Two Topas Season 3: Episode 5

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Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Electric Sheep Jun 2, 2022
2Shadow Realms Jun 9, 2022
3Mortality Paradox Jun 16, 2022
4Gently Falling Rain Jun 23, 2022
5A Tale of Two Topas Jun 30, 2022
6Twice In A Lifetime Jul 7, 2022
7From Unknown Graves Jul 14, 2022
8Midnight Blue Jul 21, 2022
9Domino Jul 28, 2022
10Future Unknown Aug 4, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Ja'loja Dec 30, 2018
2Primal Urges Jan 3, 2019
3Home Jan 10, 2019
4Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes Jan 17, 2019
5All the World Is Birthday Cake Jan 24, 2019
6A Happy Refrain Jan 31, 2019
7Deflectors Feb 14, 2019
8Identity (1) Feb 21, 2019
9Identity (2) Feb 28, 2019
10Blood of Patriots Mar 7, 2019
11Lasting Impressions Mar 21, 2019
12Sanctuary Apr 11, 2019
13Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Apr 18, 2019
14The Road Not Taken Apr 25, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Old Wounds Sep 10, 2017
2Command Performance Sep 17, 2017
3About a Girl Sep 21, 2017
4If the Stars Should Appear Sep 28, 2017
5Pria Oct 5, 2017
6Krill Oct 12, 2017
7Majority Rule Oct 26, 2017
8Into the Fold Nov 2, 2017
9Cupid's Dagger Nov 9, 2017
10Firestorm Nov 16, 2017
11New Dimensions Nov 30, 2017
12Mad Idolatry Dec 7, 2017
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0 0 JLAR crown  June 28, 2022
Hulu news:

‘Faraway Downs’: Baz Luhrmann Expands ‘Australia’ Film Into Limited Series

An expanded and reimagined cut of Baz Luhrmann’s Australia is set to premiere on Disney streaming platforms as a six-part limited series.

Titled Faraway Downs, the six-episode installment will be comprised of footage that was captured for the 2008 film, along with an expanded, serialized version of the story with a new ending and updated soundtrack. The limited series will be released exclusively as a Hulu Original in the U.S., a Star Original on Disney+ and on Star+ in international markets this winter. Starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, the original film Australia is described as an epic tale in the style of the grand romances of Hollywood’s Golden Age that also updates and subverts the conventions of the form with modern social perspective. (source: Deadline. com)
0 0 JLAR crown  June 25, 2022
Just announced:

The 11th episode will be a novella!!!

Written by Seth MacFarlane and titled "Sympathy for The Devil" it will be released on July 19th! The story will take place after "Midnight Blue" (season 3 episode 8). Available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99. (Source: Taking The Orville YouTube channel)
0 0 JLAR crown  June 14, 2022
Episode Titles update:

According to IMDb, here are the latest titles for New Horizons episodes

Electric Sheep
Shadow Realms
Mortality Paradox
Gently Falling Rain
A Tale Of Two Topas
Twice In A Lifetime
From Unknown Graves
Midnight Blue
Future Unknown
0 0 JLAR crown  June 1, 2022
According to the youtube channel Talking The Orville:

All 10 episode titles of "The Orville New Horizons" has just been released! Here we go!

Electric Sheep
Shadow Realms
Mortality Paradox
Gently Falling Rain
A Tale Of Two Topas
The Word Of Avis pt.1
The Word Of Avis pt.2
Midnight Blue
Future Unknown

The eleventh episode that was originally planned pre-covid, could not be filmed. The storyline required a large amount of extras so it will be released in another medium (most likely in a comic book story).
0 0 JLAR crown  May 21, 2022
[smile] Attention Orville Fans:

Hulu Drops Price to $1 per Month for Limited Time

Disney’s Hulu hopes to usher in a raft of subscribers with a new special deal — offering its ad-supported streaming plan for just $1 per month for three months.

Starting Friday, new and eligible returning subscribers can sign up for the Hulu with ads package for $1/month for three months. That’s an 86% discount off the regular monthly $6.99/month price for the U.S.-only service. The offer is set to run through 11:59 p.m. PT on May 27, 2022 (source: Variety. com)
0 0 JLAR crown  May 20, 2022
Coming soon on Talking The Orville!

Exclusive interviews with Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Jessica Szorh, Peter Macon, Scott Grimes, Penny Johnson Jerald, JLee, Anne Winters, Chad L. Coleman, John Cassar, Brannon Braga, David A. Goodman, Tom Costantino!!! [love] [hands]

Source: Talking The Orville YouTube
0 1 JLAR crown  May 13, 2022
Okay, here is an updated list of where you can watch The Orville: New Horizons if you live outside the United States as confirmed by the official Twitter page.

Disney+ on June 2
Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

Star+ on June 2
Latin America

Coming soon to Japan and South Korea on Disney+

For other countries not listed check your local listings. It could be airing on another channel/streaming service.

Australia: Season 3 will be dropping exclusively at SBS On Demand June 3. (source:
0 1 JLAR crown  May 12, 2022
It's finally here! The trailer for season 3!!! [love] [bigsmile] [hands]

Check it out on Hulu's YouTube page!
0 0 Admin crown JLAR  May 13, 2022
Ooh la la) Super)
0 0 JLAR crown  April 23, 2022
The Orville: New Horizons will be released worldwide on June 2. Available in the U.S. on Hulu and Disney+/ Star+ internationally. (Source: Talking The Orville YT)

This is great news!
0 1 JLAR crown  April 19, 2022
'The Orville: New Horizons’ Reveals Flashy New Poster For Season 3 of Seth MacFarlane Comedy Series

Three years after the original show went off the air, The Orville is getting ready to launch its continuation series, The Orville: New Horizons. Snat ched up by Hulu, the series will take flight on Thursday, June 2, 2022, with fresh episodes each week. As we inch closer to the project’s debut on the streaming service, longtime fans who have been cheering on the show’s return are being rewarded in the form of a new official poster.

Combining new and old faces alike, the upcoming series will introduce us to one or two new-to-the-ship characters as well as pick up the storylines of some of the show’s beloved personalities from the original series. (Source: Collider. com)
0 1 JLAR crown  April 14, 2022
For those that read the comments, please don't pay attention to clickbait articles that proclaim The Orville is " cancelled ". It's not. Starting to see a lot of them again as we get closer to the premiere date for season 3. No decisions have been made at this time regarding it's future. It all depends on viewership numbers and also this is a passion project for Seth. It will continue in some form or another. He has stated this many times. As fans we can support the show by watching season 3 on Hulu in the U.S. and Disney+ Internationally as many times as possible once it drops, and engage on social media how much we love it. And don't forget to buy the excellent comics!
0 0 JLAR crown  March 27, 2022
“The Orville” Comics are Getting a Deluxe Hardcover Library Edition

The Orville comic books expand on the world of The Orville TV show. They detail adventures of the crew that are not seen in the show. So far, twelve issues of the comic have been released, which are currently collected across three paperback volumes. However, these comics are now set to be collected in premium-format Library Editions from Dark Horse Comics.

The Orville Library Edition Volume 1 is currently set to release on October 11, 2022. This hardcover collection is set to gather together The Orville #1-4 (“New Beginnings” and “The Word of Avis”), The Orville #1-4 (“Launch Day” and “Heroes”), The Orville #1-2 (“Digressions”), and The Orville #1-2 (“Artifacts”). These issues detail six separate adventures, with two taking place between Season One and Season Two while the rest take place between Season Two and Season Three. (source:
0 0 Gyddeon  February 7, 2022
I love watch show, wish you put it back on Television (fox) so whole country can watch it instead of a few. Please let me know when the 3rd season DV's are ready so I can buy them. I get 1 and 2 out to watch every so often. (wish they were BLU-RAY) The show is very well designed n colorful..
thank you.
0 1 JLAR crown  February 4, 2022
Good [smile] and bad :(((: news:

Good news first, a sneak peak of The Orville: New Horizons has been released. It showcases an opening scene of an episode that I hope is a dream sequence!!!? It also gives us a first look at the brand new credits!? Spectacular!

Now, the bad news. It looks like season 3 has been delayed until June 2.? Possibly due to vfx not being finished.

Check out J.P.'s - formerly known as Egotastic Funtime - new video for more details.
(source: Talking The Orville: New Horizons YouTube Channel)
0 0 -Jeff JLAR  February 4, 2022
"It looks like season 3 has been delayed until June 2."

I wonder if this means they will be releasing all episodes at once instead of one per week. Or is this delay related to a scheduling issue where the people responsible for finalizing the show are not working on it at all right now.
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0 0 JLAR crown  October 26, 2021
The YouTube channel The Popcast has started a petition on to let Jordan Helman, Head Of Scripted Content For Hulu Originals and Seth MacFarlane, as well as Disney, that we want The Orville season 4! Sign and spread the word if you want that too!? Also J.P. from Talking The Orville: New Horizons (formally Egotastic Funtime) has also made a YT video on how to let Hulu know we want more!?
0 0 Marc Watts  October 24, 2021
Very excited to read of the impending renewal/return of Seth McFarland's brilliant brainchild "The Orville"! This show is STRONG!!! It's one of those RARE shows where the caliber of the acting perfectly compliments the quality of the extremely competent scripts, like "Blue Bloods" "The X-Files", and "M*A*S*H" ! It's also the one place on television where you the most beautiful women per hour, per episode! Halston Sage, Adreinne Palicki, and the magnificent Penny Johnson-Jerald- the most ravishing sexagenarian of all television history!! Here's to the return of "The Orville"!!!
0 2 JLAR crown  October 15, 2021
Just wanted to address what has been reported today on the internet on some websites. The Orville has NOT been cancelled after season 3 and the sets have NOT been dismantled! Just last month, the head honcho of Hulu said in an interview that season 4 is a possibility and he was excited for fans to see how good the upcoming season is. Today, Tom Costantino ( the co-producer of The Orville) posted on Twitter " ...despite some misinformation to the contrary, season 4 is still TBD. It will depend on audience appetite and the season 3 response, so anything can happen!"

Not long ago, Seth made a similar statement. So please support the show by watching it on Hulu or on Disney+ internationally. Spread the word wherever you can to watch The Orville March 10th?

Edit: *delayed to June 2 since posted original comment
0 2 Ryanne37 JLAR  March 1, 2022
I am a senior but love the Orville and ordered Hulu just for that. I have watched the first and second season about 3 times so can't wait for the 3rd season. All the characters are so different and I love that about them. I'm hoping for a 4th season.
0 1 Dejan Milenkovic crown Ryanne37  March 1, 2022
I totally agree ?
0 3 JLAR crown  September 26, 2021
The titles for the first 5 episodes were revealed a few months ago. They are Electric Sheep, Shadow Realms, Mortality Paradox, Gently Falling Rain, and A Tale of Two Topas. They may be subject to change though once post-production is complete.

Source: The Orville Fandom
0 5 Gyddeon  September 24, 2021
I ENJOY every episode of ORVILLE. I have both season 1 and 2 on DVD. I just have 2 wishes.
1 that you put ORVILLE back on TV for every one to be able to watch, not just rich who can afford cable an hulu and other crud. Not being allowed to watch I can only buy the DVD's.
2 Please put The ORVILLE in Blu-Ray. Much better to view. I have season 1 & 2 on DVD.
Thank you
0 1 -Jeff Gyddeon  September 24, 2021
I second the Blu-ray request. I'm not really interested in DVD on a show I know was created in HD.
1 3 JLAR crown  September 23, 2021
BREAKING NEWS: Hulu has officially announced The Orville season 3 premiere date! Season 3 will be called The Orville: New Horizons and will release March 10, 2022!!! ? Checkout the new teaser trailer on their channel??? We got a new bridge!?

Source: Hulu YouTube channel
0 2 Admin crown JLAR  September 24, 2021
Wow! Thanks you so much!
0 1 JLAR crown Admin  September 26, 2021
You're welcome [smile]
0 1 dax123  September 21, 2021
OMG seriously it gets pushed back a further 5 months it was supposed to come out 2019 the mid 2020 then the end of mid 2020 then towards the end of 2021 in sept or oct 2021 then around dec 2021 and now it's Feb 2022 get your sh*t together and at least release the first episode of season 3 we have been waiting years already this isn't funny anymore I'm gonna f*ckin lose it. If I die before Orville is completed it's final season Imma come back and haunt that [censored] place
0 1 -Jeff dax123  September 21, 2021
There is no scenario where it would have come out in 2019. Fall 2020 would have been the earliest without any shutdown problems.
0 1 JLAR crown  September 14, 2021
Sad news: Deadline just reported that Norm Macdonald has passed away at age 61. The comedy legend had been battling cancer for several years. He was the voice of Yaphitt on The Orville. :(((:
0 1 Daniell Bennett JLAR  September 19, 2021
This is very sad news. Was the voice of Yaphitt his last piece of work? Will someone replace the voice of Yaphitt. If someone does replace his voice I recommend Bill Hadder.
0 0 JLAR crown Daniell Bennett  September 19, 2021
According to Wikipedia, The Orville was his last project before his passing. Seth MacFarlane stated that Norm had completed is voice work for Yaphit for season 3. No word yet what they plan to do with the character, but my guess is they will not recast the role if The Orville continues beyond season 3.
0 0 Richard Paul Pastor  September 11, 2021
Looking to buy the ship where can I buy it?
0 1 JLAR crown Richard Paul Pastor  September 13, 2021
Official ship models can be purchased at Eaglemoss. Just look up "The Orville Starships Collection" on their website.
0 1 Richard Pastor JLAR  September 13, 2021
Thanks for the info
0 0 JLAR crown Richard Pastor  September 13, 2021
You're welcome?
0 1 JLAR crown  September 10, 2021
Today at The Sci-fi Summit, Penny Johnson-Jerald and Mark Jackson were on a panel. During the conversation they revealed that each episode will be about 70 minutes long (ad free) and they believe the premiere date for season 3 will be sometime in February 2022.

Source: Egotastic Funtime (YouTube)
0 1 Admin crown JLAR  September 11, 2021
Wow thanks! [hands]
0 1 JLAR crown Admin  September 13, 2021
No problem?
0 1 JLAR crown  August 21, 2021
New cast member Anne Winters just did an interview for Flaunt magazine. Here is some of the interview:
Who is Charly Burke?

Charly Burke is a badass navigator who can visualize multiple dimensions faster and more accurately than anyone else aboard The Orville. She’s smart, and challenging, very excited for people to get to see this new role. Charly is very different from any other character I’ve played in the past.

Can you tell me about The Orville and what fans can expect from season 3?

My character is completely new this third season. Since the first two seasons were already out on Hulu, I was able to binge watch them both before starting work which was great. I got to get a full sense of the show and became a fan from the beginning. I think fans can expect a completely upgraded version of the show, not only are the sets completely new and upgraded, the CGI, and storylines this season make each episode its own cinematic movie.

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