The brand new Netflix Original comedy Disjointed premiered on August 25th, 2017
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Disjointed Season 3 Axed by Netflix Channel

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Disjointed Season 3 — Canceled

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0 0 Christo  May 30, 2019
WHY ? I want more !!!!
0 3 william bergeron  May 6, 2019
A Travesty, one of the great comedies in years , bring it back, I could watch a lot more ...how do you petition these guys
0 1 Patsy Mather  January 16, 2019
My husband loved this silly comedy. Why was it cancelled?
0 3 Mark  December 20, 2018
Love Disjointed! Please make more seasons!
0 3 BD  October 25, 2018
If Disjointed is canceled, there is no reason or any need for me to continue subscribing to Netflix.
0 6 therabbitman  July 29, 2018
Did the people who cancelled this show, ever watch it ???
0 9 Richard Baxter  March 23, 2018
I loved this show couldn't get enough. I have watched the show over and over for almost a month. I can't believe that they have decided to axe the show, it makes me extremely sad to hear this. ? ? ?
0 12 Lizz  February 28, 2018
? super upset this show was cancelled. Absolutely love this show. I know lots of people who will be upset. BRING BACK DISJOINTED!!!!!!!!!!
1 7 erinmarieevans  February 17, 2018
So bummed this show was cancelled!! ?
0 9 Gwendolyn Young  February 16, 2018
why!!! netflix i loved the show... kathy bates was so good as a hippie mom.... shame on netflix... i wanna get higher, with disjointed,,,,.........
0 3 Jamie Brooks  November 25, 2017
Chuck Lorre has done it again! This show is freakin hilarious! I LOVED seeing Kathy Bates in this role, as well Nicole Sullivan was her usual funny self! I related with her beginning character so much: the stressed out, frazzled mom always running around getting [censored] taken care of for everyone else. I binge-watched this show over a couple days while my kids were in school, and I really hope it continues!
0 6 jazzynomad  October 4, 2017
I thought this show, Disjointed was awesome!!! Am patiently waiting to see if it gets renewed!!!

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