Cooper's Treasure
Discovery Channel
2 Seasons
14 Episodes
Some fifty years ago an astronaut discovered treasures here on earth and finally the treasure map he created is being put to good use
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Cooper's Treasure Season 3 is yet to be announced by Discovery Channel

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Cooper's Treasure Season 3 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 8/17/2018 Striking Gold Season 2: Episode 8
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Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1500 Million Dollar List Jun 22, 2018
2Hunt for the Gold Table Jun 29, 2018
3Wreck in the Shallows Jul 6, 2018
4Treasure and Tragedy Jul 13, 2018
5Dragon's Teeth Jul 20, 2018
6Island of Fortune Aug 3, 2018
7Into the Storm Aug 10, 2018
8Striking Gold Aug 17, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1The Treasure Map from Space Apr 18, 2017
2Dead Silence Apr 25, 2017
3The Columbus Connection May 2, 2017
4Dangerous Waters May 9, 2017
5Moving Target May 16, 2017
6The Columbus Treasure May 23, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Flight Path May 2, 2017
2Columbus' Lost Fleet May 5, 2017
3Excavating the Past May 6, 2017
4Secrets of the Hunt May 24, 2017
5Secrets of the Explorer Jun 1, 2017

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1 2 Kim Buy  May 12, 2021
Cooper's Treasure was a scam. Gone forever down the black hole of fakery. Want to prove me wrong Discovery Channel? Fine. We're waiting, and waiting, and waiting. . .??
0 1 Jacko J  January 10, 2019
Even if he had legit maps, how many hurricanes have hit since the Astronauts first discoveries? Do you really think they would be in the same locations or not under a ton of sand by now?
1 1 jim oberg Jacko J  January 10, 2019
Good point. And add that there's NO evidence that Cooper EVER made such discoveries except unverified claims on TV. Spaceflight historians unanimously agree it was impossible.
1 2 minniefil Jacko J  February 3, 2019
However after watching season 2 they got together with the Mel Fisher group and that wreck (atocha) was on the map. He wasn't metal detecting from space as some have stated below, but simply noting anomalies under water as he orbited with the advanced photography equipment of the time.
1 0 jim oberg minniefil  February 4, 2019
"[Cooper] wasn't metal detecting from space as some have stated below, but simply noting anomalies under water as he orbited with the advanced photography equipment of the time."

minniefil, there is ZERO evidence he had any such equipment or even time to take more than a few dozen photos randomly out the small windows as the capsule slowly tumbled. Everybody associated with the NASA program, as well as all historians of it, agree the 'treasure map' is spurious. Cooper could well have drawn one in his later years as his Parkinson's [often associated with delusions and hallucinations] advanced, he made many clearly-imaginary claims in those sad later years [like how he had personally saved the space shuttle program from a lethal design flaw by relaying a telepathic warning from space aliens].
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0 3 Lmvanv  June 21, 2018
Ditto to Milo’s comment above. I’ve been very anxiously waiting for season 2. Glad it’s finally here!
0 3 harry Lmvanv  August 6, 2018
I dont agree with those who say this stuff was detected from space by Cooper. Why is it so hard to believe that NASA or our government would have sophisticated equipment to metal detect from miles up? I believe it. Why not?
Also Darrel is not a phoney person. Ive been around a long time and think I have a pretty good sense of what the guy is about. I feel as though if there ever were a person who deserved to be successful in his endeavors its Darrel Miklos. Best of luck Darrel, Godspeed
0 2 harry harry  August 6, 2018
meant to say I dont agree with those who deny it was detected from space by Cooper, sorry
0 1 jim oberg harry  August 7, 2018
harry, it's always polite to give the benefit of the doubt, but real research shows Cooper never could have made such observations and the evidence he did is shaky at best. He only took a few dozen photos and none over the Caribbean [the '5000 photos' soundbite the program used was fabricated in a sound lab from unrelated audio clips]. The sensor was imaginary -- why would NASA even have been involved hen the USAF already had spy satellites in polar orbit and could also repeatedly fly planes over all regions that Mercury-9 flew briefly over]. I appreciate your magical faith in NASA tech but please also have faith in their openness and common sense. The 'space map' story could well have been a yarn dreamed up by Cooper in his later, lonely years, he did that a lot, sad to say, as his Parkinson's advanced.
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0 4 Nightwind_4  June 2, 2018
A "how the show was made" episode would be interesting:
* How the story got sold to Discovery
* The cost to produce and release the show
* The financing of the expeditions
* The stone-walling skepticism of Cooper's former NASA colleagues
* Debunking the nay-saying conspiracy theories, which are rife on the Internet

I'm looking forward to Season 2!
1 1 jim oberg Nightwind_4  June 2, 2018
The only 'stone-walling' is the program's refusal to explain their faked Cooper sound-bite about taking thousands of photos [whose film cassettes would have filled twice the volume of the capsule] when the documents actually shown on the program [you can read their titles] state that only few dozen earth surface photos were taken, none over the Caribbean. No secret nuke missile sensor was ever on the spacecraft [if searching was needed it could be done from airplanes]. Nor was there any way to log latitude/longitude from eyeballing out the window OR examining photos back on Earth.
0 0 roger steven jim oberg  June 23, 2018
Jim all you say is probably true but this is not a documentary.did you know that in Season 1 we watched for six or seven episodes to see Darrell film an anchor which the viewers were f ooled into believing he had discovered, when in fact the same anchor had been found by his father[now deceased]many years ago and was filmed in 2002 for his father by non other than Darrell[then calling himself Darius Santalo]and yes ,James Dwyer,archaeologist who are of course now starring in Coopers Treasure.I will let you work out the rest of this fake show for yourself.Incidentally I have an original of the Archaeologist Report produced in 2002.
1 1 jim oberg roger steven  August 7, 2018
Thanks, we should talk [see my searchable home page for contact info]. I appreciate sci fi as much as the next space nut, but fakery that insults the NASA team as deceivers and fabricators crosses my personal line in the sand.
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2 0 jim oberg  June 1, 2018
Space historians suggest the premise of the story is shaky:
See debunking of the ‘secret sensor’ and ‘five thousand photos’ --
google "Loss of Faith -- Gordon Cooper’s post-NASA stories"
0 4 Milo  April 20, 2018
So S o glad for season Two.Hope the treasure Gods are with you and your Father.Go Darrel Go...
1 3 Earl Bennett  April 14, 2018
So is the government involved that's why coopers treasure not being released? Cooper did get all his info from space
1 2 jim oberg Earl Bennett  June 2, 2018
The program just up the story of a treasure map to excite their target audience.
3 0 jim oberg jim oberg  June 2, 2018
"... just MADE up the story..."
0 5 LindaVanv  January 9, 2018
I did watch snake island and got hooked on treasure hunting shows. Coopers Treasure is my favorite. Yeah it’s to drawn out at times BUT they actually found something!!!
0 10 Earl B  December 23, 2017
I have been waiting on Coopers Treasure to come back on. What's the hold up
0 8 Gelite  October 5, 2017
Hope the show is renewed but also hope they stop showing so much footage of Gordo during the show and less of Darrell’s father. A brief explanation of the Gordo connection during the opening credits will suffice. The father-son dispute comes across as an obvious attempt to artificially inject unnecessary drama. Just hunt for treasure!
2 1 Gerald Washabau Gelite  December 18, 2017
I concur, less footage of Gordon in space because it is a waste of critical time treasure hunting and explaining what Darrell does best and interpreting Gordon’s documents. I am all about being an American behind the Space Program especially the early NASA Astronauts like Gordon, but make the connection and let it be. I love the show and Discovery has a great opportunity in their hands and they should renew it soon.
0 1 jim oberg Gerald Washabau  June 2, 2018
The connection is bogus. Cooper never had a nuke detector, never photographed th4 Caribbean, never made a treasure map, But without that fable, the show has no through-line except fund-raising for suspicious sites the hunters had been interested in for decades.
0 0 Ron Gerald Washabau  September 5, 2018
I agree with the opinions stated I’m hooked on treasure hunts love all of them and coopers treasure & oak island I also loved hunting hitler obviously that’s not about treasure hunting but addictive t v .keep them coming !
0 6 David Monahan  September 8, 2017
This is a great show! Their are not many tv shows that you can watch with your kids these days. Discovery channel has many shows that are very well done. This is our favorite,very educational and exciting. Please keep this going,we love it.
0 1 jim oberg David Monahan  June 3, 2018
"Their are not many tv shows that you can watch with your kids these days. " == Are the kids old enough to learn from the on-going controversies over how much of the Cooper space map story is bogus? Could be a genuine teaching moment!
0 2 harry  September 7, 2017
Id like to see Darrell try to help his father even though he seems to be a miserable old man. You only get one father in life and Im certain Darrell got his inspiration from his Dad
0 1 Ron harry  September 5, 2018
Harry I was thinking he had it hard with his father he didn’t seem a nice man by the way he was portrayed in the show and looked like he was smoking and drinking heavy I suppose life made him that way you never no what life brings and it can change you !
0 1 harry Ron  September 5, 2018
Yeah Ron,
I had posted that about Darrell`s dad prior to his death awhile back. The guy obviously had some problems . In a way he seemed like he really just wanted badly to be involved again and quite bitter over having been at the top once and then lost or squandered it all. Its a sad circumstance that often happens to people who live in the fast lane. I was sorry to hear of his passing the way it happened being alone. He quite obviously was instrumental in his son Darrell`s interest in finding treasure. Darrell on the other hand seems like a really decent man. I wish him the best
0 7 Joleegoose  August 11, 2017
I love Coopers Treasure, I can't wait for season 2! It is so interesting to see the whole story behind the find (or maybe find). ?
0 5 Griff  July 17, 2017
Love Coopers treasure. When is season 2
5 0 T-bone  July 4, 2017
It drags on for way too long. 2 seasons' worth of show could be squeezed into 2 or 3 hours worth of documentary. I am not sure if divers hoot and hollers in real life when working in a non-natural environment.
1 6 Linda vanv  June 26, 2017
Love Cooper's treasure can't wait for season two. it's the only treasure show I've seen where treasure is actually found.
Three cheers for Darrell ,!!!
0 3 Pgh Chris Linda vanv  January 9, 2018
Did you watch 'Treasure of Snake Island'? They actually found the treasure they had been seeking and are still doing research & excavations in the waterfall.

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