Spring Baking Championship
Food Network
10 Seasons
85 Episodes
The reality baking competition is produced by Triage Entertainment and produced by Melysa Lovell Garratt, who is also involved with The Voice and Survivor amongst other popular TV shows.
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Food Network Will Release Season 10 of Spring Baking Championship on March 4, 2024

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The release date for Spring Baking Championship Season 10 — March 4, 2024
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Latest Episode Aired Mon 5/6/2024 The Wedding Season 10: Episode 11
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Spring Baking Championship. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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0 0 Aleta  June 5, 2023
The Mardi Gras episode is ridiculous! The host and judges don't seem to know the first thing about King Cake. It's not danish dough, it's brioche dough! The flavor is also not just cinnamon but cinnamon and nutmeg. Do they think it's cute to purposely mispronounce Cajun French? I do not appreciate my heritage being played for a joke.
2 1 Eva  March 6, 2023
Big fan of all the Baking Championship shows.I thought Molly Yeh was actually a delight to have as your host on spring baking championship season 8 andwish she was coming back for season 9 love Jesse but different seasons should have different host.And maybe the shows should be geared more to having bakers who aren't renound pastry chefs maybe they wouldn't be so apt to walk out on a challenge they think they are above.i didn't care to much for Romy felt like he thought he was above everyone else.Also Carolyn should have won.
0 0 Ann Insillio  February 26, 2023
I have nothing against Molly Yeh,but hosting a big show like the Food Networks,Spring Baking Championsip,might have been the wrong host choice.Jesse although not a chef,and baker,added charisma,and charm to the show.This show has a lot of dedicated fans,like me who have been with the show since the beginning.So my yearly routine would be Christmas Baking Championship,then when the new year begins,I look forward to the Spring Baking Championship.In between,I usually watch,The Easter show with Sunny Anderson,Halloween show with Carla Hall,and most recently,the new edition,Halloween Cookie Contest,with Jet Tila.Maybe they can convince his wife to be a part of the show,after all she is a baker.That’s the summary of my year.Please make sure that Jesse,is there for the ,holiday show,and possibly the spring baking 2024.
2 11 ALB  December 22, 2022
If Molly Yeh hosts in 2023, I will not watch.
0 18 Bert  June 6, 2022
Jesse Palmer was the very best host. I look forward to the show every season. This season with Molly Yeh was terrible and ruined it for me--from the challenges to who was inaccurately eliminated. There was nothing "fair" about this season. If you lose Duff and Nancy then I'm completely out! I was not familiar with Molly Yeh, but found her to be very annoying and whiny. She took away from the competition instead of adding something to it. I could barely stand to watch her part of it. Sorry. But I'll take any of the previous hosts over her. That cookie salad situation was ridiculous, as were many of the other concocted challenges and combination requirements. You will not get respectable participants if you keep this up. And you will lose fans. Get it together please and go back to the original format!
0 2 Susie Bert  January 14, 2023
I agree however I would like Loraine back. Even if I didn’t always agree with her she would tell it like it is-good or bad and Kardea doesn’t do that. The judges are there to judge not pacify the contestants. I would also like Nancy to stick to judging and stop going on and on about her lush lifestyle-geez enough already it’s so annoying!
1 15 Teresa H  May 21, 2022
Food Network please read ALL these comments on ALL these social media forums. You've lost so many dedicated followers by adding Molly Yeh as a presenter..ugh, and the way the elimination process of the bakers happened. Why was Jalessa not eliminated due to an unbaked cheese cake!? I believe we have another "woke" bunch of sheeple that would rather follow the herd than have integrity! So very disappointed in this season. Won't be watching next year if Molly Yeh is host..
0 6 Cindy L Teresa H  July 31, 2022
Yes yes! I agree 100%. Molly Yeh is NOT the best choice to host Spring Baking Championship. Cookie salad….🤢🤮. And Remy walked off because he did not come to “play with sprinkles” I mean, REALLY? What an insult to the bakers and all their talent, skills and years of training. Food Network should most definitely needs a different host!!! Jaleesa should have been eliminated for that unbaked cheesecake.
0 1 Julie Teresa H  March 12, 2023
Why do YOU “Sleepy (?)” people have to spew thst hate hateful [censored] all the damn time?? Woke asleep..,?? Really !! NOW.,. Church ladies ( Molly family religious) will tell you ALL about cookie salad but I bet ya.. Molly did NOT make the rules and she was NOT a judge on this Food Network challenge. There were white, Jewish, Black, male female senior citizens representative on judging panel so DO NOT turn the damned baking show into politics!!! Aren’t YOU ALL hmm ( will refrain from animal name calling ) sick a divided nation? Let’s just get back to being nice and if you don’t have some nice to say… be quiet
0 18 Jan D.  May 3, 2022
[sad] I was very disappointed in this season's Spring Baking Championship, and agree with the comments made by others that Molly Yeh is not of the caliber of previous hosts, illustrated by the choice of "cookie salad" (never heard of it) not something professional bakers have in their extensive training then to the use of Sprinkles required in the final and surprise bake-off. I don't blame Romy for walking off the show. That requirement was uncalled for. I will be watching to see whi the next "Baking Championship" host is. Hoping for someone more appropriate than Molly Yeh.
0 15 Drake  May 3, 2022
Really do not like this seasons format! The host talks to the contestants too much and derails them! Just needs to shut up and leave them alone.
Too many good bakers sent home when there were others who did so much better!
Feel like they had a preset agenda for the winner! Go back to the old format.
0 9 Drake Drake  May 3, 2022
I meant too many more superb bakers went home and lesser bakers were allowed to stay! Caroline or Romy should have won not Julessa, her baking most of the competition was sub-par! You need to rethink the show!
Also not a fan of this year's host and will not watch if she remains!
0 16 LisaO  May 2, 2022
For once I don't care if there will be another season. This season was very badly done. I hope the producers are aware of the hoards of negative comments all across social media.
1 18 TERESA H  April 26, 2022
Really? Jaleesa doesnt get eliminated? Her cheesecake and crust were not baked fully..!
Dennis' cheese and wine tray looked as if a 10 yr old molded those fruits.. Harlem is a neighborhood, not a city, BTW. Molly Yeh, ughh, fake as fake can be. Cookie pie?! Never heard of it!! Friends in MN have never heard of it. Let this season play out without me. I'm done
0 0 Julie TERESA H  March 12, 2023
CHURCH LADIES in the Midwest will tell you otherwise. Yes there ARE other Christians in the USA other than this hateful judgmental bunch that freely insults others without one thought. God sees you and He isn’t smiling
1 25 bradley  April 12, 2022
I have watched every season of the baking shows, and loved them! but .... Molly yeh is taking this season down the drain, throwing herself and her name into more and more of the show. cookie salad? really? i have many friends and relatives from minnesota, and none have ever heard of it, though molly says it's "a regional dessert". sounds like molly is pushing her own agenda on a once highly entertaining show. what's next? cake soup? please have the show focus on the contestants and the wonderful judges. not a saccharin coated plastic smiling host. jesse and other hosts were much more like hosts, not the star. please don't let this host derail a good show
0 5 April 4  April 6, 2022
Unfortunately, Carolyn (one of the TOP bakers) was sent home due to her "too sweet" filling which was not even a BAKED filling (per Michelle's choice of challenges). Her cookies WERE baked and found delicious so how could she be sent home on a BAKING CHALLENGE?
0 0 Uhala  March 1, 2022

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