A Crime to Remember
Investigation Discovery
5 Seasons
38 Episodes
A Crime to Remember is an award-winning historic true-crime documentary from Investigation Discovery that has been on the air since 2013.
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A Crime to Remember Season 6 is yet to be announced by Investigation Discovery

Current Show Status
A Crime to Remember Season 6 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sat 4/7/2018 Mother's Little Helper Season 5: Episode 8
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for A Crime to Remember. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Once Upon a Crime Feb 10, 2018
2The Bad Old Days Feb 17, 2018
3Hearts of Darkness Feb 24, 2018
4Coffin for Christmas Mar 3, 2018
5Beast with a Badge Mar 17, 2018
6Black Sheep Mar 24, 2018
7A Woman's Place Mar 31, 2018
8Mother's Little Helper Apr 7, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Teenage Wasteland Dec 6, 2016
2Luck Be a Lady Dec 13, 2016
3Devil's Advocate Dec 20, 2016
4Paradise Lost Dec 27, 2016
5The Gentleman Killer Jan 3, 2017
6Guess Who? Jan 10, 2017
7Killer Prophet Jan 24, 2017
8The Newlydeads Jan 31, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Lock Up Your Daughters Nov 10, 2015
2Last Night Stand Nov 17, 2015
3And Then There Was One Nov 24, 2015
4Such a Pretty Face Dec 1, 2015
5Comedy of Terrors Dec 8, 2015
6The Wrong Man Dec 15, 2015
7Damsel on Death Row Dec 22, 2015
8Bye Bye Betty Dec 29, 2015
#NameAir Dates
138 Witnesses Nov 11, 2014
2The Shot Doctor Nov 18, 2014
3Candyland Nov 25, 2014
4The 28th Floor Dec 2, 2014
5The Pied Piper Dec 9, 2014
6Accident on Banyan St. Dec 16, 2014
7Cabin in the Woods Dec 23, 2014
8Baby Come Home Dec 30, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Go Ask Alice Nov 12, 2013
2The Career Girl Murders Nov 19, 2013
3Judge, Jury, Executioner Nov 26, 2013
4Time Bomb Dec 3, 2013
5A New Kind of Monster Dec 10, 2013
6Who Killed Mr. Woodward? Dec 17, 2013
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0 0 Genny  April 14, 2019
Please re-think your decision to cancel A Crime to Remember. It's one of the best shows on I.D. I'm so disappointed! If you have to cancel any show, why not "Breaking Homicide" or whatever it's called. That one is a snooze fest. Terribly boring and just gives families false hopes. Please never cancel Deadly Woman, that is another of my favorites, like the show and Candice DeLong, her remarks about these women are spot on.
0 7 Taylore Renee  February 22, 2019
A Crime to Remember is the best crime show out there hands down!! I absolutely love how it really takes u back to the time/era of the crime! I will be so upset if it's not renewed & I'm sure tons of fans feel exactly the same. #renewacrimetoremember
0 5 James weaver  February 13, 2019
Iloilo and look for crime to remember season six you better have one I’ll be very upset it’s high quality best done crime show on tv my life will be a little more empty with out it
0 6 Shannon Marie  February 6, 2019
Seriously out of all the shows on ID, A crime to remember is quite honestly the best show. It is well made, they pick amazing cases. I feel so connected to the story while I’m watching it and it leaves me googling the stories because it just got me from the start. I only started getting into ID because of this show. Stop wasting time, money and energy on a bunch of ok shows and please give us some more of this show. I swear I’ll give up ID if they cancel it. There is a reason this show won an award. Don’t stop your best show. It’s like being in a race and quitting halfway through when you’re in the lead.
0 6 crowdedcrow  February 5, 2019
Please renew A CRIME TO REMEMBER, it's far and away the highest quality show on your network and it's the reason I started watching Suspect ID in the first place. There's a very good reason it won an Emmy, it's always exceedingly well-made, stylish and intelligent. Please don't commit all of your time and resources to lesser programming as well as all of these new shows (which may or may not succeed), and forget about the best show on ID. Bring it back!!! ❤
0 7 Jackie P.  January 27, 2019
❤ Love this show. Please please bring it back!!
0 8 Robyn W.  January 16, 2019
A Crime to Remember is THE BEST show on IDDiscovery! I can't believe they have Deadly Women on every week, but, they still haven't brought A Crime to Remember back. It's their Emmy Award winning show. They seem to be adding a lot of new shows. I just hope they don't forget about their very best series.
0 2 crowdedcrow Robyn W.  February 5, 2019
Your comment expresses the very same opinion I have regarding A Crime To Remember, it's as though you've stolen the words right out of my brain... ACTR is the show that changed my mind about that channel. My mom watched Suspect ID relentlessly and I considered the content to be exploitive and sometimes tasteless. ACTR is very well made and it'd be a shame for them to give less attention to their classiest and smartest show while they throw all their resources at Deadly Women and countless other new programs that may or may not succeed. I don't mind some of the stories in Deadly Women, particularly the retelling of women who lived in the 1800s... or other eras and countries. What irritates me is the woman who narrates in a voice full of scorn, and the main woman they consult to talk about the cases ( she has black hair blue eyes and obviously hates women in general). It's a bit overdone. In any case, just wanted to emphatically agree with you. ❤
0 7 Stacy Rieber  January 13, 2019
This is one of my absolute favorite shows I hope ID channel will renew it because it is fascinating!!!
0 11 Lisa J  January 4, 2019
This is the best show on their network in my opinion. Other shows just can't compete with a Crime to Remember. Bring in the Emmy, it deserves it!
0 8 Alyse  January 4, 2019
Another vote for a season 6! I'd love to see something on the Barbara Graham story, but I'll be happy with anything you choose, I'm sure. Easily the best series on ID.
0 4 Mickey  November 29, 2018
Yes, I watch and download to rewatch; better than some of the other shows you have
0 11 Nickel  November 12, 2018
Yes yes yes yes 1000% yes! I want a new episode everyday. I seriously can’t get enough of the show. It’s such high quality and SO interesting. It doesn’t focus on the gory details but gives you everything you need. Please don’t stop making this or I will be so sad.
0 8 Lyric  October 12, 2018
Absolutely Love this show, no other show tells a story like A crime to remember. Im impatiently waiting for season 6 and I hope there's more episodes in this season.
0 10 Emmagrace  October 11, 2018
Please! How do we get ID to renew this?!?! This show is the only reason I started watching the network
0 11 Shana  September 23, 2018
Please Bring back A Crime to Remember. It’s my favorite show. I need a season 6.
1 16 Stef  January 3, 2018
I LOVE A Crime to Remember!!! My whole family loves it. We can't wait for the 2018 season to begin!!! Please hurry!!!? ❤
1 6 Ann Marie S.  August 24, 2017
Just met a very cute production guy at Highland park in Queens who's working on the next exciting episode of A Crime to Remember!
If you're reading this and your his wife . . .you Go Girl!! ?
~ Ann Marie S. ?
NYC Parks Enforcement
4 4 Emma DisGrace Park Ann Marie S.  October 1, 2017
Hello Ann Marie S,
Thank You. My husband is trying every fledging moment, & wishes he could’ve paid your tuition & younger sisters.

Thank You; we are grateful non the less xo

Please &joy My Husband Always In Always, we open married ❤
4 3 Katena Crawford Ann Marie S.  December 3, 2017
Thank you for this information. I like this show!
0 2 Auden Grumet Ann Marie S.  March 20, 2018
You’RE. You got it right once. Why not both times?

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