3 Seasons
15 Episodes
The show's storyline is built around Brian Weaver (James Buckley), who is transported to a parallel universe by means of a magical amulet.
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Zapped Series 4 is yet to be announced by Dave

Current Show Status
Zapped Series 4 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Wed 11/21/2018 Amulet Season 3: Episode 6
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Zapped. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Circus Oct 17, 2018
2Chef Oct 24, 2018
3Popcorn Oct 31, 2018
4Barrel Nov 7, 2018
5Book Nov 14, 2018
6Amulet Nov 21, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1The Trial Oct 12, 2017
2Magic Darts Oct 19, 2017
3The Party Oct 26, 2017
4Pear Fair Nov 2, 2017
5Showtime Nov 9, 2017
6The Henge Nov 16, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Mr. Weaver Oct 13, 2016
2Mr. Charisma Oct 20, 2016
3Mr. Wuffles Oct 27, 2016
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1 0 cherzo  March 12, 2019
Sadly this show has been cancelled, there will be no Series 4.
0 0 ben  March 6, 2019
best show by far but like all classic comedy needs a good run to really explore all the characters
so please commission more series
0 0 raygdunn  January 21, 2019
As someone who plays hours of Dungeons and Dragons themed gaming. This series really appeals. Much of the modern humour just doesn't appeal to me. This is very much in the vein of Monty Python and Red Dwarf. I particularly love the wacky idea of the fairies. ☺

I only recently found it on UK Play.
Great that they are storing all three series on there!
0 1 Alex123  January 14, 2019
When is series 4 of Zapped coming out ?
0 0 Martin Lesley  December 4, 2018
Currently there are few good British comedies on TV apart from formulaic and tediously predictable BBC1 family sitcoms and American Soaps (mostly repeats (of repeats...)). It is tempting but sad to think that maybe it is a dying art? So this unusual and inspired comedy stands out as a remarkable contribution, up there with the greats like "The League of Gentleman", "Red Dwarf" or more recently "Witless". The acting is excellent with all players performing their parts superbly, tho' it must be said that Paul Kaye stands out as superbly funny nutcase Howell.

In a nutshell - please everyone who reads this, badger Dave now, Britain, nay the world, needs more Zapped! Commission or be damned.
0 11 RonR  January 5, 2018
Wonderful comedy which deserves a higher profile. The whole cast are great but Paul Kaye as the wizard Howell is simply brilliant. I really hope they commission a 3rd season.
0 14 Peace  November 27, 2017
Zapped is amazing series!! I hope season 3 will lasts a bit longer like => 40min longer and also with 15 or 20 episodes ? ? .. other than that, Zapped is a bullseye?.

Thank you for this beautiful series =>>**Zapped**!!! Cheers?
0 14 Davisberry  November 22, 2017
Arghhhh, please make more. This is like the best thing on television.
Also can we please have 12 episodes per series.
I would like it on 52 weeks of the year but it might be a bit much for the actors.
Just finished watching henge last week (e6s2) and need to know if he fixed the photocopier.
0 13 Chico  November 11, 2017
Really need to keep making this will be a classic like red dwarf and only fools and horses.
1 11 Tombowcock  March 15, 2017
Dissapointing that more episodes have not been commissoned as yet. Very few comedy series are astounding in their first series. This show has all the hallmarks for developing in to a great show. Good cast, strong characters, great setting and class writing team. It just needs to develop. Sadly everything is the victim of the instant gratification model now employed.
1 5 Pete  December 1, 2016
I kept going back to UKTV play looking for episode 4 and was dissapointed to read here that only 3 episodes had been planned so far!
I thought the program had a lot of scope and some good characters. All it needs is for the creative writing to keep evolving and they have the perfect Sci Fi comedy Series which TV is crying out for.
1 4 compo  November 13, 2016
I agree with jazhaz I too was just getting into it and tuned in expecting to see episide 4 only to learn that it only had 3 episodes, hopefully they do a second series and it lasts a bit longer this time
4 5 JazHaz  November 13, 2016
We couldn't believe that Zapped! only had 3 episodes in the first series. We were just getting into it, when it stopped. Would like to see a second series, preferably longer!
3 7 Smudger JazHaz  November 27, 2017
Me too anybody who sais this is not quality comedy isnt worth talking about bring on series 3

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