Designated Survivor
3 Seasons
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The Critics’ Choice Television Award-winning ABC political thriller Designated Survivor debuted on September 21, 2016.
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Season 4 of Designated Survivor Won’t Be on Netflix’s Schedule

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Designated Survivor season 4 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Fri 6/7/2019 #truthorconsequences Season 3: Episode 10
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#NameAir Dates
1#thesystemisbroken Jun 7, 2019
2#slipperyslope Jun 7, 2019
3#privacyplease Jun 7, 2019
4#makehistory Jun 7, 2019
5#nothingpersonal Jun 7, 2019
6#whocares Jun 7, 2019
7#identity/crisis Jun 7, 2019
8#scaredsh*tless Jun 7, 2019
9#undecided Jun 7, 2019
10#truthorconsequences Jun 7, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1One Year In Sep 27, 2017
2Sting of the Tail Oct 4, 2017
3Outbreak Oct 11, 2017
4Equilibrium Oct 18, 2017
5Suckers Oct 25, 2017
6Two Ships Nov 1, 2017
7Family Ties Nov 15, 2017
8Home Nov 29, 2017
9Three-Letter Day Dec 6, 2017
10Line of Fire Dec 13, 2017
11Grief Feb 28, 2018
12The Final Frontier Mar 7, 2018
13Original Sin Mar 14, 2018
14In the Dark Mar 21, 2018
15Summit Mar 28, 2018
16Fallout Apr 4, 2018
17Overkill Apr 11, 2018
18Kirkman Agonistes Apr 18, 2018
19Capacity Apr 25, 2018
20Bad Reception May 2, 2018
21Target May 9, 2018
22Run May 16, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Sep 21, 2016
2The First Day Sep 28, 2016
3The Confession Oct 5, 2016
4The Enemy Oct 12, 2016
5The Mission Oct 26, 2016
6The Interrogation Nov 9, 2016
7The Traitor Nov 16, 2016
8The Results Nov 30, 2016
9The Blueprint Dec 7, 2016
10The Oath Dec 14, 2016
11Warriors Mar 8, 2017
12The End of the Beginning Mar 15, 2017
13Backfire Mar 22, 2017
14Commander-in-Chief Mar 29, 2017
15One Hundred Days Apr 5, 2017
16Party Lines Apr 12, 2017
17The Ninth Seat Apr 19, 2017
18Lazarus Apr 26, 2017
19Misalliance May 3, 2017
20Bombshell May 10, 2017
21Brace for Impact May 17, 2017


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0 0 MikeS_inFL  July 26, 2019
Wow, this is the first time I'm not so disappointed that a show I really liked has been cancelled. The first two seasons were FANTASTIC, well written and kept us on the edge of our seats. This third season was incredibly poor quality. If this is what we can expect from Netflix saving great shows, maybe we could convince them NOT to try. The writing wasn't only sub-par, it was downright juvenile and scatterbrained. There's nothing positive I could say about it. Really, wow. So sad.
0 2 Gram  June 22, 2019
While I was disturbed immensely by the language, since I watch with an adult son and three teen grandchildren, the worst part was the male sex scene ! I wish they had nit included that, totally unnecessary and embarrassing with them present ! I screened the remaining episodes before watching them with anyone ! I am enjoying season 3 overall and hoping for another season or more !
1 10 Calvin Bragonier  June 12, 2019
I was thrilled to see DS was coming back for season 3. However I must admit I was very disappointed. My wife and I watched all 10 episodes in two days. As most other fans felt the language was a big turn off as was watching 2 men having sex. What in the hell did that have to do with the idea of the show? It was gross and entirely unnecessary. One episode where the Russian plane was headed for Seattle was the only one that bore any resemblance to the first two seasons and that only took up about ten minutes of the show. Poor storylines were the reason the show failed to resonate with either my wife or I. We are hoping for season four but only if they return our show to what it was in its first two years.
0 5 LKK Calvin Bragonier  June 12, 2019
I totally agree,
0 5 Stu Calvin Bragonier  June 13, 2019
Agree. Apparently, "edgy" is now defined as cussing a lot and glorifying awful behavior. Phooey.
0 2 Carol C Calvin Bragonier  June 17, 2019
I too was looking forward to season three but I must admit I have been put off by what seems to be unnecessary foul language and explicit sex scenes… Especially between the two males.

The story line development is excellent, plot lines intense… But I am afraid that sex and foul language are going to turn people off from the truly great characters which have been developed.
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3 7 Pat Dilling  June 10, 2019
We so much enjoyed the first two seasons of Designated Survivor. We started watching Season 3 as soon as it was aired. What a disappointment. The language is not something we wish to hear and the emphasis on sex is disappointing. We won't be watching this series. You had a captivating story line but you spoiled it for us.
3 5 Jan Luke Pat Dilling  June 10, 2019
I totally agree with Pat. My husband & I were thrilled when we heard that Designated Survivor was coming back, then we started watching. Wow. Not happy with all the language. People do not talk like that in a professional setting all day long, and the sex thing, really? Why do they need to be showing all that stuff. Very, very disappointed. We only watched 3 episodes so far and are not sure if we want to continue watching. Can't believe they messed up what we thought was already a good show.
2 6 Disappointed Pat Dilling  June 11, 2019
I agree with you Pat. The language is bad. On this show, they always showed people sleeping around without being married. Unfortunately, that's mostly what shows and movies are about now. The 1st episode did show a scene with the president's campaign manager giving money to a young man; male prostitute? That was totally unnecessary.
2 1 Pete A Pat Dilling  June 12, 2019
It's a shame you decided not to watch to the end, I did watch all of them which allowed to me to see what the show was getting at with its direction. Have another look and don't be too quick to judge lest you miss some interesting points...look deeper.

Can't wait for season 4 although I'm sure some people may not wish to watch but you can.t please everyone. Pleasing everyone as a goal is why so so many brilliant shows are cancelled by short sighted statisticians who can't see past viewing figures...some shows take time to shine.
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2 0 daveed1297  June 6, 2019
Please notify me when Anne with an E third season and Madam Secretary fifth season will be shown on Netflix. Thank you
0 2 Sharon Spencer  May 13, 2019
FINALLY! Now I can go back and watch from season one which I have carefully saved on my t.v. I just wish there could end up being a season four, etc.
0 6 Karyn  March 8, 2019
I've been going crazy trying to find when DS starts up again for my boyfriend, it's his favourite show. I've read more than one start date, only to be disappointed. PLEASE let us know when it's returning, thank you!!!
0 0 Nata Aoki Karyn  May 5, 2019
June 7, on Netflix
2 4 Manny  March 5, 2019
We were very disappointed when we could not find out when Designated Survivor started again. Did not even know it had been cancelled, but are ecstatic that Netflix picked it up for 2019. We are excited and really waiting anxiously for the start date. Great job Netflix!!!!
0 0 Rachel Britton Manny  April 29, 2019
What time on Netflix
0 1 Nata Aoki Rachel Britton  May 5, 2019
June 7, 2019
0 0 Rachel Britton Nata Aoki  May 5, 2019
I know the date what time
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0 5 BonBon  February 18, 2019
Just got Netflix and we discovered this show...binge watched all episodes and love it! Please, please start Season 3 soon.
Can't remember when I we both have been this caught up in the characters and the plot. Very smart and entertaining also. Thanks, Netflix!
0 7 Bitsy  February 9, 2019
Plain and simple! THANK YOU NETFLIX!!!!!
0 4 Jooleigh C Bitsy  February 16, 2019
I am so looking forward to Designated Survivor 3. Can you tell us when it will be premiering?s
0 7 Barry Howard  January 20, 2019
Bad weather in the Northeast today and just surfing and decided to check on the status of Designated Survivor. So relieved to learn that Netflix has decided to add this show to their 2019 offering. I am an older guy and not as computer savy as I would like to be. Guess I will be learning about how to sign up for Netflix and use the service. I'm smiling ear to ear..... ☺
0 7 Christy Waldo Barry Howard  January 22, 2019
I am also so excited! It’s the best series I’ve seen in a long time. Kiefer Sutherland needs to run for president for real!!!!! I can’t wait till season 3 starts!!! ❤
0 13 Janis  December 21, 2018
Designated Survivor excels in every area: casting/story lines/direction. Believable. (Except that Hannah wouldn't always have perfectly manicured dark nails when her time is always spent fighting!) . Kirkman is kind of president we need now...and always.
0 7 Pegret Janis  January 18, 2019
I love Designated Survivor! Can't wait till the 3rd season starts. Thank you Netflix for seeing the value in such a great show. It was the reason I subscribed in the first place. It's kind of a cross between 24 and West Wing. Please keep it going for a long time.
0 11 Darlene6265  December 20, 2018
Thank you thank you Netflix!!!! We love Designated Survivor, we always look forward to watching it. We started and couldn't stop. We cannot wait for Season 3. The entire cast is AMAZING!!!!!! When I started watching I couldn't imagine Season 2 could keep my interest after such a great first season but WOW, season 2 was just as great!! Thank you thank you for bringing it back!!!!
0 12 Marilyn  November 26, 2018
0 6 eevalens Marilyn  January 20, 2019
So happy with this news of renewal!
0 12 Sarah  November 25, 2018
THANK YOU Netflix, you have now got our loyality as we are so happy you have saved this amazing series, it is so rare to find a 12 rated series that is wholesome, edifying, and immensely interesting, with characters that portray good decent human beings that remind you of what integrity, truth and kindness are about. If only there was a real Kirkman as President.
0 14 Court  November 25, 2018
We love Designated Survivor and hope Netflix keeps it alive! If only we could have a president just like Kirkman!
0 7 dncmn 54  November 21, 2018
Designated Survivor: The one & only reason I just recently subscribed to Netflix. THANK YOU Netflix! Please keep it going for even more seasons & you'll keep getting my money every month.
0 12 WB  October 25, 2018
Thank you Netflix! We love this show! I can’t wait to watch season 3!
0 11 carl  October 25, 2018
Great news thank you Netflix for having a season 3 brilliant show great cast , good story lines .
4 10 Stephanie Sieffert  October 22, 2018
This is a great show!! They need to keep it going!! The Democraps probably had something to do with the cancellation. Thanks Netflix for Season 3!!
0 12 SusanMorris  September 6, 2018
Thank you Netflix! We love Designated Survivor, was so disappointed when they cancelled it. Tom Kirkman for president 2020 (in real life)
0 7 Mike4jesus SusanMorris  September 6, 2018
I love Netflix! Thank You! this alone Earns my subscription for another year.
0 6 yockomo1  June 4, 2018
Of course it is ended only because it is one f the better shows amongst the [censored]
0 5 MiriCat  May 30, 2018
I am very sad to hear that Designated Survivor has been cancelled. Try getting rid of the crappy series.
0 5 khayyam  May 28, 2018
0 4 Eitay Cohen  May 18, 2018
Very sad news that Designated Survivor has been cancelled :(

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