Animal Kingdom
6 Seasons
75 Episodes
An American drama series, Animal Kingdom debuted on TNT on June 14th, 2016
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Animal Kingdom Cancelled — TNT Series Not Returning for Season 7

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Animal Kingdom Season 7 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Sun 8/28/2022 Fubar Season 6: Episode 13
Next Episode Show ended 75 episodes total
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Animal Kingdom Ending its Series

TNT's acclaimed crime drama, Animal Kingdom, has announced its final season, marking the end of a captivating saga. The network confirmed the renewal for a sixth season, bringing closure to the riveting tale that has captivated audiences since its inception. The news comes ahead of the highly anticipated Season 5 premiere, set to debut this summer on TNT.

The narrative weaves between past and present, offering glimpses into Smurf's formative years in 1984, shedding light on the events that shaped her into the formidable matriarch viewers have come to know. From her daring exploits to her complex relationships, Smurf's journey serves as a compelling backdrop to the contemporary struggles of her descendants.

Animal Kingdom, adapted for television by Jonathan Lisco from David Michod's acclaimed Australian film, boasts a stellar production team led by John Wells Productions and Warner Horizon Scripted Television. Executive producers John Wells, Daniele Nathanson, and Erin Jontow oversee the series, alongside David Michod and Liz Watts, who produced the original feature film. As the final season approaches, fans can expect a thrilling conclusion to this gripping saga, as the Cody family's fate hangs in the balance.

Animal Kingdom Cast

  • Ellen Barkin known for her role as Janine "Smurf" Cody in "Animal Kingdom," Barkin has had a prolific career in film and television, with notable roles in "Sea of Love" and "The Big Easy."
  • Scott Speedman gained fame for his portrayal of Baz Blackwell in "Animal Kingdom." He's also recognized for his role as Ben Covington in the television series "Felicity."
  • Shawn Hatosy(Instagram, Facebook, X) plays Andrew "Pope" Cody in "Animal Kingdom." He's renowned for his performances in films like "The Faculty" and "Alpha Dog."
  • Ben Robson(Instagram, Facebook, X) portrays Craig Cody in "Animal Kingdom." He's also recognized for his role as Kalf in the historical drama series "Vikings."
  • Finn Cole(Instagram, X) takes on the role of Joshua "J" Cody in "Animal Kingdom." Prior to this, he gained attention for his portrayal of Michael Gray in the TV series "Peaky Blinders."
  • Jake Weary is known for playing Deran Cody in "Animal Kingdom." He's also recognized for his role as Kevin Keller's love interest, Kevin Keller, in the television series "Riverdale."

Animal Kingdom has been a cornerstone of TNT's programming, alongside other notable series like Claws. As the network shifts its focus to a blend of unscripted content and sports programming, the legacy of Animal Kingdom remains unparalleled. Snowpiercer stands as the sole ongoing scripted series on TNT, amidst this transition.

Animal Kingdom Final Season

In Season 5, viewers will witness the Cody family grappling with the aftermath of Smurf's demise, navigating treacherous waters as they contend with vengeful adversaries and internal power struggles. With the dynasty lacking a clear leader, tensions run high as each member vies for dominance within the fractured family unit. Against this backdrop, the Codys embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind Smurf's mysterious beneficiary, Pamela Johnson, delving deeper into the secrets that shroud their tumultuous legacy.

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3Pressure and Time Jun 26, 2022
4Inside Man Jun 26, 2022
5Covet Jul 3, 2022
6Diamonds Are Forever Jul 10, 2022
7Incognito Jul 17, 2022
8Revelation Jul 24, 2022
9Gethsemane Jul 31, 2022
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11Hit and Run Aug 14, 2022
12Exodus Aug 21, 2022
13Fubar Aug 28, 2022
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10Exit Strategy Jul 30, 2019
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13The Hyenas Aug 21, 2018
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1Eat What You Kill May 30, 2017
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6Cry Havoc Jul 11, 2017
7Dig Jul 18, 2017
8Grace Jul 25, 2017
9Custody Aug 1, 2017
10Treasure Aug 8, 2017
11The Leopard Aug 15, 2017
12You Will Be Gutted Aug 22, 2017
13Betrayal Aug 29, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Jun 14, 2016
2We Don't Hurt People Jun 14, 2016
3Stay Close, Stick Together Jun 21, 2016
4Dead to Me Jun 28, 2016
5Flesh is Weak Jul 5, 2016
6Child Care Jul 12, 2016
7Goddamn Animals Jul 19, 2016
8Man In Jul 26, 2016
9Judas Kiss Aug 2, 2016
10What Have You Done Aug 9, 2016

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0 0 Julie  February 15, 2024
Amazing best drama Eva
0 3 Eve  March 13, 2023
Really great series throughout. Very moving. However hope that there will be season 7 what is going to happen to Deran, Renn n Nick and J. I felt that the ending is unfinished. Looking forward for season 7 though. Thank You for letting me comment.
0 2 Debra  December 30, 2022
I hardly watch tv, I have sat and watched all seasons in a matter of a week, I could not shut the tv off. This series was incredible, it was intriguing and an awesome story line that you just couldn’t stop watching. If you can keep the series going that would be awesome! Heck I would even pay to watch this series in comparison to what is on the television. Would be good to continue this series, there are so many continuous episodes that could be made with ample story lines. When you have something good, why would you stop making it? Plot twists , characters added the possibilities are endless. Think again to discontinue its so disappointing if season 6 would be the last. Animal Kingdom is one of the best series I have watched and continued to watch to the end. Awesome!
0 1 Darlene  September 10, 2022
Add another story line. Have deron searching for j. Just don’t let us end. Such a great show
0 0 Christine Rondini  September 9, 2022
I can't believe they cancelled animal Kingdom!!! They always take off the good shows and replace them with [censored]py ones!!!
0 3 Alex G  September 1, 2022
Great show, amazing story line, they should not cancel the show, J gets away in the end, what about deran? Does he meet with reen? Why not go after j after double crossing the family..
0 8 penny  August 31, 2022
Animal Kingdom is the best show on t.v. Great script and storyline. Terrific cast who are exceptional actors. This show always leaves you wanting more. I read that Tnt, the network that produce animal kingdom are going with more unscripted shows. Basically [censored] reality t.v that is cheap to make. I think Tnt network is aptly named as they like to blow up and end a terrific show like animal kingdom. The cast deserve emmys. They are so believeable in their character roles.
0 7 Tammy  August 30, 2022
Please don’t let it end here. There is still more that can be told….such a great series I loved every episode.
0 6 Larry Bridgewater  August 29, 2022
There is so very little to watch on TV these days this was one of the top 3 shows on TV actually had a great script and acting, I dont understand why these executives would do this. Had a great story and I will miss it. Please change your mind!
0 0 CharlieBear  June 18, 2022
Hello out there all my AK compadres, are you ready! It's tomorrow!!!!!!!
0 16 Sun  June 18, 2022
There is no other show on television like Animal Kingdom. Why are you ending one of the best tv series ever displayed? There is NOTHING good to watch on television. Why take this from us?

I don’t know who makes the overall decisions to say what tv shows stays and what goes; however, you are making a BIG mistake ending this show!
0 0 Rusty Sun  August 26, 2022
I can’t believe you renew a great series probably the best of all
0 0 Sonya Sun  August 29, 2022
Yes I agree I'm not very happy about the show ending.. I would have liked to see more more and I would have liked to seen What happens afterwards
0 1 Jürgen Buchner  May 22, 2022
When can we watch season 6 in Canada????
0 3 Liz Buchannan  May 19, 2022
Are you going to make us pay for the final season, like I had to do for last season? Seems unfair to charge us for the season [sad2] [confused]
0 13 Michael m  May 11, 2022
Other than TNT sporting events what is on other than Animal Kingdom series and you want to end it ….it’s probably best show on tv and you really need reconsider extending Animal Kingdom to few more seasons
0 18 Sharon Poole  April 22, 2022
Just love this show! Hooked from 1st season, hour 1!!! The story lines that could b written are endless! Get w/the program U guys & continue evolving the mayhem, love, chaos, drama & characters that this cast play so well! Please do not cancel 1 of the best shows on!
0 3 Carol Ames  April 13, 2022
How can I watch this show on my computer?
0 4 CharlieBear  April 8, 2022
June 19, 2022!!! The Last Season!!! That's only 2 months away!!! Where are the Emmys? They don't know what they're missing. Counting the days.
0 10 Shelley  April 8, 2022
My favorite all time show. Please do not cancel and don’t kill anybody else off! Never the same without Baz and Smurf
0 12 Dar  March 9, 2022
Not sure why they would not continue it it is an awesome show with awesome ratings
0 4 Animal Kingdom Rocks Dar  June 3, 2022
This is also my most favorite show ever. The day this series ends my life will not be the same :(((:
6 4 Ray  March 6, 2022
It was an awesome show till they got rid of smurf seems to me it went down hill from there
0 0 Paul gg Ray  August 13, 2023
Was sadd to see Baz go also but it makes it a little more realistic that people actually Die so that's what must be accepted~
0 10 Kathleen Labbe ?  January 17, 2022
I love this show!! I keep watching it over and over waiting for season 6. I can’t believe the show is going to end!!! I’m sure they can make a few more seasons…like maybe an even ten!!!
0 4 Kevin Aebischer Kathleen Labbe ?  January 18, 2022
I can't Wait for animal kingdom season 6 in 2022 and What is the release date for animal kingdom season 6 is in 2022 and i really do hope the producer for animal kingdom season 6 could make season 7 to 10 in they do after season 6 and have more new cast to bring on after animal kingdom season 6 is over
0 12 Debbi  January 11, 2022
Thank you TNT...I rarely look forward to watching anything on TV but I have so enjoyed AK..I turned my 86 yr old Mom to it & she loves it
A few of my GF watch it as well..we like to speculate what will happen next. Should be interesting to see how the writers close the gap on the past escapades of Smurf to the present day of those hunky sons of hers! If the writers need some ideas I will one...Send Craig to Florida to visit this Cougar.I promise I'll take good care of ?
0 0 Dayna Debbi  August 29, 2022
Omg I love it [bigsmile]
0 9 Jeffrey B  October 25, 2021
Enjoyed all 5 seasons, looking forward to season 6. Disappointed it’s the final season. Thank you
0 10 Amanda Kreeger Collier  October 17, 2021
Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite series. I love each of the guys. I am sad to see that its ending. ?
0 7 Pamela Peterson  October 4, 2021
Love this show. Really thought it would end this year but so glad it will be back for another season. The family was so divided at the beginning of the season and it was amazing to see them work together and end up as a unit in last night's episode. [smile]

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