The Crown
6 Seasons
60 Episodes
Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed's romance takes root, culminating in a tragic car journey. Meanwhile, Prince William grapples with Eton life after his mother's passing, and the monarchy faces public sentiment. The Queen contemplates the monarchy's future during her Golden Jubilee, marked by Charles and Camilla's marriage and the budding Royal narrative of William and Kate.
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The Crown Will Not Be Back with Season 7

Current Show Status
The Crown Season 7 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Thu 12/14/2023 Sleep, Dearie Sleep Season 6: Episode 10
Next Episode Show ended 60 episodes total
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Witness the poignant and ill-fated romance that unfolds between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, culminating in a fateful car journey that carries devastating consequences. Their passionate connection takes center stage, and the world watches as their love story evolves with both hope and heartbreak.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of Princess Diana's tragic death has a profound impact on her son, Prince William, as he endeavors to reintegrate into life at Eton. The monarchy finds itself navigating the turbulent waters of public opinion, striving to maintain its relevance and relevance in the wake of the Princess's untimely passing.

As the Queen approaches her Golden Jubilee, she reflects on the future of the monarchy, marked by the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla, and the emergence of a new royal fairytale with the union of William and Kate. This narrative promises to be an emotive exploration of love, loss, and the ever-evolving destiny of the British monarchy.



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#NameAir Dates
1Persona Non Grata Nov 16, 2023
2Two Photographs Nov 16, 2023
3Dis-Moi Oui Nov 16, 2023
4Aftermath Nov 16, 2023
5Willsmania Dec 14, 2023
6Ruritania Dec 14, 2023
7Alma Mater Dec 14, 2023
8Ritz Dec 14, 2023
9Hope Street Dec 14, 2023
10Sleep, Dearie Sleep Dec 14, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Queen Victoria Syndrome Nov 9, 2022
2The System Nov 9, 2022
3Mou Mou Nov 9, 2022
4Annus Horribilis Nov 9, 2022
5The Way Ahead Nov 9, 2022
6Ipatiev House Nov 9, 2022
7No Woman's Land Nov 9, 2022
8Gunpowder Nov 9, 2022
9Couple 31 Nov 9, 2022
10Decommissioned Nov 9, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Gold Stick Nov 15, 2020
2The Balmoral Test Nov 15, 2020
3Fairytale Nov 15, 2020
4Favourites Nov 15, 2020
5Fagan Nov 15, 2020
6Terra Nullius Nov 15, 2020
7The Hereditary Principle Nov 15, 2020
848:1 Nov 15, 2020
9Avalanche Nov 15, 2020
10War Nov 15, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Olding Nov 17, 2019
2Margaretology Nov 17, 2019
3Aberfan Nov 17, 2019
4Bubbikins Nov 17, 2019
5Coup Nov 17, 2019
6Tywysog Cymru Nov 17, 2019
7Moondust Nov 17, 2019
8Dangling Man Nov 17, 2019
9Imbroglio Nov 17, 2019
10Cri de Coeur Nov 17, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Misadventure Dec 8, 2017
2A Company of Men Dec 8, 2017
3Lisbon Dec 8, 2017
4Beryl Dec 8, 2017
5Marionettes Dec 8, 2017
6Vergangenheit Dec 8, 2017
7Matrimonium Dec 8, 2017
8Dear Mrs. Kennedy Dec 8, 2017
9Paterfamilias Dec 8, 2017
10Mystery Man Dec 8, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Wolferton Splash Nov 4, 2016
2Hyde Park Corner Nov 4, 2016
3Windsor Nov 4, 2016
4Act of God Nov 4, 2016
5Smoke and Mirrors Nov 4, 2016
6Gelignite Nov 4, 2016
7Scientia Potentia Est Nov 4, 2016
8Pride and Joy Nov 4, 2016
9Assassins Nov 4, 2016
10Gloriana Nov 4, 2016

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0 0 ritamix  May 11, 2023
Ricostruzione storica eccellente,scenografie,fotografia,costumi splendide,la cura dei dettagli è incredibile,The Crown è la macchina del tempo che ci teletrasporta in quel luogo in bilico tra la storia e il sogno,vale il doppio in tempi di resa culturale,complimenti
0 2 David Liddle  November 29, 2016
We really enjoyed series one of The Crown and look forward to series two, which we fervently hope will be forthcoming soon.
0 0 mmanor  November 28, 2016
Pls get season 2 asap!! Best & most accurate & enjoyable series Ive seen in a long time!! Love it!
0 0 Debbie silk  November 20, 2016
Absolutely brilliant
0 1 CMD  November 19, 2016
Just began watching the series for the second time since it started on Nov. 4th. Love, love , love this series, so close to the truth. Not a garbage-a-tron like some series.
0 1 Geoff Patterson  November 18, 2016
Great show! Can't wait for season 2!
0 0 Joyce B  November 17, 2016
A fabulous show! I was so sad to finish the last episode in Season One. I hope there will be many more seasons to follow this first season. A huge thank you to all participating in this production!!!
0 0 john moffat  November 17, 2016
The Crown is a must for all ages. It is historically accurate and gives a fantastic insight to the Royal Family starting in the 1930s. It is a gripping series and involves not only the Royal Family but Governments and Church Of England. The three are at loggerheads with one another throughout to maintain protocol which rubs many people up the wrong way. The treatment of Prince Philip and Princess Margaret is deplorable, all to maintain and protect the sovereignty continues unblemished.
0 0 Allidro  November 13, 2016
Season 2 - come on man, get on with it. We are waiting!
0 0 Janet Baird  November 10, 2016
Great show, season 2 is a must.
0 0 critichic32  November 8, 2016
We hope to watch season 2 asap. Making your audience wait is not a good tactic you need to keep feeding them.. specially Netflix we pay good money on this one. Hope to have updates soon...
0 0 gaynor duarte  November 7, 2016
Just love this. What an amazing Woman Queen Elizabeth is ! Really can't wait for season 2
0 0 Donna Clements  November 7, 2016
I am obsessed with The Crown. I can not wait for Season 2. It is a very realistic view of Queen Elizabeth's monarchy. I love the series and can not wait for Season. 2

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