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TLC loves to broadcast shows about babies and this gem is no different, as we get to follow the Bushbys and their six adorable girls
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OutDaughtered Season 8 is yet to be announced by TLC

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OutDaughtered Season 8 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 6/30/2020 Quints In Quarantine Season 7: Episode 4
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for OutDaughtered. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1My Busby Valentine Jun 2, 2020
2Snow-cation Jun 16, 2020
3Coronavirus Changes Everything Jun 23, 2020
4Quints In Quarantine Jun 30, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Fournado Warning Oct 1, 2019
2Veggies...Ewww! Oct 8, 2019
3Not So Quiet Riot Oct 15, 2019
4Quint Tested, Parent Approved Oct 22, 2019
5Big Decisions in the Big Country Oct 29, 2019
6Raising Quints 101 Nov 5, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Young, Wild & Three Jun 11, 2019
2Our Home Is Sick Jun 18, 2019
3The Quints Get Schooled Jun 25, 2019
4New House, New Problems Jul 2, 2019
5The Nightmare Before Quintmas Jul 9, 2019
6Lights, Camera, Quints! Jul 16, 2019
7Quints on the High Seas Jul 23, 2019
8There's No Place Like Home Jul 30, 2019
9Quintessential Questions Jul 30, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Quints Have Taken Over! Jul 10, 2018
2A Very Busby Thanksgiving Jul 17, 2018
3It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To Jul 24, 2018
4When Danielle's Away, the Quints Will Play Jul 31, 2018
5It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Quintmas Aug 7, 2018
6I'm Dreaming of a Cajun Christmas Aug 14, 2018
7New Year, New Responsibilities Aug 21, 2018
8The Last Time This Happened We Had Quints! Aug 28, 2018
9OutValentined Sep 4, 2018
10Houston, We Have a Potty Problem Sep 11, 2018
11Every Quint for Herself Sep 18, 2018
12Busby Birthday Bash Sep 25, 2018
13Hawaii Five-Uh-Oh Oct 2, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Dawn of the Terrible Twos Jul 11, 2017
2A Little Potty Never Killed Nobody Jul 18, 2017
3Good Quints Gone Bad Jul 25, 2017
4Extreme Quint Makeover Aug 1, 2017
5Multiple Births, Multiple Birthdays Aug 8, 2017
6The Nightmare Before Easter Aug 15, 2017
7While the Busbys Are Away the Quints Will Play! Aug 22, 2017
8Battle of the Busby Baby Photos Aug 29, 2017
9Mother's Day Getaway Sep 5, 2017
10The Busby's Newest Addition Sep 12, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Catching Up with the Quints Nov 15, 2016
2All Eyes on Hazel Nov 22, 2016
3A Quint in Crisis Nov 29, 2016
4Quint-Fluenza Dec 6, 2016
5This Little Quint Stays Home Dec 13, 2016
65 Babies on a Budget Dec 20, 2016
7A Nightmare on Quint Street Dec 27, 2016
8Quint-cation Chaos Jan 3, 2017
9A Thanksgiving Miracle Jan 10, 2017
10The Quints Take Manhattan Jan 17, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Make Room for Quints May 10, 2016
2Chaos With Quints May 17, 2016
3Quintuple Trouble May 24, 2016
4Should We Stay or Should We Go? May 31, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Countdown to the New Season Jul 11, 2017
2Life With Quints: Battle of the Busby Baby Photos Sep 5, 2017
3Life With Quints: Mother's Day Getaway Sep 12, 2017
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0 2 myrna  July 6, 2019
I love seeing this program want them back in the TLC station . They were all so cute especially that they grow so much...Oh I wish I could see them in person..love it the show.....
0 1 Helen Benton  June 27, 2019
I adore all of it from Adam and Danielle's parenting, their relationship, big sister Blake, Uncle Dale and all the extended family and those big little girls. I watch so close and still try to match a name with a face as they move around. My only hope is that it isn't hard on them when they have the cameras around. Amazing and lovable. God knew what he was doing when he picked the Busby's Thank you for all the love and goodness you share.
0 3 Suzie  June 13, 2019
I love watching this show, but I am sick and tired of Mimi. All she does is whine whine and complain. Does she realize how lucky she is to have 3 daughters who love her and are always watching out for her? In addition, she has 10 grandchildren. She should be the strength of the family; Instead, her girls are forced to constantly worry about. Does she realize that there are people out there who have no children, no grandchildren and no other family, but yet they go on. She should be thanking her lucky stars. another thing... she needs a makeover; she is 54 years old and looks like hell. Stop burdening your girls, get a makeover and move on with your life. You should be a help to Danielle and Adam ...not a burden.
0 0 lisseth colo  June 11, 2019
well, i´m live in spain and i don´t know if i can wath the new season of outdaugthered online, so if you know some website said me please. I´m more thankfull with you
0 1 Tilly 222  June 4, 2019
Is this the date for England or America, also if not when does it premier in England.
0 1 Charlotte Harvey  May 29, 2019
I am so happy that out daughter Ed is coming back. I just love that family. Can’t wait to see what the girls are up to this season
1 3 Kim c  April 9, 2019
Please bring back out daughter absolutely love this show
2 1 Debra Jackson  April 7, 2019
Bring the the goddaughter back to TLC I enjoy watching the girls and seem want they get into . IT HARD TO BELIEVE THEY GROW UP
0 6 Kim k  March 16, 2019
I miss outdaughtered ... bring it back! So cute those
Quints are...it’s time for the cute show already !!!
No more delays .... let’s go TLC ! ❤
1 4 CharHar  March 11, 2019
Please bring back Outdaughtered back. I love watching those girls growing up. Hazel is so much fun to watch
0 6 D MAY  February 5, 2019
Love this show and watching these girls grow up, so cute.
I even have my husband watching this show and he loves it!
0 3 Ramona Martinez D MAY  March 1, 2019
Please keep Outdaughtered Series going “I’m Officially Hooked to the girls, Danielle and Adam! I like their extended family, Aunts, Uncles, Mimi and Adam’s parents! I could care less if they have a Nanny. Just bring the show back !
0 4 Saskia S.  November 9, 2018
I live in Amsterdam and usually don't watch tv shows like Outdaughtered but after one time I was hooked. I really hope the Busby's will continue with this program - maybe less frequent if it's
getting too much for them - which I can fully understand !
0 2 Mike  October 3, 2018
My fiance and I love this show. We have one child together. He is all grown up. He is 25. So watching this little kids grow up is awesome. We love to see how different they are. The personalities are so sweet. Blake is such a great big sister too. Keep this show on so we can all see them grow up like we have been. Please renew for season 5!!! The Sailer family.
0 0 Mike Mike  October 3, 2018
Sorry auto correct. It should have said" So watching these little kids grow up is awesome.
0 3 Danny J  October 1, 2018
I love this show.it is the new John and Kate plus 8. Also my Grammies likes the show and see how the babies are growing up to be big girls. The parents are a cute couple. I hope it comes back on so we can follow them .
6 2 Marchelle Murray  August 7, 2018
1 3 Marleen N  July 26, 2018
Love this show, keep it on the air. It’s so enjoyable to watch as some of those other shows like the overweight show and the one where the legs don’t stop growing. Let’s keep shows with humor on the air where family’s can enjoy.
2 3 madeline j parker  June 20, 2018
it is about time love a family that shows true hardships not hollywood phony drama.love all the girls but my heart has captured hazel she is so warm and truly a beauty hats off the the busbys and their family. ☺ hurry backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2 5 Judy Preusser  April 16, 2018
Thank goodness they are coming back. I have missed them so much. It will bring happy tears seeing them again. Thanks!
0 7 Dana C.  April 12, 2018
I love the family--ALL of them. I cannot see how Danielle does all that she does and never seems way stressed out--I think I would be. :) I want to know how Hazel is doing. I am so happy that the show is coming back--even if it may be a hassle for the family to always be in the spotlight--I would love to be their neighbor and babysit sometime for them. I think it would be great fun. Cannot hardly wait to see everyone again. I hope Danielle's mom is doing better after getting flooded--made me sad--with the hurricane. Hurry, hurry, hurry and get back on.
1 9 Onexfan  April 12, 2018
It's official!!! Outdaughtered has been renewed!!!
0 7 Denise jelaco  March 19, 2018
Best show on t l c!!!!! A breath of fresh air compared to some horrible shows. You renew shows about sad, overweight people and hoarders??!! Really? Bring this family back and give us something not cringe worthy to watch.
0 0 Welheminah  March 14, 2018
I'm laughing at myself as I was waiting for surrounded by daughters..It is 20:00 in SA but seemingly the episode has come to an end,my Wednesdays will be boring without these flowers ?
0 7 Miche  February 21, 2018
America needs a show like this now more than ever. Please renew for 2018. The show is such valuable relief from all the tragic news we are informed of every day. It is good for our children to see a family dynamic such as presented by this family.
0 4 Michael Richdom  February 5, 2018
Now it is Feb. 2018, when will the Outdaughtered return to bring the smile and sunshine to my heart and so many other viewers?
0 13 Irene ullman  December 24, 2017
Outdaughtered is best show on TCL. I could watch it everyday.
The girls are adorable and smart. Please bring them back. The The Family should be paid more. They are worth it. I don’t think that they should be critized because they have a babysitter. They should paid enough do that they could 3 or 4 babysitters. My next favorite program is the little people. That family is very intelligent and give their children the best care possible. It changes everyone’s idea of a dwarf family. It shows that size does not matter. It’s what you do that’s important. Of course the children were unhappy when they first came but now they are happy and well adjusted and getting the best care.

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