3 Seasons
30 Episodes
Fans are pushing another installment with another internet petition, but with such low numbers the future might not be so bright
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Stitchers Won’t Return for Season 4, Freeform Decided

Current Show Status
Stitchers Season 4 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Mon 8/14/2017 Maternis Season 3: Episode 10
Next Episode Show ended 31 episodes total

Latest news

UPDATED September 17, 2017: The most recent third installment of this sci-fi drama series has just wrapped up in August, and despite fans’ best efforts on various social network to campaign for the renewal, the Freeform network has just announced that Stitchers has been cancelled after three seasons – no Season 4 for the show. The cancellation decision, unfortunately, came as no surprise, because despite a loyal fan following, the series continued delivering poor ratings, having averaged less than 0.4 million viewers during the third run.

Basic info, plot and cast

An American sci-fi criminal drama television series, Stitchers has premiered on Freeform (when it was still ABC Family) in 2015. The current third season debuted on June 5th, 2017 with ten brand new episodes. Created by Jeffrey Alan Schechter, Stitchers is produced by StoryBy Productions, Like The Wind Productions and ABC Family Original Productions and executive produced by Jonathan Baruch, Robert Wolken, Todd Holland and Jeff Schechter.

Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) is a brilliant computer science grad student at Caltech who is recruited into the undercover Stitchers project. Talented neuroscientist Cameron Goodkin (Kyle Harris) and communications technician Linus Ahluwala (Ritesh Rajan) work alongside Kirsten to “stitch” her into the memories of the recently deceased in order to reveal the true reasons behind their deaths.

Overall ratings and a possible season 4

There is actually an internet petition out, which is desperately trying to push a fourth season of Stitchers. Originally, the show started off with 1.28 Million viewers for its premiere episode, but since then the numbers dropped significantly to an average of a mere 0.35 Million in the third season. This is somewhat surprising, because the overall ratings are rather positive with a strong 7 out of 10 stars on IMDb, a solid 8.3 out of 10 on and 3/5 on Common Sense Media. The ever confusing Rotten Tomatoes somewhat trashes these ratings with a dismal 29% overall approval rating, but the average audience rating is still 4.3 out of 5 stars with 83% actually liking the show.


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Out of the Shadows Jun 5, 2017
2For Love and Money Jun 12, 2017
3Perfect Jun 19, 2017
4Mind Palace Jun 26, 2017
5Paternis Jul 10, 2017
6The Gremlin and the Fixer Jul 17, 2017
7Just the Two of Us Jul 24, 2017
8Dreamland Jul 31, 2017
9Kill It Forward Aug 7, 2017
10Maternis Aug 14, 2017
#NameAir Dates
12.0 Mar 22, 2016
2Hack Me If You Can Mar 29, 2016
3The One That Got Away Apr 5, 2016
4The Two Deaths of Jamie B. Apr 12, 2016
5Midnight Stitcher Apr 19, 2016
6The Dying Shame Apr 26, 2016
7Pretty Little Lawyers May 3, 2016
8Red Eye May 10, 2016
9The Guest May 17, 2016
10All In May 24, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1A Stitch in Time Jun 2, 2015
2Friends in Low Places Jun 9, 2015
3Connections Jun 16, 2015
4I See You Jun 23, 2015
5Stitcher in the Rye Jun 30, 2015
6Finally Jul 7, 2015
7The Root of All Evil Jul 14, 2015
8Fire in the Hole Jul 21, 2015
9Future Tense Jul 28, 2015
10Full Stop Aug 4, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1When Darkness Falls Oct 20, 2015


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0 0 Carman  December 8, 2017
❤ Just finished watching Season 3 on Hulu and went looking for Season 4 and found out they cancelled it. WHY!!! Started watching it and couldn't stop. They always do this. Take a good show off but leave the crappy ones..Now my last memory will be of poor Cam and who the hell was Kirsten talking to. ? ?
0 0 James Gichigi  October 19, 2017
I really liked this show.Cant they just add one final season to polish up everything instead of cancelling it.Its a shame they begin a series they can't handle!!SHAME!!
0 2 Marino  September 17, 2017
Just read it won't be back for season 4 because of the ratings.

I call shenanigans. The numbers are confusing at best and no one agrees on them. For myself and a ton of other people we watch it on HULU. I am sure a ton watch it on other platforms.

The ratings are bogus and probably rigged.
0 1 Gringanavy Marino  September 18, 2017
I agree with you on that. I was watching it on recordings on my DVR or the Freeform App. This really sucks. People don't even watch Live TV anymore. I think they should still do Season 4. The way the last episode ended left me thinking. That's not fair. ? ? ? ?
0 1 Mystry Marino  September 18, 2017
Your right the last episode did leave me thinking. Though it didn't like the last two seasons did it is still on a cliff hangar and it will bug me beyond extent. There has to be another season.
0 2 chelsea h  August 15, 2017
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ i love this show so much i really really hope there will be another season
0 0 tammykeize  May 27, 2017
i just hope that they have a season 4 planing too cause does 10 episodes are really increditable ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
0 0 tammykeize  May 27, 2017
this show is great i just finish season 2 and am so glad that i recently start watching it cause i really couldnt wait show long and its in 8 day oohh my god i can wait i love the show totally ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ come on days hurry up and move ...TK
0 0 Kaely  May 27, 2017
❤ I' m so happy that It's in 8 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I CAN HARDLY LIVE
0 0 CNL  December 27, 2016
Absolutely love this show. Just found it randomly browsing and couldn't stop watching! Binge watched in about 3 days in between work and celebrating Christmas. Certainly would be a great late Christmas to at least get a release date for season 3, and maybe a few more episodes per season...
0 0 Chris B  December 23, 2016
I just watched both seasons in three days and can not wait to watch season three. I am hooked on this show. I work in a neuroscience department so when they explain stuff I actually know what they are talking about. This show is very intriguing.
0 2 oashia  December 12, 2016
they need to stop canceling things
0 1 Dena  December 3, 2016
This is an amazing show. I am addicted and can't wait to watch season 3! I am so happy and relieved that Stitchers will live on through season 3!
0 1 Brenda Connelly  November 19, 2016
I love love love this show it is intriguing suspenseful I look forward to it when it is on wish we had more shows
0 0 Emma H.  November 10, 2016
I was really nervous that Stitchers was going to be cancelled, but I'm thrilled to read that there will be a Season 3! I don't know what I would do if they left everything off like that. Hopefully this season will be great! :lol:
0 0 orhan feehan  November 3, 2016
So looking forward to sticthers season 3. Yayyyyyy
0 1 Lori P.  November 2, 2016
YAY!!!! :lol: I was so ecstatic when I read that Stitchers will be returning to us a viewers for another season & hopefully many more seasons to follow! Can't wait for one of my favorite shows to return! I don't have much time to actually sit down to watch TV but since I stumbled across Stitchers by sheer luck, I have made a conscious effort to take a hour of "me time" for myself just to watch this show.

Sincerely looking forward to be able to watch my "me time" show again!
0 1 Lori P. Lori P.  November 2, 2016
Let me add, I only have 5 shows that I actually enjoy watching throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, 2 possibly 3 of those 5 shows may not return or cancelling, Finding Carter being one of them, which is totally disappointing!
0 1 Katelin  October 24, 2016
YES!!!! I have been stocking the internet to see if Stitchers was going to be renewed. I'm SOOOOO HAPPY.!
0 0 Debi  October 22, 2016
I am very excited that Stichers is going to be renewed. I am quite attached to it. I know that I got excited about the series very quickly after watching the first season. I can hardly wait until it is back on.

0 0 Janice Gill  October 20, 2016
Thank you so much for renewing stitchers I couldn't get enough of it. Loved it
0 0 TY  October 18, 2016
0 0 sal  October 14, 2016
I glad the show is renewed. The cast for the show is the perfect combination and the stories are interesting. I like this show a lot.
0 0 Rob  October 13, 2016
WOO HOO !!!! Stitchers season 3.. I'm super happy they decided to renew this show. I stumbled across it, as I was watching something on hulu and when the show ended hulu just picked stitchers as a show for me to check out and I was instantly dragged in!! a fan right away. Great show, Great plots, and Great cast!! Thanks a lot hulu for turning me onto this show and thanks a lot freeform for the renewal of next season. If this show wasn't renewed it would have been almost as upsetting as being left high and dry, like when I was super into the GLADES, and for what ever reason they cut it after season 4. on a major cliff hanger. that was just cruel!!!! if you haven't seen this show yet you rally should its for sure a must watch. like I mentioned you can pick up all of season 1 and 2 on hulu. Enjoy, and happy watching!!!
0 0 Mreeves8 Rob  October 20, 2016
Exactly! I cannot believe you just mentioned the glades! That is what I was so afraid of. I didn't want to be disappointed. Glades will never come back and that is no way to end a show. So glad that this show will keep going!!
0 0 Mili  October 10, 2016
:D Well finally it's renewed
0 0 7dlh7  October 8, 2016
Doin' the happy dance!!!! WEWT! :lol: :D 8)
0 1 Nadia  October 5, 2016
By far my favorite show. The suspense the action and the great actors are what make me want a 3Rd season !!!
0 1 Sheila Gilmer  October 5, 2016
I am in hopes that this show will be renewed. The cast and writing is wonderful and would love to watch as they continue to develop and story line unfolds. Please bring this show back for us to enjoy.
0 0 Liz Hock Sheila Gilmer  October 6, 2016
It's just got renewed it's official!!!

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