Paranormal Lockdown UK
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For the first time on TV, paranormal investigators will explore Jim Beam American Stillhouse
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Paranormal Lockdown UK Season 5 is yet to be announced by Quest Red

Current Show Status
Paranormal Lockdown UK Season 5 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Thu 11/1/2018 Hinchingbrooke House Season 4: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Paranormal Lockdown UK. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Shepton Mallet Prison Aug 30, 2018
2Drakelow Tunnels Sep 6, 2018
3The Royal Oak Pub Sep 13, 2018
4The Abandoned Park Hotel Sep 20, 2018
5The Skegness Hell House Oct 4, 2018
6Newsham Park Hospital Sep 27, 2018
7Margam Castle Oct 11, 2018
8The Mill Street Barracks Oct 18, 2018
9The Kenton Theatre Oct 25, 2018
10Hinchingbrooke House Nov 1, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Old Sweet Springs Mar 1, 2018
2Wildwood Sanitorium Mar 8, 2018
3Higginsport School Mar 15, 2018
4Jim Beam Distillery Mar 22, 2018
5Cambria Jail Mar 29, 2018
6Bobby Mackey's Music World Apr 5, 2018
7Monroe House Revisit Apr 12, 2018
8Beattie Mansion Apr 19, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Monroe House Dec 16, 2016
2Shrewsbury Prison Dec 23, 2016
3Oliver House Dec 30, 2016
4St. Ignatius Hospital Jan 6, 2017
5Waverly Hills & Trans-Allegheny Unlocked Jan 13, 2017
6Bellaire House & Hinsdale House Unlocked Jan 20, 2017
7Statler City Hotel & Anderson Hotel Unlocked Jan 27, 2017
8White Hill Mansion & Kreischer Mansion Unlocked Feb 3, 2017
9Malvern Manor & Franklin Castle Unlocked Feb 10, 2017
10Rampart St Murder House & Randolph County Infirmary Unlocked Feb 17, 2017
11Scutt Mansion & Monroe House Unlocked Feb 24, 2017
12Old Chatham County Jail & Shrewsbury Prison Unlocked Mar 3, 2017
13Evidence Revealed Mar 10, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Mar 4, 2016
2Anderson Hotel Mar 11, 2016
3Franklin Castle Mar 18, 2016
4Randolph County Infirmary Mar 25, 2016
5Hinsdale House Apr 1, 2016
6Kreischer Mansion Apr 8, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Halloween Special: 100 Hours at Black Monk House Oct 31, 2016
2Evidence Revealed Special Dec 16, 2016
3Facebook Exclusive - Paranormal Lockdown UK: London Underground Aug 23, 2018
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0 1 Liana  September 5, 2018
I'm in the UK and Quest has it on tonight at 11pm, but it's got it on as season 1, when it is season 3?! I've watched this programme from the beginning. Very strange.
0 0 Liana Liana  September 5, 2018
Also, it is Shepton Mallet Prison
0 0 Amanda Latour Liana  September 5, 2018
Nick Groff also has another show it’s called ghost of Shepherdstown. It has two season.
0 0 Tammy Hannell  September 3, 2018
Ok It's Sept 3rd and on kodi it shows season 4 with 3 listed episodes
1 Shelton mallet
2 Drakelow tunnels
3 The royal oak Pub
So WTF no season 3 but 4s being filmed??
0 0 Betty Tammy Hannell  September 5, 2018
I freakin don’t get why there is such a big problem! March or April, Katrina n Nick were on “The View” n talked about the new season coming up n starting soon!! (I think they said May)
Odd they’re showing a lot of the other Paranormal shows now....N Ghost Adventures is supposed to be new. N they’re reruns. The 2hr episodes are 2 separate shows that have been shown before!! The other is just Extra Pulses...
0 0 Amanda Latour Tammy Hannell  September 5, 2018
I think is due to the fact that season 1 and 2 where on destination America and season 3 was on TLC and Quest Red ( on you tube)
I feel your pain. I have kodi as well and can’t watch season 3 as well. But paranormal lockdown uk I can watch, but it Air in the UK on a free channel in the UK called Quest Red.
0 0 Andrew Frederick Wil  August 21, 2018
Discovery owns the Destination America channel which is why I mentioned Discovery channel though Paranormal Lockdown was on DA. It is possible that Discovery dictates what gets shown on its channels such as DA and Travel channels.
0 1 Andrew Frederick Wil  August 21, 2018
Another theory I was thinking is a big reason why the reruns of Paranormal Lockdown seasons 1 and 2 were pulled off the air in April by Discovery networks could be because whoever is running Discovery did not like the idea that Paranormal Lockdown season 3 was only premiering in the UK with an unset later date in 2018 for season 3 to premiere in USA. Because of this, I feel it is possible whoever is running Discovery did not like that making a fuss about season 3 here and decided to just rip Paranormal Lockdown off the air at the detriment of Nick and Katrina and all their fans here in USA. With this said, I feel there is a good possibility Discovery totally cancelled Paranormal Lockdown over season 3 premiering in UK but not US back in March with an unknown date for season 3 to premiere in US later here in 2018. If this is so, so much for seeing season 3 in US and shame on whoever running Discovery for doing this to Nick, Katrina and all their fans. I being one of those fans.
0 0 John A. Miller Andrew Frederick Wil  September 3, 2018
They still haven't shown Season 3 of Kindred Spirits either.
0 2 Andrew F Wilks  August 21, 2018
I would not be a bit surprised if Discovery Channel is refusing to air season 3 of paranormal lockdown due to all the reality on there that has nothing to do with the original purpose of Discovery-Intelligent and educational program. Perhaps whoever is running Discovery feels that Paranormal Lockdown is too intelligent for their kind of dumb stupid reality programming these days. Thought they would be here in USA as of August 30 only to read that the August 30 date is in the UK on Quest Red premiering as Paranormal Lockdown UK. 6 months and still waiting and cannot wait until Paranormal Lockdown premiers in USA if we ever see Paranormal Lockdown in USA again-Especially with Paranormal Lockdown reruns of seasons 1 and 2 not on air since April. When season 3 premierd in UK in March, one month later seasons 1 and 2 reruns totally stop showing here in USA. Nick and Katrina are AWESOME true professionals and it is a real shame what discovery has done in favor of dumb reality and drama.
0 3 Karen H.  August 20, 2018
As of today ( 8-20-18 ) I just verified on my Comcast Cable that for Aug. 30th. ( The Discovery Channel Lineup ) has Paranormal Lockdown showing it Nowhere in site! I also noticed that in Nick Groff's Tweet ( at the end ) he states Paranormal Lockdown Thursday 30th. 9pm @ QuestRedtv. He doesn't say @ Discovery Channel. Am I alone in This??? So why does the proverbial Carrot continually dangled before us? I'm sure Nick and Katrina can't wait 'til their contract is up w/ you folks as those two are the professionals and I'm sure they're constantly having to apologize for the mess that they've found themselves in and after such a HUGE following too! What a Mess Discovery has made ... Fans are EVERYTHING and they DON'T forget!
One thing's for sure ... Discovery fell asleep at the wheel!
0 1 Andrew F Wilks Karen H.  August 21, 2018
Just found out today that the August 30 date is quest red and that there is still no date as to when season 3 premiers here in USA. The paranormal lockdown that is premiering on August 30 is called Paranormal LockdownUK. While this site has the August 30 date as season 3 premiering, I am suspecting this site has it wrong getting season 3 mixed up with season 1 of Paranormal LockdownUK and that season 3 in USA is still to be announced yet though 6 months have passed and still nothing yet here in USA. Hopefully soon season 3 will come to USA as I love show Paranormal Lockdown. Paranormal Lockdown has been off the air in USA since April of this year without even the reruns showing. Maybe this is because of how there are too many dumb reality shows throwing around drama here in US. Discovery channel being one of those channels that stripped intelligent programming to replace it with reality [censored]! This could be why season 3 is not in US yet still and why they been off air in US since April.
0 0 Heather1225 Karen H.  August 23, 2018
I saw the same thing Karen. I received an email saying they are supposed to release season 3 on August 30th..same date Nick is showing for the UK, but I'm not finding it anywhere on my provider's line up. What is really irritating is no matter how many communications we send to Discovery, no one will respond to whether they will ever release it here. I'm pretty sick of Discovery.
0 3 Bill Huggins  July 23, 2018
I do hope that if Discovery Inc., does decide to finally air Paranormal Lockdown in the USA, that no one watches. I'm actually planning to drop the Tier on my cable that contains the Discovery channel that at present owns the rights to this series, Destination America. I can knock $20.00 off of my cable bill by doing so. Amazon will probably have Season 3 for sale and view by the time it ever airs in the USA, I'll just buy the season and forget about Discovery. Discovery is [censored]ing over all of the US Paranormal Lockdown fans and absolutely refuses to answer any message or e mail concerning this subject. Nick and Katrina know a lot more than they're not talking about. I'm washing my hands of this entire matter. I'll wait on Amazon.
0 1 Julie G Bill Huggins  August 6, 2018
Actually bill it’s not discovery channel. It’s Destination America n I don’t know if it’s politics or what but I agree it was wrong. It was not Nick or Katrina‘s fault. Seems like u liked the show I mean taking the time n coming on here and giving ur thoughts and opinions. Heck the show is great u know that! So y not express ur disappointment n let it go n come the end of August join us all n watch the show! Give them a hand to grab n say it was great hope this won’t happen again. Jst a thought.
0 1 Roberta Coleman Bill Huggins  August 6, 2018
Hey Bill, I'm with u. Yeah I was disappointed too but knew they'd be back to the USA eventually. We have taken that tier off our Direct TV & just but the season I watch. We're saving 100's a year! I miss nothing!
0 1 Roberta Coleman Roberta Coleman  August 6, 2018
sorry, buy the season I want to watch on Amazon......
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1 0 Bill Huggins  July 14, 2018
As of Today, Sa[censored]ay, July 14, 2018, there is still no sign of "Paranormal Lockdown" on any Discovery Inc. Channel. Season 3 has not premiered anywhere in the USA, nor have any re runs been aired. When Discovery Inc. premiered "Paranormal Lockdown" on March 1, 2018, 0n Quest Red in England, all paranormal shows were removed from Discovery's, Destination America channel in the US. "Kindred Spirits" returned and premiered on Discovery's Travel Channel, on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 10 P.M.(Central Time). "Haunted Towns" returns tonight on The Travel Channel, Sa[censored]ay, July 14, 2018 at 9 P.M. "Ghost Stalkers", "Ghost Asylum", "Ghost Mine", "The Ghost Brothers", and others, have returned to Destination America between the last of June and today. Still no "Paranormal Lockdown", the top ranked show of them all.
0 1 JenniferS Bill Huggins  July 16, 2018
Truly, that is stupid! That show, by far, is Better than those others!!! I think we deserve an explanation, as fans..... that's the least they can do.
0 0 tracychildress  June 28, 2018
I be waiting too. Long. So i go miss paranormal. Lockdown3 season i was disapporting dish ch. I was so angry i only got direct tv i miss them nick and katarina. So bad
0 1 Penney  June 27, 2018
Please bring it back to US channels so we all can watch. I look forward to it. I am sick and most time bed ridden so I watch the reruns over and over I would really like to see the new episodes maybe that sounds stupid to like a TV show that much but it makes me happy. It's not fake like ghost adventures where Zac is always is being possession episodes and Aaron yells so much you miss if there was even anything and they over react to everything, Paranormal Lock down 7s the real deal by people who are really looking for TRUE evidence. Please please bring it back on a us network. It's my one show that makes this miserable illness for an hour tolerated for a little while,
0 0 Sarina Penney  August 8, 2018
Hey, You can love paranormal Lockdown all you want, I do! But don't knock Ghost Adventures. That show is awesome too. I Love both Of the shows no matter the issues between Zack and Nick that happened. Anyways, Glad to hear Paranormal Lockdown Will Premiere August 30th. Still a long wait to me but im happy they finally announced a date. ☺
0 2 PinkPandaPop  June 22, 2018
From what I know, season 3 did air on Quest Red in the UK with the first episode airing in April. It is listed on Quest Red as one of their shows. Their Twitter has even tweeted about episodes.
According to my sources in the field and that personally know people involved with the show (not going to go into detail), they had contractual issues with Discovery Inc. which have ultimately prevented other US networks from picking it up. Their previous contract w/ Discivery Inc. has basically boxed them in and prevented any network from obtaining rights.
0 1 James m smith PinkPandaPop  August 6, 2018
Paranormal Lockdown will return for season 3 on Destination America on August 30 2018.
0 0 Tammy Hannell James m smith  September 3, 2018
Well considering it's Now SEPT AND no paranormal lockdown safe to say canadians and US get the preveribal SHAFT
1 1 raven  June 12, 2018
Hi everyone. if you're from US and are wondering why you haven't got it yet its because it still hasn't aired in the UK yet, i have looked and even gone through tweets and found out it's not even out yet, there still filming. that's why no one can find it not even people from England, im not sure when its coming out because they did say the 1st of March but it never came out and there still filming when its June the 12th. and if it has aired then i want to know where it is because im from the UK and i cant find it on redquest at all.
0 1 Bill Huggins raven  June 12, 2018
Raven, thanks for making this post. I have been doing a thorough investigation of Quest Red Over The Air Station in England where Season 3 of Paranormal Lockdown was suppose to premier on March 1, 2018, but It seems there is no reference to Paranormal Lockdown actually ever being aired on the network. I believe all of the publicity about this so called premier was all "Fake News" as Trump calls it. I believe we have totally been Scammed. I have sent Destination America several more messages since my first post here, but they refuse to respond. Every thing that I can find about this subject seems to be nothing more than a rumor.
0 2 Bill Huggins  June 9, 2018
I've just heard a new rumor, remember, only a rumor, Discovery has purchased the "Scripps" network, which includes "The Travel Channel", the channel that "Zac and Ghost Adventures" is on. This rumor came from someone on another forum, and he said that
"Paranormal Lockdown" would premier on the Travel Channel between October and December along with the other Paranormal shows from Destination America and TLC. I don't know any names, and wouldn't no who they were if I did. So take it for what it's worth, but it kind of makes sense, except for the premier date. That out to really make Zac mad.
0 1 Bill Huggins  May 28, 2018
I don't think that Paranormal Lockdown Season 3 is going to premier in the USA, at least not on Destination America. Re- runs of Paranormal Lockdown have not been shown on Destination America since Season 3 premiered in England, March 1, 2018. Kindred Spirits, another paranormal show has also been absent from their schedule. I just watched Mountain Monsters on TLC, so there is another show that's been moved. These shows have been replaced by BBQ Masters, Buying Alaska, and others. I have tried numerous times to contact Discovery, the parent company of Destination America and TLC, and they refuse to communicate with me. In my opinion, there is something going on that they refuse to talk about. I do know that Discovery is in negotiations to buy Scripps, the owner of The Travel Channel, the channel that Ghost Adventures is on. I'm still trying to get to the botton of this.
0 1 Sidnee Bill Huggins  June 6, 2018
Couldn't agree more! There is something fishy going on. Destination America hasn't premiered any new seasons of many shows and absolutely no word on when they will. Usually, networks want viewers and they can't wait to share information about their premieres. I've written to the network as well and you get NO RESPONSE. What's also fishy is, Nick and Katrina have made no statement about this either. I noticed Katrina just said "the network determines the premiere date, we have no control over that" (I'm sure that's true) "and no idea when that will be" (not sure that's true). You don't know when your own show is going to premiere in your own country? Since it's more than one show though I have a feeling it has nothing to do with individual show producers asking for more money. It has to do with networks haggling over the details of the deal. Does anyone know where you can get access to Season 3 of Paranormal Lockdown on QuestRed? Even if you have to pay for the episodes.
0 0 Marilyn Bill Huggins  August 7, 2018
Then why were Katrina n Nick on the View in the beginning of this year? Talking about the show coming back....not 100%,,,But I thought they said would start in March or April. Yea n no reruns either. N they were on a lot....
0 3 Mark Linn  May 14, 2018
I heard that last year in 2017 that Destination America got sold. Maybe Quest Red in England is now the major financial backer of "Paranormal Lockdown" with a 51%-49% stock in the show. I am not saying this is the case, but it could be. The first two seasons premiere in America first and season three all of a sudden premieres in England first, very odd to say the least. We have been waiting over one year for this show to return for season three. At this point I hope I can see it by at least October. It is very frustrating. And I do love the show. #HelpUsPLS3FansSoon ? ☺ ❤
0 6 Jennifer S  April 22, 2018
Any day now would be great. It's almost May and we can't even find it in our search guide anymore. Does anyone know what's happened lately?
0 6 Kristi Anderson  April 10, 2018
Impatiently waiting for season 3. Love this show!
0 2 Jaychrlie Kristi Anderson  April 16, 2018
I hope the producers of parnormal lockdown didnt get greedy an premiered it in england first which is probably a let down cause i was a fan of nick an katrina from there prior shows in the u.s., ghost dont kill. GREED DOES! Just saying amazon or tlc..etc...would of pick if up too!
0 0 fabian  March 27, 2018
i stay in south africa this show is not air in south africa i watch on you tube bring it also to SA
0 2 Kat Salinas  March 26, 2018
I am not sure why your show Paranormal Lockdown Season 3 is premiering in the UK first before the USA...but now that I know it has at least premiered somewhere in the world I will be anxiously awaiting its arrival in the USA...have been following both Katrina and Nicks careers as paranormal investigators since the beginning! It is great the Nick keeps coming back to do Paranormal Lockdown in spite of all the irons he has in the fire outside of this one show. Cannot Wait to see the new season soon! ❤
0 2 Mark Linn Kat Salinas  March 26, 2018
The first two seasons and first twenty episodes originally premiered in the USA, so I am not sure why season three and episode twenty-one and beyond is starting in the UK first. Maybe the financial backing of the show is now 51% Quest Red & 49% Destination America, but that is just a guess theory as to why this might have happen this time around. Because for instance with his past show, "Ghost Adventures", it always premiered here first, because it was made, and filmed in America. So it is a real mystery as to why it came out this way. But I am looking forward to season three and I am glad that Nick Groff is still on a paranormal show. I do love Katrina Weidman, and with Rob Saffi they make a great team. #PLS3*
0 8 Ginga da Ninja  March 8, 2018
I ❤ Paranormal Lockdown. Nick & Katrina are WAY better than GAC. I'm so upset season 3 is only airing in UK. ? PLEASE bring to US very soon!!!
0 4 we are also waiting Ginga da Ninja  March 22, 2018
we have been waiting patiently for season 3 to start here in the U.S
0 4 Daniel Renaud  March 8, 2018
I am so mad it is not in the USA! It is only in the UK! ? I Can not wait til it airs in the USA
0 4 Mark Linn  March 7, 2018
When is "Paranormal Lockdown" season three going to begin in America? I know it came out in the UK for March 2018. Is it going to come out in the USA the same month or sometime in April 2018 once it is Spring? Any information that you can pass onto us fans out here that are waiting for its return to Destination America or TLC would be much appreciated. I know that these networks have to put this show into its schedule, but this is a big paranormal show, and they need to bring it back quickly before people lose interest in it. Thank you for reading my letter of interest. And I look forward to the new season of this awesome paranormal show that I really do love to watch!:)
0 6 Susanna  March 3, 2018
OK, Nick and Katrina...When is the new season going to air here in AMERICA ??? I got all psyched up...then couldn't find it! Luckily a nice gal, Kyramariah, clued me that it's showing over in the UK, and not here! C'MON GUYS !! When is is going to air here in America ?????
0 3 Susanna  March 2, 2018
I'm really puzzled...I DID miss the new episode last today, I forwarded my TV Guide to March 8, 2018...TLC.. TO RECORD.. .no Paranormal Lockdown??? What's up with that? I am with Spectrum/Time Warner that the reason? PLEASE HELP! ❤
0 3 Kyramariah Susanna  March 2, 2018
It only aired in the UK the release date for the us has yet to be announced... I feel your pain
0 2 Susanna Kyramariah  March 3, 2018
THANK YOU, Kyramariah!!! I thought I was losing my marbles for a sec ! I had just checked "On Demand" and it wasn't there!! Now I know why! Thank you again! :)
0 1 Jocelyn Hutton  March 1, 2018
Love this show ! Nick and Katrina make a great team together can't wait for season 3 been watching season 1 and 2 over again waiting on season 3 come on season 3 !!!!

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