When Calls the Heart
11 Seasons
109 Episodes
When Calls the Heart is a Canadian-American family drama / Western TV series based on the eponymous book by Janette Oke and developed by Michael Landon, Jr.
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Air Date of When Calls the Heart Season 11 Set for April 7, 2024 by Hallmark

Current Show Status
The release date for When Calls the Heart Season 11 — April 7, 2024
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Sun 10/15/2023 Starry Night Season 10: Episode 12
Next Episode Airs Sun 4/7/2024 Episode 1 Season 11: Episode 1
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Hallmark's 'When Calls the Heart

"When Calls the Heart" is a heartfelt television series set in the fictional town of Hope Valley, inspired by Janette Oke's Canadian West book series. The show follows Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher from a wealthy Eastern family, as she adjusts to life in the quaint frontier town. Throughout the series, viewers witness the trials and triumphs of the townsfolk as they navigate love, loss, and the challenges of pioneer life. With themes of community, faith, and resilience, "When Calls the Heart" captures the essence of small-town charm and the enduring spirit of hope.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the early 20th century, offering a nostalgic glimpse into a simpler time. From Elizabeth's blossoming romance with Mountie Jack Thornton to the heartwarming bonds formed among the residents, the series weaves a captivating tale of love, friendship, and the power of the human spirit. With its endearing characters and compelling storytelling, "When Calls the Heart" has become a beloved favorite among audiences of all ages.

Where to Watch When Calls the Heart

Fans of "When Calls the Heart" can enjoy the series on various platforms, ensuring widespread accessibility for viewers. Hallmark Channel, the network behind the show, airs new episodes during its scheduled programming slots, allowing fans to tune in weekly for the latest adventures in Hope Valley. Additionally, Hallmark Channel's streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now, offers on-demand access to past seasons, enabling viewers to catch up on missed episodes or revisit their favorite moments at their convenience.

Furthermore, "When Calls the Heart" is available for digital purchase or rental on popular platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Google Play Movies & TV. This flexibility allows fans to watch the series across different devices, whether at home or on the go. With multiple viewing options to choose from, fans can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of "When Calls the Heart" whenever and wherever they please.

When Calls the Heart Cast

Erin Krakow(Instagram, Facebook, X), known for her portrayal of Elizabeth Thornton, captured hearts as the resilient teacher-turned-mother in "When Calls the Heart." Prior to this role, Krakow enchanted audiences as Tanya Gabriel in "Army Wives," showcasing her versatility and emotional depth.

Martin Cummins(Instagram) brought depth and complexity to the character of Henry Gowen in "When Calls the Heart," adding layers of intrigue and redemption. His previous notable role as Ames White in "Dark Angel" highlighted his ability to portray morally ambiguous characters with nuance and intensity.

Jack Wagner(Instagram, Facebook, X), portraying the charming and steadfast Bill Avery, charmed audiences with his portrayal of the lovable lawman. Wagner's extensive career includes his iconic role as Frisco Jones in "General Hospital," where he solidified himself as a beloved figure in daytime television.

Kavan Smith's(Instagram) portrayal of Leland Coulter in "When Calls the Heart" showcased his talent for bringing warmth and sincerity to his characters. Prior to this role, Smith gained recognition for his portrayal of Major Evan Lorne in "Stargate Atlantis," demonstrating his ability to inhabit roles across various genres with ease.

When Calls the Heart Season 11 Premiere Date

Mark your calendars for April 7, 2024, as "When Calls the Heart" season 11 is set to premiere on Hallmark Channel at 9 p.m. EST. Fans can anticipate another enchanting season filled with romance, drama, and heartwarming moments in the picturesque town of Hope Valley. As the residents face new challenges and embark on fresh adventures, viewers can look forward to being transported back in time to a bygone era where love and community triumph over adversity. Don't miss out on the excitement as the beloved series returns for another unforgettable season on Hallmark Channel.

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Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Episode 1 Apr 7, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Carpe Diem Jul 30, 2023
2Hope Springs Eternal Aug 6, 2023
3Oh, Baby Aug 13, 2023
4Great Expectations Aug 20, 2023
5Life is But a Dream Aug 27, 2023
6The Heart of the Problem Sep 3, 2023
7Best Laid Plans Sep 10, 2023
8What Is and What Never Should Be Sep 17, 2023
9Deep Water Sep 24, 2023
10All Dressed Up Oct 1, 2023
11Long Time Running Oct 8, 2023
12Starry Night Oct 15, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1In Like a Lion Mar 6, 2022
2Out Like a Lamb Mar 13, 2022
3Turn of the Page Mar 20, 2022
4Straight From the Heart Mar 27, 2022
5Journey into the Light Apr 3, 2022
6Past, Present, Future, Apr 10, 2022
7Hope Valley Days (1) Apr 17, 2022
8Hope Valley Days (2) Apr 24, 2022
9Recent Memory May 1, 2022
10Never Say Never May 8, 2022
11Smoke on the Water May 15, 2022
12Rock, A Bye, Baby May 22, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Open Season Feb 21, 2021
2Honestly, Elizabeth Feb 28, 2021
3From the Ashes Mar 7, 2021
4Welcome to Hope Valley Mar 14, 2021
5What the Heart Wants Mar 21, 2021
6No Regrets Mar 28, 2021
7Before My Very Eyes Apr 4, 2021
8A Parade and a Charade Apr 11, 2021
9Pre-Wedding Jitters Apr 18, 2021
10Old Love, New Love, Is This True Love Apr 25, 2021
11Changing Times May 2, 2021
12The Kiss May 9, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1A Moving Picture Feb 23, 2020
2The Heart of a Father Mar 1, 2020
3Family Matters Mar 8, 2020
4Sweet and Sour Mar 15, 2020
5An Unexpected Gift Mar 22, 2020
6In Perfect Unity Mar 29, 2020
7Heart of a Writer Apr 5, 2020
8Into the Woods Apr 12, 2020
9New Possibilities Apr 19, 2020
10Don't Go Apr 26, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Phone Rings and Heartstrings Feb 24, 2019
2The Queen of Hearts Mar 3, 2019
3A Vote of Confidence Mar 10, 2019
4Heart of a Mountie May 5, 2019
5Surprise May 6, 2019
6Disputing Hearts May 12, 2019
7Hope Is with the Heart May 19, 2019
8A Call from the Past May 26, 2019
9Two of Hearts Jun 2, 2019
SHome for Christmas Dec 25, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Believing Feb 18, 2018
2Hearts and Minds Feb 25, 2018
3Home Is Where the Heart Is Mar 4, 2018
4Open Hearts Mar 11, 2018
5My Heart Is Yours Mar 18, 2018
6Love and Marriage Mar 25, 2018
7Heart of the Matter Apr 1, 2018
8Weather the Storm Apr 8, 2018
9In My Dreams Apr 15, 2018
10Close to My Heart Apr 22, 2018
SThe Greatest Christmas Blessing Dec 25, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Words from the Heart Feb 19, 2017
2Heart of Truth Feb 26, 2017
3The Heart of the Community Mar 5, 2017
4Change of Heart Mar 12, 2017
5Heart of a Teacher Mar 19, 2017
6My Heart Will Go On Mar 26, 2017
7Healing Heart Apr 2, 2017
8Courageous Hearts Apr 9, 2017
9Heart of a Secret Apr 16, 2017
10Heart of a Fighter Apr 23, 2017
SThe Christmas Wishing Tree Dec 25, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Troubled Hearts Feb 21, 2016
2A Time to Speak Feb 28, 2016
3Heart of a Hero Mar 6, 2016
4A Gentle Heart Mar 13, 2016
5Forever in My Heart Mar 20, 2016
6Heartbreak Mar 27, 2016
7Hearts in Question Apr 3, 2016
8Prayers from the Heart Apr 10, 2016
SWhen Calls the Heart Christmas Dec 25, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Trials of the Heart Apr 25, 2015
2Heart and Soul May 2, 2015
3Heart's Desire May 16, 2015
4Awakenings and Revelations May 23, 2015
5Heart and Home May 30, 2015
6Coming Together, Coming Apart Jun 6, 2015
7With All My Heart Jun 13, 2015
SNew Year's Wish Dec 26, 2015
#NameAir Dates
SWhen Calls the Heart - The Movie Oct 5, 2013
1Lost and Found Jan 11, 2014
2Cease and Desist Jan 18, 2014
3A Telling Silence Jan 25, 2014
4Secrets and Lies Feb 1, 2014
5The Dance Feb 8, 2014
6These Games Feb 15, 2014
7Second Chances Feb 22, 2014
8Perils of the Soloists Mar 1, 2014
9Change of Heart Mar 8, 2014
10Love Comes First Mar 15, 2014
11Rules of Engagement Mar 22, 2014
12Final Adieu Mar 29, 2014

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0 0 Karen  February 9, 2023
When calls the heart coming back on tv this year in 2023? I love that tv show. Thanks.
Karen Pease
0 0 Bridget Pedone  February 6, 2023
I would like to know when season 10 will start so that I can prepare my DVR. I was told it would come on in the middle of 2023. The last time it came on was in February
0 1 Erica E Brodie  January 22, 2023
I'm looking forward to seeing When Calls the Heart season 10 but when will the season starts? I'm looking forward to seeing what Rosemary will have if it's a boy or a girl? I sure hope that Abigail and Cody will comeback to Hope Valley at least see the arrival of Rosemary and Lee's baby and the Wedding of Lucas and Elizabeth. I'm looking forward seeing Nathan find love again hopefully with Mai Sue not Faith she's looking to be married remember. And looking forward to seeing Nathan's niece and Robert hopefully get together romantically if not then she deserves better than Robert.
0 1 Saffron Erica E Brodie  February 2, 2023
I love When Calls The Heart, it is a great series, I miss Abigail and Cody, the show isn't the same without them!!
0 3 Sarah  December 17, 2022
I can’t wait to see my favorite tv show called the when calls the heart.
0 0 Sondra Austin  August 23, 2022
I saw Jack on when hope calls and he was sending a message to hope valley talking about lil jack
1 6 Françoise  June 25, 2022
[love] [love] i have been looking at these series since the beginning. I even look at them again and again because for me it is a wonderful series of famiy Life with its ups and down but realistic. I am so happy there will be a series 10 and more. The actors and crew are superbe. [love] [love] 😇
1 6 Casey Françoise  July 25, 2022
I am so excited with season 10 coming out lol, only to wish that it would come sooner and to be sure there are at least 5 more seasons lol ❤
1 8 Betty Sells  June 20, 2022
I love When Calls The Heart. I really do not like Lucas and Elizabeth but it is ok.
I would like to see Nate and Elizabeth together better.
I will continue to watch all the new things that go on and will be glad when season 10 comes own.
This is my favorite show and I have the whole series.
0 0 Jennifer Betty Sells  July 30, 2023
I love the show from day 1. I hated when Jack left. I hate even more that elizabeth was stuck with Lucas. Nathan was a much better choice. Don't like the idea of faith and Nathan either. Love that rosemary and Lee are expecting. I want Cody and Abigail to come back. I would love for Jack to come back.
1 1 T.J.  June 19, 2022
Season 10, what a cachinnation, we here have only watched up to Season 6 ?? There is nowhere to watch 7, 8 , 9 !,!!. Some of us have searched everywhere to get these
Seasons to watch, even went to the local DVD Store, to no avail. So here it is the advertisement of 10?
How to fix this???
0 2 Lynda Cole T.J.  July 31, 2022
You can watch all 9 seasons on Hallmarknow channel
0 0 Kamilah T.J.  February 2, 2023
I watched on hd today website the whole season is there until seasons 9
0 7 Jan  June 19, 2022
I always look forward to.the series…When Calls The Heart! I love Elizabeth & Lucas with Little Jack. I don’t understand all the negative comments. It is nice to be able to watch a wholesome show. Love it!❤️❤️❤️
0 4 Scott W  June 19, 2022
I miss Abagail and she has paid her dues for the college scandal. Let her back please. The pharmacist needs to hook up with Nathan, I really like her character. Also bring back the doctor.
1 6 Sonya Scott W  June 21, 2022
I do so agree I really miss her and isn’t the show about second chances and redemption !! Please bring her back [thinking]
0 0 Jackie Sonya  February 22, 2023
I aggree. We all make mistatkes. Others who have done worse are given a second chance. She is an amazing actres. Pleasde bring her back!!!!!!
1 5 Kathy  June 19, 2022
I love this series. I watch wvery episode and have since the beginning. I am very happy for Eluzabth, Lucas sand little Jack. They have a true love story as a famiky. I love that Rosemary and Lee are expecting their firsy child— they have waited so long! Thanks fot yhis heartwarming series and keep it coming. Can’t wait for 2023!!!
3 10 Donna Rea  May 4, 2022
I love When Calls the Heart! The actors are perfect for their roles, and I especially love the storyline between Lucas, Elizabeth, and Little Jack. They are a precious family. I wish everyone would just sit back and enjoy the show instead of tearing it down. It’s just fiction, and it is filled with the warm fuzzies that seem to be missing from real life the past couple of years. Great job Hallmark!
3 6 Mariann Donna Rea  May 16, 2022
I LOVE THIS SHOW, never take it away! Just finished watching Season 9 episode 10. So exciting…love the story line! True fan! I look each week for a new episode. Love the actors and how clean this show is! Hard to find a clean family show that everyone can watch! Thank you hallmark!!!
9 7 Jocelyne  May 2, 2022
i agree with D. Wilson. I would like to see Elizabeth and Nathan together. Lucas is a good actor but I like the chemistry between Elizabeth and Nathan. I feel that I am loosing interest in the season 9 story because of that. Also Carson should be back in the story!
4 4 Melody Brown Jocelyne  May 7, 2022
I agree on bringing back Carson!ASAP!!

However.. I am fine with Lucas with Elizabeth and Little Jack.
“Nathan” is also starring in a role on the tv series Heartland.
Which his acting also is bad. ??

No, Lucas (is the better actor) was the perfect chose for replacing Jack Thornton. [smile]
8 3 Armando Melody Brown  May 23, 2022
This season was the worst I have seen. Hopefully it will not be renewed.
0 0 Julia Armando  May 28, 2023
1st off, When Calls the Heart is the best Hallmark series I have seen & I watch a lot of Hallmark! With that being said for those who don't like it, please be kind, say nothing & just don't watch it!!. I hope this series continues indefinite. I give this series thumbs up 👍 💯% I absolutely LOVE THIS SERIES!!!! Thank you Hallmark
15 6 Romcomlovr  March 19, 2022
The writing for this show is awful. I don’t know why people think this show is so great. The first 2 episodes this year (s9?) could have been written better by my High schooler and friends. The episodes were boring and the humor was just odd and slapstick. I’m embarrassed for the people who produce this show. ??
0 0 Jeb Burke Romcomlovr  January 17, 2023
I hate to say, but I agree. I am hopeful that season 10 will be better.
0 0 Julia Romcomlovr  May 28, 2023
Please, if you don't like it, don't watch it. There is no need to be nasty. That's what's wrong in this world today, nothing but negatively. Please be kind to others, it goes a long ways.
13 9 Jeffra Page  March 17, 2022
I definitely will not be watching season 9 of when calls the heart season 8 was a train wreck after what they did to Nathan in fact what they did to their fan base was absolutely stupid oh let's create two teams and the team Lucas was downright rude and hateful and Brian bird blocks everybody that doesn't agree with him and he makes sure everyone else does it too the story is about a mountie and a teacher not a saloon owner and a teacher they should have just ended it at season 5
5 15 Karen Paese  March 14, 2022
My friends and I have watched every season of When Calls the Heart. We have enjoyed all of them until last season and this season 9. We want Jack back on the show with Elizabeth. In our opinion there is no chemistry between Lucas and Elizabeth, even though they try, I guess. Also, in the Jeanette Oke books Jack does not die. He and Elizabeth go off to serve in the harsh frontier. Please bring Jack back! Have him not die but is found and has lost his memory. Have Nathan go to the frontier for a week or so and find Jack. Just an idea.
1 4 Lynda Cole Karen Paese  July 31, 2022
I agree. Elizabeth and Jack should be together. They're love seemed so real. I was actually really sad when Jack died. Elizabeth alone. 🥲
2 8 Michelle Mc  January 8, 2022
Love love love Ms Hutton! Love every movie she is in. I think HWR ability to BE her varying characters is amazing! I 100% am team LUCAS! Nathan seemed to undecided about life. I wanna know what’s going on with the dr and his nurse! He deserves love. If not her then someone! He is wonderful!
0 0 Linda Tonkinson Michelle Mc  January 8, 2022
Unfortunately I live in London UK, used to be able to watch this programme on Netflix, they are not covering this now so have not seen series 8, a lot of catching up to do ? Why is this programme not available in the U.K. ?
9 4 Rhonda C. Michelle Mc  March 3, 2022
I used to love watching WHEN CALLS THE HEART but not this season, because I think Elizabeth should have chosen Nathan instead of Lucas I can see her more with a Mountie than a bartender. I hope you know what your doing but as for me I WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE WATCHING!!!!!!
0 0 Carole48 Linda Tonkinson  May 3, 2022
It is available on n Amazon Prime in UK carrying on from Netflix.
Hope this helps
0 6 Donna Radford  January 8, 2022
This is my favorite show. I am so excited and cannot wait for it to come back on. This show is family oriented and teaches forgiveness . I was hoping that Lori would have been back in Hope Valley this season.. I’ was hoping that Jack was only missing in Action and would have shown back up in Hope valley to throw a twist in the relationship with Lucas. I did wish it would have been Nathan she ended up with, but I also think Lucas is a good choice
2 0 J. Goodson  December 5, 2021
Our TV reception failed us half-way through the Season 8 finale [sad2] [sad2] [sad2] [sad2] , but I saw enough to realize who Elizabeth was going to choose. I would have chosen Nathan, but that’s just me. I am thrilled that there is going to be a Season 9, but WHY does it take so long to air. Seriously, 2022??
When in 2022? It seems like a long time, but it’ll soon be upon us.
2 6 candyp555  October 4, 2021
I just found this show. I have watched all of the seasons about 16 times. I love them. I am very happy that Lori is coming back. I was so sad when Daniel Lissing left the show. I still love it. I wish the 9th season started sooner.
1 0 Auntie DMC candyp555  March 4, 2022
Lori was fired from Hallmark. She did star in when hope calls last year on GAC channel.
3 4 Mary Harris  September 7, 2021
I love the show I love all the actors We all make mistakes please bring Lori back to the Show .I have watch all 8 seasons and enjoyed every one of them I love the settings of the years ago and please bring every one back Waiting for it come back on Mary Harris
3 1 Melanie Reeves Mary Harris  November 6, 2021
Lori is coming back, but not to "When Calls The Heart". She will be reprising her role as 'Abigail', but on Season 2 of "When Hope Calls" (airing this December) :D
11 4 Ron Rice  September 7, 2021
Lori Loughlin did what any parent would do for their son or daughter, I would move heaven and earth for my children but luckily for me they are all grown up and married. Had I been in her position when they were younger I (if I was in the position) I would have done exactly the same thing and don't tell me that most of you reading this comment would not have done the same. She should be in season 9 and I think it would be very shortsighted if she were left out. The main theme of the show is to look out for one another and particularly forgiveness. So lets see some of that taking place, I am lucky to have all 8 Seasons which I have watched twice to date and will watch again but I do not want to watch season 9 without Lori Loughlin or Abigail in it.
1 12 Lisa I Ron Rice  December 9, 2021
No i wouldn’t of taught my child to cheat to get into college. It’s a shame people feel that ok to fo
0 0 Auntie DMC Ron Rice  March 4, 2022
Lori has been out of WCTH since season 6.
2 3 gotoguy56 Lisa I  March 5, 2022
Agree and don't bring Lori back!
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1 3 Cyndy B  August 22, 2021
This is an outstanding show!! Why do we have to wait all the way until the winter of 2022 to continue this amazing series?
0 3 Jan Barrett Cyndy B  October 18, 2021
Those who love this show would love to see it start back this fall. When Hope Calls is also a good, clean entertaining show. (The Spin off of When Calls The Heart) My complaint is there seems to be very few shows on T.V. geared to folks who want wholesome entertainment.
2 12 Debbi  August 9, 2021
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ LOVE this show!! AND I LOVED THE ENDING WITH ELIZABETH AND LUCAS!!! Perfect as I knew it would be. Sad about Jack, but over it. It's done with and Daniel Lissing has chosen a different direction, so be it. But the new love in Elizabeth's life is sure to make an eve better series. I have the cd's from he original first episodes and planning on buying last seasons cd's as well. CAN'T wait!!!!
2 0 Cathy Viviano Debbi  December 28, 2022
When Calls the Heart is not the same without Abigail, Jack, Philip and Pastor Frank :(
Please bring those characters back
Also, please get rid of Lucas. Baaaad Lucas 😡😡😡😡
3 10 Becky Armstrong  May 18, 2021
Daniel Lissing as Jack Thornton was the main reason I started watching "When Calls The Heart"! I eventually fell in love with the rest of the cast and I have been watching it faithfully ever since! It's a good positive fun show to watch. It broke my heart when Daniel Lissing left but I have continued to enjoy it. May it run for many more seasons!!!
0 1 Liberty617 Becky Armstrong  June 7, 2022
I really wish they could somehow bring Jack back. I loved it when he was on. I read somewhere he said if they could figure it out hiw to write him back in he would be willing to discuss coming back.
0 1 Linda Liberty617  June 7, 2022
I wish they would bring Jack back too, I'm sure the scriptwriters could come up with something ?
1 2 Liberty617 Linda  June 7, 2022
Me too I can think of a few ways and I'm not even a writer [smile] . It would be so great to see Elizabeth, him and little Jack as a ? family.
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