Ghost Adventures: Devil Island
Discovery Channel
27 Seasons
276 Episodes
Join the "Ghost Adventures" team on their quest for evidence of the afterlife. As they explore haunted locations, they engage with locals, eyewitnesses, and experts to unravel the chilling history of each site.
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Air Date of Ghost Adventures: Devil Island Season 28 Set for May 15, 2024 by Discovery Channel

Current Show Status
The release date for Ghost Adventures: Devil Island Season 28 — May 15, 2024
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Wed 11/8/2023 Nightmare in Northridge Season 26: Episode 5
Next Episode Airs Wed 5/15/2024 Skinwalker Invasion Season 27: Episode 1
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Ghost Adventures: Devil Island

"Ghost Adventures: Devil Island" follows the team of paranormal investigators led by Zak Bagans as they embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of Devil Island, a place shrouded in dark history and reputed to be haunted by restless spirits. Throughout the season, the team conducts various paranormal investigations using advanced equipment and techniques, aiming to communicate with the supernatural entities rumored to inhabit the island. From eerie encounters to chilling EVP recordings, each episode delves deeper into the secrets lurking within Devil Island, captivating audiences with its blend of suspense and supernatural exploration.

Where to Watch Ghost Adventures: Devil Island

"Ghost Adventures: Devil Island" is available for streaming on the Discovery+ platform, offering viewers convenient access to all episodes of the series. Additionally, select episodes may also be available for viewing on the Discovery Channel's official website or through various on-demand services provided by cable and satellite television providers. With the flexibility of digital streaming, fans of the paranormal genre can enjoy the thrills of "Ghost Adventures: Devil Island" at their leisure, immersing themselves in the spine-tingling investigations conducted by the Ghost Adventures crew.

Ghost Adventures: Devil Island Cast

The cast of "Ghost Adventures: Devil Island" features Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley, known for their roles as paranormal investigators and hosts of the long-running Ghost Adventures series. Zak Bagans, the lead investigator, brings his passion for the supernatural and expertise in conducting thorough investigations to each episode. Aaron Goodwin, the team's equipment technician, provides comic relief and fearlessly confronts the unknown alongside Bagans. Billy Tolley, the audio/visual technician, captures compelling evidence of paranormal activity using state-of-the-art equipment. Jay Wasley, the cinematographer, expertly documents the team's experiences, adding a cinematic quality to their explorations of haunted locations.

Discovery Channel and Ghost Adventures: Devil Island

One reason Discovery should not renew "Ghost Adventures: Devil Island" could be due to ethical concerns surrounding paranormal investigation. While the show may entertain audiences with its thrilling narratives and purported encounters with the supernatural, it's essential to consider the potential exploitation of beliefs in ghosts and spirits. By sensationalizing paranormal experiences without concrete evidence, the show may inadvertently contribute to the spread of misinformation or reinforce unfounded superstitions, which could be seen as irresponsible or disrespectful to those who take such matters seriously.

Another reason for non-renewal could be the lack of scientific rigor in the investigations conducted on the show. "Ghost Adventures" often relies on subjective experiences, anecdotal evidence, and dramatic reconstructions to support its claims of paranormal activity. Without employing rigorous scientific methods, such as controlled experiments, data collection, and analysis, the credibility of the findings presented on the show may be questionable. This could undermine the reputation of both the network and the field of paranormal investigation as a whole, potentially alienating audiences who seek more credible and evidence-based content. Therefore, opting not to renew "Ghost Adventures: Devil Island" could be a step towards promoting more responsible and scientifically sound programming on the Discovery network.

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Season 27 Season 26 Season 25 Season 24 Season 23 Season 22 Season 21 Season 20 Season 19 Season 18 Season 17 Season 16 Season 15 Season 14 Season 13 Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Skinwalker Invasion May 15, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Sutro Ghost Town Oct 11, 2023
2Ghost Island Oct 18, 2023
3Scotty's Castle Oct 25, 2023
4Orcutt Ranch Nov 1, 2023
5Nightmare in Northridge Nov 8, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Hotel Barclay Jun 7, 2023
2Lockdown in Lancaster Jun 14, 2023
3Fear in Flagstaff Jun 21, 2023
4Stow House Haunting Jun 28, 2023
5Mentryville Ghost Town Jul 5, 2023
6Hotel San Carlos Jul 12, 2023
7King Gillette Ranch Jul 19, 2023
8Abandoned in Elko Aug 2, 2023
9Village of Lost Souls Aug 9, 2023
10Terror in Tempe Aug 16, 2023
11The Beast of West Hills Aug 23, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Henderson Hell House Sep 15, 2022
2Old Bullion Plaza School Sep 22, 2022
3Acadia Ranch Sanatorium Oct 6, 2022
4Nightmare at the Roxie Oct 13, 2022
5Los Feliz Murder House, Part 1 Oct 20, 2022
6Los Feliz Murder House, Part 2 Oct 27, 2022
7Lost Souls of Kingman Nov 3, 2022
8Lovelock Triangle Nov 10, 2022
9Curse of Catalina Island Nov 17, 2022
10Vengeance in Oxnard Nov 24, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1The Great Saltair Curse Jul 22, 2021
2Terror at the Toy Shop Jul 29, 2021
3Haunting in the Hills Aug 5, 2021
4Territorial Enterprise Aug 12, 2021
5Emergency in Elk Grove Aug 19, 2021
6Carbon County Chaos Aug 26, 2021
7Montecito Mansion of Mystery Mar 10, 2022
8Mountain Oaks Mayhem Mar 17, 2022
9Pacific Grove Nightmare Mar 24, 2022
10Whitmore Mansion Mar 31, 2022
11Panic on Pine Street Apr 7, 2022
12LA Police Station Invasion Apr 14, 2022
13Petrified in Pahrump Apr 21, 2022
14Steinbeck House Haunting Apr 28, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Ghost Train of Ely Nov 5, 2020
2El Rancho Hotel Nov 12, 2020
3Painted Lady Brothel Nov 19, 2020
4The Comedy Store Jan 1, 2021
5House of Brujeria Feb 12, 2021
6Curse Of Ranch Island Mar 26, 2021
7Disturbed In Wickenburg Apr 2, 2021
8The Joshua Tree Inn Apr 9, 2021
9Mayhem In Millville Apr 16, 2021
10Benson Grist Mill Apr 23, 2021
11Lost Souls Of The Berkeley Apr 30, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Horror in Biggs Feb 27, 2020
2Franklin Castle Mar 5, 2020
3Union Brewery of Death Mar 12, 2020
4Nightmare in Antelope Mar 19, 2020
5Goodwin Home Invasion Mar 26, 2020
6Haunted Hollow Forest Apr 2, 2020
7The Chinatown Poltergeist Apr 9, 2020
8Beneath the Bonanza Apr 16, 2020
9Industrial District of the Damned Apr 23, 2020
10London Bridge Apr 30, 2020
11The Graber Farm Entity May 7, 2020
12Bloodshed in the Bordello May 14, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Albion Castle Nov 2, 2019
2Cerro Gordo Ghost Town Nov 9, 2019
3Pasadena Ritual House Nov 16, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Crescent Hotel Jun 8, 2019
2St. Ignatius Hospital Jun 15, 2019
3Mount Wilson Ranch Jun 22, 2019
4Panic in Amarillo Jun 29, 2019
5Union Hotel Jul 6, 2019
6Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital Jul 13, 2019
7A Haunting in Scottsdale Jul 20, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Gates of Hell House Feb 23, 2019
2Palomino Club Mar 2, 2019
3Lutes Casino Mar 9, 2019
4Melrose Hotel Mar 16, 2019
5Binion's Hotel and Casino Mar 23, 2019
6The Woodbury: Home of American Horror Story Apr 26, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Idaho State Reform School Nov 3, 2018
2Westerfeld House Nov 10, 2018
3Crisis in Oakdale Nov 17, 2018
4Tintic Mining District Nov 24, 2018
5Terror in Fontana Dec 1, 2018
6Riverside Plane Graveyard Dec 8, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Ripley's Believe It or Not Mar 24, 2018
2The Alley of Darkness Mar 31, 2018
3Kennedy Mine Apr 7, 2018
4Old Gila County Jail and Courthouse Apr 14, 2018
5Hotel Léger Jun 16, 2018
6Enchanted Forest Jun 23, 2018
7The Washoe Club: Final Chapter Jun 30, 2018
8Lewis Flats School Jul 7, 2018
9Kay's Hollow Jul 14, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Golden Ghost Town Sep 23, 2017
2Ogden Possession Sep 30, 2017
3Albion Normal School Nov 4, 2017
4Museum of the Mountain West Nov 11, 2017
5Pythian Castle Nov 18, 2017
6The Titanic Museum Nov 25, 2017
7Wolf Creek Inn Dec 2, 2017
8Eureka Mining Town Dec 9, 2017
9Sin City Exorcism Dec 16, 2017
10Phelps Dodge Hospital Jan 6, 2018
11The Slaughter House Jan 13, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Stone Lion Inn Mar 25, 2017
2Freak Show Murder House Apr 1, 2017
3Samaritan Cult House Apr 8, 2017
4Double Eagle Restaurant Apr 15, 2017
5Silent Movie Theater Apr 22, 2017
6Exorcism in Erie Apr 29, 2017
7Skinwalker Canyon Jun 17, 2017
8Upper Fruitland Curse Jun 24, 2017
9Witches in Magna Jul 1, 2017
10The Viper Room Jul 8, 2017
11Asylum 49 Jul 15, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Colorado Gold Mine Sep 24, 2016
2Mackay Mansion Oct 1, 2016
3Palace Saloon Oct 8, 2016
4Reseda House of Evil Oct 15, 2016
5Dorothea Puente Murder House Oct 22, 2016
6Hotel Metlen Nov 12, 2016
7St. Anne's Retreat Nov 19, 2016
8Twin Bridges Orphanage Nov 26, 2016
9Dumas Brothel Dec 3, 2016
10Zalud House Dec 10, 2016
11Dakota's Sanatorium of Death Dec 31, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Black Dahlia House Jan 30, 2016
2Secret Scientology Lab Feb 6, 2016
3Bracken Fern Manor & Tudor House Feb 13, 2016
4Return to the Riviera Feb 20, 2016
5Chinese Town of Locke Feb 27, 2016
6Star of India Mar 5, 2016
7Leslie's Family Tree Mar 12, 2016
8Hell Hole Prison Mar 19, 2016
9The Domes Mar 26, 2016
10Nevada State Prison Jul 16, 2016
11Return to Winchester Mystery House Jul 23, 2016
12Stardust Ranch Jul 30, 2016
13The Haunted Museum Aug 6, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Edinburgh Manor Aug 22, 2015
2Old Montana State Prison Aug 29, 2015
3Manresa Castle Sep 5, 2015
4Old Lincoln County Hospital Sep 12, 2015
5Haunted Harvey House Sep 19, 2015
6Los Coches Adobe Sep 26, 2015
7Grand Canyon Caverns Oct 3, 2015
8Haunted Hollywood Oct 10, 2015
9Oddfellow's Asylum Oct 17, 2015
10Clown Motel & Goldfield High School Oct 24, 2015
11Halloween Special Deadwood: City of Ghosts (Bullock Hotel & Wild Bill's Trading Post) Oct 31, 2015
12Lava Hot Springs Inn Nov 7, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Queen Mary Oct 4, 2014
2Lemp Mansion Oct 11, 2014
3Zozo Demon Oct 18, 2014
4Island of the Dolls Oct 25, 2014
5Bell Witch Cave Jan 10, 2015
6Sallie House Jan 17, 2015
7Nopeming Sanatorium Jan 24, 2015
8Apache Junction Jan 31, 2015
9Return to Tombstone Feb 21, 2015
10Demons in Seattle Feb 28, 2015
11Texas Horror Hotel Mar 7, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Sharon Tate Ghost Feb 15, 2014
2The Myrtles Plantation Feb 22, 2014
3George Washington Ghost Mar 1, 2014
4Bannack Ghost Town Mar 8, 2014
5Fear Factory Mar 15, 2014
6Heritage Junction Mar 22, 2014
7Battle of Los Angeles Mar 29, 2014
8Saint James Hotel Apr 12, 2014
9Fox Hollow Farm May 3, 2014
10Haunted Savannah May 17, 2014
11Whaley House Jun 7, 2014
12Overland Hotel & Saloon Jun 21, 2014
13Old Licking County Jail Jul 12, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1The Pioneer Saloon Aug 16, 2013
2Black Swan Inn Aug 23, 2013
3Tuolumne Hospital Aug 30, 2013
4Missouri State Prison Sep 6, 2013
5Yost Theatre & Ritz Hotel Sep 13, 2013
6Haunted Victorian Mansion Sep 20, 2013
7Exorcist House Oct 4, 2013
8Alcatraz Oct 11, 2013
9Mustang Ranch Oct 18, 2013
10Thornhaven Manor Oct 25, 2013
11Battle of Perryville: Field Hospitals Nov 15, 2013
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1Central Unit Prison Sep 14, 2012
2Excalibur Nightclub Sep 21, 2012
3Point Sur Lighthouse Sep 28, 2012
4Palmer House Hotel Oct 5, 2012
5Black Moon Manor Oct 12, 2012
6Sedamsville Rectory Oct 19, 2012
7Cripple Creek Oct 26, 2012
8Brookdale Lodge Nov 9, 2012
9Tor House Nov 16, 2012
10Union Station Nov 23, 2012
11Crazy Town Dec 7, 2012
12Wyoming Frontier Prison Jan 11, 2013
13Sailor's Snug Harbor Jan 18, 2013
14New Orleans Feb 22, 2013
15Market Street Cinema Mar 1, 2013
16Goldfield Hotel: Redemption Mar 22, 2013
17Glen Tavern Inn Mar 29, 2013
18King's Tavern Apr 19, 2013
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1Shanghai Tunnels Mar 9, 2012
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3The Copper Queen Hotel and the Oliver House Mar 23, 2012
4The National Hotel Mar 30, 2012
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6The Galka Family Apr 20, 2012
7The Riviera Hotel Apr 27, 2012
8Hellfire Caves Jul 13, 2012
9Fort Horsted Jul 20, 2012
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1Ashmore Estates Sep 23, 2011
2Mizpah Hotel Sep 30, 2011
3Old Town San Diego Oct 7, 2011
4Winchester Mystery House Oct 14, 2011
5Lizzie Borden House Oct 21, 2011
6Letchworth Village Oct 28, 2011
7Return to Virginia City Nov 11, 2011
8Rocky Point Manor Dec 2, 2011
9Rose Hall Dec 9, 2011
10Old Charleston Jail Dec 16, 2011
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1Gettysburg Sep 17, 2010
2Rolling Hills Sanitarium Sep 24, 2010
3Return to Bobby Mackey's Oct 1, 2010
4Waverly Hills Sanitarium Oct 8, 2010
5Stanley Hotel Oct 15, 2010
6Hill View Manor Oct 22, 2010
7Vulture Mine Oct 29, 2010
8USS Hornet Nov 5, 2010
9La Palazza Mansion Nov 12, 2010
10Fort Chaffee Nov 19, 2010
11Amargosa Opera House Nov 26, 2010
12Old Fort Erie Dec 3, 2010
13Villisca Axe Murder House Dec 10, 2010
14Kell's Irish Pub Dec 17, 2010
15Pico House Hotel Jan 7, 2011
16Goldfield Jan 14, 2011
17Bonnie Springs Ranch Jan 21, 2011
18Witch House Lyceum Restaurant Feb 18, 2011
19Jerome Grand Hotel Feb 25, 2011
20Yorktown Memorial Hospital Mar 18, 2011
21Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Apr 8, 2011
22Sacramento Tunnels Apr 15, 2011
23Hales Bar Marina and Dam Apr 29, 2011
24Kentucky Slave House May 13, 2011
25Tooele Hospital May 27, 2011
26Loretta Lynn's Plantation House Jun 10, 2011
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1Pennhurst State Nov 6, 2009
2Poveglia Island Nov 13, 2009
3Ohio Reformatory Nov 20, 2009
4Remington Arms Nov 27, 2009
5Washoe Club and Chollar Mine Dec 4, 2009
6Linda Vista Hospital Dec 11, 2009
7Execution Rocks Dec 18, 2009
8Prospect Place Jan 1, 2010
9Clovis Wolfe Manor Jan 8, 2010
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1Preston Castle Jun 5, 2009
2Castillo de San Marcos Jun 12, 2009
3La Purisima Mission Jun 19, 2009
4Magnolia Plantation Jun 26, 2009
5Bird Cage Theater Jul 3, 2009
6Eastern State Penitentiary Jul 10, 2009
7Moon River Brewing Company Jul 17, 2009
8Ancient Ram Inn Jul 24, 2009
#NameAir Dates
1Bobby Mackey's Music World Oct 17, 2008
2Houghton Mansion Oct 24, 2008
3Moundsville Penitentiary Oct 31, 2008
4Riddle House Nov 7, 2008
5Sloss Furnace Nov 14, 2008
6Former Psychiatric Hospital Nov 21, 2008
7Edinburgh Vaults Nov 28, 2008
8Old Idaho Penitentiary Dec 5, 2008
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1Ghost Adventures Live: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Oct 30, 2009
2Post Mortem: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Nov 6, 2009
3Ghost Adventures Live: The Cutdown - The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Jan 15, 2010
4Poveglia Island Special Jan 22, 2010
5Best Evidence So Far Sep 10, 2010
6Scariest Moments Special Sep 10, 2010
7Valentine's Day Special - Longfellow's Wayside Inn Feb 11, 2011
8Horror Hotels & Deadliest Hospitals Feb 24, 2012
9Wickedest Women, Houses of Terror and Bloodiest Battlefields Mar 2, 2012
10Hellfire Caves Jul 13, 2012
11Fort Horsted Jul 20, 2012
12Dead Men Walking Nov 2, 2012
13Death by Wild West Nov 30, 2012
14Clinically Dead Dec 14, 2012
15Killer Nightlife Dec 21, 2012
16Do Not Disturb Dec 28, 2012
17Home Sweet Hell Jan 4, 2013
18Passport to Hell Jan 25, 2013
19Dungeons & Demons Feb 1, 2013
20Bewitched & Bothered Feb 8, 2013
21Obsessions & Possessions Feb 15, 2013
22Armies of Darkness Mar 8, 2013
23First Timers Mar 15, 2013
24Up Close & Personal Sep 27, 2013
25Halloween Special - Transylvania Oct 31, 2013
26Romania: Targoviste Castle and Hoia-Baciu Forest Jan 31, 2014
27Extra Pulses: Hunedoara Castle Feb 15, 2014
28Extra Pulses: Targoviste Castle Feb 15, 2014
29Extra Pulses: Sharon Tate Ghost Feb 22, 2014
30Extra Pulses: The Myrtles Plantation Mar 1, 2014
31Extra Pulses: George Washington Ghost Mar 8, 2014
32Extra Pulses: Bannack Ghost Town Mar 15, 2014
33Extra Pulses: Fear Factory Mar 22, 2014
34Extra Pulses: Heritage Junction Mar 29, 2014
35Extra Pulses: Battle of Los Angeles Apr 5, 2014
36Extra Pulses: Haunted Victorian Mansion Apr 19, 2014
37Extra Pulses: Saint James Hotel Apr 19, 2014
38Extra Pulses: Fox Hollow Farm May 10, 2014
39Extra Pulses: Haunted Savannah May 24, 2014
40Extra Pulses: Whaley House Jun 14, 2014
41Extra Pulses: Overland Hotel & Saloon Jun 28, 2014
42Extra Pulses: Old Licking County Jail Jul 19, 2014
43Extra Pulses: Lemp Mansion & Brewery Oct 18, 2014
44Extra Pulses: Zozo: Demon Board Oct 25, 2014
45Halloween Special: Ireland's Celtic Demons Oct 31, 2014
46Extra Pulses: Bell Witch Cave Apr 25, 2015
47Extra Pulses: Sallie House May 2, 2015
48Extra Pulses: Nopeming Sanatorium May 9, 2015
49Extra Pulses: Apache Junction May 16, 2015
50Extra Pulses: Leap Castle & Hell-Fire Club May 30, 2015
51Extra Pulses: Loftus Hall Jun 6, 2015
52Extra Pulses: Return to Tombstone Jun 13, 2015
53Extra Pulses: Demons in Seattle Jun 20, 2015
54Extra Pulses: Texas Horror Hotel Jun 27, 2015
55Extra Pulses: Exorcist House Oct 30, 2015
56Stanley Hotel/Pennhurst Jan 16, 2016
57Sallie House; St. James Hotel Jan 23, 2016
58Deadwood: Bullock Hotel & Wild Bill's Trading Post Jul 2, 2016
59Deadwood: Fairmont Hotel & Adams House Jul 9, 2016
60Route 666 (Halloween Special 2016) Oct 29, 2016
61Extra Pulses: Odd Fellows Asylum Dec 17, 2016
62Cold Case Dec 31, 2016
63De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery Jan 7, 2017
64Goatman's Bridge Jan 14, 2017
65Extra Pulses: Grand Canyon Caverns Jan 21, 2017
66Extra Pulses: Los Coches Adobe Jan 28, 2017
67Extra Pulses: Clown Motel & Goldfield High School Mar 11, 2017
68Extra Pulses: Lava Hot Springs Inn Mar 18, 2017
69Extra Pulses: Old Lincoln County Hospital May 6, 2017
70Extra Pulses: Edinburgh Manor May 13, 2017
71Extra Pulses: Old Montana State Prison May 20, 2017
72Extra Pulses: Haunted Hollywood May 27, 2017
73Extra Pulses: Deadwood: Bullock Hotel & Wild Bill's Trading Post Jun 3, 2017
74Extra Pulses: Deadwood: Fairmont Hotel & Adams House Jun 10, 2017
75Extra Pulses: Black Dahlia House Jul 22, 2017
76Extra Pulses: Haunted Harvey House Jul 29, 2017
77Extra Pulses: Secret Scientology Lab Aug 5, 2017
78Hauntings of Vicksburg: Mcraven Mansion Oct 7, 2017
79Hauntings of Vicksburg: Demons and Dolls Oct 7, 2017
80Hauntings of Vicksburg: Spirits Under Siege Oct 14, 2017
81Hauntings of Vicksburg: Champion Hill Battlefield Oct 21, 2017
82Museum of Madness Oct 28, 2017
83Annabelle's Curse Oct 28, 2017
84Extra Pulses: Freak Show Murder House Sep 15, 2018
85Astoria Underground Oct 6, 2018
86Norblad Hostel Oct 13, 2018
87Commander's House Oct 20, 2018
88Cape Disappointment Oct 27, 2018
89Ghost Adventures Live Oct 31, 2018
90Ghost Towns Dec 14, 2018
91Extra Pulses: Upper Fruitland Curse Dec 15, 2018
92Extra Pulses: Skinwalker Canyon Dec 22, 2018
93McPike Mansion Jan 5, 2019
94Curse of the River Bend - Mineral Springs Hotel Jan 12, 2019
95America's Most Haunted Town Mar 30, 2019
96Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse Oct 31, 2019
97Voices of the Dead Jun 23, 2020
98Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo Oct 29, 2020
99Cecil Hotel Jan 4, 2021
100Goldfield Hotel Oct 1, 2021
101Devil's Den Sep 29, 2022
102Lake of Death May 31, 2023
103Ghost Adventures: Devil's Island Oct 4, 2023

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Comments 101

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0 0 Jennifer1290  April 18, 2024
Who wrote this strange article with the part about why Discovery should not renew Ghost Adventures?? Why in the world would he/she write this?? If you don't like the show, don't watch it. But don't try to sabotage it for the rest of us who love the show. It changed my life. I used to completely dismiss the notion of an afterlife before watching this show. I now have HOPE. Why would you want to take that away from people?
Also, why is the author calling it "Ghost Adventures: Devil Island" when the series name is just "Ghost Adventures" and there was a single 2 hour special called "Devil Island"?? Shows how much this person knows about the show.
It has been my observation that people who criticize and dislike Ghost Adventures have not watched it very much or at all.
0 0 Vickie Kelley Foxx  May 30, 2023
I’ve been waiting for Zax to come back with his crew. Can’t wait.
1 5 Laura Warren  February 24, 2022
Season 25...6 episodes!!!!!
Season 26 waiting forever!!!!!
Discovery+ Bill adding up!!!!
0 2 Debbie Myers  February 11, 2022
I have watch all of the shows and Love watching you.
14 8 Robin Hood  November 15, 2021
What probably happened is the Travel Channel dumped the Ghost Adventures show due to declining viewership. They were lucky to get picked up by Discovery Plus rather than get cancelled. Either way, the show simply is simply not very good anymore. Might as well rename the show 'Zak Adventures', because he tried too hard to be the center of attention.
1 10 Sara Corbello  July 17, 2021
I love ghost adventures I was [censored]ed that they are on discovery plus I can't get it I watch it on tv or free movie app I think they made a big mistake when they signed up for discovery plus
1 14 Kris R Sara Corbello  July 23, 2021
I agree Sara. I think the GA guys are going to find their fan base shrink because of Discovery Plus. Maybe Zak and the guys will think about their ORIGINAL group of fans and get back to the Travel Channel. We can hope!
0 1 Deb Sara Corbello  September 21, 2023
Well I'm not paying extra for discovery plus,I allready pay 300.00 plus for internet and digital tv,had enough.ya made a mistake .travel channel should of stayed put.
0 0 Cinnamon Twist Deb  November 16, 2023
I agree.
1 27 Vickie Spence  June 11, 2021
I would love to see GA to return to the Travel Channel and Stay! Those of us out there can't afford monthly cost of Cable as it is! Why go Streaming when there are probably a lot out there that don't. I for one do not stream. Now here it is Friday 6/11 and GA is not on again! It is disrupting GA fan base. Have been a long long time watcher. What the hell guys!!!???
0 7 Robin Sue Marchand Vickie Spence  July 22, 2021
I cut the cord. I have had Roku now for 3 years and I love it. the point I am trying to make here is that Roku carries the Dsivcovery plus on Roku. Cost me $5.00 a month for Discovery Plus Channel. I paid a one-time fee for Roku which I paid $39.00 for. That's it no more paying Roku. As long as you have the internet. as long as you have Roku. Its a great way to go. I got so sick of my cable company going up on their prices and riping me and others off, and their prices. This is the best move I have ever made. You should check this Roku out. Maybe its what everyone should be doing. You can subscribe to other networks like Netflix for 10 ten dollars or hula. These networks carry a lot move channels too. Always something different to watch. I love it. Now I can watch Ghost Adventures and all the seasons. With just a click away. Besides there are other paranormal shows on there too. Hope this helps some of you out there.
1 7 Kris R Vickie Spence  July 23, 2021
I don’t stream & I can’t stream. My 92 year old mother and I used to love to watch Ghost Adventures together. Now it’s off of Travel Channel. I can’t believe Discovery+ took all the shows we used to watch and are making us pay to watch. My cable bill is too high $$$ already. So disappointed in the GA guys. :o( Come back to all the fans that watched you FAITHFULLY on The Travel Channel. I’m upset big time! Come on guys!!!!!!
1 0 Mark Caldwell Robin Sue Marchand  September 22, 2021
Hi, I was paying COX Communications nearly $230 a month for internet and tv. I cut the cord (now I use "T-mobile's home internet "5G" ) my internet, "You Tube Tv" Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix (free from tmobile) and "Discovery +" costs me about $160 a month. So, yeah it's kind of hobbled together but picture quality is great and I save $70 a month.
Show 3 more replies
3 17 Rob Hutter  April 9, 2021
What the hell ive been watching this from the start of the show and now there going to stream bull[censored] WHY ??? thats not at All Right
I dont stream nor do i want to so they mow have 1 less person thats going to watch there show and im sure there Tons and Tons of others that they will Lose cause theres so many different Ghost Shows on Tv that nobody is going to start to stream just cause they moved they all will just move on and watch other ghost shows . so its there Stupidity for doing this that they will Lose Tons of fans
Real Ass move Zak good luck with your Streaming Bull[censored] cause i moved on to other shows BYE ?
1 2 MnEr0nE mmn Rob Hutter  February 21, 2022
I was there from the jump also and I don't stream neither so they lost 2 that are not gonna watch and I'm [angry] about it
0 0 Deb Rob Hutter  September 21, 2023
[angry] so agree with ya Rob!!! [thinking] [thinking] [thinking] [angry]
2 22 tibor mistok  March 23, 2021
pretty nasty to be taken off travel channel,since I've been watching from the start. shame on on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not everybody STREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0 17 KAREN Vlas  March 21, 2021
I wish we could keep on Travel Tv. Iam 75 and dont really watch the other shows they have.
please come back!!!
0 3 bradp  May 31, 2019
it something I would like to do myself
0 4 bradp  May 31, 2019
wish they come to newfoundland and do a show
0 4 Lori Japack  March 8, 2019
☺ ❤ I love Ghost Adventures. I've been watching from the beginning. Keep going, please. Season 19 needs to be renewed & so on!
0 6 Alan Barlow  January 14, 2019
I am totally hooked on G A . I am from England and I miss you guys. I've watched Zak's ,Brit show ' Help. My house is haunted' and also watch Most Haunted ( UK paranormal show ), but I enjoy watching you guys so much better. I re-run your trips to Ireland and in particular , Loftus Hall and the part where Aaron is attacked by Satan ( poor guy ). I anxiously await another NEW series of this great show
4 12 Michael  December 18, 2018
I think these " extra pulses " episodes suck . I've watched GH from the first show and I think it's the best out there ( although season 3 and 4 of nicks paranormal lockdown was great ) I've always thought Zack is an a**hole . He's rude , he lies , he's a pu*** , and now his head has swollen to damn big . When he had the police escort him to his museum for the live Halloween special that was ridiculous. He constantly treats Aaron horribly . He lies to him and NO regard for his team members . When they were at the Recede house he kept telling Billy to go in the room even though he couldn't that Billy finally yelled he couldn't do it , he ended up apologizing to Zack even though it wasn't his fault . Zacks chicken a** couldn't do it himself . The show is good but I have no respect for Zack . It's always about him . People will talk [censored] about me but I'm sorry , that's the way I feel . WATCH SEASON 3 AND 4 OF PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN ! MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST 2 .
1 1 Leoda Michael  January 28, 2022
:(((: zak is a chicken [censored], when he had Halloween show he was afraid of opening dybuk box. Now hes afraid to go to Bobby Mackeys. Grow a pair and do these haunted places.
1 2 Jamie McGuire Michael  September 5, 2022
I also am disappointed in Zach’s behavior and the way he treats his fellow team mates. I will say this about Aaron, he seems to always feel sick and it’s getting old. It’s like being around a hypochondriac and makes him look like a liar. But he isn’t even 1/4 of annoying compared to Zach and his I’m superior to everyone else on the show. I’m glad Billy and Jay are investigating now and Jay is very knowledgeable in his position. I will say the episode of Billy finally yelling at Zach he couldn’t do it was and is my favorite. He should not have apologized to Zach. It needed to be Zach apologizing to him for not seeing and listening. I do hope they continue doing GA but maybe without the blatant disregard of each other’s limits being pushed. So Aaron man up, Zach you are replays able so get of the pedestal you think you are standing on. Y’all have been on a long time with many episodes and seasons but please show compassion towards each other
0 0 Timberelle Jamie McGuire  February 8, 2023
I’ve watched GA for several seasons and have always struggled with the “lead investigator’s” attitude too. Thanks for expressing an opinion that seems to be shared by many of us… but we keep watching - right? Drives me nuts! I don’t think it’s a contrived either. He consistently acts superior to his colleagues - ordering them around like they were subordinates rather than team members.
I’ve shut it off more than once bc of his condescending attitude. The curious thing is that he acts so superior one minute and then runs like a rabbit the next. I’m sure I’d be just as frightened if I were in the same situation… I just hope that I wouldn’t be such a jerk to my friends. “Billy come here! Now!… Jay, go down to the basement by yourself (I’ll lock the door on you to capture authentic fear on film). Not much else like it online or on TV as far as I know. Thanks everyone!
0 5 Veteran Andrew Twilley #1 g.a.c. Biggest Fan  December 14, 2018
I have been completely addicted to and hooked on ghost adventures since day one season one. And have planned a trip to Nevada to the haunted museum!!! I would consider myself by far the biggest fan out there and honestly don’t know what I would on Saturday nights if they didn’t get renewed. I would be lost in boredom and would have to fly out there to Nevada and be a free laborer or whatever it would take to get them back in the game haul there equipment load and unload whatever it would take to get back to the GHOST ADVENTURES we all have grown to love watch and just can’t get enough of.
0 4 Southerngent  October 11, 2018
The last couple of years some of the shows are Extra Pulses, which are already aired shows with added commentary.
We skip these.
Needless to day, but there aren't many new shows. They recently started a different tactic - made the show 2 hours. First hour is a new location, second hour is an edited rerun.
1 14 Cabeachgirl  May 12, 2018
I love ghost adventures and look forward to new shows although i dont like it when im pumped up with a few new episodes then they stop for a few months. Ide rather they wait to put out the season of new episodes every week until the season is over.I guess its just me i get excited ... then disapointed. Something to consider..
0 5 Nicole Sandersin Cabeachgirl  August 18, 2018
saaammmee. i LIVE and WAIT for new episodes but it KILLS me when we only get a few then it stops suddenly.. tottaly ruins my saturday night when i think theres gunna be a new episode only to have nothing to watch.
0 2 sean Cabeachgirl  August 22, 2018
This show has been at the top of my fav ever programme but tbh this latest season especially has been poorly aired & a lot of miscommunication & or lack of telling there fans the truth sadly!!I`ve been waiting impatiently to watch season 16 episode 10 (Texas hell) but now all of a sudden it`s either been stopped,another break or now a new season "all of a sudden"!It`s a power thing i`d say bt your point is valid :)
1 11 Kimmi Yarbrough  March 14, 2018
Ghost Adventures has been my favorite show ever since it came out!! I love u guys and I hope u do another 10 years!!!! ? ?
0 1 Allison  February 11, 2018
Zack is coming back when it will be be the last episode of dragon ball super in japan.... my heart cry for sangoku but i feel happy to know that zack will come back at this moment this 2 emission are my favorite. One is leaving ? and second is coming back... ❤
0 6 Jynx  January 31, 2018
Zak has confirmed on Twitter already they were coming back on in March.
0 6 Caro  January 29, 2018
Honestly, GAC is bigger than they know; people from everywhere watch it, which is why it sucks that they never go other places than the US. They’ve done Poveglia Island and thats about it. What about the tombs under Paris or those under Brussels. Or maybe Aushwitz? Imean, i’m guessing they ger enough money from travel channel and their succes, not even mentioning the haunted museum and Aarons paintings,- TRAVEL THE WORLD, GAC! And meet your foreign fans! ??
0 3 Jynx Caro  January 31, 2018
They've also been to Ireland & Romania as well.
0 1 Emy Caro  February 9, 2018
Zak did make an episode where he went to the ones in Paris. It wasn't a full investigation though & it was only him not all the guy's from gac.
0 0 Ebzy Caro  March 29, 2018
i completely agree. they have briefly been to the uk but i want them to come back! pls Zak
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1 1 patricia c  January 18, 2018
I think the guys should come back to Canada lots of places here to investigate also the Monroe House in Indiana Living Dead Paranormal investigated it and got fantastic evidence Ilove your show keep up the good work
1 1 Gail Miller  January 7, 2018
Love Ghost Adventures and look forward to a long continued renewal of services. Would like to see less of excersisms. Nevertheless, I'm a solid fan.
0 2 Amanda Evans  December 1, 2017
? I love ghost adventures, I'm stoked to see the guys for 2018 and what new gear and technology Bill chapel has come up with now. What you guys do is amazing, I can't think of anything more rewarding then knowing I helped a lost soul in some way. You guys should never quit your job. ?As always be safe??Amanda Me Evans

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