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11.22.63 Season 2 is yet to be announced by Hulu

Current Show Status
11.22.63 Season 2 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Mon 4/4/2016 The Day in Question Season 1: Episode 8
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for 11.22.63. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.

Series info and plot

The 11.22.63 science fiction thriller drama television series based on Stephen King's book 11/22/63. The eight-episode series is produced by Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television, and executive produced by J.J. Abrams, Stephen King, Bridget Carpenter and Bryan Burk. The series premiere took place on February 15, 2016 on Hulu.

Jake Epping (James Franco) is a high school teacher who has an opportunity to travel back in time and prevent JFK's assassination. When he does arrive in the past, there are issues that begin interfering with his mission – romantic involvement, Lee Harvey Oswald, and other things in the past which might be better left unchanged. Daniel Webber, Sarah Gadon, Josh Duchamel and Cherry Jones are among the cast members.

Renewal predictions

It is difficult to predict a renewal, since the series was originally brought to Hulu as a limited event. The nature of the material also does not seem to warrant a continuation, as the book is a finished entity in and of itself. The series has a rarely seen high score of 9.4/10 on IMDb, although the reviews have been mixed, with some criticism of genre ambiguity. Is it a star-crossed love story or a fast-paced fantasy action film? Franco is excellent in the romantic storyline, but is he in the right spot in the action sequences? These are the questions that do not necessarily do justice to the ambitious series, as it truly is a milestone on Hulu's path to a brand new image concept.

Season 2 recap

The debut 8-part installment of the Hulu newest original drama web series 11.22.63 bowed out on April 4, 2016 and even viewers who have thoroughly enjoyed the new show are expressing their doubt that there should be a second chapter. To most, the eight-part series felt complete and they don’t want the pleasant aftertaste to be ruined by turning this masterpiece into your typical full blown TV show. On the other hand, it would be unfortunate to say good-bye to such a talented cast and crew, so maybe Hulu will take a different route and turn the show into an anthology series, like Fargo or American Horror Story. The series currently has an average score of 8.6 out of 10 on IMDb and glowing reviews continue to pour from viewers and critics alike, so it would be interesting to see what decision the online streaming company makes.


Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1The Rabbit Hole Feb 15, 2016
2The Kill Floor Feb 22, 2016
3Other Voices, Other Rooms Feb 29, 2016
4The Eyes of Texas Mar 7, 2016
5The Truth Mar 14, 2016
6Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald Mar 21, 2016
7Soldier Boy Mar 28, 2016
8The Day in Question Apr 4, 2016
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0 2 Robbie13  March 18, 2018
LOVE it, hoping for a season 2 ? ?
0 0 José Clévio  December 2, 2016
Uma Obra prima igual essa ( 11.22.63 ) só acontece uma em um milhão!! Não pode parar, não deixem acabar, não sem umas 20 temporadas. Amo a série!
0 0 Alicia_atx  November 4, 2016
I think Season 2 should be a completely new cast that used the time portal rift in a different era, but did something successful and postive.
0 0 Ashrobbo Alicia_atx  November 21, 2016
How good is that idea, I like it..
0 1 Curt  October 6, 2016
Amazing the only show iv watched and loved. Hope there is a series 2! I think he should go back again to stop other assassinations or similar to show how today would be but lets see! Fantastic programme!!
0 0 Brenda bu  October 2, 2016
Love it history love story action ,hope it keeps going even my husband likes it thanks
1 0 ELAINA  September 25, 2016
I have found a show that I love. It was amazing. I had to read the book after seeing the show. Excellent. I think it might could go another season but that would be it.
0 0 Jay  September 18, 2016
A second season would be good as an anthology. Place the worm hole in a another area, part of the country, with different circumstances.
1 0 NICOLAE PETRE  September 12, 2016
No, please, no season 2, don't ruin a perfect tv show with a perfect ending. This talented crew could adapt another book. There's no way another season could improve this show. That's way most tv shows get crappy, because people can't appreciate what they've got and more of the same thing. Stop already, enjoy this season, cherrish in and move on. There is only one Mona Lisa because it is unique. Don't transform everything in a kitsch.
0 0 NICOLAE PETRE NICOLAE PETRE  September 12, 2016
Sorry for the errors.
No, please, no season 2, don't ruin a perfect tv show with a perfect ending. This talented crew could adapt another book. There's no way another season could improve this show. That's why most tv shows get crappy, because people can't appreciate what they've got and want more of the same thing. Stop already, enjoy this season, cherrish it and move on. There is only one Mona Lisa because it is unique. Don't transform everything in a kitsch.
0 0 DeCarvalho Junior  August 20, 2016
The season finale was great, the final part when Jake dances with Sadie made a tear roll down my face, it's unusual to me. A huge success here in Brazil, hope we have a secon season, I'm sure Mr. Abraham and Mr. King can develop a great continuation for this amazing story.
0 0 OregonDave DeCarvalho Junior  September 6, 2016
How big is American and other International TV in Brazil? I've noticed with the blu-ray of 11.22.63 that the only spoken languages offered were English and Portuguese. Thanks.
0 0 Moacir OregonDave  September 28, 2016
Its very popular around here, we love american TV-Shows! This one was hard to find, cause HULU is not very popular like netflix here, so i could just watch the series this month, WHAT A GREAT ENDING!
0 0 Starfire  August 15, 2016
MAKE A SEASON 2!!!! Jake and Sadie needs to be together. In the past or the future it doesn't matter
0 0 Cecil  August 15, 2016
i wish season comes out because this is one my best time traveling tv show ever!!!
0 0 DeCarvalho Junior Cecil  August 20, 2016
0 0 Alan  July 31, 2016
a truly great series, each episode had me hooked. Waited each week for each episode to be shown, have never waited like that for any other series. I would like a second series, but only if the story-line is good. He saw what happened after he saved JFK. He could try saving RFK, and see that outcome.
0 0 Jamie  July 29, 2016
The best show i ever seen, they really nailed it. I have never rated any movies or series above 9, this one deserve 10/10. Is so good, that i would pay for season 2 upfront right now, if i could :lol:
0 0 Mike  July 23, 2016
This was incredible and the finale had me crying for minutes. YES the story is "finished" - He had to let her go but I still want a Season 2 and is it not realistic? Did he really have to let her go? As he said himself he would not save Al's family and he would not try to save JFK but he could still live with Sadie in the past or even better AS THEY TALKED ABOUT AT SOME POINT he could bring Sadie to the future.

The production of this show was 10/10 and thats the only reason I think a season 2 is possible. If it was a shitshow who cares but it was [censored] GREAT
0 0 Rhys Burgess  July 17, 2016
This show and first season was absolutely incredible, just finished the last episode and dreading for a second series. I don't know why a second season WOULDN'T be produced because this show is so gripping!!!
0 0 Toni  July 14, 2016
Season 1 was amazing! I hope there will be a season two .
0 0 Alfonso B  July 8, 2016
This show was so good. Please Please release season 2.
0 0 Gavin Hynes  July 1, 2016
Why not have season 2 called 09-11-2001all about the twin towers and him going through the rabbit hole in the cafe once again
0 0 Mhdi Gavin Hynes  July 5, 2016
No ill be repeated again
Serious 1was awesome but it shouldnt be repeat again..
0 0 RoryStephens  June 27, 2016
So I started watching the season last night while at work and that's me just finished it I didn't think it would be this good hurry up with season 2 the show must go on
0 0 David shrestha  June 24, 2016
This series is best and heart touching. i am waiting for another season 2. only feel sad on this series was he jay didn't pass his whole time with sedia.. may in another season he will go back and see again her.
0 0 bill@melbourne  June 13, 2016
... The FBI was not behind the JFK assassination originally so when the agent follows Jake into the "bad future" he realises that JFK must die. He then returns to the past as the second shooter just to make sure that JFK is killed, whilst keeping an eye out for Jake who is going to try to stop Oswald. That's why the "good future" had worked out, because of Jake the second JFK shooter was in place.

Jake catches the FBI agent coming out of the diner and recognises him immediately. Determined to keep the current future, Jake goes back to the past after him ....
1 0 bill@melbourne  June 13, 2016
Great show! I'm a writer but not for this show.
There are a number of potential story lines that could take the show forward, the very existence of the worm hole (time portal) leaves the door open for many possibilities.... Eg - Jake learns that someone else from the past has followed him through to the future (the FBI agent that dropped him off at the bus station) which causes parallel time loops that only Jake and other time travelers are aware of (eg the man with the yellow card in his hat) ...
0 0 Jony bill@melbourne  June 14, 2016
I agree with JT. I think they should consider it as a mini series besides it was a wonderful show loved every bit of it.
And the JFK thanking Franco(Jake) was really touching got goose bumps.
Also the last episode was amazing Sadie's poem was perfect for the ending.
I even wrote it down.

We did not ask for this room or this music
We were invited in
Therefore because the dark surrounds us
Let us turn our faces to the light
Let us endure hardship
To be grateful for plenty
We have been given pain
To be astounded by joy
We have been given life
To deny death
We did not ask for this room or this music
But because we are here
Let us dance.

By Sadie.
0 0 JT  June 11, 2016
I loved the show but its hard to see how they can do another season as the whole show is about the jfk assassination and they have completed that element, they could try and stop something else happening or change the past but i dont think it would live up to expectations
0 0 Kevin JT  July 20, 2016
They could show someone from the past coming through the rabbit hole into 2016, then going back for whatever reason. They could have Jake go back to 1960 and instead of doing anything with JFK he tries to prevent the assassination of Martin Luther King in 68. Of course by doing all this Jake would effectively be 11-14 years old. First 3 years during season 1, possibly another 3 more years to ensure JFK then dies for the finale of season 1, then the 8 years for season 2.

It could work. But maybe they should do something else such as him going to 1960 and then finding out 1960 has a time loop back to 1945 or something. That would also be interesting lol
0 0 Fiona  June 9, 2016
Please please please have a second season it is totally a must, this is one of the best programmes I have ever watched, so very interesting, the story line a brilliant, the acting is perfect. :lol:
0 0 Marc  June 9, 2016
8) me and my dad watched it every sunday at 9pm on fox HD and it was really good i hope about they make season 2 because it snot finished as u can tell but i fill srry for jake because he can have Saddie or it changes the world still.

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