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Shadowhunters is an American fantasy TV series that originally premiered on Freeform on January 12, 2016 after a straight-to-series order by the network. It is based on The Mortal Instruments novel series by Cassandra Clare and developed by Ed Decler.
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Freeform Axes Shadowhunters – No Season 4

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Shadowhunters season 4 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Mon 5/6/2019 All Good Things… Season 3: Episode 22
Next Episode Show ended 57 episodes total

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Shadowhunters fans, you have less than three months to sharpen your steles — the final episodes of the Freeform drama will begin airing on Monday, Feb. 25, TVLine has learned. These episodes will be followed by the two-part wrap-up movie titled The Final Hunt, which aims to bring the series’ storylines to a close. (Source:


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1On Infernal Ground Mar 20, 2018
2The Powers That Be Mar 27, 2018
3What Lies Beneath Apr 3, 2018
4Thy Soul Instructed Apr 10, 2018
5Stronger Than Heaven Apr 17, 2018
6A Window Into an Empty Room Apr 24, 2018
7Salt in the Wound May 1, 2018
8A Heart of Darkness May 8, 2018
9Familia Ante Omnia May 15, 2018
10Erchomai May 15, 2018
11Lost Souls Feb 25, 2019
12Original Sin Mar 4, 2019
13Beati Bellicosi Mar 11, 2019
14A Kiss from a Rose Mar 18, 2019
15To the Night Children Mar 25, 2019
16Stay with Me Apr 1, 2019
17Heavenly Fire Apr 8, 2019
18The Beast Within Apr 15, 2019
19Aku Cinta Kamu Apr 22, 2019
20City of Glass Apr 29, 2019
21Alliance May 6, 2019
22All Good Things… May 6, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1This Guilty Blood Jan 2, 2017
2A Door Into the Dark Jan 9, 2017
3Parabatai Lost Jan 16, 2017
4Day of Wrath Jan 23, 2017
5Dust and Shadows Jan 30, 2017
6Iron Sisters Feb 6, 2017
7How are Thou Fallen Feb 13, 2017
8Love is a Devil Feb 20, 2017
9Bound by Blood Feb 27, 2017
10By the Light of Dawn Mar 6, 2017
11Mea Maxima Culpa Jun 5, 2017
12You Are Not on Your Own Jun 12, 2017
13Those of Demon Blood Jun 19, 2017
14The Fair Folk Jun 26, 2017
15A Problem of Memory Jul 10, 2017
16Day of Atonement Jul 17, 2017
17A Dark Reflection Jul 24, 2017
18Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen Jul 31, 2017
19Hail and Farewell Aug 7, 2017
20Beside Still Water Aug 14, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Mortal Cup Jan 12, 2016
2The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy Jan 19, 2016
3Dead Man's Party Jan 26, 2016
4Raising Hell Feb 2, 2016
5Moo Shu to Go Feb 9, 2016
6Of Men and Angels Feb 16, 2016
7Major Arcana Feb 23, 2016
8Bad Blood Mar 1, 2016
9Rise Up Mar 8, 2016
10This World Inverted Mar 15, 2016
11Blood Calls to Blood Mar 22, 2016
12Malec Mar 29, 2016
13Morning Star Apr 5, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Beyond the Shadows: The Making of Shadowhunters Dec 6, 2015
2Superfan Suite: Shadowhunters Apr 8, 2016


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0 3 Thir Dee  June 13, 2018
I love this series so much, can you please do the season 4.. can't wait to see and what really happed to jace and clar and even to magnus and alec..,, where they end up or do they live happily ever after defeating demons... please im appealing to the director and to the cast..
0 2 hekiv  June 6, 2018
People. There is still hope. Netflix can change it's mind. Or hulu could pick the show up for at least one more season!
DON'T GIVE UP! Keep tweeting ur love for the show using the hashtags #PickUpShadowhunters #SaveShadowhunters
0 4 Jewel  June 5, 2018
This is my favourite show they have to bring a 4th season
Am addicted to the thill and excitement it brings especially at the end of a series ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
0 5 Emma Dyke  May 16, 2018
I am absolutely in love with series, I have read all the books and love what the show has done to deviate from the main storyline. It always keeps me on my toes and has me either laughing or crying, I just love everything about this series and hope for a season 4
0 3 Bkn  May 16, 2018
I really enjoyed the shows yeah they stray from the books, but it also in my opinion really good, I really want to see season 4 soon everyone talking about they don't like the characters but yet you're addicted to watching it. HELLO you have to like the characters in order to be addicted to the show, also I'm a big fan of the books and the shows so please keep the seasons coming!!!!!
1 8 Salina  June 6, 2017
I really hope a season 3 comes out I was so addicted to this show and fell in love with the characters u guys did a great job . Plzzzz let the show continue !!!
2 3 MGail  May 24, 2017
I had to read the books after watching the first movie. I want to enjoy the series, but it deviates so far from the books, the only similarity left is the character names. Why did Jocelyn have to die? She is supposed to marry Luke in book seven. I realize some deviation is necessary, but to completely destroy the story line just about loses me in the series.

Try to get back on track and see if you can line them back up some. And there is not enough sexual tension between Clary and Jace as it was in the books. Need to play that up more. Besides,
Jamie Campbell Bower makes a much better Jace than Dominic Sherwood
2 3 tashaw36  April 30, 2017
I love watching this show. ? ? jace and clary need to get back together. Have is hot
1 1 tashaw36 tashaw36  April 30, 2017
Oops. Ment Have is hot
2 2 Una  April 18, 2017
This show is so bad but really addictive. I think i prefer the books a lot more because i dont like the actress of Clary in the film... But, i do love malec!! Anyways, very excited for the rest of the series.
1 0 Una Una  April 18, 2017
Not film aha
2 1 Yoon YeoShin Una  May 2, 2017
agreed. i think shes too disney for this series. and its not very good acting. it issss addicting..
3 5 Jem Herondale  April 4, 2017
I watch the show so that my cousins and I can bash it. We read the books as they were being released (because we were actually teenagers when City of Bones was released) and they don't follow the books. It's fun to watch and make fun of, though.
2 8 Ziena.W  April 3, 2017
I can't wait to see Jace and Clary back together since they are not siblings!! ? ❤ ❤ ?
2 0 stormy Ziena.W  April 6, 2017
0 1 Priscila Ziena.W  April 13, 2017
Bello, i am watching shadowhunter but i have a question in which chapter jace and clary know that they are not siblings?
0 2 tashaw36 Priscila  April 30, 2017
It was the last show of season 2 part 1. Have knows but she doesn't.
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2 1 Mae  March 31, 2017
I love shadowerhunter I hope that Clary and Simon stay together because he need her and vice versa.
1 4 Chicosmama  March 16, 2017
I like the whole show even tho it was kind of dark but still love it ?
1 9 Catherine.P  March 15, 2017
I love shadowhunters. It may not follow the books exactly but it's still one my favourite shows!!! ❤ ❤
0 0 Sugar  March 7, 2017
What are the chances of season 3 being produced?
0 0 tashaw36 Sugar  April 30, 2017
I just looked it up. It has been renewed for 2018. Season 2 part 2 comes back on in June
2 1 idk  December 28, 2016
this show isn't any good. BUT I still recomend it because the cast is both hot and funny (watch youtube videos of them all together) and you somehow can't help but get obssessed with it even though it's not good. And also Malec is AMAZING and is one of the only reasons I watch the show... I recomend it
0 1 idk idk  December 28, 2016
Sorry I spelt half of that wrong. And if you're prone to cringing, don't watch it, bc tbfh it gets cheesy. But it's still bad in a good way???
0 3 Lees  December 26, 2016
I also love Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus.
1 1 Lees  December 26, 2016
I have read all the books but am SO excited to see how different the next season is to the books. :D

I don't particularly like how, like, EVERYTHING is wrong. Clary runs away from her mother not hugs her when she wakes up.

I also don't like the people playing Clary, Jace or Simon. I really love Emeraude and Matt.
Katherine McNamara as Clary can get really annoying! Nothing like Clary in the books.
Jace doesn't do a very good Jace, I mean he doesn't even look like Jace!
And Alberto, he's okay but otherwise, doesn't do the best Simon.

I don't like Clary from the movie, nor Izzy and Alec.

I prefer Izzy and Alec from series, Jace and Simon from movie, Clary from my imagination.

Please if you have any comments, be polite and don't judge me for my opinions.

Lees xo
1 0 OMG Lees  December 26, 2016
i totally agree with u @lees. clary is annoying and whingy and i prefer clary from my imaginaton and but i like jace and simon from the series i am not judging u and i am almost dun with the lst book city of hevanly fire.

a note 4 every1 and:

i kno everything from the books you should not do a quiz with me bcus i am amazin and no1 can compet wih me. so dont even tri - oh i just finishd city of hevanly fire i am awesme anyway an as i was saying - to say i m lyeing cus i is nt.

if u gys dont like me i am saying 1 ting nd that is that i like 'Lees xo' so can we be like bestest bestest bestest besties??? PLEEEEAAASSEE!!!
u better reply or else i will defenitly not wnt to b ur bestest bestest bestest bestie btw u can add more of the word bestest so we can b even mor bestest besties than any1 else in te werld.

bye bye

OMG xo
0 0 Lees OMG  December 26, 2016
Uh, hello, OMG.

Sure we can be bestest bestest bestest besties. I think people might like it if you don't try to challenge them into thinking you are better than them and know more.

Congratulations on finishing the whole books series! You should read some other Shadowhunters Chronicles books.

Lees xx
0 0 Yoon YeoShin Lees  May 2, 2017
bhhahahahaha reading you guys is entertaining... but i agree with the both of you on both parts. i have mentions to another person Clary is just tooo disney for this show. i do like simon in some parts just because i think hes a little cute and a bit hilarious.... i hope you bestested of the bestestest best can be besties.. bahhaha
0 0 HawkehChan  December 18, 2016
EEK! So happy and excited for this.... I really hope the relationship between Jace and Clary goes further even though they are "Brother and sister" even though... I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the books. :3 I've read every book so :D YAY :lol: :-)
0 1 Max  November 17, 2016
can`t wait for 2nd season to come up. just hope in the next seasons they won`t change the story compared to the books as much as they did with the 1st season. also poor demographic studies and kinda poor advirtising might be the cause why the series doesn`t get the views it deserves. would love to see all 6 books materialised in the series, possibly the mechanical spin-off book series as well.
0 1 HawkehChan Max  December 18, 2016
I agree! The books were so much better than the first series, but if they really take the essence and the emotion that Cassandra Clare put into the book and inserted that into the series it would be great!
Things I hate about the first series
~Clary is NOTHING like she is in the books in this series... I don't get it, Now she's all whiny when in the book she was cunning and witty a lot like Jace.. So she could put up with him.. Also Jace was less serious, more funny and witty.
~Clary and Jace's relationship status SHOULDN'T CHANGE at all. They were in love in the book BE IN LOVE IN THE SERIES. It's weird.
~It's really loosing the essence of the book, It needs more things from the book
~Magnus... Forget it Magnus is Perfect.. God.. But he should be more... Sassy. :3
There is a bit more but.. I'm not picky.. I just have read all the books. :/
1 0 biggestfan  November 14, 2016
Omg omg shadow hunters is so freaking lit omg I can't wait until season 2 the preview is just giving me the chills I can't wait omg :lol:
0 0 Melody  November 12, 2016
Can't wait for this action packed season 2! The previews are making me go craaazy!!! Lots of Shadow Love
0 0 west wood  November 10, 2016
i dont believe that clary and jace are related..... when i heard that rubbish i almost fainted, that word now made jace more evil....
0 1 Jacqui west wood  November 13, 2016
You might want to read the books ! But the plot gets better . Guess like any mystery worth watching till it makes sense . Hope we can watch from the UK really would hate to wait till August
0 2 Hawkehchan Jacqui  December 18, 2016
Yes, Reading the books explain a lot.. No spoilers from me though.
0 0 Hannah  November 8, 2016
I really shipped jace and clary from the moment they met but when I saw the episode that revealed they were brother and sister (cause haven't read the book yet but going to) I was like whaaaaaat this is insane
0 1 Cynthia Hannah  November 10, 2016
Hi Hannah,
Don't feel disappointed about that sibling thing. For those of us who have read the series already know they are not really brother and sister. Valentine was lying. Although the show has changed a few things, I think it would completely ruin the show if they changed that truth. It will be interesting to see where they take the rest of the show. Hopefully they won't change it so much they ruin it. Cheers!!
0 0 Petra Gladstone Hannah  December 26, 2016
Heyy Giiirrrrlll...



bye from Petra.
0 0 Hannah  November 8, 2016
Can't wait till season 2 comes out I still can't believe clary and jace are brother and sister it will make season 2 soooo interesting

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