9 Seasons
94 Episodes
Wentworth is an Australian television drama program. It was first broadcast on SoHo on 1 May 2013.
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Wentworth Will Not Get Season 10, Showcase Confirmed

Current Show Status
Wentworth Season 10 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Tue 9/14/2021 Judas Kiss Season 9: Episode 4
Next Episode Airs Tue 9/21/2021 The Unknown Terrorist Season 9: Episode 5

Latest news

Foxtel announces Wentworth The Final Sentence to air August 24th. (Source: mediaweek.com.au)


Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Rogue Aug 24, 2021
2Requiem Aug 31, 2021
3The Ties That Bind Sep 7, 2021
4Judas Kiss Sep 14, 2021
5The Unknown Terrorist Sep 21, 2021
6One Eye Open Sep 28, 2021
7Decimation Oct 5, 2021
8Will and Testament Oct 12, 2021
9Last Stand Oct 19, 2021
10Legacy Oct 26, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Resurrection Jul 28, 2020
2Ends and Means Aug 4, 2020
3Enemy of the State Aug 11, 2020
4Revenant Aug 18, 2020
5Fallout Aug 25, 2020
6Fugitive Sep 1, 2020
7Battle Lines Sep 8, 2020
8Goldfish, Part 2 Sep 15, 2020
9Monster Sep 22, 2020
10The Enemy Within Sep 29, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Blood Wedding May 28, 2019
2Payback Jun 4, 2019
3Atonement Jun 11, 2019
4Karen Jun 18, 2019
5Ascension Jun 25, 2019
6Mother Jul 2, 2019
7Bad Blood Jul 9, 2019
8Protection Jul 16, 2019
9Under Siege (1) Jul 23, 2019
10Under Siege (2) Jul 30, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Clean Slate Jun 19, 2018
2The Boxer Jun 26, 2018
3Bleed Out Jul 3, 2018
4Winter is Here Jul 10, 2018
5Bitter Pill Jul 17, 2018
6Angel of Wentworth Jul 24, 2018
7The Edge Jul 31, 2018
8Lovers and Fighters Aug 7, 2018
9Shallow Grave Aug 14, 2018
10Fractured Aug 21, 2018
11Indelible Ink Aug 28, 2018
12Showdown Sep 4, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Scars Apr 4, 2017
2The Bitch is Back Apr 11, 2017
3Nothing But the Truth Apr 18, 2017
4Loose Ends Apr 25, 2017
5Belly of the Beast May 2, 2017
6Happy Birthday, Vera May 9, 2017
7The Pact May 16, 2017
8Think Inside the Box May 23, 2017
9Snakehead May 30, 2017
10Mere Anarchy Jun 6, 2017
11Coup De Grace Jun 13, 2017
12Hell Bent Jun 20, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1First Blood May 10, 2016
2Poking Spiders May 17, 2016
3Prisoner May 24, 2016
4Screw Lover May 31, 2016
5Love and Hate Jun 7, 2016
6Divide and Conquer Jun 14, 2016
7Panic Button Jun 21, 2016
8Plan Bea Jun 28, 2016
9Afterlife Jul 5, 2016
10Smitten Jul 12, 2016
11Eleventh Hour Jul 19, 2016
12Seeing Red Jul 26, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1The Governor's Pleasure Apr 7, 2015
2Failing Upwards Apr 14, 2015
3Knives Out Apr 21, 2015
4Righteous Acts Apr 28, 2015
5Mercy May 5, 2015
6Evidence May 12, 2015
7The Long Game May 19, 2015
8Goldfish May 26, 2015
9Freak Show Jun 2, 2015
10A Higher Court Jun 9, 2015
11The Living and the Dead Jun 16, 2015
12Blood and Fire Jun 23, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Born Again May 20, 2014
2Whatever It Takes May 27, 2014
3Boys in the Yard Jun 3, 2014
4The Danger Within Jun 10, 2014
5Twist the Knife Jun 17, 2014
6The Pink Dragon Jun 24, 2014
7Metamorphosis Jul 1, 2014
8Sins of the Mother Jul 8, 2014
9The Fixer Jul 15, 2014
10Jail Birds Jul 22, 2014
11Into the Night Jul 29, 2014
12Fear Her Aug 5, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1No Place Like Home May 1, 2013
2Fly Me Away May 8, 2013
3The Girl Who Waited May 15, 2013
4The Things We Do May 22, 2013
5The Velvet Curtain May 29, 2013
6Captive Jun 5, 2013
7Something Dies Jun 12, 2013
8Mind Games Jun 19, 2013
9To the Moon Jun 26, 2013
10Checkmate Jul 3, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1An Audience with the Cast of Wentworth May 3, 2016
2Behind the Bars Jul 20, 2020
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Comments 488

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0 1 feya  August 31, 2021
Bring Back BEA!!!!!!!
0 0 nuzzmark  August 25, 2021
Is the Season 9 premier of Wentworth only being shown in Australia? If so, when will it be shown in the USA?
0 2 trevorrg22  August 24, 2021
I really miss Frankie Doyle and Bea Smith. I know Bea can't return because her character was killed off but I hoped, somehow, that Frankie would appear again.

It's a great series with many amazing characters and I'm so pleased that it was popular in the US because that meant more series for the rest of us to enjoy (I'm in UK)
8 8 jeff b  July 18, 2021
Since Bea Smith died the series is not what it was...IMO Writers made a huge mistake when they killed off Bea.... Will not be watching.
1 1 Shae3846 jeff b  July 29, 2021
Bea being killed off was definitely heartbreaking. But the show was mainly focused on Bea and the produces did not think that they could expand on her character any more than they already have. They killed her off to number one find new storylines so that more people would watch. I personally think they didnt have to kill her off, they could have just made her a lesser character and be happy with Allie but the producers do things in their own way. I’m fact season 5 was all about the revenge that Bea’s family wanted on Ferguson. Also, in the show that Wentworth is based on; American tv show prisoner that lasted from 1979 to 1986, Bea smith was also killed off in the original series. Although her death wasn’t on screen, she was transferred to another prison and it was stated that she had died
0 4 .BadJohnnyBGood Shae3846  August 2, 2021
The original was also an Australian TV show. It was called Prisoner but in the US it was called Cell Block H
0 2 .BadJohnnyBGood Shae3846  August 2, 2021
The original was also an Australian TV show. It was called Prisoner but in the US it was called Cell Block H
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2 6 ROGER ST GERMAIN  May 29, 2021
This the best acting I have ever enjoyed,. And then supported by excellent writing I was held in suspense repeatedly. Truly the best series on Netflix but a long shot.
0 2 Shae3846 ROGER ST GERMAIN  July 29, 2021
0 9 Tracy Mcneely  March 7, 2021
I love this show it's so great and bsmith and frankie was my first favorites then boomer and liz and of course alley as fir males of course will and Jake but I was shocked they killed bsmith happy for frankie and hope alley is still alive, but now shocked again that I'm waiting on last season because I feel this show is so good it should just keep on coming please think about it frankie could come back visit books or something... lol thanks to all again I love it!!!
0 4 Salley Shaw Tracy Mcneely  April 13, 2021
I hope it's back on 5 star
5 0 Kerry p Salley Shaw  April 21, 2021
Been reading up. The next 10 episodes of Season 8 should hit the U.K around summer. This is still season 8.
They are saying that this in now it. There will be no season 9 or any other seasons. They have spoken about a run off, but said no plans as yet.
Big mistake getting rid of this show after the nxt 10 episodes.

Allie better live.
0 6 Rachael Kerry p  May 19, 2021
Season 9 has already been filmed
0 14 Veronica  April 9, 2019
I enjoyed Wentworth, i have my entire job watching it non-stop. please bring Ferguson back that would be the best twist ever. What happen to Maxine, y'all better not kill her off. Liz, poor Liz, please can someone set her free. I can't wait for season 7. Bring it.
1 15 Jamie Darling  March 11, 2019
The beautiful thing about this program is that it allows you to feel so many emotions....think about how we felt when that jerk murdered Bea's lovely daughter Debbie and contrast that with the special joy of watching Bea finally find her true love Allie...only to have that [censored]ed away thinking she had lost both Debbie and Allie.....those emotions anger-joy-sadness as well as some of the best acting,writing,and directing make this the top series on the planet......as an American i can say there is nothing on American T.V. that can compete with this. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
0 5 Linda Malnati Jamie Darling  May 27, 2019
I totally agree with you. I thought may be this wasn't coming back, but so glad it is. !!!! So Excited ! :)
2 9 SL  November 27, 2018
In fact Wentworth has been renewed up in till season 9. Check the official Wentworth Prison UK Twitter page.
1 12 Dale Grossman.  September 8, 2018
❤ just love this show . Best ever
0 14 Dale Grossman.  September 8, 2018
I am in the states but I have to say this show is one of the best ever. I didn’t know season 6 was out so I binge watched it and can’t wait for season 7.
0 6 Sandra Oatman  September 6, 2018
Am so glad to hear more wentworth, love the show!!!?
1 4 Prussell 48082  July 16, 2018
When will season 6 be available in the US? Ty!!!
0 5 Sean  July 12, 2018
Season 7 is happing. Foxtel (the makers of the program) Have started filming the seventh season.
1 10 Brit  June 20, 2018
I love this show but I’m in the US so when do it air out here I can’t wait to see it
2 2 Stacy  June 19, 2018
I'm happy that season 6 is just around the corner. Can't wait. Love the show.
0 14 bea smith  June 13, 2018
I have a feeling that bea smith is really alive,so please don't let me down. BRING BEA SMITH BACK....BRING HER BACK

4 7 Fr3ak bea smith  June 14, 2018
I just hope my favourite character, Ms Ferguson, survived that horrific attempt on her life. She's the best character in the show by a mile and then some. Ferguson.
0 8 Patti Masters  May 9, 2018
I cant wait I love this how it just sucks bea had to die she was the best . but its still my all time fav cant wait :D
2 9 Lincoln  April 24, 2018
I know the show did great without Bea Smith but she's the reason I start watching is there any way to bring her back it is TV. The best show on Netflix I can't believe it's better than OZ. but just think of the possibilities you can do if Bea is really alive you have a strong audience yet you getting rid of the original cast don't lose what made the show great
0 9 Laura Daz Steven Connor  February 8, 2018
uk fan we just love Wentworth best programme by far in our house just wish it was on for longer maybe 20 episodes a season that would be great as the wait is so long. super actors Libby tanner Nicole da silva and so many more to mention the story lines are so intense sometimes sad and funny a great mixture all round.May it continue as long as it can thankyou Australia for bringing some great drama to the UK roll on wentworth season 6 we love you xx
0 7 Andyandcolette Laura Daz Steven Connor  March 2, 2018
Do u know when Wentworth is showing on UK channel please
3 3 SeanL18 Andyandcolette  March 2, 2018
Some time in August. It airs in Australia in April on Fotel. When it airs in the UK it wil either be on Channel 5 or 5 STAR.
0 6 ElleP Laura Daz Steven Connor  April 10, 2018
News just out: Wentworth series 6 starts in June in Australia (Tues 19 June @ 8.30pm), so hopefully not too long before we get a date for U.K.
0 6 jessica 1234  February 8, 2018
Best show ever .... cant wait tell season 6 ..sad when Bea left, hope they can find some way to bring her back ..I watched a lot of series, but nothing as good and intense as Wentworth ..From Montreal Que ......Got my Daughter and brother hooked lol ....... BEST BEST BEST SHOW EVER ...
1 12 Lynne Pyle  December 30, 2017
OMG.... I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode. Phenomenal writing and outstanding acting from all the characters, with surprising twists and turns and heartfelt emotion.... you never know what's coming next. I LOVE this show.
0 5 Dinie  November 19, 2017
My sister got me hooked on this series. Its writers are absolutely phenomenal, along with a superb cast of actors. It's addictive because of the twists and turns of the story line, and the incredible way in which each separate personality is portrayed. This series would be a great college course on the different psychological disorders of the abnormal personality. What makes and breaks the human mind. One wonders about the last straw that breaks a human beings spirit. Bea is a victim of the penal system-social deviation, while Ferguson is resident evil. You secretly wish that if this series portrays real prison life, that there will be a movement to truly help people, rather than just quartering them and forgetting about them~
0 4 JayBeca  October 28, 2017
Amazing show hooked from the get go....Thanks Australia! Live long and prosper! Awesome actors!
2 5 Cindy Pinelli  October 24, 2017
Loving every time I watch it! I truly can't wait till season 6 comes out. Great acting by all , I love them all! Wanted to slap a few lol but very interesting can't wait!

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