Finding Your Roots
10 Seasons
106 Episodes
Henry Louis Gates takes stunned celebrity guests on a journey into their past and introduces them to surprising facts, mysteries and ancestors they didn’t know they had
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Finding Your Roots Season 10 is yet to be announced by PBS

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Finding Your Roots Season 10 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 4/9/2024 Viewers Like You Season 10: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Finding Your Roots. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.
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#NameAir Dates
1Born To Sing Jan 2, 2024
2Forever Young Jan 9, 2024
3Fathers and Sons Jan 16, 2024
4Buried Secrets Jan 23, 2024
5Hold the Laughter Jan 30, 2024
6Far and Away Feb 6, 2024
7The Brick Wall Falls Feb 13, 2024
8Mean Streets Feb 20, 2024
9In the Blood Apr 2, 2024
10Viewers Like You Apr 9, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Hidden Kin Jan 3, 2023
2Salem's Lot Jan 10, 2023
3Secret Lives Jan 17, 2023
4Far From Home Jan 24, 2023
5Rising From the Ashes Jan 31, 2023
6Family: Lost and Found Feb 7, 2023
7Chosen Feb 14, 2023
8And Still I Rise Feb 21, 2023
9Anchormen Feb 28, 2023
10Out of the Past Mar 7, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Hidden in the Genes Jan 4, 2022
2Children of Exile Jan 4, 2022
3Activist Roots Jan 11, 2022
4Things We Don't Discuss Jan 25, 2022
5Mexican Roots Feb 1, 2022
6Fighters Feb 8, 2022
7Forgotten Journeys Feb 15, 2022
8Songs of the Past Feb 22, 2022
9Watchmen Apr 12, 2022
10Where Did We Come From? Apr 19, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1To the Manor Born Jan 19, 2021
2Against All Odds Jan 26, 2021
3No Irish Need Apply Feb 2, 2021
4The Shirts on Their Backs Feb 9, 2021
5Write My Name in the Book of Life Feb 16, 2021
6Country Roots Feb 23, 2021
7The New World Apr 13, 2021
8Anchored to the Past Apr 20, 2021
9On Broadway Apr 27, 2021
10Laughing on the Inside May 4, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Hollywood Royalty Oct 8, 2019
2Off the Farm Oct 15, 2019
3Homecomings Jan 7, 2020
4This Land Is My Land Jan 14, 2020
5Beyond the Pale Jan 21, 2020
6Secrets and Lies Jan 28, 2020
7Science Pioneers Feb 4, 2020
8Slave Trade Feb 11, 2020
9Italian Roots Feb 18, 2020
10Criminal Kind Feb 25, 2020
11Fashion's Roots Oct 13, 2020
12DNA Mysteries Oct 20, 2020
13War Stories Nov 10, 2020
14Flight Nov 17, 2020
15Breaking Silences Jan 5, 2021
16Coming to America Jan 12, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Grandparents and Other Strangers Jan 8, 2019
2Mystery Men Jan 15, 2019
3Reporting on the Reporters Jan 22, 2019
4Dreaming of a New Land Jan 29, 2019
5Freedom Tales Feb 5, 2019
6Roots in Politics Feb 12, 2019
7No Laughing Matter Feb 19, 2019
8Hard Times Feb 26, 2019
9The Eye of the Beholder Apr 2, 2019
10All in the Family Apr 9, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Impression Oct 3, 2017
2Unfamiliar Kin Oct 10, 2017
3Puritans and Pioneers Oct 17, 2017
4The Vanguard Oct 24, 2017
5Immigrant Nation Oct 31, 2017
6Black Like Me Nov 7, 2017
7Children of the Revolution Nov 14, 2017
8Relatives We Never Knew We Had Nov 21, 2017
9Southern Roots Dec 12, 2017
10Funny Business Dec 19, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Stories We Tell Jan 5, 2016
2The Irish Factor Jan 12, 2016
3In Search of Freedom Jan 19, 2016
4Tragedy + Time = Comedy Jan 26, 2016
5Visionaries Feb 2, 2016
6War Stories Feb 9, 2016
7Family Reunions Feb 16, 2016
8The Pioneers Feb 23, 2016
9The Long Way Home Mar 1, 2016
10Maps of Stars Mar 8, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1In Search of Our Fathers Sep 23, 2014
2Born Champions Sep 30, 2014
3Our American Storytellers Oct 7, 2014
4Roots of Freedom Oct 14, 2014
5The Melting Pot Oct 21, 2014
6We Come From People Oct 28, 2014
7Our People, Our Traditions Nov 4, 2014
8The British Invasion Nov 11, 2014
9Ancient Roots Nov 18, 2014
10Decoding Our Past Nov 25, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Harry Connick Jr. - Branford Marsalis Mar 25, 2012
2Cory Booker and John Lewis Mar 25, 2012
3Barbara Walters - Geoffrey Canada Apr 1, 2012
4Kevin Bacon - Kyra Sedgwick Apr 8, 2012
5Angela Buchdahl - Rick Warren - Yasir Qadhi Apr 15, 2012
6Robert Downey, Jr. and Maggie Gyllenhaal Apr 22, 2012
7Samuel L. Jackson - Condoleezza Rice - Ruth Simmons Apr 29, 2012
8Sanjay Gupta - Margaret Cho - Martha Stewart May 6, 2012
9John Legend - Wanda Sykes - Margarett Cooper May 13, 2012
10Michelle Rodriguez - Adrian Grenier - Linda Chavez May 20, 2012

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0 1 Anne  February 22, 2023
Professor Gates is an amazing teacher and researcher. This program offers the viewer a novel way to look at history; through the lives of the people he has as guests. As a result, there are often surprising stories and unanticipated twists and turns that demonstrate a living history that breaks through stereotypes and is always revelatory.. Gates is a national treasure.
0 2 Dave Smith  August 14, 2022
Inspired by Dr. Gates I started looking into my family's genealogy and was doing fine....then I took a dna test. Lordy what a surprise. I found my Dad is not my father, I am more Irish than English though I was born in England. I went from an only child to the oldest of 11 and found such a wonderful "new" family. Born in January '45, conceived in April '44, Mom was just 17 and England was awash with American servicemen. It was wartime and norms are set aside in order to get through the day, so no judgement from me or from my new brother and sisters. What a trip! Thanks Dr. Gates.
0 1 Susan Namm  June 30, 2022
I love this show. Such a great host. I learn about so many things from the research and how it is presented. Please make a Season 9! My husband was adopted and this inspired us to find his birth mother. They have developed a special relationship.
1 4 Lane Serota  June 8, 2022
Hope there will be a Season…we love this show!
0 2 Sarah jackson  May 17, 2022
I am Henry gates, s biggest fan I love love this show please renew the show
0 2 Amy  May 16, 2022
Best show on TV
0 7 Karla  March 13, 2022
Finding your Roots is the best show, and Henry Louis Gates is
the perfect host with his knowledge, compassion and his
presentation. please keep it on the air. i did a couple dna
tests and found out of the genealogists on the show is
my cousin. ☺
0 8 Mary Joan  August 12, 2021
I consider "Finding Your Roots" dessert TV!!! Love the show and Henry Louis Gates!!! So amazing and so well put together.
0 12 RetaAnn  June 27, 2021
I enjoy Finding Your Roots but can we have a season of Ordinary people such as myself.
0 6 Janet Sprague  April 2, 2019
This show just captivates me! What an impact some people have made "just living their lives." I was adopted. I know a bit of my biological mother since I met her in 1985. She has since died, but I still have a 4 half siblings. This show makes me realize what can be uncovered by history and DNA.
0 1 Patrick Dunnagan  January 20, 2019
What if you can document your line going back 3000 years.i am a grandson of Judah on my grandfathers side and on my grandmothers side I am a grandson of king David. King Heromon and Tia Tephia
0 13 Christine A Pagel  January 7, 2019
I've enjoyed searching for my roots for years. The way Professor Gates presents the information found allows for people to see past events in the context of the times they originally occurred. ( I have often met people who look at their family history as if it just happened now and are very critical of their ancesters. I feel like they are missing the point...we all got here because of those imperfect people who lived their lives in their time as best as they could. Their lives offer us so much about ourselves. EAGER FOR SEAON 5 !
0 12 Shirley Collins  January 7, 2019
I enjoy EVERY episode of Finding Your Roots and look forward to each new season. It’s a jewel in your Crown of shows for your viewers. Keep them coming and Thank You!
0 9 Anneryka  August 13, 2018
I love this show!!! I’m an American with roots In Louisiana and it has helped me understand how complex America really is... keep this show going!!!
0 10 David Wiseman  April 19, 2018
Finding Your Roots is the most fascinating compelling show I've ever watched. Professor Gates and his seeming legions of researchers come up with incredible documents. The premise of the program, that our personal histories show how much more complex and fascinating real history is than the "official" histories of the textbooks, is exactly right. I think this show is doing a lot to change how we think of racialization and prejudice in America, to shine a strong light on the compartmentalization of people into "races" as a flat-out mistake. And I have learned a lot about doing genealogy, which I am interested in. Great, great program!
0 9 Andrea Zee  March 27, 2017
Show and host are interesting and compelling. I would live to see it continue.
0 1 Carolyn H. Jett  March 20, 2017
I have found my files containing the original documents that gave me the information to write "There Were Three Brothers" and produce the charts that accompanied the article. However, I have misplaced the name and phone # of the person who called me. I will be glad to share them with you if this letter reaches your personnel. Carolyn H. Jett
0 14 Dorislee Rafferty  November 17, 2016
We love Finding Your Roots. It is so interesting and informative. Please keep it on the air. Henry Gates is such a pleasure to watch as he guides his guests through their history. Nobody should be ashamed of their history, whatever it is. So I say, "shame on Ben Affleck".
0 4 Gina Helmke Dorislee Rafferty  May 21, 2018
I love watching Finding Your Roots and Henry Gates presents it informatively. I have to agree if you agree to come on the show to reveal your family roots good or bad, it should be told thats what makes the show interesting with each guess. Thats what makes the past "History" and not to repeat it today.
0 13 Linda Gaunt  November 2, 2016
I love this show. I believe people can find a common ground when they realize that we are a mixed up bunch.

Mr. Gates makes history personal & interesting through genealogy. His kindness and intellect is obvious and an asset for this show.

Please keep this show on-the-air.

Thank you,
Linda Gaunt
0 0 Lenora Westwoodson Linda Gaunt  May 16, 2023
I agree. Ms. Gaunt, are you descended from John of Gaunt?
0 5 Waleed James  October 17, 2016
Need to consider a mix of celebrities and a non celebrity to give us hope as well. I've been named black, Negro, African American, colored, indigenous, Creek, muscogee, mende, temne, ewondo... be nice to know who my ancestors are.
0 2 Anneryka Waleed James  August 13, 2018
I agree
0 1 Carolyn Proctor Anneryka  August 6, 2022
I agree with this comment. I am currently doing research into my family ancestry as I do not know who my parents. Ancestry has been a very big help in this and do wish that Dr. Gates' show could be of more people like me. He is a wonderful host and I enjoy his program very much.
0 7 Suzie McGhee  September 25, 2016
Please don't cancel Finding Your Roots, it is a very informative show and very entertaining. I have been doing my family history since 1977. I enjoy this show so much and it gives me ideas that helps in my research. Henry Gates, Jr is a fantastic host and he gives the show its spark. His way of telling the stories makes the show come alive. Canceling the show would be such a waste.
0 3 Javiel Alvarez  August 2, 2016
I hope Marques Houston or T-Boz from TLC goes on that show with Gates!
0 4 Marianne Parks  June 16, 2016
I love the show FIND YOUR ROOTS with Henry Gates. It is so interesting, informative and inspiring to some of those who are trying to find our own roots!! I sure hope PBS will renew this wonderful series for the 4th time. Pleeeeze!! Marianne Parks

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