Father Brown
8 Seasons
90 Episodes
Father Brown is a British period drama / detective television series airing on BBC One.
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Father Brown Series 9 is yet to be announced by BBC One

Current Show Status
Father Brown Series 9 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Fri 1/17/2020 The Tower of Lost Souls Season 8: Episode 10
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Father Brown. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1The Celestial Choir Jan 6, 2020
2The Queen Bee Jan 7, 2020
3The Scales of Justice Jan 8, 2020
4The Wisdom of the Fool Jan 9, 2020
5The Folly of Jephthah Jan 10, 2020
6The Numbers of the Beast Jan 13, 2020
7The River Corrupted Jan 14, 2020
8The Curse of the Aesthetic Jan 15, 2020
9The Fall of the House of St Gardner Jan 16, 2020
10The Tower of Lost Souls Jan 17, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1The Great Train Robbery Jan 7, 2019
2The Passing Bell Jan 8, 2019
3The Whistle in the Dark Jan 9, 2019
4The Demise of the Debutante Jan 10, 2019
5The Darkest Noon Jan 11, 2019
6The Sacrifice of Tantalus Jan 14, 2019
7The House of God Jan 15, 2019
8The Blood of the Anarchists Jan 16, 2019
9The Skylark Scandal Jan 17, 2019
10The Honourable Thief Jan 18, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Tree of Truth Dec 18, 2017
2The Jackdaw's Revenge Jan 2, 2018
3The Kembleford Dragon Jan 3, 2018
4The Angel of Mercy Jan 4, 2018
5The Face of the Enemy Jan 5, 2018
6The Devil You Know Jan 8, 2018
7The Dance of Death Jan 9, 2018
8The Cat of Mastigatus Jan 10, 2018
9The Flower of the Fairway Jan 11, 2018
10The Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau Jan 12, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1The Star of Jacob Dec 23, 2016
2The Labyrinth of the Minotaur Jan 2, 2017
3The Eve of St John Jan 3, 2017
4The Chedworth Cyclone Jan 4, 2017
5The Hand of Lucia Jan 5, 2017
6The Eagle and the Daw Jan 6, 2017
7The Smallest of Things Jan 9, 2017
8The Crimson Feather Jan 10, 2017
9The Lepidopterist's Companion Jan 11, 2017
10The Alchemist's Secret Jan 12, 2017
11The Sins of Others Jan 13, 2017
12The Theatre of the Invisible Jan 16, 2017
13The Tanganyika Green Jan 17, 2017
14The Fire in the Sky Jan 18, 2017
15The Penitent Man Jan 19, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Mask of the Demon Jan 4, 2016
2The Brewer's Daughter Jan 5, 2016
3The Hangman's Demise Jan 6, 2016
4The Crackpot of the Empire Jan 7, 2016
5The Daughter of Autolycus Jan 8, 2016
6The Rod of Asclepius Jan 11, 2016
7The Missing Man Jan 12, 2016
8The Resurrectionists Jan 13, 2016
9The Sins of the Father Jan 14, 2016
10The Wrath of Baron Samdi Jan 15, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1The Man in the Shadows Jan 5, 2015
2The Curse of Amenhotep Jan 6, 2015
3The Invisible Man Jan 7, 2015
4The Sign of the Broken Sword Jan 8, 2015
5The Last Man Jan 9, 2015
6The Upcott Fraternity Jan 12, 2015
7The Kembleford Boggart Jan 13, 2015
8The Lair of the Libertines Jan 14, 2015
9The Truth in the Wine Jan 15, 2015
10The Judgement of Man Jan 16, 2015
11The Time Machine Jan 19, 2015
12The Standing Stones Jan 20, 2015
13The Paradise of Thieves Jan 21, 2015
14The Deadly Seal Jan 22, 2015
15The Owl of Minerva Jan 23, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1The Ghost in the Machine Jan 6, 2014
2The Maddest of All Jan 7, 2014
3The Pride of the Prydes Jan 8, 2014
4The Shadow of the Scaffold Jan 9, 2014
5The Mysteries of the Rosary Jan 10, 2014
6The Daughters of Jerusalem Jan 13, 2014
7The Three Tools of Death Jan 14, 2014
8The Prize of Colonel Gerard Jan 15, 2014
9The Grim Reaper Jan 16, 2014
10The Laws of Motion Jan 17, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1The Hammer of God Jan 14, 2013
2The Flying Stars Jan 15, 2013
3The Wrong Shape Jan 16, 2013
4The Man in the Tree Jan 17, 2013
5The Eye of Apollo Jan 18, 2013
6The Bride of Christ Jan 21, 2013
7The Devil's Dust Jan 22, 2013
8The Face of Death Jan 23, 2013
9The Mayor and the Magician Jan 24, 2013
10The Blue Cross Jan 25, 2013
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0 2 rww  April 29, 2020
According to Wikipedia:

The ninth series has been commissioned for broadcast in 2021.

0 3 Clare A Paul  March 4, 2020
Couldn't have put it better myself - love Lady Felicia too and wish she and Sid were in more. Lovely to see guest appearances from Hugo Speer and Tom Chambers too. Here's to seeing them ALL again in Series 9
0 28 Ron Barrett  June 7, 2019
FATHER BROWN SERIES 8.........Filming has started, in the Cotswolds.🙂
0 26 M Meier  April 12, 2019
We LOVE Father Brown!!! We've seen every episode at least once and are eagerly awaiting new ones. We live in the States, so don't get the shows as quickly as we'd like, but it's worth waiting for!!! Please keep it going - with the same cast (who are AWESOME)!!
0 20 Roberta Blackmore  March 19, 2019
This is our favorite show - the Father Brown portrayal is wonderful and supporting actors all lovable. The acting, sets and filming are fresh and extremely well done - not to mention the writing, which presents plots that are original and inventive. Every episode is different and varied, with convincing detail and unexpected twists. The atmosphere transports us to a different time when life was a little less complicated and so charming. Bunty is delicious and Mrs. McCarthy is authentic and very special. Please,please continue this series! We even watch the reruns again and again.
0 5 Carmine Puniello  February 12, 2019
When is the Air Date of Season 8?
1 3 Ron Barrett Carmine Puniello  February 12, 2019
Series 7 was first aired on January 7th 2019.
There is no news on when Season 8 will commence filming.?
0 7 Ron Barrett  February 5, 2019
I think it must be time for Father Brown - The Movie?
0 6 T Butler Ron Barrett  February 5, 2019
Such a great idea!
0 3 Helen Kelley Ron Barrett  March 23, 2019
Once you get a movie, there is no more series programming. Everyone clammed for a Miss Fisher Murder Mystery movie. Well it has taken approximately 3 yrs to make one, and out with the series. Give some strong consideration before requesting a movie. Series 6 of Father Brown only had 10 episodes. We see that Series 7 also has 10 episodes. Series 5 had 15 episodes. Slowly Father Brown is fading away. For MSMM, Essie Davis's acting schedule and cost to have her on the show got to be much more costly, and out went the series. They are making an updated version of MFMM with Miss Fisher's niece. However, Essie Davis made that series special.
0 0 Ron Barrett Helen Kelley  March 23, 2019
The reduction in episodes, after series five, was necessary because the cast where physically exhausted. Add to that availability of cast members, to match the filming schedule, has always been a problem.
1 3 Barbara Jean  February 5, 2019
I must echo what all the individuals have said here. We truly love Fr. Brown; story, location, actors, just all of it. Sorry to say here in Florida, we only see it on PBS and they have shown it through Series 5, so you can see we are pretty far behind. I only wish the stations would show more current episodes rather than doing all the reruns. But, being PBS means they depend on donations to operate and perhaps their budget is such that they can not purchase new episodes. One can only hope they see the light and bring on new stories. None-the-less, please keep it all coming. One day, we will see it all, hopefully. Good job done by all. Many thanks.
0 2 KatB Barbara Jean  February 16, 2019
Netflix has Father Brown through Season 6. I read somewhere that Netflix may have season 7 by April..... but that is a big maybe at this time.
1 4 Constance  January 15, 2019
I am thrilled to add my 'comments' among this highly visual group's statements. Yes, I do fully support 'Dr Blakes Murder Mysteries' up here in Canada. Please return this program in its entirety! Also please continue with each actor in place which means 'Craig', [a great actor] the main individual which this series is built upon! Forget the 'person' who is trying to pull this program into the gutter and/or bring this person out of hiding so we can better judge her. Wishing the best for this series to be shown again in 2019! There are thousands of us who signed a petition for the 'Dr.Blakes' program to be shown 'as originally' designed. Thank you! Another supportive member of the Dr. Blake Audience.
0 6 Helen Kelley  September 29, 2018
Bill I agree with you. In 2014 I gave up my TV + cable. I have been an Anglophile for 36 yrs, and now have a very large collection of British detective/spy/drama/comedies/BBC Radio on VHS, DVD and CDs. My collection, together with shows like Father Brown, Dr. Blake, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and British period programming, + Nero Wolfe (Timothy Hutton & Maury Chaykin), or the History/Science Channel are what entertain me every evening. There is so little current American programming that interests me--watch on Netflix or Hulu. Thank goodness for British programming that fills in 75% of the programming I watch.
0 1 Gary Reid Helen Kelley  November 22, 2018
Agree with you Helen. Would certainly like to know why ABC in Australia did not renew Miss Fisher. They must have made a few pennies in selling it to other countries! I download any shows that strike my fancy. I do have cable though t o follow my favourite Blue Jays from Toronto.
0 1 Gary Reid Helen Kelley  November 22, 2018
Still do not understand the scheduling of Father Brown. Afternoons and all within at 2 or 3 week period. Why is this not a nighttime scheduled show? I don't know where Father Brown is in Canada where I live..... I download directly off the 'net. ❤
0 1 Kimbridge Gary Reid  January 20, 2019
I believe a movie is coming. I hope it's this year I love miss Fisher. And I love father brown. There should of been more seasons of miss Fisher it's very popular
0 13 ShannonH  July 26, 2018
I love this show! I was looking for a show to watch on Netflix, saw the description of Father Brown and was intrigued. I thought I would give it a try. I watched one episode and was hooked! I love the characters and the actors who play them. As what appears to me like most of the shows fans I miss Sid and Lady Felicia and I wish they would return to the show. I do like the addition of Bunty and I think she fits in nicely but we need Sid and Lady Felicia back too! Looking forward to the next season!!
0 11 Jeff Payant  July 10, 2018
One of the best shows on Tv. Keep it coming!
0 8 Raquel Musgrave  June 26, 2018
My husband and I are fans of this show! So refreshing to be able to watch something that even our Grand Kids can watch, without blushing. The acting is superb, and we love the English countryside!
Thank you for a superb job!
0 7 Ron Barrett  June 25, 2018
The new series of Father Brown has been filming in the Cotswolds, and, series 7 will be aired early 2019?
0 4 Dale Blackmore  June 25, 2018
This is a wonderful show - well written with superb acting and filmed in the lovely English countryside and village of Kembleford. The roles are beautifully portrayed and all the regulars, including the adorable Bunty and Inspector Mallory, are so endearing that our family adore them all. We make a point not to miss the airing of any episode and watch and rewatch them countless times. Please continue filming this series!
0 1 Smithc786  May 28, 2018
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1 8 Carol Sheffield Howard  May 18, 2018
OH My I love Bunty. she is a mixture of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe in looks, only taller. she is definitely lovely. xo
0 6 Carol Sheffield Howard  May 18, 2018
I love Father Brown, I will be devastated if it is not renewed> Even my husband watches it with me. we never watch anything together. I am half English and my family has been in England since 900AD. I long for a cottage in an old village like Kembleford. I love being there and the scones Mrs. M. makes are so delicious looking. I love hot tea. I so miss my other country. I love the beautiful countryside. it is so hard for me living in America when I have inherited so much of the English blood and genes. I love being in kembleford and I love all the characters. its like being Home for me. Now I am going to start over and watch Season 1 again. Carol Howard
1 5 DarylH  May 15, 2018
A great show for the whole family. Very well written too. We are hoping to see more seasons.
0 8 Ron Barrett  May 10, 2018
Well, the film location signs have started to appear, in the Cotswolds, and I think maybe filming for a new Father Brown series, is well underway?
1 5 SuzanneK  May 2, 2018
Love Father Brown and all the characters both present and past. Felicia and Sid returned for the 5/1 episode and it was delightful. I miss Felicia but I think Bunty has stepped in beautifully. Love the police force as well - they make the show very campy. I look forward to setting aside the time each week to watch this series. Also love Dr. Blake, White Chapel, Hinterland - pretty much everything from the BBC. Perhaps I should move across the Pond - ha!
0 4 Carole Angus  May 2, 2018
Great to see the return of Lady Felicia and Sid in 5/1/18 showing. A treat to see the great Richard Harrington, from Hinterland and Poldark in this episode. Looking forward to seeing more episodes with all three.
0 2 T BUTLER Carole Angus  May 2, 2018
Thank you so much for mentioning the return of Lady Felicia and Sid in 5/1/18 showing! I had stopped watching Father Brown but this is such exciting news I will watch immediately!! I do love the cast when it has these two amazing and lovable characters!!
0 0 Dianna Stewart Carole Angus  May 17, 2019
Here in the USA we are only on season 5 in our area... Saw Lady Felicia leave and Bunty come but never found out why they said Sid left? What happened in the May 1st episode that they came back and is that season 7 and what number episode to look for? Some comments mentioned "Mallory" who is that? Can some one fill us in? Thanks!!!
1 8 kathleen jennison  April 16, 2018
I absolutely LOVE Father Brown ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
the actors are Superb: so convinceing especially the lead... and this is coming from someone raised Catholic (& still am) !!
I adore the "regulars" sooooo much...such a great balance of comedy, drama, and intrigue...
IM certain theres even more people that haven't writin yet, because theyre buisy, or like me, never do this sosort of thing! I only wrote now because I stumbled on this page. Before this I didn't know how to get directly in touch......
1 11 Deedee3  April 9, 2018
Any word on season seven .....love father brown! Such a great show! My all time favorite! Good clean fun!
1 3 Ron Barrett  April 8, 2018
The BBC have not (to date) renewed Father Brown for series 7.
I have not seen any of the actors, either. Some of them stay at the hotel where I work, during filming. I’ll update this should things change, but, they have normally commenced filming by now ?

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