Life Below Zero
National Geographic
18 Seasons
174 Episodes
Life Below Zero is a US documentary television series. It's produced by Adjacent Productions and filmed in Alaska, as it follows the lives of six people living under the most extreme conditions imaginable above the Arctic Circle.
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Life Below Zero Season 18 Will Be Back on National Geographic

Current Show Status
Life Below Zero Season 18 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Tue 1/25/2022 The Descendants Season 18: Episode 10
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 19: Episode 1

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Season 18 Season 17 Season 16 Season 15 Season 14 Season 13 Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Swept Away Nov 16, 2021
2Something Out There Nov 23, 2021
3Raging Waters Dec 7, 2021
4Open Wounds Dec 14, 2021
5Chasing Ghosts Dec 21, 2021
6Fire in the Sky Dec 28, 2021
7A Hunt to Remember Jan 4, 2022
8Rite of Passage Jan 11, 2022
9Old vs. New Jan 18, 2022
10The Descendants Jan 25, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Winter's Surprise Sep 6, 2021
2Breaking Trail Sep 7, 2021
3Cold Harvest Sep 14, 2021
4Cold Rage Sep 21, 2021
5Creature of the Night Sep 28, 2021
6Whiteout Oct 5, 2021
7Fast Food Oct 12, 2021
8Cold Crusade Oct 19, 2021
9Winter Reigns Oct 26, 2021
10Bad Break Nov 2, 2021
11The Beast Nov 9, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Bare Bones Nov 10, 2020
2The Big Catch Nov 17, 2020
3Bad Bones Nov 24, 2020
4Inside Out Dec 1, 2020
5Past Lives Dec 8, 2020
6Full Circle Dec 15, 2020
7Sky's the Limit Dec 22, 2020
8Dead Weight Dec 29, 2020
9Second Nature Jan 1, 2021
10Young Guns Jan 5, 2021
11Lost and Found Jan 12, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Brink of Winter Sep 7, 2020
2Life & Death Sep 8, 2020
3Taking Chances Sep 15, 2020
4The Other Side Sep 22, 2020
5Into the Night Sep 29, 2020
6Bone Cold Oct 6, 2020
7Man Down Oct 13, 2020
8Bloodlines Oct 20, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Winter's End Dec 10, 2019
2First Blood Dec 17, 2019
3Shock & Awe Dec 24, 2019
4Domino Effect Dec 31, 2019
5Bear Scare Jan 7, 2020
6New Country Jan 14, 2020
7Beware the Wild Jan 21, 2020
8The New World Feb 11, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Adapt or Die Sep 24, 2019
2Darkness Approaches Oct 1, 2019
3The Freeze Up Oct 8, 2019
4Weather the Storm Oct 15, 2019
5Hard Knocks Oct 22, 2019
6Best-Laid Plans Oct 29, 2019
7New Horizons Nov 5, 2019
8Ahead of the Game Nov 12, 2019
9Arctic Discipline Nov 19, 2019
10Ultimate Sacrifice Nov 26, 2019
11Winter Inferno Dec 3, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Winds of Change Dec 11, 2018
2The Burning Man Dec 18, 2018
3Open Season Jan 1, 2019
4The Great Changeover Jan 2, 2019
5The Nightmare Jan 8, 2019
6Treading Water Jan 15, 2019
7Highways of the Arctic Jan 22, 2019
8Back in the Saddle Jan 29, 2019
9Race Against Time Feb 5, 2019
10No One Fights Alone Feb 12, 2019
11Cost of Winter Feb 19, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Changing of the Guard Sep 18, 2018
2End of the Rope Sep 25, 2018
3No Guarantees Oct 2, 2018
4Arctic Harvest Oct 9, 2018
5Home Again Oct 16, 2018
6The Great Unknown Oct 23, 2018
7A Lesson Learned Oct 30, 2018
8Into the Storm Nov 13, 2018
9Trail of Wolves Nov 21, 2018
10Trial by Fire Nov 27, 2018
11Window of Opportunity Dec 4, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Homecoming Jan 1, 2018
2New Territory Jan 4, 2018
3Facing Fears Jan 11, 2018
4To Catch a King Jan 18, 2018
5The Intruder Jan 25, 2018
6Heavy Load Feb 1, 2018
7The Widowmaker Feb 8, 2018
8Close Encounter Feb 15, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Unfamiliar Territory Jul 13, 2017
2Howl of the Wild Jul 20, 2017
3The 11th Hour Jul 27, 2017
4Burn the Midnight Oil Aug 3, 2017
5Arctic Super Moon Aug 10, 2017
6Winter's Grip Aug 17, 2017
7Shelter from the Storm Aug 24, 2017
8False Start Aug 31, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Confrontation Oct 18, 2016
2Blindsided Oct 25, 2016
3River of Rage Nov 1, 2016
4Head Above Water Nov 15, 2016
5Against the Tide Nov 22, 2016
6The Slow Grind Nov 29, 2016
7Midnight Sun Dec 6, 2016
8Higher Ground Dec 13, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1On the Edge Apr 7, 2016
2Pride and Power Apr 14, 2016
3Falling Apart Apr 21, 2016
4Deadly Tracks Apr 28, 2016
5Breaking Through May 5, 2016
6Shakedown May 12, 2016
7Ghosts of Winter May 19, 2016
8No Boundaries May 26, 2016
9Trapped and Hunted Jun 2, 2016
10Winter Kill Jun 9, 2016
11Loaded Jun 16, 2016
12No Shortcuts Jun 23, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1The Resurrection Nov 24, 2015
2The Bottom Line Dec 1, 2015
3Running on Empty Dec 8, 2015
4Red Flag Dec 15, 2015
5Predator Control Dec 22, 2015
6Divide and Conquer Dec 29, 2015
7Under the Gun Jan 5, 2016
8Lost in the Wild Jan 12, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Ready or Not Apr 9, 2015
2Armed for Winter Apr 16, 2015
3Out of Control Apr 23, 2015
4The Unknown Apr 30, 2015
5Ice Highway May 7, 2015
6Darkness Falls May 14, 2015
7Alone in the Dark May 21, 2015
8Emergency Cache May 28, 2015
9No Easy Out Jun 4, 2015
10Bent and Broken Jun 11, 2015
11The Crash Jun 18, 2015
12Aftermath Jun 25, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1The Awakening Nov 4, 2014
2The Waiting Game Nov 11, 2014
3Opportunity Knocks Nov 18, 2014
4The Harvest Nov 25, 2014
5Sink or Swim Dec 2, 2014
6Ticking Clock Dec 9, 2014
7Last Minute Push Dec 16, 2014
8End of Days Dec 23, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Winter's Warning Apr 17, 2014
2Deadly Grounds Apr 24, 2014
3Dark Times Ahead May 1, 2014
4Calling the Wild May 8, 2014
5Fire and Ice May 15, 2014
6Thin Ice May 22, 2014
7Return to the Wild May 29, 2014
8No Mercy Jun 5, 2014
9Breaking Point Jun 12, 2014
10Search and Rescue Jun 19, 2014
11The Howling Jun 26, 2014
12Dark Winter's End Jul 3, 2014
13Independent By Nature Nov 4, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Hunt or Be Hunted Oct 29, 2013
2The Meltdown Nov 5, 2013
3The Mess of Success Nov 12, 2013
4Hungry Country Nov 19, 2013
5No Time to Lose Nov 26, 2013
6Long Road Home Dec 3, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1End of the Road May 19, 2013
2Hunt, Barter and Steal May 26, 2013
3Winter's Edge Jun 2, 2013
4Wolf at the Door Jun 9, 2013
5Blood, Sweat and Fear Jun 16, 2013
6There Be Monsters Jun 23, 2013
7Cold, Dark and Alone Jun 30, 2013
8Checkmate Jul 7, 2013
9The Chase Jul 14, 2013
10Hell and High Water Jul 21, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1Through the Darkness Apr 10, 2014
2Beyond Survival Apr 2, 2015
3Land of Extremes Dec 11, 2015
4Codes of Survival Mar 31, 2016
5Sue Aikens Jun 9, 2016
6The Hailstones Jun 16, 2016
7Glenn Villeneuve Jun 23, 2016
8Tools of the Trade Oct 11, 2016
9Andy Bassich Dec 20, 2016
10Renegades of the Arctic Dec 27, 2016
11Seasons of Change Jul 6, 2017
12Whiteout Aug 31, 2017
13Primitive Ways Oct 26, 2017
14Total Meltdown Nov 2, 2017
15Alone Mar 1, 2018
16Homeward Bound Dec 1, 2019
17Total Overhaul Sep 29, 2020
18Reap What You Sow Oct 27, 2020
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0 8 Jennifer Garner  November 11, 2021
It is now fall 2021. I can't figure out what NatGeo is doing. Every Tuesday night a 2-hour episode comes on and afterwards a separate 1-hr episode. On the 2-hr episode, the first half is Next Generation, and the second half is original LBZ. In the listings, it tells the name of the Next Generation episode but not the original LBZ episode that comes on right after it. WTF! On November 9 i watched the Next Generation episode but missed the original LBZ that came on right after it, and since they don't say the NAME of the original LBZ episode, i couldn't even go back and watch it because i had no idea the name of the episode to look for.
0 0 Deneen Duarte Jennifer Garner  March 10, 2022
I LOVE THAT SHOW, I don't have nat geo. However, I found it somewhere on my phone. But, of course I can't find it now!! Love you BTW: one of my favorite ? people!!

2 7 Dennis Adams  November 5, 2021
so far LBZ is a waste of time to view. we can't tell what is new and what's a rerun. all the episodes are advertised as new and that is totally a lie. i'm about to flush this series down the toilet and move on.. there is nothing new to watch. we're not idiots.
1 10 Donna Dennis Adams  December 30, 2021
If you are a die-hard Life Below Zero fan you can tell which episodes are new and which are not.
1 4 Molly Donna  January 23, 2022
You are so right Donna! This coming from another "Die hard fan!"
0 9 Carol C  October 23, 2021
We love this show!! Jessie and Sue along with the Hailstones are truly bad ass!! I do have a question what happens to the dogs that Jessie does not take with him ? Who feeds and takes care of them?It just seems so cruel to leave them all by themselves.just wondering. Thanks. Carol Coleman
0 2 Connie Locke Carol C  March 23, 2022
He has handlers that live there and take care of the dogs and help train them. They are also learning and becoming mushers. One of them is Julie Ahnen and she was in the Iditarod this year. She dropped out early in the race and didn't finish. She has been running races for 3 years.
0 16 kellywade  April 4, 2021
It's now April, 2021 and I believe Season 16 is coming up for Life Below Zero. Is it true that Nat Geo is abandoning it? When will the latest season (16) be aired on TV and on what channel, if National Geographic is bowing out of the picture? Does anyone who writes questions like these ever get answers from anyone? Sure would be nice HELLLLO OUT THERE!!!! ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING? ANYONE WANT TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS FOR ME AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS ASKED?
1 11 Terry Land kellywade  May 31, 2021
I agree on spin offs. So far the are doing north and south and showing clips of old shows. WTH..... If I wanted to watch the spin offs, I would. But don't try to force us. I can just stream the old LBZ Shows and watch them without port protection or the next generation. Nothing will compare to Sue and The Hailstones.
1 5 Holli Terry Land  February 20, 2022
I only like Life Below Zero also… but I can’t stand Andy Bassage. I just started watching LBZ and I didn’t like the way he treated his GF Denise. I wondered if he was maybe abusive to her. I looked the show up online and found out that he had been to his former girlfriend Cate!!! I wish he wasn’t on the show!!!
1 4 Amy Yar Holli  March 3, 2022
I agree with Holli. I don't care for Andy at all. He grabs things from Denise. He blames any of his mistakes on her. He makes her haul all the heavy stuff. He drops things on her head. She is so nice and when she asks him a question, he either ignores her or grunts some answer. She is the show. He is the blow hard. Don't care for him at all. He treated his ex wife like a dog. Maybe Denise should hit the road too. He is already doing it to her.
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0 11 Tempie Hays  March 11, 2021
Today is March 11, 2021
When will new episodes of life below zero coming back ? I do not watch the spin off, can't hold a candle to LBZ. If anyone knows, please let me know.I don't want to miss it. Thank you
0 0 Debra WALTERS Tempie Hays  June 7, 2021
Let me know its coming back
0 2 jrissell  August 26, 2020
Sept. 2020 get here soon....
1 7 Suki Anderson  May 24, 2019
Love LBZ, WILL Riko be on next season? We just love him, please keep him on, he is very different from the others
2 2 Lizzyanne  October 25, 2018
It's oct. 2018 and I've watched repeats of the repeats ! When is there going to be a new series pleease!!
0 2 David SHINALY  September 19, 2018
Life Below Zero is a great series ,watching it now .reminds me of [censored] Proeneke who made a life in Southern Alaska during the 1960s .70s and 90s ,Alone in the Wilderness .
1 12 Frances Hale  September 12, 2018
I am a 78 yr. old female who absolutely LOVES LBZ! I have never missed an episode. This is the best show on TV...……...keep up the good work. I love Sue because she thinks like me and acts like me. I am a farm gal from Kansas who hunted, etc. and I relate soooooooooooo much to the cast members. Let's get the show on the road!
4 8 sandra1953  June 16, 2018
Hi can anyone tell me what has happened to Glen I just love watching him. ❤
0 2 Suki Anderson sandra1953  May 24, 2019
He doesn’t live full time at his cabin. He has a family in Fairbanks, I think.
1 5 LBZMegaFan Suki Anderson  January 20, 2020
Glenn sent a message that was posted on our FB LBZFans group. He contacted NatGeo for a status update and was advised they had no plans to film him for future LBZ episodes. He was not given a reason. My “best guess” is that his travels through that gorgeous, mountainous area of the Brooks Range were very difficult for the crews. I very much hope NatGeo will work with Glenn again in future seasons. You are one of MANY fans who miss his segments.
2 0 Suki Anderson LBZMegaFan  January 20, 2020
I can‘T imagine how many more adventures he could have. Unlike the others who struggle to survive, Glenn seems like he’s more on vacation when he at his cabin without his partner and kids. I do love his optimistic attitude, but I guess I would be that way too if I was young, strong and didn’t have to work a job and could up and leave his family whenever, but I will miss him if he is dropped, he was comic relief.
0 12 katie stewart  April 25, 2018
I think that LBZ represents a little bit of what we ALL would like to do!! The hunter gatherer instinct is still prevalent in all of us, even today. Given the frenetic lifestyles that many of us lead, with far too much technology complicating matters (apart from Amazon, which is my best friend!!), the idea of living a simple life, sourcing food from the land, sky and water, is very appealing. I find this show absorbing, restful and exhilarating and I love seeing how the different individuals and families live. I would like the show to continue until I am at least 100 years old (I am 56!)!!
0 4 jt  February 7, 2018
who dose take care of the dogs that stay home
0 3 Oddis jt  March 23, 2018
Today is 3/22/18 episode polar express supposed to be first day it aired watching it right now pretty sure I’ve seen this episode wtf it’s happened a few times now
1 1 Suki Anderson Oddis  May 24, 2019
He has several friends who live near by, he isn’t as isolated as some of the others. So I sure his friend cares for them, I was wondering the same thing
1 8 lady mollie kennett  February 6, 2018
Hi great show but I have a worry about Jesse dogs who looks after the dogs that don't go with him when he camps out or going on his racing adventures please? I love the show also good luck to all regards lady mollie.
1 3 James Keller  January 4, 2018
I never hear or find out why Chip Hailstone went to jail. What were the charges that convicted him ending with jail time.
Jim Keller
0 2 melvin James Keller  January 5, 2018
Chip went to jail for Perjury. His daughter was being harassed by a law officer and some how he gave false information about that and a Judge sent him to jail for it!
1 7 Mary Jeanne  December 2, 2017
We can't get enough of Life Below Zero. I have been ill and binge-watched it twice. Please, Please bring it back again.
1 1 Oddis Mary Jeanne  March 23, 2018
Reason show Is on break or might not air anymore sue aikens is during natgeo when she crashed her snow mobile
0 0 juline unger Mary Jeanne  October 6, 2018
I am looking for a recipe for salve that sue was making, it had twigs from some kind of tree and then used oil and beeswax for her shoulder pain. I would appreciate the recipe if u can find it, thx and a great show, hope it comes back
0 10 Marceal T  November 25, 2017
? ?

This is a great show, the hailstones are my favorite. I hope it will be a new season soon.
0 5 Robert Adams  November 8, 2017
Life Below Zero... When will the season begin??
1 14 joe & carol  October 10, 2017
life below zero is one of best show on tv besides dr.pol please bring both shows back we miss both shows
2 5 DaveB  October 8, 2017
So disappointed in Nat Geo Canada for abandoning such a wonderful show guess I am going to cancel my subscription to the Nat Geo Channel since I have to watch all my favorite shows especially LBZ on my Android box
0 0 Oddis DaveB  March 23, 2018
Ya but there being sued by sue when she crashed her snow movile
4 5 emb Oddis  May 17, 2018
they should just let her go..she mostly complains about everything. I love this show and would rather see her and her drama gone and let the show begin for 2018!
1 1 Art DaveB  January 12, 2019
I have all the episodes in a showcase on my DROPBOX can watch anytime
2 12 Lisa Peabody  September 18, 2017
Because chip had to leave to serve his sentence of 13 months in jail, I ind it unfair that the show would stop before he returns to his family and they are reunited. I have enjoyed the hailstone family watching the kids grow up and the very real respectful relationship they have for each other, there is so much love in that family you can't make up or,FAKE IT. Please don't end with out a family reunion. I personally think his charges were bogus and the sentence to har[censored] But if you want to make an example of how hard the cops, and court system is in Alaska an on the towns ppl! Then they made it quite clear. And not in a good way to represent there state!
And Agnes's is already such a hard working devoted loving mother. She is doing her best to provide for her girls. I would like to see her son's helping out while chip is away like with the firewood and fixing the snowmobiles. She needs help! Hugs to all! Cast an crew a loyal fan ?
1 8 Neil Nicolas  September 17, 2017
Can't wait for the show to start again and the Hailstones are one of main reasons I love the show
2 5 ed  July 17, 2017
just wondering when the new season will start in Canada?????
0 1 DaveB ed  October 8, 2017
I have been waiting for season 9 to air in Canada. From what I understand Nat Geo Canada has abandoned the show so I have been following it on my android box. So disappointed in Nat geo Canada.
0 0 Art ed  January 12, 2019
I have all the episodes for season 11 in a showcase on my DROPBOX can watch anytime
0 5 Kay Ferrell  May 30, 2017
I love that show where is it and when is it coming back on. I can't live without it please ! ❤️
0 9 Suki Anderon  May 24, 2017
LBZ is my favorite show of all times. I wait each week for it to be on. When will 2017 season start, it seems like forever since I saw it.
3 4 Lisa Peabody Suki Anderon  May 26, 2017
I would like to please ask someone in the know, How much longer must the true fans wait, to see the show begin, the people we have grown so very close to, these people have shown some of the best reality TV, I remember when purchasing just 12 shows at a time to save money, But this is such a sad sad loss, that the producers do not seem to care if you have viewers, can you at least go back to the first shows and let us have some hope that what ever is going on behind the Sean's you are not sharing with us is settled,,! No explanation to the viewers has been in very Bad for natGeo. Give us some reason for this horrid hold up its un professional.

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