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There Won’t Be Tiny House World Season 2 on FYI

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Tiny House World season 2 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Sat 2/6/2016 From California King to Dutch Minimal Living Season 1: Episode 16
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Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Going Mini and Metropolitan in Dublin, Ireland Nov 21, 2015
2A House on the Sunshine Coast Nov 21, 2015
3A Tiny Starter Home in Devon Nov 28, 2015
4Small and Sustainable in Kin Kin Australia Nov 28, 2015
5Petit Chateau in Paris Dec 5, 2015
6Going Tiny and Off the Grid in Australia's Backcountry Dec 5, 2015
7Escaping Melbourne's Madness by Going Tiny Dec 12, 2015
8Going Tiny in the Venice of the North Dec 12, 2015
9Modern Bachelor Pad in Lisbon Dec 19, 2015
10Escaping Mom & Dad by Going Tiny Dec 26, 2015
11The Tiny Caesar of Rome Jan 2, 2016
12Cashing in Good Karma for Tiny Zen Jan 9, 2016
13Theatrical Family Seeking Tiny Sanctuary in Yorkshire Jan 16, 2016
14From Bustling Bejing to Australia Beachfront Jan 23, 2016
15From the City, To a Tent, To a Tiny Jan 30, 2016
16From California King to Dutch Minimal Living Feb 6, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Tiny Christmas in Devon, England Dec 14, 2015
2Tiny Christmas in Kin Kin, Australia Dec 14, 2015
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0 0 Sharenep  February 9, 2018
So Sorry this is 2 years too late :( .... I too love all Tiny House shows. Please keep them coming !
0 1 Toni  February 13, 2016
I am a Tiny House World fan! Please Renew it!!! The show is so interesting!! I travel internationally but don't get a chance to see inside the houses or have a clue how much they cost. This show covers both and you get glimpses of the beautiful countries that are in each episode. Please renew it. I hope all the other fans out there will write and let it be known that you want this terrific, unique show to be Renewed ! Thanks

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