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Suits is one of the biggest US legal drama TV series and has been on the air since June 23th, 2011.
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There Won’t Be Suits Season 10 on USA Network

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Suits Season 10 — Canceled
Latest Episode Aired Wed 9/25/2019 One Last Con Season 9: Episode 10
Next Episode Show ended 135 episodes total

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USA Network has set July 17 premiere dates for the ninth and final season of Suits and the launch of its spinoff series Pearson, starring Gina Torres. (Source:


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#NameAir Dates
1Everything's Changed Jul 17, 2019
2Special Master Jul 24, 2019
3Windmills Jul 31, 2019
4Cairo Aug 7, 2019
5If the Shoe Fits Aug 14, 2019
6Whatever It Takes Aug 21, 2019
7Scenic Route Sep 4, 2019
8Prisoner's Dilemma Sep 11, 2019
9Thunder Away Sep 18, 2019
10One Last Con Sep 25, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Right-Hand Man Jul 18, 2018
2Pecking Order Jul 25, 2018
3Promises, Promises Aug 1, 2018
4Revenue Per Square Foot Aug 8, 2018
5Good Mudding Aug 15, 2018
6Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter Aug 22, 2018
7Sour Grapes Aug 29, 2018
8Coral Gables Sep 5, 2018
9Motion to Delay Sep 12, 2018
10Managing Partner Sep 19, 2018
11Rocky 8 Jan 23, 2019
12Whale Hunt Jan 30, 2019
13The Greater Good Feb 6, 2019
14Peas in a Pod Feb 13, 2019
15Stalking Horse Feb 20, 2019
16Harvey Feb 27, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Skin in the Game Jul 12, 2017
2The Statue Jul 19, 2017
3Mudmare Jul 26, 2017
4Divide and Conquer Aug 2, 2017
5Brooklyn Housing Aug 9, 2017
6Home to Roost Aug 16, 2017
7Full Disclosure Aug 23, 2017
8100 Aug 30, 2017
9Shame Sep 6, 2017
10Donna Sep 13, 2017
11Hard Truths Mar 28, 2018
12Bad Man Apr 4, 2018
13Inevitable Apr 11, 2018
14Pulling the Goalie Apr 18, 2018
15Tiny Violin Apr 25, 2018
16Good-Bye Apr 25, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1To Trouble Jul 13, 2016
2Accounts Payable Jul 20, 2016
3Back on the Map Jul 27, 2016
4Turn Aug 3, 2016
5Trust Aug 10, 2016
6Spain Aug 17, 2016
7Shake the Trees Aug 24, 2016
8Borrowed Time Aug 31, 2016
9The Hand That Feeds You Sep 7, 2016
10P.S.L. Sep 14, 2016
11She's Gone Jan 25, 2017
12The Painting Feb 1, 2017
13Teeth, Nose, Teeth Feb 8, 2017
14Admission of Guilt Feb 15, 2017
15Quid Pro Quo Feb 22, 2017
16Character and Fitness Mar 1, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Denial Jun 24, 2015
2Compensation Jul 1, 2015
3No Refills Jul 8, 2015
4No Puedo Hacerlo Jul 15, 2015
5Toe to Toe Jul 22, 2015
6Privilege Jul 29, 2015
7Hitting Home Aug 5, 2015
8Mea Culpa Aug 12, 2015
9Uninvited Guests Aug 19, 2015
10Faith Aug 26, 2015
11Blowback Jan 27, 2016
12Live to Fight Feb 3, 2016
13God's Green Earth Feb 10, 2016
14Self Defense Feb 17, 2016
15Tick Tock Feb 24, 2016
1625th Hour Mar 2, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1One-Two-Three Go... Jun 11, 2014
2Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Jun 18, 2014
3Two in the Knees Jun 25, 2014
4Leveraged Jul 9, 2014
5Pound of Flesh Jul 16, 2014
6Litt the Hell Up Jul 23, 2014
7We're Done Jul 30, 2014
8Exposure Aug 6, 2014
9Gone Aug 13, 2014
10This Is Rome Aug 20, 2014
11Enough Is Enough Jan 28, 2015
12Respect Feb 4, 2015
13Fork in the Road Feb 11, 2015
14Derailed Feb 18, 2015
15Intent Feb 25, 2015
16Not Just a Pretty Face Mar 4, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1The Arrangement Jul 16, 2013
2I Want You to Want Me Jul 23, 2013
3Unfinished Business Jul 30, 2013
4Conflict of Interest Aug 6, 2013
5Shadow of a Doubt Aug 13, 2013
6The Other Time Aug 20, 2013
7She's Mine Aug 27, 2013
8Endgame Sep 3, 2013
9Bad Faith Sep 10, 2013
10Stay Sep 17, 2013
11Buried Secrets Mar 6, 2014
12Yesterday's Gone Mar 13, 2014
13Moot Point Mar 20, 2014
14Heartburn Mar 27, 2014
15Know When to Fold 'Em Apr 3, 2014
16No Way Out Apr 10, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1She Knows Jun 14, 2012
2The Choice Jun 21, 2012
3Meet the New Boss Jun 28, 2012
4Discovery Jul 12, 2012
5Break Point Jul 19, 2012
6All In Jul 26, 2012
7Sucker Punch Aug 2, 2012
8Rewind Aug 9, 2012
9Asterisk Aug 16, 2012
10High Noon Aug 23, 2012
11Blind-Sided Jan 17, 2013
12Blood in the Water Jan 24, 2013
13Zane vs. Zane Jan 31, 2013
14He's Back Feb 7, 2013
15Normandy Feb 14, 2013
16War Feb 21, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1Pilot Jun 23, 2011
2Errors and Omissions Jun 30, 2011
3Inside Track Jul 7, 2011
4Dirty Little Secrets Jul 14, 2011
5Bail Out Jul 21, 2011
6Tricks of the Trade Jul 28, 2011
7Play the Man Aug 4, 2011
8Identity Crisis Aug 11, 2011
9Undefeated Aug 18, 2011
10The Shelf Life Aug 25, 2011
11Rules of the Game Sep 1, 2011
12Dog Fight Sep 8, 2011
#NameAir Dates
1Retrospective Special Aug 28, 2019


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0 1 sglyddon  September 21, 2019
Season 10 has too much 'soap opera' not enough lawyering.
0 2 Carole Sylvester  July 29, 2019
It is very difficult to understand when you are going to show the latest edition of Suits why make it so hard?
0 2 Wiblet  June 2, 2018
Can't wait for series 8 to start in the UK, even though Rachel is now a member of the British Royal family. Hope Mike finds another love.
0 1 Suits Lover 2222 Wiblet  June 4, 2018
Correct me if I’m wrong but, wasn’t suits cancelled after season 6 and 7. Super exited its coming back but a little confused. Rachel won’t be back so that’s sad but I’m sure they have a good story about her departure. They also said there was going to be a spin off of suits with Pearson and Ross. Will Jessica comeback instead of the spin off?
0 1 Mark Kellner  February 1, 2018
So what is it with USA network? They keep coming out with decent new shows, then canceling after they get interesting. The atomic bomb story was real good, then no ending, leabe us all hanging. Now Damnation, same thing. Why bother warching any of their new shows?
0 1 Squirrel Lady  July 14, 2017
I was anxiously waiting for the new season of SUITS to resume on July 12, 1917; however, what is up with the narration telling us of feelings, shifting cars & walking into the office, etc. ????????????
I find that this takes away from the high quality acting & storyline of this first rate show ! In other words, it's annoying & I request that you please, please remove this annoying addition. If this continues, I won't care if I watch this show or not !!!! ?
0 1 At Squirrel Lady  January 31, 2018
Clearly you don’t know any thing about show business and the details required to produce a successful show!! I don’t think anyone cares if you watch or not.
0 1 Sejal  January 24, 2017
I am so excited for the next episodes...can't wait for the TV series to continue..!!
0 4 Jeanne Andrews  December 2, 2016
I consider SUITS to be one of the best television shows I have come across. I use to go to my mother's and record on her DVR. Then I would have a blast binge watching it on my long weekends off. I find it hard to enjoy much of what tv shows they offer. Dexter, Ray Donovan, Damages, Breaking Bad were all shows I enjoyed as well. I did have a weakness for NipnTuck a few years ago on FX.
0 1 Seth  November 21, 2016
Other than the series 'Dexter' on Showtime, this has been the greatest, most addicting show we have ever watched. That said, the first time I watched it I said, ' hmmm, it's just okay', and didn't bother to watch it again. Then, at my daughter's insistence, we subscribed to Amazon, went back and watched the series premier and discovered Mike's secret. Wow! I never understood what 'binge watching' was until we found ourselves sitting in front of the telly 3 to 4 hours a night. Then we'd lay in bed, staring at the ceiling saying 'Oh My G'... Now that we are totally caught up and, until the next season starts, find that everything else is boring, juvenile, predictable and pales by comparison. Maybe if/when USA tires of running it, Showtime will pick it up having learned their mistake by ending the series- Dexter... with so much more of his 'dark passenger' to explore!
0 0 JamesS  November 14, 2016
I love this show and am relieved that it will continue.

Are these the most common clichés of this show?
1. [censored] _____
2. _____, and you know it.
0 0 JamesS JamesS  November 14, 2016
1. G0d d@m ______
0 0 Catherine Kimball  November 12, 2016
Just because a character leaves the show, doesn't mean the network has to waffle about renewing the next season. Take a look at NCIS - has held its #1 spot in network drama despite numerous character departures and new characters. SUITS is among the top quality shows on TV and I never miss an episode. It better be renewed for Season 7, or I will rethink my loyalty to the USA network.
0 0 ACC  November 7, 2016
It took me a while to start watching S6 as I didn't want to see Mike in jail, but ultimately--again--Suits did not disappoint and I love this show more than ever. Brilliant, biting, poignant, and funny in equal measure. Love the writing, with the one caveat that they need to come up with another phrase to replace "what are you talking about?" which is said about a dozen times a show.
0 0 Mike Lexis  November 5, 2016
What I cannot understand is why successful shows like Suits is always uncertain regarding future seasons. The characters and story lines are strong and well written - so there is no reason to put fans in doubt.
It would be great if Mike is made a legal lawyer and shows his genius in the courtroom in his own right as a lawyer. Harvey and Rachael are great characters as is Louis - Great opportunities for script writers to make this show a higher rating than 8.5 and in my opinion as a fan is that it should be given a higher rating - They did the same with Game of Thrones - a magnificent series - Why put the future of brilliant small screen offerings in doubt? This just disappoints the addicted fans and makes them lose faith. Great intelligent viewing - Don't cancel it!

Mike Lexis - Liverpool - England.
0 0 Roy Turner Mike Lexis  November 6, 2016
Well said, Mike. SUITS is my favourite drama and I can't wait to have it back on our screens here in UK. I think it is one of the most under-rated and under-viewed series. It has such a strong cast of characters and the writers are brilliant. Intelligent and thought-provoking television ..... I love it!
0 1 Allison  October 24, 2016
Love this show... can't wait for it to come back!!! So In love with mike and Rachel ❤️ True romance!! the whole cast rocks!!!!
0 1 Nirosha Hettige  October 22, 2016
I love this show it's amazing! Can't wait for season 7. Love the cast ❤❤❤❤
0 0 Gill kilroy  September 26, 2016
Is Suits Season 6 pt 2 going to be aired in UK before 2017. Doe anyine know?
0 0 zenoi  September 19, 2016
i am in love with Mike and Rachael...a true love from the heart...I have made my happy ending with these two...i look forward to them getting married finally.... :lol:
0 0 Pamela056  September 19, 2016
I was disappointed to see Jessica leave, but I wondered if there would now be a spinoff with her in Chicago maybe taking cases like Leonard's where she's sticking up for the "little guy"?
She could work in a legal aid office, but take the juicy roles that no one else can win, while leaving the less interesting cases to others.
Is this a possibility?
1 0 hadi Pamela056  September 20, 2016
It's unlikely because Gina Torres wanted to leave suits herself.
0 1 Aunt Anne  September 18, 2016
I adore each character. I am not happy that Jessica may be leaving. I am so looking forward to Suits returning. It is the best show!
0 0 C Dameron  September 18, 2016
This season has been a disappointment. The show is going downhill. Jessica departing will take away from the show, in my opinion. There is no immediate plans to add another character and on what it now has, the show will not be as much, or enough. I have watched it from Season One and enjoyed it, but this may be the beginning of the end.
0 0 Kstn  September 17, 2016
Can't wait , they all are good, will miss Jessica's presence
0 1 Auntie Ann  September 17, 2016
End of Season looked like the end of th show!! Glad to see it will come back.
0 0 Mj  September 15, 2016
Love this show! Harvey & Donna! ❤️ Yeah!❤️
0 0 Sandra Ghigliotti  August 27, 2016
please notify me when Suits starts the next episode, love the show, thank you,
0 0 Janice Bhana  June 28, 2016
Cant waite for season 6 to start. Can someone please tell me when it willbe released in South Africa????
0 0 Ronnie  June 28, 2016
I can't wait for this y'all, I'm bubbling up with excitement for S6 kick-off.

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