Alaskan Bush People
Discovery Channel
13 Seasons
119 Episodes
Alaskan Bush People is an American reality television series produced by Park Slope Productions and airing on the Discovery Channel since April 6, 2014.
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Alaskan Bush People Season 14 is yet to be announced by Discovery Channel

Current Show Status
Alaskan Bush People Season 14 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sun 12/19/2021 North Pole to North Star Season 13: Episode 0
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Alaskan Bush People. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 13 Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
2Scorched Earth Sep 19, 2021
1Wild Wild Wonderland Sep 19, 2021
3Little River and the Big Sea Sep 26, 2021
4Back to Browntown Oct 3, 2021
5The Storm and the Sea Oct 10, 2021
6Browntown Boomtown Oct 17, 2021
7Bringing Up Babies Oct 24, 2021
8One Last Dance, Da' Oct 31, 2021
9Million-Dollar Mountain Nov 7, 2021
10Heart of Gold Nov 14, 2021
11All For One Nov 21, 2021
SNorth Pole to North Star Dec 19, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1Life in the Extreme Aug 23, 2020
2Rumble in the Bush Aug 30, 2020
3Range Ridin' Sep 6, 2020
4Bush Below Zero Sep 13, 2020
5Water to Ice Sep 20, 2020
6A Bottle for Your Thoughts Sep 27, 2020
7The Land Giveths and Takeths Oct 4, 2020
SFaith and Fury Oct 11, 2020
#NameAir Dates
SGrowing Pains Nov 27, 2019
1Wind and Water Dec 4, 2019
2Bears of a Feather Dec 11, 2019
3Storm's Fury Dec 18, 2019
4A Very Bush Wedding Jan 1, 2020
5Bam Bam's Big Build and Bears Jan 8, 2020
6Bear Meets Girl Jan 15, 2020
7Noah's Animal Ark Jan 22, 2020
8Where There's Water There's a Way Jan 29, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1King of the Mountain Aug 4, 2019
2The Wolfpack vs. the Wolf Aug 11, 2019
3Clear and Pheasant Danger Aug 18, 2019
4Fowl Weather Friends Aug 25, 2019
5The Chaos Before the Storm Sep 1, 2019
6The Big Push Sep 8, 2019
7The Wild New Wild Sep 15, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Bull By the Horns Mar 3, 2019
2The Buffalo Trail Mar 10, 2019
3Beware the Bear-Crow Mar 17, 2019
4Mountain Emergency Mar 24, 2019
5Winter Is Here Mar 31, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Back to the Bush Aug 19, 2018
SUnbreakable Will Aug 19, 2018
2Breaking Ground Aug 26, 2018
3Head Above Water Sep 2, 2018
4Call to Duty Sep 9, 2018
5Bird and the Bees Sep 16, 2018
6Family First Sep 23, 2018
7A New Beginning Sep 30, 2018
#NameAir Dates
SOne for All Jun 14, 2017
SFrom the Ground Up Jun 16, 2017
SForging a New Future Sep 21, 2017
SHome Away for the Holidays Dec 15, 2017
SA Very Brown Christmas in Alaska Dec 23, 2017
1Faith and Family Jun 21, 2017
2The Long Road Jun 28, 2017
3Strength in Numbers Jul 5, 2017
4Unanchored Jul 12, 2017
5Weight of the Wolfpack Jul 19, 2017
6Bush Code Aug 9, 2017
7A New Chapter Aug 16, 2017
8Blazing a New Trail Aug 23, 2017
#NameAir Dates
SA Browntown Christmas Dec 7, 2016
SBrowntown Bound Dec 28, 2016
SGrit and Perseverance Dec 30, 2016
SForever Browntown Mar 8, 2017
1All That Matters Jan 4, 2017
2Bear with Us Jan 11, 2017
3Browntown Boom Jan 18, 2017
4Dead in the Water Jan 25, 2017
5One Brown Down Feb 1, 2017
6All Falls Down Feb 8, 2017
7Field of Dreams Feb 15, 2017
8Wind and a Prayer Feb 22, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Wolf Pack Returns May 6, 2016
2Driving Miss Rainy May 13, 2016
3Winter Watch May 20, 2016
4Growing the Wolfpack May 27, 2016
SSurviving the Lower 48 Jun 3, 2016
5High Tide Housing Jun 10, 2016
6Shots in the Dark Jun 17, 2016
7Judgement Day Jun 24, 2016
8Released to the Wild Jul 8, 2016
9Back in Browntown Jul 15, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Endless Summer Nov 4, 2015
2Block and Tackle Nov 11, 2015
3Shots Fired Nov 18, 2015
4Rock, Paper, Skipper Nov 25, 2015
5Ballad of Billy Brown Dec 2, 2015
6Dock-u-Drama Dec 9, 2015
7Dead in the Water Dec 16, 2015
8Alarmed & Dangerous Dec 30, 2015
SReturn to the Bush Jan 3, 2016
10Paradise Lost Jan 6, 2016
9Bush Heart Jan 6, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1A Wolfpack Divided May 29, 2015
2Rise of Browntown Jun 5, 2015
3Divide and Conquer Jun 12, 2015
4Bloodlines Jun 19, 2015
5A Big Gamble Jun 26, 2015
6Rocky Seas Jul 3, 2015
7Sink or Swim Jul 17, 2015
8Never Give Up Jul 24, 2015
9Lost Footage Jul 31, 2015
10The Wild Year Aug 7, 2015
#NameAir Dates
SA Very Bush Christmas Dec 19, 2014
1Breaking Free Jan 2, 2015
2Return to the Wild Jan 9, 2015
3Welcome to Browntown Jan 16, 2015
4Birdy Get Your Gun Jan 23, 2015
5Pile It On Jan 30, 2015
6On the Prowl Feb 6, 2015
7Home Alone Feb 13, 2015
8Now or Never Feb 20, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Raised Wild May 6, 2014
2Human Wolf Pack May 13, 2014
3Blindsided May 20, 2014
4Fight or Flight May 27, 2014
5The Wild Life Jun 15, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Back to the Bush - A Family of Nine Jul 15, 2014
2Back to the Bush - The Race Is On Jul 25, 2014
3Back to the Bush - The Big Decision Jul 29, 2014
4Revisited: Meet the Browns Mar 8, 2015
5Revisited: Cold Front Mar 15, 2015
6Revisited: Back Into the Wild Mar 22, 2015
7Revisited: Breaking Ground Mar 29, 2015
8Revisited: Homemakers Apr 5, 2015
9Revisited: A Fight for Home Apr 12, 2015
10Wild Times May 22, 2015
11Browntown or Bust Apr 29, 2016
12The Book of Gabe May 18, 2016
13The Book of Bear May 25, 2016
14The Book of Noah Jun 1, 2016
15The Book of Bird Jun 8, 2016
16The Book of Billy Jun 15, 2016
17Browns Down South Jul 22, 2016
18Made in the Wild Jul 29, 2016
19The Book of Ami Aug 19, 2016
20The Book of Matt Aug 19, 2016
21Harsh Wilderness Mar 1, 2017
22Heart of the Brown's Mar 15, 2017
23Off the Grid: A New Trail Part 1 Sep 8, 2017
24Alaskan Grit: The Trouble with Bears Sep 11, 2017
25Alaskan Grit: Bad News, Bears Sep 11, 2017
26Off the Grid: A New Trail Part 2 Sep 15, 2017
27Alaskan Grit: Hunkering Down Sep 18, 2017
28Alaskan Grit: The Big Haul Sep 18, 2017
29Secrets of the Bush Aug 26, 2018
30Chasing the Wolfpack Sep 30, 2018
31This Land Is Our Land Mar 2, 2019
32Secrets of the Hunt Sep 22, 2019
33Ami Special Sep 29, 2019
34Let the Feast Begin Nov 27, 2019
35Beyond the Bush Jan 1, 2020
36Back to the Future Oct 18, 2020
37The Legacy of Billy Brown Feb 28, 2021
38Chaos and Catastrophe Sep 12, 2021
39The Way of the Wolfpack Nov 28, 2021
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2 0 John T  November 22, 2021
0 1 T. Earl D. John T  November 22, 2021
Flatulence I presume
0 9 Gaynelle Richerson  November 8, 2021
I have come to love this Brown Family. Most people I think they are fake, when really I think they are jealous of them of their love for each other. Like families should be a bond of real love. I know that love cause I also had that kind of love with my family, being raised hard as growing up it was the love of my Loving Mom and Dad that ketp us together. And now I have not either of them Dad has been gone for over three years and Mom passed three months ago And no it doesn't get better for they was the glue that held us together.My heart goes out to The Brown Family Billy loss has sadness in my heart.n I pray daily for the loss of the families no matter who they maybe.
0 1 Sherry Lynn Williams Gaynelle Richerson  April 2, 2022
I totally agree with every word with what you said! Really want the show to go on! Sure that is what Billy Brown would want them to do!
0 8 Matt.from.texas  October 25, 2021
I have been watching this show since the beginning. This family is amazing. They have overcome so many disappointing obstacles yet stay positive. I hope they bring Matt back to the show, not just because I think his name is cool!! I think he is the personality between bear and Gabe and show needs that. He was such a character. I truly feel bad for the family loss is never easy. I think it would be a real disappointment if the show did not continue on. They have all worked so hard, to get what they have, it’s really time they got a win in life. I send my blessings and well wishes to them all.
0 1 Jillian Forte Matt.from.texas  January 2, 2022
Yes I want matt back too he made the show more interesting and after da died he should be with the family
0 7 Michael zobrist Zobr  October 21, 2021
I love this family so much . Billy was the greatest . This family love each other so much and it shows . I have watched ever episode since the beginning . I hope it never ends . Has left a great impression on me . Love you guys . Sorry for your losses . More. More and more
0 3 Kris  October 18, 2021
I have loved the show since the beginning. As sad as it was to hear of Billy’s passing, things with the family will never be the same as long as they continue to push their brother and son, Matt away. Family is all you got in this world, so it’s time for forgiveness and renewal. He didn’t even get to say goodbye to his father. How much more can you punish him?
0 6 Merrill Reynolds  October 13, 2021
Please keep it going a good family show. Love it
0 2 annette f  September 12, 2021
The whole family watch and misses it when it is off the air when are you going to bring matt back on and what happed to the farm after the fire
1 9 Hot Rod  August 2, 2021
Okay let's season 13 started folks, There is a lot of people attached to the show and it must go on!
0 4 Larry mayo  July 28, 2021
Sorry about loss of billy. Thank u bam saying 200 years ago we all had to live like your family. District attorney did not pursue case so forgive Matt bear thanks for forgiving raiven billy left a legacy of store owners beef eggs cheese oil chicken turkey bake bread bear vs bear actors truck drivers roof jobs build house jobs all successful people we have homes in the woods also
1 6 Larry mayo  July 28, 2021
I enjoy. The show a lot I even tape a lot of them. Sorry about billy loss . This show teach alit about living in the woods slot of us own homes in the deep woods with wild animals . A lot of us with big families all have issues. The two brothers who stop speaking to Matt forgive him realize the district attorney did not pursue the case for a reason . He is the oldest then now need him to lead again. I like when bam explained 200. Years ago there was no stores u had to catch ur own and build ur own. . All of u are talented billy left a legacy I could see all of you successful roofing jobs building homes jobs. Store owners from ur own farm eggs. Beef. Oil. Potatoes carrots. Milk ice cream cheese. Bread. Chicken. Turkeys. A. Whole grocery store of ur. Own. Then I can foresee on future television shows like bear vs bear did. God bless billy and all of u very. Talented. And. Bear. Thank you for forgiving. Ur raiven. Without forgiveness
1 14 Shirley Guidry  June 15, 2021
My whole family cried when Billy passed away , we are looking forward to the next season .We are looking forward to seeing what is next for the family , more grand babies ,more weddings and even more animals . We hope to be watching abp soon
0 4 Monica Clancy Shirley Guidry  September 11, 2021
I was shocked and I cried also when you watched people for so many years they're like party of family
0 0 Debra Berry Shirley Guidry  November 22, 2021
I’ve watched the show since day one and I really felt like the Brown family was part of my own. I cried for days when I found out about Billy, not just for me but mostly for the family!! I’ve watched the kids grow up and all the ups and downs and not once did I see anyone give up!! Billy and Ami have raised their kids well with God and family being the most important thing in their lives!! I only pray that everyone keeps the faith and follows what Billy and Ami have dreamed about their whole lives! I really hope that the show will continue so we can watch the next generation keep the ranch alive and going! God bless you all and keep you close and continue to wrap his arms around all of you!!! Love you all!
0 11 Tyanne  May 4, 2021
My deepest sympathies go out to you on the death of your father. I thoroughly enjoyed watching ABP for all 12 of the previous seasons and if you choose not to return I for one surely understand. May yours and your fathers memories last forever. Wishing you well and take good care of your Mom.
2 8 Ok  April 24, 2021
I Enjoy your show immensely it’s so family orientated it’s a pleasure to watch I’m sorry to hear about your father’s passing he really loves you kids and his wife Amy hope you guys come back for new season I can’t wait to see how that does all the little ones grow up you guys were so innovative I miss you guys dearly hope you’re all right can’t wait to see you all again thanks for giving us a good family show
0 5 Lisa S Martin  March 1, 2021
I want you all to know that you all are a part of my family! I talk about you guys like I personally know you. Prayers and love to you in these hard times. Your dad was precious, and will be missed terribly. Hope to see y’all soon. Love to all
1 4 Bambii Lisa S Martin  March 5, 2021
I was heartbroken to hear of your dad's passing. Such a good man who taught his family all the skills they needed to live the way they wanted too. He stood by his wife Ami every step of the way of her illness. He was also a deeply religious man you could feel that truth coming through loud & clear. I am sure his family will rely on Billy's belief in God to get them through this very trying time. He is sorely missed already. God Bless Billy & his entire family. Until they meet again.
0 9 Sandy  February 24, 2021
❤ I LOVE watching the bush family, sorry for all of the disasters that this family has gone through. sorry for Billies passing. Hope their farm is still there and they finish North Star Ranch.
0 2 Patricia Jacobson Sandy  June 9, 2021
0 4 Michelle Alexander  February 22, 2021
My prayers are with your wonderful family, Billy will be forever missed what a wonderful, kind and God fearing man. Please know we are all thinking of you all! God bless
1 4 Kathryn Kelly  February 16, 2021
So sorry for Billy’s passing, my thoughts to all his family. Matt needs to be back, he is the oldest child. Cannot wait for the next series to start. From Tamworth Staffordshire, England .
0 3 June Bittinger  February 16, 2021
Of course the Browns have some money now. after all, would you let camera men follow YOU around with out getting compensated for it? I still think they are a wonderful family and very genuine. Billy Brown will be missed a lot and I hope the family is recovering from their loss. Sure do miss them and hope they will continue the shows!
0 7 David Bonilla  February 16, 2021
This show needs no cleaning up. It already is. My wife and i enjoy every show from the start. We record them to make sure we will not miss one. Billy will be highly missed and our condolences to the entire family. DON'T STOP THE SHOW. We need more shows where you don't have to waste time having to bleep every other word. Clean family shows are healthy for the mind, soul and spirit. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU
2 2 Nick J Hurse  February 15, 2021
Sry snow bird. And to rain holla if u need to talk
0 6 James R  February 15, 2021
RIP will be missed...
0 7 Lou Eaton  February 12, 2021
I love the abf. Pray for them in the losses and sorrows they have. Want Matt to come back. Look forward to a new season.
0 9 Johnny Schaffer  February 10, 2021
The alaskan bush people tv show is better than 99 percent of the tv shows out there because the bush people are caring people and they are not Hollywood fake drama . From a alaskan bush Fan prayers are with Ami and the rest of the alaskan bush family .. Billy was a great guy and father to you guys ..I cant wait until the Alaskan bush people start their new episodes .
0 7 PAM LOBODA  February 10, 2021
The Brown family are in my prayers tonite. So saddened by the news of the passing of Billy. Such a GREAT man ! So sorry that y'all have to go through this....May the good Lord bless all of you during this time....
0 5 Edwina  February 10, 2021
I love the show please bring it back, and bring Matt back, I think you have a Big hit with the Brown family, they are very loved by Americans. And sorry to hear about Mr. Brown, my thoughts and prays go out to them

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