Street Outlaws
Discovery Channel
12 Seasons
118 Episodes
Street Outlaws is an extremely popular American reality television series that gives the audience insight into the exciting world of street racing.
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Street Outlaws Season 13 is yet to be announced by Discovery Channel

Current Show Status
Street Outlaws Season 13 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Mon 1/21/2019 Episode 4 Season 12: Episode 4
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Street Outlaws. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Bristol: Race to $200K Jan 1, 2019
2No Prep Kings: On Your Mark, Get Set... Jan 7, 2019
3Too Fast for Topeka Jan 15, 2019
4Episode 4 Jan 21, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1The Story of Street Outlaws May 21, 2018
3Make My "Cash" Days May 28, 2018
4Tech and Tune Jun 4, 2018
5The Doc Amendment Jun 4, 2018
6No More Stalling Jun 11, 2018
7Deja Vu Jun 18, 2018
8Top Dom Jun 25, 2018
9Flor-I-Do Jul 2, 2018
10Asphalt Eruption Jul 9, 2018
11Clashes And Crashes Jul 16, 2018
12Oh, Canada! Jul 30, 2018
13"Tired" of Chief Aug 6, 2018
14Down But Not Out Aug 13, 2018
15Chuckmate Aug 20, 2018
16Unfriended Aug 27, 2018
17Grudge Wars Sep 3, 2018
18Cash Days: The Daily Driver Sep 10, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Smoked in Memphis Nov 27, 2017
2Going for the Jugular Dec 4, 2017
3Down is the New Up? Dec 11, 2017
4Bad Beets Dec 18, 2017
5Bristol: Race to $100K Jan 1, 2018
6Rules Change Jan 15, 2018
7What's Up, Doc? Jan 22, 2018
8Outlaw Armageddon Jan 24, 2018
9Bottoms Up Jan 29, 2018
10Armageddon to the End Jan 31, 2018
11Daily Battles Feb 5, 2018
1299 Problems Feb 12, 2018
13Who Made These Rules? Feb 19, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1From Mega to Street Apr 3, 2017
2Start Me Up Apr 10, 2017
3I Can't Get No Satisfaction Apr 17, 2017
4Get Off My Cloud Apr 24, 2017
5Brand New Car May 1, 2017
6Sympathy for the Devil May 8, 2017
7Can't You Hear Me Knocking May 15, 2017
8Time Is on My Side May 22, 2017
9Street Fightin' Man May 29, 2017
10Midnight Rambler Jun 5, 2017
11Road to Number One Jun 12, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Where the Streets Have No Name Oct 31, 2016
2It's a Promod Party Nov 7, 2016
3OH-HI-NO Nov 14, 2016
4I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Nov 21, 2016
5I Will Follow Nov 28, 2016
675,000 Reasons to Race Dec 5, 2016
7Stuck in a Moment Dec 12, 2016
8One Dec 19, 2016
9Street Mission Dec 26, 2016
10Put Up for Your City Jan 2, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Empire Builds Back Apr 25, 2016
2It's Shane in the Membrane May 2, 2016
3Jumping the Shark Pool May 9, 2016
4Sharks After Dark May 16, 2016
5Daddy Day Car May 23, 2016
6Knockin' on Heaven's Door May 30, 2016
7Rebirth of the Crow Jun 6, 2016
8The Crow Also Rises… Jun 13, 2016
9Ready, Set, Crow... Jun 20, 2016
10Only the Strong Will Enduro Jun 24, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Kansas City Barbecue Oct 26, 2015
2No Rhino, No Cry Nov 2, 2015
3Import This! Nov 9, 2015
4David & Goliath vs. the 405 Nov 16, 2015
5Top of the List to Ya Nov 23, 2015
6It's a Hard Knox Life Nov 30, 2015
7$50K, All the Way! Dec 7, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Not So Big Easy May 18, 2015
2New Orleans Cookin' May 21, 2015
3Permanent Gatekeeper May 21, 2015
4She's a Good Girl May 25, 2015
5Small Tires, Big Dreams Jun 1, 2015
6Texas Grudge Jun 8, 2015
7To Be #1 or Not to Be #1 Jun 15, 2015
8Fear and Gloating in Las Vegas Jun 22, 2015
9Angel City Danger Jun 29, 2015
10Round Robin Ridiculousness Jul 13, 2015
11405 vs. Middle of 'Murica Jul 20, 2015
12The Nationwide Call Out Jul 27, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Down from Chi-Town Dec 29, 2014
2Shut Your Death Trap Jan 5, 2015
3Ova for Murder Nova? Jan 12, 2015
4Small Tire Shootout Jan 19, 2015
5Gatekeeper Gate Jan 26, 2015
6Vocal Local Yokels Feb 2, 2015
7Hearse and the Wichita Curse Feb 9, 2015
8Let Them Eat Crow! Feb 16, 2015
9The Southeast's Fastest (1) Feb 23, 2015
10The Southeast's Fastest (2) Mar 2, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1The Rise of the Crow Jun 23, 2014
2Go Back to Tulsa! Jun 30, 2014
3Top 5 List Shake-Up Jul 7, 2014
4The Mouthy Dirty South Jul 14, 2014
5What's Up Doc? Jul 21, 2014
6Dallas Cash Days Jul 28, 2014
7Big Chief vs. Murder Nova Aug 4, 2014
8It's Good to Be the Chief Aug 18, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Lonestar Smackdown Dec 2, 2013
2Midwest Fireworks Dec 9, 2013
3Sonoma Mr. Nice Guy Dec 16, 2013
4Fastest Chick in OKC Dec 23, 2013
5Showdown Lowdown Dec 30, 2013
6Drag Week Jan 6, 2014
7Papa's Got a Brand New Bug Jan 6, 2014
8Straight Out to Cali Jan 13, 2014
#NameAir Dates
1Midnight Riders Jun 10, 2013
2Young and Old Blood Jun 17, 2013
3King of the Streets Jun 24, 2013
4Murder the Nova Jul 1, 2013
5Stand Your Ground Jul 8, 2013
6Racer's Revenge Jul 15, 2013
7Last Car Standing Jul 22, 2013
8Interstate Showdown Jul 29, 2013
#NameAir Dates
1Cash Days Countdown May 18, 2015
2Movin' on Up Oct 19, 2015
3When Life Gives You Lemons Oct 26, 2015
4If You Can't Beat-le'em, Join 'em... Oct 31, 2016
5Mega Week Edition: 75,000 Reasons to Race Dec 10, 2016
6Street Outlaws vs Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Part III Mar 13, 2017
7Street Outlaws vs Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Part IV Mar 20, 2017
8Street Outlaws vs. Fast N' Loud: Mega Race Build Up Mar 27, 2017
9Street Outlaws vs. Fast N' Loud: The Mega Race Mar 27, 2017
10The Shakeup Apr 29, 2017
11Memphis Blues Nov 27, 2017
12Shut Up and Drive Dec 4, 2017
13Overdrive - Call Out To The Nation Dec 11, 2017
14Bristol: Road to $100K Jan 1, 2018
15Its Bristol, Baby! Jan 3, 2018
16Armageddon Returns Feb 21, 2018
17Street Outlaws vs. Fast N' Loud: Countdown To Motor Mega Week Feb 21, 2018
18Vs. Fast N' Loud: Start Your Engines Feb 26, 2018
19Vs. Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Gear 1 Feb 26, 2018
20Vs. Fast N' Loud: Build To Mega Race Gear 2 Feb 27, 2018
21Vs. Fast N' Loud: Build To Mega Race Gear 3 Feb 28, 2018
22Vs. Fast N' Loud: Build To Mega Race Gear 4 Mar 1, 2018
23The Fireball Mar 4, 2018
24The Gonorail Mar 4, 2018
25Vs. Fast N' Loud: The Mega Race 2 Mar 5, 2018
26Vs. Fast N' Loud: Driver's Meeting Mar 5, 2018
27Vs. Fast N' Loud: The Race Is On! Mar 8, 2018
28Playing Dirty May 21, 2018
29Daily Grind to $25K Oct 15, 2018
30Rainy Texan Pay Day Dec 3, 2018
31Round Two Turn Up Dec 10, 2018
32Bristol: Road To 200k Jan 1, 2019
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0 1 K Howell  January 16, 2019
I really enjoy the show I hope it comes back
0 1 Jose Bermudez STX  January 6, 2019
I am watching street outlaws since it’s start at the beginning and will continue seeing until i die. For me is the best show ever. Love this sport. All the way.
0 0 Damian  July 3, 2018
I’m in Australia I love this show now the last episode I saw was season 11 episode 9 when is the next episode and wht happen to big chef ??
0 2 opps150  April 19, 2018
I know i didnt read that the Big Wheels at Discovery were implying that Fast and Loud is pose to be some sort of sub for Street Outlaws. GET REAL ITS NOT EVEN IN THE SAME ZIP CODE. And alot of people i know feel the same way.. So e-mail when you realize how many viewers you have lost and make the smart decision to renew the 405 guys for season 12 and i will watch the Discovery Channel again even with ALL those commercials
0 0 Jim Sudomir  March 25, 2018
Why are at least five members on the New Season? to include Chief and Daddy Dave? Nothing has been mentioned about that..
0 3 Miss Nancy  March 5, 2018
I really like this (bleep) show and my (bleep) spouse (bleep) loves it too. I (bleep) wish they would stop (bleep) cussing because I (bleep) have no (bleep) idea what the (bleep) (bleep) they are (bleep) talking about. ?
1 1 adair hoskins  January 30, 2018
In a recent episode you showed the Murder Nova driver under his car while the car was setting on cinder blocks on their sides, Please let everyone know that this is an accident just waiting to happen. Blocks have very little compressive strength when used in this fashion. You are tempting fate when you use the wrong product in the wrong application.
0 3 Lane Juneau adair hoskins  January 31, 2018
You are right ! But the car weight 2,100. ILb
0 1 SoGrand Lane Juneau  April 26, 2018
The weight of the car does matter! I have had cinderblocks crack and crumble under a weight of 300 lbs. the block is extremely porous. Not meant to hold a lot of weight unless stacked properly with another heavy flat surface such as plywood directly on top as to distribute the weight, never at an angle, but still, needless to say cinderblocks are never to be used!
0 5 Cajun  January 9, 2018
Just waiting for discovery to renew da boys (OKC) for Season 11. What you waiting for!!!!
0 3 Hot Rod Jim  December 15, 2017
This is such a fun show. The cars keep getting faster. Glad for the decision on NO Pro Mods in the 405 list. I wish they would try to not use so many curse words. It's like I'm watching TV in an Intensive Care unit with the monitors going off all the time. Beep Beep Beep C'mon guys, clean it up a little!
0 1 Tyz  November 22, 2017
When will be on in the UK I can't find in on sky
0 1 Mark Furniss Tyz  November 27, 2017
When is it on in the uk on bt discovery
0 2 Tyrone Mark Furniss  November 28, 2017
It's not on here I have looked everywhere for it
0 6 Swoop_g  October 31, 2017
November 27th!!! Finally!!! Can't wait!!!
0 1 Cajun Swoop_g  November 1, 2017
Can’t wait Sha!!!!! Me gonna kick back and eat me some gumbo!!’
0 4 Deeznuts88  October 27, 2017
When is season 10 big fan of the show
0 5 Maya B  October 26, 2017
? ? ? I love my street out laws boys their the best that ever did it a chic that has a taste for fast cars & fair races...a bit on the wild side...
2 9 Little Mrs Brewer  October 26, 2017
Does anyone know when Season 10 starts, it only says this fall... well its fall..... where are you guys! We are die hard fans and I feel like it should of already started by now!!! Anyone??? ?
0 18 Emmaryan  October 17, 2017
When is street outlaws i really miss that show
2 7 Perry  October 16, 2017
About time for some new material.. Sick and tired of re runs of Walker, Bonanza/ Blue bloods. This is the only thing new worth watching. Cable Co are a total fraud and sell mops and BS. 90% of channels are hocking a product. What a waste of time. Cannot wait to see Farm Truck .
1 11 StephanieD  October 8, 2017
Love this show my 15 yr old son has even gotten into it. We've been to some drag races this summer and watched some of these guys race and got to meet them.Street racers like DaddyDave,Chuck,Bobby,Kye and John Doe all who were awesome! We look forward to this show every week can't wait til it's back on!
7 10 kieth  October 5, 2017
When will you start the new show Street outlaws MEMPHIS?
1 7 Tony Parkes kieth  October 8, 2017
? that's what I'm saying I wanna know when this show hits cable again. Hurry up and let us know, please.
22 5 Michael kieth  October 9, 2017
Why - no one watches it.
0 9 Mr Vault Michael  October 24, 2017
Then what are you doing here???
0 4 David Washbourne  September 27, 2017
Really like the show a lot. I've been a huge fan from the beginning. Just wish the cars were true street cars. By this I mean they were street legal.I've done my share of drag racing on the street and can honestly say that the adrenaline rush is beyond belief. Plus of always been curious why they only run eighth mile and not a quarter mile ?
1 5 Mike Fusco David Washbourne  September 27, 2017
I am sure someone smarter than me can give a better answer but my guess is that they would be going TOO FAST in the 1/4 for "street"
1 2 Jack Bothwell Mike Fusco  October 16, 2017
there is a lot of racing in the south that is eight mile , used to be the AHRA , don't know if it still exists but it used to.
3 0 Cody noneedtoknow Mike Fusco  October 21, 2017
Cars that are set up for rhe eight mile will not go to fast. Its all in the gear ratio in the transmission and rear differential.
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0 11 Donnie & Aleta  September 26, 2017
Monday night is not the same without street outlaws OKC . Please hurry and settle whatever is the holdup on the new schedule!
2 17 John Gellak  September 19, 2017
As for the comments about Farmtruck and Azn they make the show they are funny and come up with fun ideas you guys take things to serious lighten up . My wife luvs Farmtruck and Azn as well they are the only reason she watches the show with me. The rest of the team is great to . Don't change what's working If it not broke don't fix it.
1 8 Bob-0  September 18, 2017
Hey, would like to speeds at finish line posted. You all sometime show while in the run, but let see top end speeds. Bob-0 ?
0 2 pris Bob-0  October 1, 2017
while I agree it would be cool to see however, I don't think that will ever happen. think about it, if it we're u racing u wouldn't want people knowing ur finishing speed. when ur up against people & they know how fast u r it's not much of a competition.
2 4 Daniel Ramirez  September 17, 2017
All around great show, great group of racing guys, nothing wrong with farm truck and azn, you have no room to talk since they doing what they do and your just hatin on here
11 3 Mark streetracer  September 8, 2017
Cant wait for new season-hope for more racing-less to no farmtruck/azn garbage-so tired of the childish [censored] they do!
11 1 Mark streetracer  September 8, 2017
Cant wait for new season-hope to c more racing and alot less of farmtruck/azn-hate having to watch those idiots and their childish [censored] they do!
7 2 Ted Schanhals Mark streetracer  September 18, 2017
I have no interest in Asian & FarmDuck

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