I Am Jazz
8 Seasons
70 Episodes
I Am Jazz is an American reality TV series that revolves around the life of Jazz Jennings – a teenage transgender girl from South Florida.
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I Am Jazz Season 9 is yet to be announced by TLC

Current Show Status
I Am Jazz Season 9 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Tue 1/31/2023 Mommy Dearest Season 8: Episode 2
Next Episode Airs Tue 2/7/2023 These Boots Are Made for Walkin' Season 8: Episode 3


Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1A Night at the Selfie Museum Jan 24, 2023
2Mommy Dearest Jan 31, 2023
3These Boots Are Made for Walkin' Feb 7, 2023
4Clavicles Are the New Black Feb 14, 2023
5GOAT Feb 21, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1My 234-lb Life Nov 30, 2021
2Blast From the Past Dec 7, 2021
3Breaking the Cycle Dec 14, 2021
4Private Parts Dec 21, 2021
5Raw Dec 28, 2021
6Wake Up Call Jan 4, 2022
7Smashed Jan 11, 2022
8A Long Time in the Making Jan 18, 2022
9Heating Up Jan 25, 2022
10Not the Same Jazz Feb 1, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1I Will Survive Jan 28, 2020
2Ex-Factor Feb 4, 2020
3Born This Way Feb 11, 2020
4I'm Still Standing Feb 18, 2020
5Communication Breakdown Feb 25, 2020
6Draglicious Mar 3, 2020
7Under Pressure Mar 10, 2020
8Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mar 17, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1The Final Countdown Jan 1, 2019
2Scared & Unprepared Jan 8, 2019
3Caterpillar to Butterfly Jan 15, 2019
4Rebirth Jan 22, 2019
5It's a Girl! Jan 29, 2019
6Operation Complication Feb 5, 2019
7Your Girl Jazz Has a Boyfriend! Feb 12, 2019
8Missing in Action Feb 19, 2019
9I Want to Meet Your (Transphobic) Mom Feb 26, 2019
10Enemy in the Family Mar 5, 2019
11Reevaluation Realness Mar 12, 2019
12Up in the Air... Mar 19, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Winds of Change Jan 2, 2018
2Weighty Issues Jan 9, 2018
3Resisting Temptation Jan 16, 2018
4Big Trouble in the Big Apple Jan 23, 2018
5Trans Girl Meets Girl Jan 30, 2018
6Pizza Rolls, Gender Roles and Jazz Rolls Feb 6, 2018
7Hungry for Acceptance Feb 13, 2018
8Nothing is Set in Stone Feb 20, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Bottoms Up Jun 27, 2017
2Double Trouble Jun 28, 2017
3Getting to the Bottom of It Jul 5, 2017
4Sweet (and Sour) Sixteen Jul 12, 2017
5Dating in the Dark Jul 19, 2017
6Face Your Demons Jul 26, 2017
7Dating in the Light Aug 2, 2017
8In the Line of Fire Aug 9, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Hate is Real Jun 8, 2016
2I Looked Like a Man in a Dress Jun 15, 2016
3It's Either Surgery or Male Puberty Jun 22, 2016
4Your Body May Be Rejecting the Implant Jun 29, 2016
5Confronted with Hate Jul 6, 2016
6She's Too Young for Breast Surgery Jul 13, 2016
7We Scare Most Boys Jul 20, 2016
8Teenage Angst and Broken Hearts Jul 27, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1All About Jazz Jul 15, 2015
2Boys Aren't Nice to Her Jul 22, 2015
3High School is Wild Fire Jul 22, 2015
4I Thought It Was a Choice? Jul 29, 2015
5Am I Doing the Right Thing? Jul 29, 2015
6Happy Mother's Day! Aug 5, 2015
7I'm Ready to Explore Boys Aug 5, 2015
8So the Dad is Now Mom? Aug 12, 2015
9We Don't Read the Comments Aug 12, 2015
10Baby Jazz is Growing Up Aug 19, 2015
11The Family Tells All Aug 26, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1More Jazz: The Family Tells All Jun 1, 2016
2Countdown to the New Season Jun 28, 2017
3Through The Years: Part 1 Nov 16, 2021
4Through The Years: Part 2 Nov 23, 2021
5How Jazz Got Her Groove Back Jan 17, 2023
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1 0 Deborah Rozek  January 5, 2023
Yes Jazz & her 👪 have captured me from the beginning this is season 8 coming up which I was hoping for to find out how she's been doing since going to Harvard I personally wanted to see her go to a college that embraced her for being her not saying Harvard couldn't but I forgot the other college she really liked but the pressure from wanting to please her mom played into the whole decision making thing 😢 plus Jazz puts a lot of pressure on herself I love her & the family 👪 looking forward to a new season ❤️
1 0 Candy  January 2, 2023
Thanks for finally writing about >I Am Jazz Season 8 Will Debut on TLC on January 24, 2023
2 15 Linsgiraffe  May 24, 2018
PLEASE TLC, renew I Am Jazz for season 5! We need to know how about Jazz's state of being, how she's doing, where she is in her transition!!!
2 13 Pat Hegerhorst Linsgiraffe  June 4, 2018
I totally agree with Linsgirsffe--We need to see season 5 to know how Jazz is doing. I have watched her from the beginning, and want to continue on with her.
1 4 Bruce Robinson  November 8, 2017
The Religious Tolerance web site has a great deal of information on being transgender. It discusses a lot of topics from research into brain structures to reactions -- positive and negative -- of various faith groups.
2 15 Tammy Gearl  October 30, 2017
I ❤ Jazz! I am a 46 yr old mom to 4 kids and have been waiting all summer for season 4 to start. Get rid of the Duggers. We want more Jazz!!!
34 5 kathy becker Tammy Gearl  July 1, 2018
please cancel this useless show all you are doing is teaching our children is how to be confused and child abuse by the parents
2 18 Nath kathy becker  July 31, 2018
☺ where on earth do you live? This show is amazing!! It’s showing kids and parents how to love & accept thier kids for who they were really meant to be. . The love and support of the parents is so positive, loving and understanding. If Jazz had different parents ( close minded, and and unaccepting) she would have been living a life she wasn’t meant to live , and possibly suicide. I believe the show is opening up peoples eyes to loving and understanding their children no matter what. The show is not confusing children as the children who are transgender cannot help they were born in the wrong body .Its not a phase or something temporary. The parents are so far from abuse, but loving and supportive.
30 6 kathy becker Nath  August 6, 2018
God does not make mistakes He made jerad jennings a male and the boy will die male so yes it is the stupidest show on tv jerad aka jazz
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2 16 Daphne  October 22, 2017
Love Jazz and her family. Can't wait for season 4!
37 9 VIctoria Moren  October 7, 2017
I do not think this show should be renewed. While I don't mind when people are transgender, I believe the parents of this young person should be criminally changed, as well as, the doctor who would prescribed testosterone blockers for a young person who has not yet had the chance to go through puberty. There is absolutely no way a child of 2 or 7 knows how they feel about gender or sex until they have gone through puberty. I believe what they have done is despicable. They have altered a human for the sake of money. Once a young person has gone through puberty and still feels transgender, then by all means assist in anyway. But this.....this is unlawful and abusive.
3 22 Allie D VIctoria Moren  October 17, 2017
I can speak from experience. I have known since a very long age I was trans. Back in those days the therapists tried to fix you. Well it doesn't work. I am certain that the parents and Jazz went through so much more than what we see on TV. This show is needed so people can see we are normally in every way other than being born with the wrong organs. Jazz best of luck to you. Keep up your informing the public. Hopefully some day we won't have to do this. If anyone should be in jail it is the parents that throw out there child and the employer's that fire trans people.
3 10 Bruce Robinson VIctoria Moren  November 8, 2017
Unfortunately, if a person goes through puberty, then their body changes in ways that are permanent. A MTF transgender person's voice will change and they will develop a very visible Adam's Apple. That makes future confirmation surgery less successful. Also more than 40% of transgender persons attempt suicide at least once -- often while a teen. So they have to be handled very carefully.
1 12 Ashley Jazz M VIctoria Moren  February 21, 2018
As a trans girl I have to strongly disagree. There's so much trans hate it really makes one without the belief in themself want to give up until you want to die. People say to wait. My whole childhood I was growing up in a hospital. As a kid everyone told me how lucky I was to be a boy because of how strong I needed to be to live my miserable life. I lived the way everyone expected of me. But, nothing was quite right for me - I envied girls, I didn't view sex the same way others I knew did. I didn't like it for that matter. I never knew what I needed- it was all surgery, no sisters/ girlfriends or relationships. It was just something missing and not knowing what to fix & being very miserable & lonely. It was only after finding I Am Jazz everything seemed to click right and I knew what I needed. I'm just now getting to live my life for me and I'm 33. So trust me - If I could've been 5 & knew what was wrong - it could’ve saved me a 33 year long war. Her parent’s are helping her live.
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3 23 Cher  September 10, 2017
? My granddaughter & I absolutely LOVE Jazz and the show! Please, PLEASE do NOT take it off the air!
2 26 Mandy Haarhoff  September 5, 2017
Please continue this show! I'm not transgender personally. But I've always believed that everyone should feel free to express themselves and to be their true self. This show tugged my heart strings when I saw Jazz as a little girl saying that she had a girl brain and a boy body. I cannot even begin to understand how she felt. But I was impressed by her parents and siblings and how accepting they have been.
Jazz good luck on everything and keep your head held high. I support your dream and I can not wait for your show to come back. I'm so curious on how your surgery went and if you were happy with the way that your vagina turned out. You were really concerned about having a nice one. You are a beautiful young Lady and so very brave. Keep being true to yourself!
0 0 Mauryne Simoens Mandy Haarhoff  November 15, 2022
I am 79 years old. I have trans friends, black friends, and every type of friend to be found. Why is it so hard for Americans (esp. Texans) to think guns of any kind are ok - Automatic weapons belong in the military O N L Y ! ! ! Those who support denying Roe vs.l Wade need to back off trying to run people's lives or step forward and SUPPORT these children who are not wanted due to many reasons (and I mean financially and emotionally), and just allow people to form their own beliefs---not the weird things a few emotionally unstable people in government try to dictate to us all. Comes to mind: Trump, Abbott, and other zealots who think THEY KNOW What is best for all!
0 0 Deborah Rozek Mauryne Simoens  January 5, 2023
OMG! you just said a mouthful I couldn't have said it any better thank you for that
0 0 Deborah Rozek Mandy Haarhoff  January 5, 2023
Very well put Mandy thanks for that I'm personally not trans but I am 63yrs young and a lesbian I had a pretty good inclination that I was different from a young age but there wasn't a y term for how I felt I just knew I was different from my peers sometime during grade school maybe 12 ish and I was brought up catholic which certainly didn't help matters. My life was destined for me to get married & have babies. I had a boyfriend for almost 3yrs & really he was my ticket to get out of the house he was old enough to buy alcohol and we smoked a lot of reefer I mean a lot 😅 of pot! For those of u that don't know what reefer means after I turned 18 I really wasn't interested in him anymore and I had my 1st encounter with a woman & I never turned back. did I go through a lot of different things while trying to accept that I was & am a lesbian? Absolutely 💯 it took quite sometime to clear away the way I was raised & what I was suppose to do as far as society was concerned
2 22 HeatherV  August 14, 2017
Please continue the show so we can have a season four. I have learned so much from watching the series and have become more excepting to the transgender community because of it. It has helped me understand a lot of things that I did not understand before. Good luck with everything Jazz, you are a very beautiful person !!!??
10 4 Stephanie J Major  June 27, 2017
I think that Jazz is a wonderful young woman but I also think her parents should have waited before allowing her to have hormone therapy. When a transgender girl takes hormones before puberty it leads to problems with the final surgery. So if she were my daughter I would have encouraged her to express herself but to wait until 16 to start hormones. Her early adolescence would be difficult but the final surgery would be safer and the results would be better. Being able to experience sexual pleasure as an adult woman is a huge part of the human experience.
2 3 Tina Las Vegas  December 8, 2016
Feeling excited for Season 3 already. Very :sad: if it does not come. Wishing the Jennings Family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward for Season 3.
1 3 Annie2 Tina Las Vegas  October 20, 2017
They are Jewish ?
3 1 edwynn WHITE Annie2  July 11, 2019
so what if they are jewish? Transgenderism kmows no faith colour or creed
0 0 Lyn Mesa Annie2  January 4, 2023
What a strange question. Why does it matter what religion they are? I work with trans teens and adults of various religions.
1 7 Elvie Jackson  November 30, 2016
I love the way that you're just yourself please just keep on being yourself it is awesome
2 3 Jay McEntyre  November 14, 2016
when does this show come on? What day's? Because I would like to start watching this show?
1 0 Bruce Robinson Jay McEntyre  August 27, 2018
During the last season, TLC showed I Am Jazz on Tuesday evening at 9 PM. They haven't announced when Season 5's episodes will be broadcast during 2019.
2 11 Angela  October 9, 2016
I absolutely love this show! This is a family that has without a doubt shown what unconditional love really is by supporting Jazz and making sure that she is happy in every aspect of life. As a mother of five kids myself, I would definitely move mountains for my kids happiness in every way possible. The Jennings Family is the perfect example of love and unity! I truly hope that this show will continue on and hopefully one day the entire world will see people for people and stop all the hate.
2 12 DJ Angela  October 30, 2016
I totally agree with you. I am old enough to be Jazz's grandmother....I Love this family.They love all their children so very much. PLEASE TLC Renew this show
3 10 Shazna  September 20, 2016
Love the show and i am so in love with the Jennings they are a amazeing family ... you have to do another series of jazz.. I want to see where her life takes her and if she ever finds mr right
1 9 StrongSpiritNJ  September 13, 2016
i can't wait to see the next season. We support Jazz and her journey in the pursuit of happiness as well as a her stance to defend her civil rights. This is a show that must continue. She is a role model and seeing the support she receives from her family and friends renews my happiness for each week ahead. Go Jazz.........!
1 8 DJ StrongSpiritNJ  October 3, 2016
Please bring back this show. It is really an important show.....
Please bring it back
2 8 Brigitte Dominique Bakonyi  September 12, 2016
Love the show...i don't know why people judge, ridicule shows like this, when there are far worse things they watch on tv! I hope to watch Jazz grow up to be a beautiful woman!
1 4 yaha  August 28, 2016
LOVE THE SHOW! All of them are AMAZING! I'd love to see what happens to jazz and her cute admirer. The twins are super cute. TLC PLS renew the show for a 3rd season! It's not all about the ratings and money!
1 3 Texas cow girl  August 27, 2016
Love the show Hope it continues .
1 7 jane  August 21, 2016
love the show,i hope its not canceled. and they did a good thing in letting jazz grow up as a girl,because now you can`t even tell, that jazz is or was a boy, she`s a beautiful girl, if you ask me.and i thing people who don`t agree with jazz being transgender should mind their own business and leave them alone. they are not bothering or hurting anyone, they seemed like nice people, stay safe and god bless. jane
1 6 Armando Salazar  August 4, 2016
Love the show. Beautiful family with loving parents. It clearly shows us that good parenting has a huge influence on raising healthy children regardless of the obstacles they are born with.
1 5 Veronica Mccarty Armando Salazar  October 7, 2016
Please bring I am jazz back for season 3 !!! I love this show and the family .
1 6 Tina Palazzolo-Boarman  July 30, 2016
I love that this season they are showing real issues that real families face. Like the mom and dad disagreeing on Jazz's surgery, the prank caller, and the boys dealing with jealousy over how much attention is given to Jazz by her mom. Let's face it no family is happy 24/7. Love this show!
1 2 Lakayla  July 25, 2016
I love this shows I hope it don't end :D :lol:
1 4 cha  July 21, 2016
I think jazz and her family are so cute and they all care about each other and love each other. That is how all families should be. It's called support and love and understanding. Please renew season 3. Thank you.

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