Running Wild With Bear Grylls
National Geographic
6 Seasons
14 Episodes
Running Wild With Bear Grylls is a survival skills reality TV series that challenges the mental and physical stamina of celebrities who travel to remote locations around the world.
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National Geographic Renews Running Wild With Bear Grylls TV Series for Season 7

Current Show Status
Running Wild With Bear Grylls Season 7 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Mon 5/17/2021 Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker in the Sierra Nevada Season 6: Episode 8
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 7: Episode 1

Latest news

Renewed for Nat Geo Season 7 (Electus, a Propagate Company and The Natural Studios)

Last season, the hit outdoor adventure series RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS found its new home on National Geographic with bigger action and wilder destinations than ever before. World-renowned survivalist Bear Grylls returns for another season, leading a brand-new slate of celebrities into the wildest corners of the planet for epic, life-changing adventures that will challenge their perceived limitations. Each week, a new celebrity guest leaves the luxury of their homes to join Bear for a no-holds-barred journey through some of the most extreme environments in the world. Together, they must rely on bushcraft techniques to survive each dangerous location while pushing through both mental and physical limits to face ambitious obstacles that will make even the bravest shudder. RUNNING WILD WITH BEAR GRYLLS is produced by Electus, a Propagate Company, and The Natural Studios. For Electus and The Natural Studios, Bear Grylls serves as executive producer along with Chris Grant, Drew Buckley, Ben Silverman, Howard Owens, Liz Schulze, Rob Buchta and Delbert Shoopman. (Source:


Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Specials
#NameAir Dates
2Terry Crews in the Icelandic Highlands Apr 5, 2021
4Rainn Wilson in Utah's La Sal Mountains Apr 19, 2021
6Danny Trejo in the Moab Desert May 3, 2021
8Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker in the Sierra Nevada May 17, 2021
#NameAir Dates
2Joel McHale in Arizona Slot Canyons Nov 12, 2019
4Rob Riggle in Iceland Nov 26, 2019
6Dave Bautista in Glen Canyon, Arizona Dec 10, 2019
8Alex Honnold in the Swiss Alps Jan 7, 2020
10Zachary Quinto in the Panama Jungle Jan 21, 2020
#NameAir Dates
2Keri Russell May 14, 2018
4Don Cheadle Jun 18, 2018
6Scott Eastwood Jul 2, 2018
8Uzo Aduba Jul 15, 2018
#NameAir Dates
10Vanessa Hudgens Sep 16, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Zac Efron Jul 28, 2014
2Ben Stiller Aug 4, 2014
3Channing Tatum Aug 11, 2014
4Tom Arnold Aug 18, 2014
5Tamron Hall Sep 1, 2014
6Deion Sanders Sep 8, 2014
7Kate Hudson Jul 13, 2015
8Jesse Tyler Ferguson Jul 20, 2015
9Kate Winslet Jul 27, 2015
10Ed Helms Aug 3, 2015
11Michelle Rodriguez Aug 10, 2015
12James Marsden Aug 24, 2015
13Michael B. Jordan Aug 31, 2015
14Drew Brees Sep 7, 2015
15President Barack Obama Dec 17, 2015
16Nick Jonas Aug 1, 2016
17Julianne Hough Aug 2, 2016
18Courteney Cox Aug 22, 2016
19Shaquille O'Neal Aug 29, 2016
20Lindsey Vonn Sep 5, 2016
21Mel B Sep 7, 2016
22Marshawn Lynch Sep 12, 2016
23Sterling K. Brown May 22, 2017
24Julia Roberts May 25, 2017
25Joseph Gordon-Levitt May 7, 2018
26Lena Headey May 21, 2018
27Derek Hough Jun 25, 2018
28Roger Federer Jul 8, 2018
29Brie Larson in the Pearl Islands Nov 5, 2019
30Cara Delevingne in Sardinia Mountains Nov 19, 2019
31Armie Hammer in Sardinia Dec 3, 2019
32Channing Tatum in Gloppedalsura, Norway Dec 17, 2019
33Bobby Bones in the Norway Fjords Jan 14, 2020
34Anthony Mackie in the Italian Dolomites Mar 29, 2021
35Danica Patrick in the Moab Desert Apr 12, 2021
36Keegan-Michael Key in the Icelandic Lava Field Apr 26, 2021
37Gina Carano in the Dolomites May 10, 2021


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0 0 Seth Nakashige  May 12, 2021
Need more Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Need more seasons ASAP.
1 1 Doris  June 16, 2019
Love Bear Grillys. Can't wait to see more episod
1 0 Whaleluvr  November 5, 2017
I recorded Channing Tatum, and watched was pretty neat, seeing the celebrity have to survive!! So I looked up to see who else was on the show.

To my surprise, "SEASON 3"???????? I NEVER heard of this, and it's on SEASON 3????

Don't like Bear Grylls, would much prefer Les Stroud....but I like the concept....will have to start recording these....except Marshawn Lynch......i'll skip that one!!!!! TEAM USA!!!!! ?
0 0 Ll Raven  October 9, 2016
When will the rest of season 3 Running Wild With Bear Grylls be airing?? I was really looking forward to seeing Vanessa Hudgens!
0 0 CJ Ll Raven  October 12, 2016
Yeah, the show disappearing like that was odd.
0 0 CG  July 10, 2016
Asbury Park Press (Section U, front page) says it premieres Monday.
0 0 Max  June 27, 2016
Cool, just saw the commercial for it while watching Olympic qualifiers. Bear Grylls = Beast!

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