Expedition Unknown
Discovery Channel
13 Seasons
130 Episodes
Armed with a degree in archeology and a taste for adventure hunting, Josh Gates leads the viewer on trips to solve the world’s legendary mysteries in Expedition Unknown.
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Season 13 of Expedition Unknown Gets Premiere Date from Discovery Channel – June 19, 2024

Current Show Status
The release date for Expedition Unknown Season 13 — June 19, 2024
Countdown to premiere date (EST)
Latest Episode Aired Wed 1/3/2024 Hunt for the Secret Seaplane Season 12: Episode 8
Next Episode Airs Wed 6/19/2024 Hunt for Alexander the Great Season 13: Episode 1
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Josh Gates, a hilarious explorer for the Travel Channel, searches for solutions to some of the most intriguing unsolved mysteries and legends in the world in the wildly popular series Expedition Unknown. Gates has spent years researching historical evidence, facts, and myths in an effort to uncover the truth behind each legendary story.

His explorations lead him all over the world as he immerses himself in the key locations associated with each story, leaving no stone unturned. From searching Nepal's "sky caves" for Shangri La to sailing the high seas studying Christopher Columbus, Gates' archaeological expertise and omnipresent sense of humor provide a fresh perspective on time-honored tales.


Season 13 Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1Hunt for Alexander the Great Jun 19, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Missing Heroes of WW2 Nov 15, 2023
2Finding the Lost Pilots of WW2 Nov 22, 2023
3Lost City of the White Jaguar Nov 29, 2023
4Riches of Spain's Pirate King Dec 6, 2023
5Chasing Bonnie and Clyde Dec 13, 2023
6Sunken Treasure of the Bahamas Dec 20, 2023
7Lost Tomb of the Viking King Dec 27, 2023
8Hunt for the Secret Seaplane Jan 3, 2024
#NameAir Dates
1Sunken Pyramids of The Nile May 24, 2023
2Mystery of the Flooded Pyramid May 31, 2023
3Lost City of the Gospels Jun 7, 2023
4Treasure of the Pirate King Jun 14, 2023
5Great Lakes' Vanished Warships Jun 21, 2023
6Hunt for Spain's King Arthur Jun 28, 2023
7Looted Treasures of Cambodia Jul 5, 2023
8Cambodia's Stolen Monuments Jul 12, 2023
#NameAir Dates
1Buried Secrets of Hitler May 25, 2022
2Buried Secrets of the Nazis Jun 1, 2022
3Dalton Gang's Outlaw Fortune Jun 8, 2022
4Lindbergh's Lost Rival Jun 15, 2022
5The Hunt for Templar Treasure Jun 22, 2022
6The Bootlegger's Millions Jun 29, 2022
7Escaping the Rock Jul 6, 2022
8Egypt's Lost Tombs Jul 13, 2022
9Egypt's City of the Dead Jul 20, 2022
10Chasing Everglades Treasure Aug 3, 2022
11Mysteries of Moses Aug 10, 2022
12Chasing the Mysteries of Moses Aug 17, 2022
13Donner Party Horror and Heroes Aug 24, 2022
14Finding Italy's Lost Empire Aug 31, 2022
#NameAir Dates
1Dillinger's Lost Loot Jul 21, 2021
2The Lost Avenger Jul 28, 2021
3Ransom in the Sky Aug 4, 2021
4The Quest for El Dorado Aug 11, 2021
5Uncovering the Golden City Aug 18, 2021
6America's Titanic Aug 25, 2021
#NameAir Dates
1D-Day Uncovered Feb 5, 2020
2Searching for America's Lost Flight Feb 12, 2020
3The Hunt for Our Ancient Ancestors Feb 19, 2020
4Revealing Our Ancient Ancestors Feb 26, 2020
5The Warrior Queens Treasure Mar 4, 2020
6The Fortune of the Buzzard Mar 11, 2020
7Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle Mar 18, 2020
8Revealing the Triangle Mar 25, 2020
#NameAir Dates
1Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls Aug 7, 2019
2Treasure of the Copper Scroll Aug 14, 2019
3Chasing the Fortune of Sir Francis Drake Aug 21, 2019
4Mystery of Dead Mountain Aug 28, 2019
5Siberia's Coldest Case Sep 4, 2019
6The Search for Florida's Lost Pirate Sep 11, 2019
7Hunt for the Chupacabra Sep 18, 2019
8Chasing the Snake Kings Sep 25, 2019
9Cracking the Secret Oct 2, 2019
10Gold Rush of the Atlantic Oct 9, 2019
11Search for the Sultan's Heart Oct 16, 2019
12The Secret Solved Oct 30, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Deciphering the Last Nazi Code Apr 10, 2019
2Mysteries of Jesus Apr 17, 2019
3Atlantis of the Andes Apr 24, 2019
4Lost Gold of Scotland May 1, 2019
5Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes May 8, 2019
6Legend of the Crystal Skull May 15, 2019
7America's Lost WWII Hero May 22, 2019
8The Hunt for the Golden Owl May 29, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Legend of the Snake King, Part 1 May 29, 2018
2Legend of the Snake King, Part 2 Jun 5, 2018
3Nazis in Argentina Jun 12, 2018
4Jean Lafitte's Treasure Jun 19, 2018
5Mahogany Ship Jun 26, 2018
6Hunt for the Red Slippers Jul 10, 2018
7Solved: Mystery of the Lost Ruby Slippers Sep 5, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Viking Secrets Dec 27, 2017
2Vikings in America Jan 3, 2018
3Origins of Stonehenge Jan 10, 2018
4The Secret Jan 17, 2018
5Butch Cassidy's Lost Loot Jan 24, 2018
6Hunt for the Metal Library Jan 31, 2018
7Great Women of Ancient Egypt Feb 7, 2018
8Egypt's Lost Queens Feb 14, 2018
9Secrets of Brother XII Feb 28, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Plummer's Gold Nov 2, 2016
2The Lost Tomb of Attila the Hun Nov 9, 2016
3The Vanished Empire Nov 16, 2016
4The Lost Colony of Roanoke Nov 23, 2016
5Cloning the Woolly Mammoth Dec 28, 2016
6Journey to the Ice Age Jan 4, 2017
7Cracking the D.B. Cooper Case Jan 11, 2017
8Lasseter's Gold Jan 18, 2017
9Tracking Tasmania's Tiger Jan 25, 2017
10Captain Kidd's Treasure Feb 22, 2017
11Africa's Cursed Lake of Gold Mar 1, 2017
12The Ark of the Covenant Mar 8, 2017
13England's Vanished Crown Jewels Mar 15, 2017
14Corsica's Nazi Treasure Mar 22, 2017
15Italy's Barbarian Booty May 31, 2017
16India's Atlantis Jun 7, 2017
17Lost Spanish Fortune, Found! Jun 14, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Quest for King Arthur Oct 7, 2015
2Genghis Khan's Tomb Oct 14, 2015
3Blackbeard's Hidden Gold Oct 21, 2015
4Hunting Vampires Oct 28, 2015
5The Real Robin Hood Nov 4, 2015
6Finding Fenn's Fortune Nov 18, 2015
7Secrets of Christopher Columbus Dec 2, 2015
8Columbus Unearthed Dec 9, 2015
9Japan's Atlantis Dec 16, 2015
10True Cross of Christ Dec 23, 2015
11The Sultan's Heart Jan 6, 2016
12Africa's Gold Hoard Jan 13, 2016
13Kalahari Desert's Lost City Jan 27, 2016
14Yamashita's Gold Feb 10, 2016
15Searching for Shangri-La Mar 2, 2016
16Shangri-La Found Mar 9, 2016
17Lost Mexican City Jun 1, 2016
18Incan King's Mummy Jun 8, 2016
19Nazi Gold Train Jun 15, 2016
20Hitler's Atomic Secrets Jun 22, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1Amelia Earheart Jan 8, 2015
2Temple of Doom Jan 15, 2015
3World's 8th Wonder Jan 22, 2015
4The Legend of Jesse James Jan 29, 2015
5City of Gold Feb 5, 2015
6Viking Sunstone Feb 12, 2015
7Captain Morgan's Lost Gold Feb 19, 2015
8Code to Gold Feb 26, 2015
9Secrets of the Nazca Mar 19, 2015
10Mayan Apocalypse Mar 5, 2015
11Samurai Sword of Power Mar 26, 2015
12Curse of the Golden Bell Apr 2, 2015
#NameAir Dates
1Raw & Unfiltered Nov 15, 2015
2Most Dangerous Moments Nov 25, 2015
3Extra Finds: Christopher Columbus Pt 1 Dec 9, 2015
4Extra Finds: Christopher Columbus Pt 2 Dec 9, 2015
5Legends: The Real Lewis & Clark Dec 30, 2015
6Weird, Wild & Off the Rails Jan 20, 2016
7Columbus: Legend or Liar? Feb 17, 2016
8What to Know Before You Go Feb 24, 2016
9Most Extreme Adventures Mar 16, 2016
10Global Game Show Mar 23, 2016
11Extra Finds - Captain Morgan's Lost Gold Mar 30, 2016
12Extra Finds - Temple of Doom Apr 6, 2016
13Extra Finds - Secrets of the Nazca Apr 13, 2016
14Extra Finds - Mayan Apocalypse Apr 20, 2016
15Extra Finds - Amelia Earhart Apr 27, 2016
16Extra Finds - Samurai Sword of Power May 4, 2016
17Extra Finds - Code to Gold May 11, 2016
18Extra Finds - City of Gold May 18, 2016
19Extra Finds - Curse of the Golden Bell May 25, 2016
20A Day in the Life Jun 29, 2016
21Secrets of Shangri-La Jul 6, 2016
22Extra Finds - Viking Sunstone Jul 13, 2016
23Extra Finds - The Legend of Jesse James Jul 20, 2016
24Extra Finds - World's 8th Wonder Jul 27, 2016
25Insider's Guide - Secret Safari Aug 3, 2016
26Insider's Guide - Cursed Gold Aug 10, 2016
27Insider's Guide - Forbidden Zone Aug 24, 2016
28Insider's Guide - Big in Japan Aug 31, 2016
29Insider's Guide - Columbus: Legend or Liar? Sep 7, 2016
30Nazi Secrets Revealed Sep 14, 2016
31Further Off the Rails! Nov 30, 2016
32Greatest Treasure Hunts Dec 7, 2016
33More Extreme Adventures Dec 14, 2016
34Global Game Show: Greek Odyssey Feb 1, 2017
35Global Game Show: Without Borders Feb 8, 2017
36Global Game Show: Aussie Adventure Feb 15, 2017
37Extra Finds: The Real Robin Hood Apr 5, 2017
38Extra Finds: True Cross of Christ Apr 12, 2017
39Extra Finds: Blackbeard's Hidden Gold Apr 19, 2017
40Extra Finds: Finding Fenn's Fortune Apr 26, 2017
41Extra Finds: Hunting Vampires May 3, 2017
42Extra Finds: The Sultan's Heart May 10, 2017
43Extra Finds: Nazi Secrets Revealed May 17, 2017
44Extra Finds: Africa's Gold Hoard May 24, 2017
45Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth Jun 21, 2017
46Daring Discoveries! Jun 28, 2017
47Beyond Extreme Adventures! Jul 5, 2017
48Over the Edge Jul 12, 2017
49Extra Finds: Lost Mexican City Jul 19, 2017
50Top 5 Expeditions: Corsica's Nazi Treasure Jul 26, 2017
51Top 5 Expeditions: Captain Morgan's Lost Gold Aug 2, 2017
52Top 5 Expeditions: The Ark of the Covenant Aug 9, 2017
53Top 5 Expeditions: Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth Aug 16, 2017
54Extra Finds: The Lost Tomb of Attila the Hun Aug 23, 2017
55Top 5 Expeditions: England's Vanished Crown Jewels Aug 23, 2017
56Extra Finds: Plummer's Gold Aug 30, 2017
57Global Game Show: American Legends Sep 6, 2017
58Global Game Show: Heroes and Villains Sep 13, 2017
59Global Game Show: Lost Civilizations Sep 20, 2017
60Global Game Show: Hidden Treasures Sep 28, 2017
61Josh's Favorite Things Dec 6, 2017
62Fact or Fiction Dec 13, 2017
63Win, Lose or Wipeout! Dec 20, 2017
64After the Hunt: More Secrets of Egypt Feb 7, 2018
65After the Hunt: Unmasked The Queens of Egypt Feb 14, 2018
66Global Game Show: Out of This World Feb 21, 2018
67After the Hunt: Pyramid of Legends May 29, 2018
68Global Game Show: Sunken Mysteries May 30, 2018
69Global Game Show: Secrets of War Jun 6, 2018
70Global Game Show: Curses! Jun 28, 2018
71Egypt Live! Apr 7, 2019
72Megalodon Jul 28, 2019
73Lost Tomb of the Mummy Sep 18, 2019

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Comments 56

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Collapsed Expanded
0 1 Chris Froland  November 14, 2023
Always excited to see his next adventure take fold. His narrative is only more exciting with the visual takes. Keep the Excitement going and the Education building
0 2 Deb  August 25, 2023
I hope they bring it back, I look forward to go on his adventures with him. Love this show.
0 2 Linda Cain  August 15, 2023
I love EVERYTHING about Expedition Unknown and Josh Gates. My husband and I have been enjoying this series for years. Our dream of going on adventures like these but can’t so watching him is a joy. It's not only the adventure but it’s educational and very entertaining. He is a pro at his job. Please don’t let us down.
0 5 Leemo9755@aol.com  July 22, 2023
☺ Please Josh bring on some more episodes I live to watch You every Wednesday Period one of the best shows I've ever seen you are clever and very talented
0 3 gwendolyn drake Leemo9755@aol.com  August 7, 2023
Is Josh going to release any more episodes after the Cambodia treasure-July 12th episode- seems weird..was this because of the actors and writers strike?
0 5 Kathy  April 18, 2023
If they are not going to renew it then Josh needs to find a different network because this is one of the best shows on TV.
0 2 Rita Kathy  April 29, 2023
Kathy exactly my Dad and I watch Josh all the time we never miss him
0 2 BETH Mom of 3  April 12, 2023
Josh takes these adventures that I dream of. I learn so many new things and love how they are brought to my home. His show has brought much magic to Mt autistic young adult who will actually watch it with me. I hope and beg you to renew his show to come back. Thanks for listening.
0 2 Herb Gadberry  April 12, 2023
The good show on and it’s popular when you delete it. What the hell is your problem?.
0 5 Patricia  March 14, 2023
Josh takes us to places that is very interesting. Not only science but interesting facts of the places and people that he interviews and a little humor really makes the show! Please continue with his show, I have watched him since he started. Love his show!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
0 13 Elizabeth Owens  February 1, 2023
I need to know if Josh Gates will be back in 2023. I'll save a little money by cancelling discovery if he's gone.
0 20 Smith  November 24, 2022
The reason we signed up for Discovery+ was to see Josh Gates and now there is nothing but the older shows. No new season! So what is going on? I believe we need to at least be updated on his shows. So are going to be able to watch his new shows or are u not going to carry them? If not who is????
0 8 Holly Sutton  May 24, 2022
[hands] Josh show has been one of the Best entertaining shows there has ever been. We have followed him since his beginning. And once again, we've waited for his return. Thank you Discovery for returning this show to us. I know we will be completely entertained...
0 4 CHRISTIE crown  August 27, 2021
America's Titanic - so pleased to see Josh getting his hands on the bounty, never heard him so happy. But then, I don't think too many folk have heard of the steamship 'PULASKI' and it's sudden demise off the coast of North Carolina. Good episode!
1 5 CHRISTIE crown  July 23, 2021
Great to see Josh back, but I'd still rather see him in Destination Truth. The first episode of this new season of EU about Dillinger's loot, was not the most riveting of shows. As usual, Josh was like a kid in a candy store over some empty and broken jars. Infact, has Josh ever been fortunate enough to be present at any of these digs, when something amazing has been found?
Destination Truth had a wider scope of topics (for shows), and a bigger crew that truly brought out the best in Josh.
0 14 dwarfstar55  August 30, 2019
I wish they would bring back destination truth. Most of the crew he works with now had things to do with that show. Yea it's great seeing the thing on expedition unknown, but a good cryptid/monster hunt here and there would be nice to see also.
0 4 CHRISTIE crown dwarfstar55  July 15, 2021
My sentiments exactly. Destination Truth was so much more enjoyable and a lot more interesting. Plus the odd cryptid/bigfoot would spice things up real nicely!
0 4 Jon CHRISTIE  May 20, 2022
Totally agree. Part of what made that show great was the banter that he had with Ryder and other regular crew members. His current camera man is from that show and there's a bit of that now in Expedition but not enough. Also, miss his take on paranormal cases.
0 4 Carol H Van Norman dwarfstar55  May 23, 2022
I believe that was why they developed Expedition X. For those of us who can get enough of his journeys into the paranormal. I will say, I am disappointed he does not take part of. Those expeditions though.
0 10 Tomi Smith  July 23, 2019
Love ? this show. I love the way Josh puts his spin and humor in his adventures. Keep up the good work Josh. Your stories are always interesting and fun to watch
0 7 verna devney  April 10, 2019
I was so excited to hear that Egypt Live was being televised. My lifelong passion has always been to go to Egypt. With Josh there I don't have to be. I love watching all of his shows over and over. I was so entranced watching the live broadcast. If I had been able to put my hands through the TV and touch things, that would of made my life filled. I learn so much about people, lifestyles, countries and history. It's like going on vacation, but it's free. Keep up the good work. By the way, congrat's on your marriage and child.
0 6 k c durnett  April 10, 2019
Live Egypt show was great! Of course, anything with Josh Gates is enjoyable. Why, though, do you list reruns as "new"? Annoying.
0 2 dwarfstar55 k c durnett  August 30, 2019
Shows from discovery are listed as new when shown on one of there other networks like travel, science, etc. Also new is used when they make a compilation show out of two older shows. I guess this is used to get people to tune in to up the views.
0 8 Scully  December 11, 2018
It's relief to watch something that is more than the mindless, predictable, police dramas, and reality shows that permeate television these days. I've watched and re-watched episodes many times.
1 11 Brooke  November 4, 2018
I can't tell you how much I enjoy Expedition Unknown. It keeps me in touch with the parts of the world that I know I'll never see, and Josh is just like a kid brother with his comments, humor and spirit. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK FOR SEASON 6. The show is such high quality and relevant, and I learn so much.
0 6 Carol Draime  September 27, 2018
Love the show and don't mind watching reruns. ☺ Looking forward to new season. Only thing I watch on Discovery or Travel.
0 2 Chet Cohron!  September 27, 2018
I enjoy the show, but reruns and reruns on old shows with info added is not good. I hope Season 6 is more exciting with new material.
0 3 Mary & Joe  June 22, 2018
We are avid watchers of anything Josh Gates puts his heart into! But... I don't see these new episodes on Travel Channel!?! What is the problem? We DVR Expedition Unknown weekly to find it's some "humorous " mishmash of previous seasons. Where is The Snake King, Nazis in Argentina, JEAN Lfittes Treasure?? TRAVEL CHANNEL WHY SAY IT WILL BE ON WHEN IT ISN'T??? We loved the Egyptian Queens, wouldn't mind seeing those in rerun instead of the comedy skits.
0 2 Sjgbrown Mary & Joe  July 6, 2018
They episodes are on the Discovery Channel. If you have an Amazon Firestick, you can download the Discovery Go app and watch them.
0 1 Linda Spangler  June 14, 2018
0 6 Linda Spangler  June 14, 2018
I love EVERYTHING sbout Expedition Unknown and Josh Gates. I'm an old woman now and dream of going on adventures like his with him. It's not the search for treasure, it's the adventure. At 73, vicarious thrills are all I have, and the best ones are with Josh Gates.
0 6 Carol Drame  December 28, 2017
I love the show. Even the re-runs. I'm 72 and ill. This is my travel adventure to all the places I will never see. Josh reminds me of my grandson. Love it.

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