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Bunk’d is an American Disney Channel original children’s television series starring Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson.
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Disney Channel Renews Bunk’d TV Series for Season 4

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Bunk’d Season 4 — officially renewed
Latest Episode Aired Fri 9/21/2018 Up, Up and Away Season 3: Episode 16
Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 4: Episode 1

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Disney Channel is headed vack to Camp Kikiwaka for a fourth year. The cable net said today that it has ordered a Season 4 of Bunk’d, the spinoff from its 2011-15 comedy Jessie. (Source: deadline.com)


Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Specials
#NameAir Dates
1We Can't Bear It! Jun 18, 2018
2Let's Bounce! Jun 19, 2018
3Take the Cake Jun 20, 2018
4O Sister, Where Art Thou? Jun 21, 2018
5Cav'd In Jun 22, 2018
6By All Memes Jun 25, 2018
7A Whole Lotta Lobsta Jun 29, 2018
8No Bones About It Jul 2, 2018
9Finder's Keepers, Lou's a Weeper Jul 6, 2018
10Reversal of Fortune Jul 9, 2018
11Game of Totems Jul 13, 2018
12Toilets and Tiaras Jul 16, 2018
13Bungle in the Jungle Jul 20, 2018
14Gruel and Unusual Punishment Jul 27, 2018
15It's a Blast! Aug 3, 2018
16Up, Up and Away Sep 21, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1Griff is in the House! Aug 23, 2016
2Dance in My Pants Aug 24, 2016
3Zuri Has a Little Lamb Aug 25, 2016
4Zuri Weasels Out Aug 26, 2016
5Queen of Screams Sep 16, 2016
6Luke Out Below Sep 30, 2016
7Camp Kiki-slasher Oct 7, 2016
8Treehouse of Terror Oct 28, 2016
9Tidal Wave Nov 4, 2016
10Fog'd In Nov 11, 2016
11How the Griff Stole Christmas Dec 2, 2016
12Food Fight Feb 24, 2017
13Mother May I? Mar 3, 2017
14Mud Fight Mar 17, 2017
15Dog Days of Summer Mar 24, 2017
16Bad dog! Mar 31, 2017
17Camp Stinky Waka Apr 7, 2017
18Cabin vs. Cabin Apr 14, 2017
19Dreams Come True Apr 21, 2017
20We Didn't Start the Fire Apr 28, 2017
21The Great Escape May 24, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka (Pilot) Jul 31, 2015
2Gone Girl Aug 7, 2015
3Camp Rules Aug 14, 2015
4Smells Like Camp Spirit Aug 21, 2015
5The Ones That Got Away Nov 6, 2015
6Can You Hear Me Now Nov 13, 2015
7Friending with the Enemy Nov 20, 2015
8Waka, Waka, Waka! Nov 27, 2015
9Secret Santa Dec 4, 2015
10Counselors' Night Off Jan 8, 2016
11There's No Place Like Camp Jan 22, 2016
12Luke's Back Feb 12, 2016
13No Escape Feb 19, 2016
14Close Encounters of the Camp Kind Mar 11, 2016
15Crafted and Shafted Mar 18, 2016
16Boo Boos and Birthdays Mar 25, 2016
17For Love and Money Apr 1, 2016
18Love is for the Birds Apr 8, 2016
19Bride and Doom Apr 29, 2016
20Live from Camp Kikiwaka May 13, 2016
21Xander Says Goodbye May 20, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1BUNK'D LIVE from Disney Channel GO! Fan Fest May 12, 2018
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1 2 Biancal  June 15, 2018
I wonder why have they not said anything about xander in the preview of the show anybody know if he's gonna be on it ! What happend to Gladys she was the owner of the camp , and hazel ?
0 0 AvShows Biancal  August 24, 2018
Ikr, I hate when shows write out characters as if they'd never existed!
0 1 Raven AvShows  September 10, 2018
Gladys was mentioned in the 1st episode but I'm disappointed that nobody else was, for example in the episode where Destiny wants to be an official Woodchuck, Emma, Zuri, and Lou talk about their past as woodchucks and even have pics but Tiffany wasn't there like she didn't even exist?
0 9 Gabor borz  June 9, 2018
who wants more seasons of bunk'd ?

how many of you want more then 3 seasons of bunk'd?
0 2 nadia H. Gabor borz  July 24, 2018
me i do but at the kid choice award skai said in interwiew that there isn't going to be season 4 buti hope the disney change there mind ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
3 2 Gabor borz  June 9, 2018
Griff & Zuri should be boyfriend and girlfriend. They should make a 2 part episodes were zuri gets lost somewere in the woods and griff would have to found his girlfriend and griff would be very said with out zuri and the jessie would have to come helpfound zuri and also the rest of the cast would have to come help found zuri.

who wants this to come out on dvd with all 3 seasons?

please let me know in the comment section.

This is my favorite tv show ever. i seen every episodes.

i seen every episodes for jessie to.

who wants jessie to come out on dvd with all the seasons?
1 2 Scott Scherer  May 16, 2018
june 18 Well be back
1 6 Lee Brandly Scott Scherer  June 8, 2018
You guys are so wrong for getting rid of the cast who make up the core of the show. Griff, Jorge, Tiffany, Xander, Hazel. My babies are devastated! Very sad.
0 3 Gabor borz Lee Brandly  June 9, 2018
❤ This is just messed up why take out the cast from it very disappointing about it very sad i was hoping zuri would get a boyfriend in this season 3 and they should release this on dvd all 4 season on dvd i love this so all it this is my favorite tv show ever.
1 2 Gabor borz Scott Scherer  June 9, 2018
very excited about this .
1 5 Bonedaddy  March 9, 2018
They should have just kept Jesse for four more years. Jesse was a far better show, at least for adults that is. I really miss Debby Ryan, what a doll baby she was. I loved her bubbly personality and she wasn’t hard to look at either like this camp owner is. What a hag.
0 2 Scott Scherer Bonedaddy  May 16, 2018
1 8 Gal chi hv g blah c  October 22, 2017
I think in season 3 they should put Jessie in the show and burtum and they should try to become counselors by doing tests like Ravi and Emma did,they should also make camp kikiwaka vs camp champion with a whole bunch of contests to see who wins a bus for going on field trips a few episodes and there and make more spooky episodes to I love those
3 3 Radhika Gal chi hv g blah c  December 3, 2017
Ya they should put Jessie as a counselor for a new cabin called the blue bird cabin and they hang out every day
1 2 Scott Scherer Gal chi hv g blah c  May 16, 2018
0 1 Gabor borz Gal chi hv g blah c  June 9, 2018
i agree with you they should do these episodes and some holiday episodes too.
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1 9 Lesley  September 17, 2017
I'm so ready for bunk to come back I've been crying for three weeks straight that I'm so excited and I just can't wait cuz I I'm the biggest fan and I'm going ? ? ? ? be an actress one day and so I'm really excited. BTW Griff and Zuri make the best couple ever. And I wanted to know if we are not going to pronounce my name Lesley. I'll be watching this show and I'm actually going to be talking to the producer to see how like long and if he would let me in. If Emma Zuri Luke or anybody you know like Greta for someone like talk so that producer for me so I can actually like perform ?
1 5 PremiereDate.news  September 6, 2017
Bunk'd Continues This November And Has Been Renewed For Another 7 Seasons. #Jessie Fans! The Show Is Coming Back! Sadly, Jessie Was Canceled But Bunk'd Is A Spin-Off Version And Is A Spectacular Show. Disney Channel Usually Stop Shows After 4 Seasons But Found Out Lots Of Fans Were Disappointed Jessie Ended And Wanted To Give Fans A Longer Show!
1 2 Gabor borz PremiereDate.news  June 9, 2018
i miss Jessie i loved that show it was my second favorite show know bunk'd is my favorite show.
2 7 Exma  September 2, 2017
I think they should have an exciting twist for example on one epsiode Jorge should like zuri and somehow griff finds out and Jorge and griff should have a compition.
0 0 Gabor borz Exma  June 9, 2018
yes they should.
2 6 asma  August 27, 2017
omgg i wanna know when season 2 comes out y'all don't understand wlhi!! i hope xander and emma are together and i think luke burtrum and jessie should stay for the whole season i hope jessie and brutrum work there ! maybe zuni and luke can be CITS and ravi and emma can be counclers btw zuri and griff are so cute together !!! CANT WAIT TILL IT AIRS OUTT these are my hopes and thoughts on season 3 ❤ please do this
2 5 Ron asma  August 31, 2017
I totally agree Griff and Zuri would make a very cute couple although the only episode with Griff and Zuri Titled "The Great Escape" is On OnDemand
0 0 Radhika Ron  December 3, 2017
1 0 Radhika Ron  December 3, 2017
Its on Netflix
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0 7 Charollet  August 14, 2017
I also think there should be more intense episodes like the one where Zuri and Griff and Luke almost fell off the cliff. Henceforth I think there should be A LOT more episodes with Luke.
0 6 Shay Charollet  August 28, 2017
I hope that luke joins his siblings at camp kikiwaka for the whole season. Also since in season 2 Cristina came to visit mabye jessie or morgan or bertram should visit them.
0 8 Pusheen  August 10, 2017
I am SUPER excited for season 3! But i think that jessie should come back and work at the camp. I also think that bertrum should be the cook! I also think that luke should permenently come to the show. I really just want everyone from jessie to come back into disney channel! But the people that said that there are going to be more than 4 seasons, you are wrong. They only go up to 4 seasons on each of there shows. But if they went higher, then i would be watch s6e12 of jessie?
0 0 Gabor borz Pusheen  June 9, 2018
me too
0 3 Dom  August 10, 2017
? show is awesome, Emma is the best in all aspects especially good looks. In my opinion she is the hottest Disney actor ever. Everybody Does well. BEST SHOW!!!!!!!!
1 4 Ismail  July 30, 2017
Guys there is gonna be a season 1 2 3 4 5 6 welll it is a roumor
0 6 Ron Ismail  July 30, 2017
Does anyone know when Bunk'd S3 Begins
1 2 Gwynn Ron  July 30, 2017
All they say is late 2017 but they also said the official date will be released soon
2 1 Ron Gwynn  July 30, 2017
I know this is a little off topic and has nothing to do with Disney but my niece loves Henry Danget on Nickelodeon do you have any clue if / when the new episode might premiere
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3 3 Ismail  July 30, 2017
Hi love bunk'd I think Tiffany and Jorge ? ? ? should have a girl/boy friend since everyone has a date ohhhhhh SORRY FORGOT about Lou ?
1 11 Gwynn  July 26, 2017
There NEEDS to be a season 3.If there isn't I don't know what I would do with my life. Jessie should come for an episode or 2. Maybe even get a job there. Griff and Zuri should stay together,they're so cute,same with Xander and Emma. I have one question though. Was anyone confused on the last 2 episodes. They're cabins set of fire then the next one it's like they never set of fire. And they said they were going home cause camp was over but they didn't go home.I'm so confused
2 3 Ron Gwynn  July 26, 2017
Yeah it did not make sense the camp burning down then the last episode was like normal
2 1 Kailey Gwynn  August 4, 2017
I think Netflix might have accidentally switched the 2 episodes ?
0 3 Kailey Kailey  August 4, 2017
I also think that Zuri should give Tiffany a makeover in one of the episodes ? ❤
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0 14 ??  July 21, 2017
I think they should bring Emma old army boyfriend back for some drama.Jessie should come to check up on ravi,zuri and Emma.Just an idea ?
0 2 Radhika ??  December 3, 2017
Jessie should be a camp consular and stay FEREVER
8 3 Victoriaa  July 21, 2017
I really hope that in Season 3, Emma and Xander's relationship goes farther. I really like them together. Also, I don't think Griff & Zuri should have a relationship. I really hope that there is more Emma and Xander in each episode. There needs to be more seasons..this show is great.
0 8 Ron Victoriaa  July 21, 2017
I disagree about Griff and Zuri I think they'll make a great couple they could start out as a couple for a couple episodes then if the ratings start to drop or producers decide not to let them stay together then okay but at least give it a chance
0 3 Ron Ron  July 21, 2017
I seen "The Great Escape" with my niece and we both agree
4 6 Issy Victoriaa  July 22, 2017
I am a huge gruri shipper and whoever doesn't like them together go kill your self. Griff and Zuri make a awesome couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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0 10 Stefanie  July 17, 2017
They should bring Luke ? ? ? back for the whole season. As a cit with zeri and should have Jessie in one of the episode. ❤ ❤ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1 11 John .L  July 14, 2017
Lou's family should visit some time since we hear so much about her home. Tiffany is great, maybe some of her friends could come too and they could "nerd out". Griff should be in more episodes and since Emma and Ravi will be counselors, they should lead their own cabins or crest larger cabins with their old cabins. Bertrum would be hilarious to bring on. Also there should be an LGBTQ member in the show.
0 2 Charollet John .L  August 11, 2017
I agree!! ? ☺
0 0 Ron Brooks John .L  September 3, 2017
Not being prejudice but it's a Disney show I doubt they would consider having any episode(s) leaning towards LGBTQ
0 0 Ron Brooks Ron Brooks  September 3, 2017
I could be wrong about an LGBTQ Episode it could happen I just doubt it
0 32 Karleen  July 9, 2017
They need to make a bunk'd movie

Who's with me!!
1 5 Amirah Karleen  July 17, 2017
I agree ☺
0 4 Safee Amirah  August 4, 2017
Me to ☺
1 4 jalene Safee  August 7, 2017
I totes agree like omg Karleen you are a genius ?
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8 5 Aida G  July 5, 2017
omg its such a great show but I get so sad knowing that zuri and griff like each other!! ? ? ? ? ? ? cuz i really like him! i legit dream abut him
1 19 Chloe  July 2, 2017
Hope griff and zuri stay together because their meant to be
1 13 Lilly  July 1, 2017
I know the people who wrote this article most likely won't see this or most of our comments, but I think Griff and Zuri's relationship should take off. Luke should maybe come to camp, but I'm thinking that it would be to crowded. And I of all people do nothing all summer and I don't want to sit around and wait for the season to come out on TV. Lou could maybe use a new interest maybe a boyfriend or family comes to town in an episode. Emma and Xanders relationship could maybe go to the next step or go down a few steps. Thank you got letting people speak their minds on this site, and hope fully people can read this and everyone else is.
0 8 Grace E Lilly  July 1, 2017
I love Bunk'd! I definitely ship Emmander, and I hope that their relationship goes farther in season three. I just watched the last two episodes of season two on Netflix today, and, as most TV shows go, I don't know what to do with my life! ?
0 3 John .L Lilly  July 14, 2017
I definitely think Lou's family should visit- we always hear so much about her life at home.
1 1 Kai L Grace E  July 24, 2017
It's Xemma Not Emmander
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0 5 Fmjdiwofn  June 29, 2017
Sorry auto correct I ment to say: OMG I CAN NOT WAIT FOR SEASON 3 OF BUNKD IT IS SO AWESOME MY 2 FAVE CHARACTERS ARE ZURI AND JORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????BTW I still love all the other characters like Emma Robi and all of the rest of the characters ?
0 1 Charollet Fmjdiwofn  August 11, 2017
They should define ally make Jorge's family come to the camp and I love the episodes when Luke comes. I really wish they have more than 4 seasons.
0 1 Charollet Charollet  August 11, 2017
Sorry I meant to say defiantly and not define ally. ?

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