Henry Danger
5 Seasons
98 Episodes
Jace Norman returns as the superhero sidekick with brand new adventures and hopefully the same strong viewer ratings as before
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Henry Danger Season 6 is yet to be announced by Nickelodeon

Current Show Status
Henry Danger Season 6 — not renewed yet
Latest Episode Aired Sat 3/23/2019 I Dream of Danger Season 5: Episode 19
Next Episode Sorry, no dates yet for Henry Danger. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll keep you posted.


Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1
#NameAir Dates
1Danger Things Oct 8, 2018
2Rubber Duck Oct 13, 2018
3Flabber Gassed Oct 20, 2018
4Henry's Birthday Nov 3, 2018
5Whistlin' Susie Nov 10, 2018
6Thumb War (Part 1) Nov 17, 2018
7Thumb War (Part 2) Nov 17, 2018
8The Great Cactus Con Nov 24, 2018
9Part 1: A New Evil Jan 5, 2019
10Part 2: A New Darkness Jan 12, 2019
11Part 3: A New Hero Jan 19, 2019
12Broken Armed and Dangerous Jan 26, 2019
13Knight & Danger Feb 2, 2019
14Grand Theft Otto Feb 16, 2019
15The Whole Bilsky Family Feb 23, 2019
16Secret Room Mar 2, 2019
17My Dinner With Bigfoot Mar 9, 2019
18Charlotte Gets Ghosted Mar 16, 2019
19I Dream of Danger Mar 23, 2019
#NameAir Dates
1Sick & Wired Oct 21, 2017
2Brawl in the Hall Nov 4, 2017
3The Rock Box Dump Nov 11, 2017
4Danger Games Nov 25, 2017
5Toon In for Danger Jan 15, 2018
6Meet Cute Crush Feb 10, 2018
7Back to the Danger: Part 1 Mar 24, 2018
8Back to the Danger: Part 2 Mar 31, 2018
9Budget Cuts Apr 7, 2018
10Diamonds Are for Heather Apr 14, 2018
11Car Trek Apr 28, 2018
12Toddler Invasion May 5, 2018
13Captain Man-kini May 12, 2018
14Saturday Night Lies May 19, 2018
15Henry's Frittle Problem Sep 22, 2018
16Spelling Bee Hard Sep 29, 2018
17Up the Stairs! Oct 6, 2018
#NameAir Dates
1A Piñata Full of Death Bugs Sep 17, 2016
2Love Muffin Sep 24, 2016
3Scream Machine Oct 1, 2016
4Mouth Candy Oct 8, 2016
5The Trouble with Frittles Nov 5, 2016
6Hour of Power Nov 11, 2016
8Dodging Danger Dec 3, 2016
9Double Date Danger Feb 11, 2017
10Space Invaders: Part 1 Mar 11, 2017
11Space Invaders: Part 2 Mar 18, 2017
12Gas or Fail Mar 25, 2017
13Jam Session Apr 8, 2017
14License to Fly Apr 15, 2017
15Green Fingers Apr 22, 2017
16Stuck in Two Holes Apr 29, 2017
17Live & Dangerous: Part 1 Sep 16, 2017
18Live & Dangerous: Part 2 Sep 23, 2017
19Balloons of Doom Sep 30, 2017
20Swellview's Got Talent Oct 7, 2017
#NameAir Dates
1The Beat Goes On Sep 12, 2015
2One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1 Sep 19, 2015
3One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2 Sep 26, 2015
4Henry and the Woodpeckers Oct 3, 2015
5Captain Man Goes on Vacation Oct 10, 2015
6The Time Jerker Nov 7, 2015
7Secret Beef Nov 14, 2015
8Henry's Jelly Nov 21, 2015
9Christmas Danger Nov 28, 2015
10Indestructible Henry: Part 1 Mar 19, 2016
11Indestructible Henry: Part 2 Mar 26, 2016
12Text, Lies, & Video Apr 9, 2016
13Opposite Universe Apr 16, 2016
14Grave Danger Apr 23, 2016
15Ox Pox Apr 30, 2016
16Twin Henrys May 7, 2016
17Danger & Thunder Jun 18, 2016
18I Know Your Secret Jul 17, 2016
#NameAir Dates
1The Danger Begins Jul 26, 2014
2Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems Sep 13, 2014
3The Secret Gets Out Sep 20, 2014
4Tears of the Jolly Beetle Sep 27, 2014
5Substitute Teacher Oct 4, 2014
6Jasper Danger Oct 18, 2014
7The Space Rock Nov 1, 2014
8Birthday Girl Down Nov 8, 2014
9Too Much Game Nov 15, 2014
10Henry the Man-Beast Nov 22, 2014
11Invisible Brad Jan 10, 2015
12Spoiler Alert Jan 24, 2015
13Let's Make a Steal Jan 31, 2015
14Super Volcano Feb 7, 2015
15My Phony Valentine Feb 14, 2015
16Caved In Feb 28, 2015
17Elevator Kiss Mar 7, 2015
18Man of the House Mar 14, 2015
19Dream Busters Mar 21, 2015
20Kid Grounded Apr 4, 2015
21Captain Jerk Apr 11, 2015
22The Bucket Trap Apr 18, 2015
23Henry and the Bad Girl: Part 1 May 2, 2015
24Henry and the Bad Girl: Part 2 May 9, 2015
25Jasper's Real Girlfriend May 16, 2015
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0 0 Preston  October 22, 2018
Please have new villians in Henry Danger season 5
1 1 Preston  October 2, 2018
Please Have Dr. Minyak , Nurse Cohort , Drex The Toddler Jeff Drill Finger Van Del Mitch Bilsky Carlos In Henry Danger season 5
4 4 Billy Y..  March 6, 2018
I work on Henry Danger, and was just notified it's been picked up for another (5th) season.

2 4 Derrick  January 15, 2018
This is the best nick show I ever watched I am I die hard Henry danger fan and watched all the season episodes looking forwards for tonight’s episode!! Please make season 5
2 8 WendyBergeron  October 9, 2017
I am a 60 year old mother of a 19 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome. She absolutely loves the show and has ever since it first started. It is her very favorite show. We watch it together and never miss an episode.
2 7 Kari Bell  August 17, 2017
? im 35 and absolutely love henry danger...(hence me taking to google to see about there being a season 4?) the show is hilarious and such a breath of fresh air.My son (both 17) get a kick out the fact my fav show on tv is henry danger and watch an episode everyday...keep up the great writing.Looking foward to the final season i know its gonna be great!
Ps: charlotte needs a boyfriend if not henry ?
18 1 clarence  November 29, 2016
i think this show should get cancelled after season 4 finishes because im starting to hate it and everybody else
1 5 Chelsea Nolan  November 24, 2016
I'm 25, I have a four year old son. When henry danger comes on, he would stop and watch it -which he is always on the go and rarely will actually sit and watch any TV or movies - but henry danger is a whole nother level , and I have absolutely become Obsessed with the show. It's SO funny . Jace is a great actor bc of his reactions , so funny and superb acting I also love the cast, there is chemistry between them and it flows perfectly... and jace shares the same bday month & day as me! He's so handsome, but I thought he was at least 17 lol. I love it !
0 6 Heather Guthrie Chelsea Nolan  December 19, 2016
I totally agree! I'm obesses with Henry Danger too! I have been watching it everyday & everynight! I also love Jace Norman he is always funny and Cooper is funny too!
1 1 Cindy Smyth Chelsea Nolan  April 1, 2018
Hi, my name is Chelsie Smyth

I'm 23 year old

born in 10/26/1994

Henry danger TV show in Burbank.

Ask you about Henry Danger season 5 in 2019.

I love Sean Ryan Fox is my boyfriend. Hang out sometime. ? ?

thanks you
Chelsie ❤
0 2 Heather Guthrie  November 20, 2016
Hi name is Heather Guthrie from London Ontario! I'm 33 years old and I'm obesses with Henry Danger because it's super super funny! I'm also a 2nd place sliver medal in the Provincials Spring Games for basketball 2016 of May! It was really fun!
1 3 Carmen Rivera  November 18, 2016
I Love the show.
1 3 Tamalyn  November 6, 2016
My family loves watching Henry Danger together. Several generations pile in front of the TV, popcorn and drinks in hand. The youngest is two, next is four, five, fifteen, 18, 24, 38 and me, great grandmother, I'm 58! We laugh up a storm at the unusual and halerious stories and superb actors!
The comedy is wonderful, excellent writing, set production and costume design are excellent.
We wanted to let you know that between Henry Danger and The Thundermans, we choose to spend family time together..
.........with your help!
0 3 Leopold  October 26, 2016
I love Henry Danger soooo much,
and its not just for Children ( Im 21 and i guess there some jokes in children cant understand). I hope the show will go on for many years.
What throws me of is the fact thats pretty difficult to find the english version here in Germany: many puns doaesent work in german.
1 2 rina  July 31, 2016
I love you jace call me
0 2 ameer  July 14, 2016
i want to know if jasper finds out. iv always wanted to be on that show.
0 2 Sammy28 ameer  August 25, 2016
He finds out in the last episode of season 2
0 2 Catherine  July 3, 2016
I'm sooooo eager to watch the season three of Henry Danger.
I just can't wait. :D :D :D :-) :-) :-) :-)
0 1 Perfectlypink1210  June 29, 2016
I really like this show I really think this is very exciting and I cannot wait for season 3!
0 1 Mariah  June 16, 2016
I am so excited that Henry Danger is renewed for a third season. This is going to be amazing. The thing that I want to know is that I want to see if Jasper is going to have a girlfriend. Or if Henry ends up with his girlfriend. I am so happy OMG.
0 1 Catherine Mariah  July 3, 2016
All I want in the season three of henry danger is that henry and charlotte should date, I'm so excited. :D :D :D :D :D
0 1 Janelle Catherine  July 11, 2016
Same, all I want is for Chenry to happen
0 1 Julia Catherine  August 23, 2016
I want charlotte and henry to date I hope so because I had a dream that I was watching the danger and henry said charlotte I love you and they kissed wish it was real
0 0 Batman  April 14, 2016
Oh,yes they did it. Oh ya, thank you Nickelodeon. Everybody get up and shake what your mama gave you. I,m shaking my own right now in my bat suit. And there's no such person as Superman.
0 0 Secret  April 14, 2016
We want Henry danger to be renewed. Charlotte, Piper, Jasper, Parents, Teacher, Girlfriend. We need to know. 2x
1 1 Senam  April 14, 2016
Senam Kpekpena
I love this show. I just went on the Internet to find the episode when Henry was indestructible. It was cool. If I tell you it will be a "spoiler alert". My favorite show is game shakers but Henry Danger is my 2nd favorite show.
0 1 Mel  March 31, 2016
We LOVE this show! It's my daughter and sons favorite! Honestly my all time favorite show was icarly and I never thought I would like a show as much as liked that one. But Henry Danger is just as good as iCarly was! It's hilarious and it's great for boys and girls. This is a show that my kids watch everyday and I don't ever get sick of it. Great show, great cast! I hope they continue making new episodes. :)
0 1 Sheila Hanna  March 11, 2016
My son and I watch Henry Danger daily. He loves it and there aren't many kids shoes that don't drive me insane, but this is one I actually like.
0 1 Cissy  March 5, 2016
Henry Danger is A cute show that needs to be shown Nick needs this show it's A keeper.
1 1 jim  February 28, 2016
I hope you continue with another season
1 1 Vinny Spiridigliozzi  February 27, 2016
Please renew Henry Danger. My daughter and I love it!!!

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